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Cadet Dexter "Dex" Heller[1] is a fictional character in the ABC daytime drama General Hospital.

He has been portrayed by Evan Hofer[2] since May 5, 2022.[3] Hofer said on the "That's Awesome!" podcast that he had auditioned for other roles at GH and the role of Dex was supposed to be for one to three months.[4] Hofer was bumped up to contract status in September 2022.[5]

On February 16, 2024, Dex left town but Hofer has mentioned he met Adam J. Harrington and Steve Burton on set so he will be returning.[6] Hofer returned as Dex on February 28.


Not much is known about Dex's background. It has been rumored that he could be the long-lost son of several different characters, including; Lily Corinthos, A.J. Quartermaine, Jason Morgan, Dante Falconeri, Jagger Cates and Ric Lansing.


On May 5, 2022, it is revealed Dex was the manager at Volonino's Gym while Chet Driscoll was in the Middle East for the last few months. Chet mentions to Sonny that Dex is a veteran too. Since Chet has returned to town, Dex asks Sonny if there is another job at the gym for him. Later two boxers start arguing in the ring and Dex breaks up the fight. He kicks them out and Sonny is impressed by how Dex acted. He tells Dex to meet him later in his office.

When Dex meets with Sonny later at Pozzulo's, Dex hands his resume to Sonny who immediately tears it up. Dex said that Chet warned him Sonny might do that but he wanted to be thorough. Sonny tells Dex that he needs to trust him. Dex says he did two tours. Brando comes in and Dex leaves the office and chats with Frank outside.

On June 7, Sonny excuses Brando to talk to Dex who comes into the gym. Dex tells Sonny that the previous night’s coffee shipment is being held up on the docks. Sonny suggests talking to Vince the harbormaster but Dex says that Vince was fired and the new guy wasn’t receptive. Sonny is concerned. Dex says competition is trying to cut into Sonny’s market share. The managers at the Grill and every city franchise of Haven Bistro have canceled their contracts and are declining delivery of Corinthos Coffee to buy from someone else.

Sonny asks Dex what he thinks and Dex says it is a sign of things to come. He wonders if Selina is behind the move but Sonny says his has an arrangement with her and his connections on the docks are important to her. Vince was his guy. Dex asks if the two are connected. Sonny says he does and he thinks he knows who is behind both. Sonny thanks Dex for the update. Dex asks if he should look into it. Sonny tells him to check with the other clients. Dex's phone calls and he leaves. Sonny tells Brando that he suspects Michael was behind the move. When Sonny leaves, Brando asks Dex if he has a problem. Dex says nothing that he can't solve. Brando notices Dex has a gun tucked into the back of his pants as Dex is putting his phone in his pocket. Brando told Dante that he had a bad feeling about Dex due to his eager-to-please attitude that Brando had seen many times in the military.

Dex goes to visit Michael at the Quartermaine Stables. Michael asks if he can help him and Dex says he hopes so. Michael asks why Dex is there and he says he is showing initiative. Michael asks if Sonny sent him and Dex says no and that no one saw him enter the stable. Michael tells him to make sure no one sees him on his way out. Dex says that was rude. Michael says it isn’t rude enough as Dex didn’t get the message as he is on private property and shouldn’t be there. Dex says he isn’t done and he came there for a reason. Dante and Brando arrive and Brando introduces Michael to Dex, Sonny’s new hire. Michael says that Dex took a wrong turn. Brando says he will follow Dex back to Sonny.

Brando explains to Sonny about what happened and that he and Dante got there in time. Dex tells Sonny he wasn’t going to kill Michael. They were just talking. Sonny threatens to kill Dex if he goes near his kids again. Sonny says his family is off limits and Dex says he understands. After Brando explains to Sonny why he suspected Dex, Brando leaves. Sonny asks Dex what job he gave him. Dex says to see check and see if any other vendors have canceled Sonny’s business. Sonny says to follow his orders but Dex says that doesn’t work for him. Dex explains that Sonny doesn’t want a robot. He wants someone who can think for himself and anticipate what Sonny needs. Sonny says he doesn’t trust Dex enough yet. Dex admits he was trying to impress Sonny who says Dex needs to obey his orders. Dex wonders if Sonny will give him a second chance.

Dex meets Michael in an alley and it is revealed that Michael hired Dex to bring down Sonny. Michael says that Dex was out of line earlier and that his family is off limits. Dex says he has already heard that line today.

