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Chief Andrew "Drew" Cain is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. He is the son of the late, Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his late mistress, Susan Moore and the adoptive son of Dr. Monica Quartermaine. He is the identical twin of former mob boss, Jason Morgan and the illegal adoptive brother of the late reformed serial killer turned art therapist, Franco Baldwin.

The role was originated by Emmy award-winning actor Billy Miller from October 1, 2014 to August 21, 2019, although Miller was originally a recast of Jason Morgan from 2014 to 2017.

Before Miller joined the series, a stand-in actor played Jason from August 12 to September 25, 2014.

Steve Burton appeared as Drew in old photos from 2017 to 2019 since Drew and Jason used to look alike. Burton also portrayed Drew in flashbacks on July 19, July 22 and August 19, 2019.

In 2021, the role was recast with former All My Children alum, Cameron Mathison, who's voice was first heard as Drew on August 16, 2021. Mathison made his first appearance as Drew on August 17, 2021. Before his introduction, Mathison revealed that he's on contract.[14]


Rumors of Miller's casting on "GH" started to surface in June of 2014, when TV Guide's Michael Logan tweeted about the possibility.[15]

On September 2, 2014, after months of speculation, executive producer Frank Valentini announced on Twitter that three-time Daytime Emmy award-winning actor Billy Miller, formerly known for his roles on All My Children as Richie Novak (2007-08) and The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott (2008-14), would join the cast as Jason.[16]

Miller is a three-time Daytime Emmy award winning actor.

In 2010 and 2013, Miller brought home two Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and one in 2014 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, all for his work on The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott.

Although Jason had been back on canvas since August 12, 2014, Miller didn't make his first appearance until October 1, 2014.[17]

On July 12, 2017, a GH source stated on Twitter that "Miller is currently in contract negotiations while Burton (the former Jason) is signing a long term deal. No word who will play "Real Jason" yet."[18]

On July 28, 2017, according to Soaps in Depth, Miller has re-signed with GH. Miller also signs his contract year to year.[19][20][21]

Due to his contract negotiations, Miller was off screen for about three weeks (Aug 31-Sep 21, 2017) while his character was in a coma (a contract coma).

On December 1, 2017, it was revealed that Miller's character was actually Jason's twin, Andrew Cain and Burton was Jason.

On May 22, 2019, announced that Billy Miller (along with Tamara Braun) would temporarily be offscreen for storyline reasons when their characters head to Mt. Kilimanjaro during the week of May 27.[22] They were last seen on May 28, 2019. They both made appearances on June 4 and June 12, 2019 before they returned on June 17, 2019.

On June 15, 2019, rumors began swirling around that Miller may soon be leaving the show, although nothing has been confirmed yet.[23]

On July 28, 2019, Miller's manager, Marnie Sparer confirmed that Billy Miller has filmed his final scenes and would in fact be exiting GH. His last air-date was set to be in August.[24]

Miller made his last appearance as Drew on August 21, 2019.

On April 5, 2021, various sources broke the news that actor Cameron Mathison, known for his role of Ryan Lavery on All My Children, will join the cast of General Hospital in a mysterious role.[25]

On April 16, 2021, it was revealed that Mathison will officially join GH this summer, although it's unknown who he will be playing.[26] He has reportedly said in an interview that he is not playing Ryan Lavery.

On June 19, 2021, rumors began to surface that Mathison might be a recast of Drew when he joins GH in July, although nothing has been confirmed yet.[27][28]

On June 21, 2021, a leaked GH script was theorized in General Hospital Tea to be about Drew Cain.[29][30]

On July 2, 2021, Mathison revealed on Instagram that he's officially in the General Hospital studio filming scenes. In the picture, Mathison was sporting a beard and looked a little beat up which could be another hint that he's taking over the role of Drew.[31]

On July 6, 2021, General Hospital Tea reported a leak which revealed that Mathison's first scene will be in a foreign prison.[32][33]

On August 8, 2021, it was confirmed by Daytime Confidential and Entertainment Weekly that Mathison will indeed be playing a recast Drew.[34][35] Mathison's voice was first heard as Drew when he called Sam on August 16, 2021.[36]

Mathison made his first appearance as Drew on August 17, 2021.

