Dolores Maloney
Andi Chapman as Dolores Maloney
General Hospital
Portrayed by Andi Chapman
Current status Recurring
Duration 2020-present
First appearance January 2, 2020
Birth name Dolores Maloney
Previous legal name(s) Officer Dolores Maloney
Gender Female
Born 1960s or 1970s
Age 40s or 50s
Education Port Charles Police Academy
Occupation Port Charles Parole Officer
Title Port Charles Parole board
Residence Port Charles, New York

Officer Dolores Maloney is a fictional character on ABC daytime soap opera , General Hospital.


Andi Chapman is an actress, known for Short Cuts (1993), S.W.A.T. (2003) and Pryde of the X-Men (1989).

Andi Chapman is also won a Golden Globes Special Award (1994)for her short film Short Cuts(1993).

Andi Chapman was casted as Sam’s parole officer Dolores Maloney in December 2019.



Dolores Maloney is a parole officer of the Port Charles Police Department.

Dolores Maloney is assigned to be Sam McCall’s parole officer.



On January 2, 2020, a woman comes to Sam’s Penthouse and introduced herself as Sam’s new parole officer named Dolores Maloney. She worked at the PCPD and was there to make sure Sam was well aware of her parole guidelines. Dolores wasted no time giving Sam her parole rules which include not to be around guns or alcohol. As Sam goes to tell Dolores about being around Jason, she gets in a rude argument with Sam insisting that Sam stay away from Jason or go back to prison without parole. So Sam comes to agreement and then is granted a pardon for choosing to stay away from Jason for her kids sake. Then Dolores leaves but Sam is left heartbroken as Jason walks through the door with Diane there. Sam breaks up with Jason and says this will be the last time they “will ever see each other” as Sam told Jason she is not willing to go back to prison for her kids and lose her parole because Dolores told her that she is not to be with Jason. Then afterwards Sam and Jason break up with a kiss and say their goodbyes as Diane helps walk Jason out of the penthouse. Sam and Jason hold their hands up with the “I love you” sign that they learned when Sam was deaf then Jason leaves with Diane and Sam is heartbroken.

On February 12, Sam has just seen Jason in a patient room at General Hospital. Dolores stops Sam in the middle of the hallway to tell her they have a problem. On February 13, Dolores wants to know why Sam is at the hospital. She tries to cover that she was meeting Jason but Dolores wants to go in the room that Sam was just in. Epiphany stops Dolores from walking into the hospital room that Jason is in.

On March 5, Spinelli tells Sam that he discovered that Dolores has a burner phone and has been calling someone every day for months.

On March 25, Dolores checks in on Sam to make sure she has been staying away from Jason. Sam says she has only been near Jason when their kids are involved. Dolores says she will check back with Sam later in the week. Spinelli reveals to Sam that Dolores has been calling city councilman Donald Raskin. They have been having an affair despite both being married to other people. Dolores later calls Sam to let her know that her friend Spinelli has been arrested.

Crimes Committed

  • Adultery; having an affair with Donald Raskin [revealed on Mar 25, 2020]

Health and Vitals

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