On June 13, Sonny calls Dex and tells him something personal has come up. He will get back to Dex with the instructions and he hangs up. Sonny has a coffee shipment sitting in the harbor with a shelf life and the new harbormaster won't let it through.

On June 27, Sonny brings Brando a vintage corvette to his garage to fix up. Sonny has Dex come in too and says Dex needs to get along with Brando who is his cousin. Dex is just his driver for now but he is doing a good job. Sonny can’t find his sunglasses and Dex leaves to locate them.

Later Dex comes back with the sunglasses and explains that it took so long because they fell in the seat. Sonny has to leave for lunch and wants Dex and Brando to go over repairs together. Dex will have to find a ride home and Dex says he will take a Rideshare. Dex tells Brando that he learned his lesson and thanks Brando for keeping him from making a mistake. Dex asks for a truce and Brando accepts it with a handshake. Suddenly Dex's phone rings and he says it is his boss. Brando leaves to look at Sonny's car. Michael is the one who called Dex and he says he had a setback today and now Dex has his full attention. He asks how soon Dex can meet as he has an idea but they will have to get creative. Michael agrees to meet Dex somewhere and says Sonny won’t see them coming.

On July 13, Dex tells Brando that Sasha will be ok after she is put on 72 hold at GH for taking pills. They bond over vet experience and Dex says that he had one tour in Afghanistan in Bagram and Kandahar. He was almost killed many times and got out as soon as he could.

On July 18, Dex sees Michael arguing with Sonny at the gym and steps between them. Michael claims that Sonny is siccing his attack dog on him and Dex almost punches Michael but Brando breaks up the fight. He tells Dex to follow Sonny's orders and Dex leaves.

On July 20, Brando tells Sonny that Felty gave Sasha the drugs. Sonny sends Dex to find Felty. Dex later calls Sonny from an alley and says it is done.

On July 25, Sonny joins Dex and Felty in a building and punches Felty in the stomach. Dex almost throws Felty down the stairs but instead he kicks him and pulls out a club that he hits Felty with in the face. Josslyn comes by with her phone out saying she recorded the whole thing. Sonny leaves and Dex convinces Josslyn to delete the video so he won’t get in trouble.

On July 28, Dex tells Sonny that if he ever needs someone for another situation like the one with Felty, he is the person for it. Sonny is glad to hear this. Later Dex meets with Michael in the hospital stairwell. Dex says he is in with Sonny. Michael says not to appear too eager and Dex needs to becomes like the son that Sonny is missing. Someone like Jason. Suddenly Brando walks into the stairwell and sees Dex and Michael together. Michael claims that Dex is harassing him.

On August 17, Sonny tells Dex that he had Brick look into Dex's background and he isn't happy. Dex explains that he has two older brothers who used to beat him up and even put him in the hospital five times. His parents brushed it off as "boys will be boys". Dex joined the Military right after high school to get away from his family but after a tour in Afghanistan, he ended up in Germany and his superior officer was abusive to his soldiers and his family. After assaulting the officer, Dex was dishonorably discharged. Sonny sympathized with Dex as he had an abusive childhood with Deke. Later Dex met with Michael who revealed he hired Dex because of his similar background to Sonny.

On August 29, Dex helps Josslyn who found Ava stabbed at the Quartermaine Boathouse. Sonny assigns Dex to guard Ava's hospital room until Frank arrives. Dex helps Josslyn look for Avery's charm bracelet. They end up at a dumpster outside as Dex saw the janitor recently.

On September 14, Brando Corbin follows Josslyn and is stabbed by The Hook when he sees her go out the exit at Charlie's. She was trying to give Dex his sunglasses back after he left the pub too. Brando later died of poison on the hook while in the hospital.

On September 26 at Xtreme Motors, Diane is stabbed by The Hook while Dex is keeping watch outside. Alexis and Gregory find Dex over Diane's bloody body and he is taken to the PCPD. Sonny asks if Dex is under arrest and takes him away when Dante says he isn't. Sonny insists on giving Dex a ride home.

Sonny hangs Dex by his tied arms from a hook on the ceiling in Pozzulo's walk-in freezer. A man named Carver comes in. Sonny says he hasn't worked with Carver but he comes highly recommended by the Wu family. He is well-known for getting people to talk by any means necessary. Frank knocks on the door and tells Sonny that Michael Corinthos is in the restaurant. Sonny has a bodyguard named Ray watch the door before leaving.

Carver rolls out a bag of knives. Dex says Carver is playing mind games by getting out his knives. He wants Dex to break before he is even tortured. Dex insists he would tell the answer if he knew it but he doesn't have anything to tell. Carver doesn't want information. He says Sonny does and he is just the facilitator. Dex repeats that he didn't stab anyone.

Carver says Dex has been evading Sonny's questions. Dex denies it and says Carver will be out of a job when Sonny finds out what happened. Carver says Dex is saying a lot while not saying much which is good as he likes to take his time.

Carver says he has options as Dex can see, referring to his tools. They can do things the easy or hard way but Dex will start talking. Carver picks up a knife and stands by Dex. Frank knocks at the door and tells Carver to take a break.

While Dex is alone, he knocks Carver's bag of knives onto the floor with his feet. He struggles to get his tied hands free but Carver throws a bucket of water on Dex and says he is working too hard. It will be the death of him.

Carver rhetorically asks Dex where they were and then says that Dex was going to answer some questions. Dex suddenly kicks Carver and he flies back against the door.

Carver says Dex surprised him but it won't happen again as he picks up the knife. Dex warns Carver to stay away from him. Carver says Dex has a limited range of motion and he can always call for backup. This is one of the times that he enjoys his work. There is a knock at the door. Sonny says they are in a holding pattern and to stay on call. Carver understands and tells Dex he will be back to finish what he started.

On October 3, Josslyn Jacks walks into Pozzulo's and sees Carver holding a knife. He claims to be the new chef. Michael comes in and Josslyn suspects Dex is being held there. She goes back to the freezer and frees Dex. Sonny walks in and lets Michael Corinthos, Josslyn, and Dex leave. He is furious Carver was going to use knives on Dex and lets him go.

Michael goes to Dex's apartment to secretly discuss their plans. It is revealed Michael hired Dex from a security firm and he wants to end their partnership. Dex insists on staying in with Sonny. Michael reluctantly agrees but tells Dex to stay away from Josslyn. Dex says he will just have to avoid Josslyn completely to avoid explaining the situation to her.

On November 8, 2022, Anna Devane (being framed for Lucy Coe's disappearance) was transported from a PCPD holding cell to the hospital for a doctor's appointment prior to her transfer to Pentonville. After her appointment was over, she was then brought to be loaded into a prison transport van, with Dex Heller (posing as a corrections officer) as her designated driver. Just as Dex is about to take off with Anna, Taylor a real corrections officer approaches with Heather Webber to be transferred to D'archam Asylum, which complicates Dex's plans to help Anna escape. He mentions he thought he was only transporting one prisoner, but to avoid any suspicion, ultimately agrees to take Heather as well. During the ride, Dex drives straight down the road and Taylor tells him he missed the exit for Pentonville, but Dex explains that he skipped the exit because he's dropping off Heather to D'archam first. Taylor adamantly insists on dropping Anna off at Pentonville first (presumably due to Pentonville being closer in distance) and orders Dex to turn the van around but when Dex firmly refuses Taylor draws a gun on him. Dex, keeping one hand on the steering wheel, attempts to disarm Taylor, but during the ensuing struggle, Dex loses control of the van, causing him to swerve and eventually crash as the gun goes off.

When Dex comes to, he finds Taylor unconscious and looks in the back of the van. Anna tells him Heather is gone and then Valentin finds Anna and they leave together. Dex wanders through the woods before realizing Taylor shot him in the abdomen. He arrives at the Quartermaine Gatehouse and collapses when Josslyn answers the door. She was watching Wiley while Michael and Willow were out. Josslyn sews up Dex's wound and sends him off but she finds blood on the ground and realizes he tore his stitches. She hides him in her dorm room and calls Trina to tell her there are bedbugs and to stay out of the dorm. While Dex is recovering in bed alone, Josslyn's RA Kiley knocks on her door as she needs to talk to her.

Crimes Committed[]

  • Dishonorably discharged from the Military after assaulting a superior officer [pre-2022; revealed on Aug 17, 2022]
  • Involved in checking on Sonny Corinthos's illegal shipments [revealed on Jun 7, 2022]
  • Hired by Michael Corinthos as mercenary through a security firm to be a mole in Sonny's organization [revealed on Jun 8, 2022]
  • Kidnapped Felty for Sonny [Jul 20, 2022]
  • Almost threw Felty down the stairs; kicked him and clubbed him in the face multiple times; left Felty bruised and hospitalized [Jul 25, 2022; hospitalization revealed Jul 28, 2022]
  • Jury tampering; threatened juror Beckett Reed to find Trina Robinson not guilty in her trial [Aug 4, 2022]
  • Hired a man named Norman to spy on Josslyn Jacks [revealed Sep 19, 2022]
  • Kicked Carver in self-defense [Sep 29, 2022]
  • Posed as a corrections officer with the false intentions of transporting Anna Devane to Pentonville Penitentiary [Nov 8, 2022; his real goal was to help her escape]
  • Shot The Hook in defense of Josslyn and Dr. Britt Westbourne [Jan 1, 2023; shown on Jan 3, 2023]
  • Punched Spencer in self-defense [May 23, 2023]
  • Punched Spencer in the stomach [Jun 29, 2023]
  • Choked and threatened Austin Gatlin-Holt [Oct 13, 2023]
  • Shot Mason Gatlin in the leg, then physically fought him in defense of Ava Jerome [Oct 17, 2023]
  • Stole fentanyl from GH to inject in Cyrus' PICC line under Sonny's orders; Sonny called off the hit [Jan 12, 2024; more details revealed on Mar 18, 2024]
  • Engaged in a gun battle [Jan 31, 2024]
  • Has killed before [revealed on Mar 18, 2024]

Health and Vitals[]

  • Hospitalized five times after being abused by his two older brothers [pre-2022; revealed on Aug 17, 2022]
  • Almost died multiple times on a tour in Afghanistan [pre-2022; revealed on Jul 13, 2022]
  • Threatened with death by Sonny Corinthos [Jun 8, 2022]
  • Faked a fight with Michael Corinthos [Jul 18, 2022]
  • Held hostage in a refrigerator unit overnight while hanging by his hands bound from a meat hook on the ceiling; he was threatened by Sonny and punched in the stomach by Sonny's henchman Ray [Sep 27-Oct 4, 2022; revealed on Sep 28, 2022]
  • Tortured by Carver; almost cut with a knife, had cold water thrown on his face [Sep 29, 2022]
  • Suffered bruising to the wrists and face [revealed Oct 4, 2022]
  • Had a firearm pointed at him by a corrections officer who demanded he'd drop Anna Devane off at Pentonville Penitentiary first when he (Dex) insisted on transporting Heather Webber to D'archam Asylum first [Nov 8, 2022]
  • Crashed his prison transport vehicle due to distracted driving while attempting to disarm corrections officer Taylor, who pulled a gun on him and shot him in the abdomen during a fight [Nov 8, 2022; bullet wound revealed Nov 9, 2022]
  • Rendered unconscious from the crash [Nov 8-9, 2022]
  • Stitched up by Josslyn Jacks; tore his stitches and began bleeding again [Nov 10, 2022]
  • Burned up with a fever [Nov 11-21, 2022]
  • Passed out [Nov 14, 2022]
  • Punched in the face by Spencer Cassadine [Dec 14, 2022]
  • Pushed Sonny away as a sniper aimed at him [Mar 10, 2023]
  • Shot in the upper arm by the sniper [Mar 13, 2023]
  • Almost passed out due to blood loss [Mar 14, 2023]
  • Punched by Spencer [Jun 29, 2023]
  • Physically fought Mason Gatlin who attempted to kill him [Oct 17, 2023]
  • Engaged in a gun battle [Jan 31, 2024]
  • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Sonny at the Pine Barrens; saved by Carly [Feb 13-14, 2024]
  • Made Sonny point his gun at his own chest and told him to shoot; Sonny did not fire his gun [Feb 16, 2024]
  • Threatened then severely beaten by Sonny until Jason stopped him; had stitches sewn over a black eye, and given a cut lip as a result [May 17, 2024; injuries revealed on May 20, 2024; revealed stitches were removed on Jun 7, 2024]

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Elizabeth Korte (Head writer, 2024-present) · Frank Valentini (Executive producer, 2012-present)
Former Crew
Patrick Mulcahey (Head writer, 2024) · Dan O'Connor (Head writer, 2019-2024) · Chris Van Etten (Head writer, 2017-2024) · Shelly Altman (Head writer, 2011-2012, 2015-2019) · Ron Carlivati (Head writer, 2012-2015) · Jill Farren Phelps (Executive producer, 2001-2012) · Robert Guza, Jr. (Head writer, 1996, 1997-2000, 2002-2008, 2008-2011) · H. Wesley Kenney (Executive producer, 1987-1989; Head writer, 1988) · Gloria Monty (Executive producer, 1978-1987, 1991-1992; Head writer, 1981) · Jean Passanante (Head writer, 2015-2017) · Wendy Riche (Executive producer, 1992-2001) · Garin Wolf (Head writer, 2008, 2011-2012)
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