On May 11, 2022, it was announced that Mathison will be going on hiatus as Drew while he films the movie "The Christmas Farm".[37][38][39]


Drew Cain and his twin brother, Jason Morgan were conceived through an affair that their father, Alan Quartermaine had with Susan Moore. When Susan was several months pregnant, she fled from Port Charles to New York City to stay with her cousin, Heather Webber. Susan knew that Alan was coming after her to take her back to Port Charles, so that he could raise their child.

She was so afraid of being found, she hadn't had an ultrasound in months. Heather brought in Nurse Betsy Frank to make sure that everything was alright with the baby. When Betsy examined Susan, she heard two heartbeats and Susan soon found out that she was pregnant with twins.

Susan was inconsolable and knew Alan was close to tracking her down. She didn't know how she could go on the run with two babies. Heather pointed out that the Quartermaines knew nothing about the second baby and there was no reason for them to find out. She suggested that Susan go back to PC with one of the babies and settle the custody and then keep the other baby. The first born was Jason and Susan took him back to PC. The second born, Drew stayed with Betsy, who offered to watch over him until Susan could return.

Photo of Bobby and Andy

After Susan died and Heather did not return, Betsy decided to raise Drew for the long haul and she raised him and Heather's son Bobby, later known as Franco Baldwin, as brothers. Betsy claims he and Bobby were inseparable; they were closer than brothers and the best of friends since birth, Andy always use to follow Bobby around the house and their bond was so strong that Drew's first word was Bobby's name. Franco himself claims that "I remember the feeling surrounding [their bond]. Like I wasn't alone. Like I had a friend." On one Christmas, Drew gave Franco a rabbit's foot key chain for luck and declared him to be his best friend ever. Franco kept the key chain with him for decades as a reminder of his brother. Despite his conditioning, in February 2018, when Drew saw it again it seemed familiar to him, hinting that he never forgot about their unshakeable bond.

Franco's painting of Bobby and Andy

Betsy claimed that at the age of 3, Drew died from a heart defect and she left town with Bobby to start over. Long after Drew was sent away, Franco made a painting that represents both him and Drew and it would become his most cherished painting. On October 18, 2017, Betsy admitted that she lied about the heart defect and Drew was alive, but she had to give him away after Franco pushed him down the stairs.

However, in early 2018, Franco begins to unlock his blocked memory and on April 9, he finally remembered that he was molested by Jim Harvey a number of times and that he knew Drew was going to be next, so he saved him when he accidentally pushed him down the flight of stairs, when trying to hide him in the basement of their house. After Drew recovered from the accident, Betsy made everyone think he died and sent him away to a group home to protect him from Jim, while she and Franco left town to run from him.[40]

Photo of Chief Andrew Cain

Little is known about Drew's past, except that after leaving Betsy's care, Drew grew up in a group home and later graduated from Sawyer High School in 1993. At some point in his life, he took up the last name: Cain. On August 16, 2019, Franco (through Drew's implanted memories) revealed that Drew grew up in New York and he saw photos of his twin Jason in the newspaper. Drew soon done his research and learned all about their parents. He believed that his parents didn't want him but they kept Jason to raise.

On November 27, 2017, it was revealed that he became a Navy S.E.A.L. and was stationed in San Diego, California. It was also revealed that in 2001, he and Dr. Kim Nero were temporary lovers. On December 26, 2017, Kim revealed to Sam she always felt that Drew was very lonely while growing up.

During his time in the Navy, he met Hank Archer, who was an independent contractor that worked a lot with Navy S.E.A.L. teams. In 2012, Hank committed treason by talking a Navy S.E.A.L. named Tex Owen into helping him sell stolen fuel to insurgents and making over a million dollars on the black market. Tex hated what he did so he told Drew everything before they set out on the convoy. When the convoy was ambushed, Hank and Tex's jeep was hit with an I.E.D. so Drew pulled Hank out before going back for Tex, who died in the ambush. In the aid station, Drew confronted Hank over his act of treason and although Hank initially denied it, he admitted everything and tried to bribe Drew into eliminating the sellers and splitting the money. Drew refused and vowed to turn Hank in.

Through out the years, he became a highly decorated war hero until he mysteriously vanished in July 2012. Everyone was led to believe that he abandoned his post, but in reality he was ambushed by Hank, who had been paid by Henrik Faison to deliver Drew to Helena Cassadine in order to be used in her and Cesar Faison's conspiracy. In October 2012, Faison shot Drew's twin brother, Jason in the back and kicked him into the water. Once both twins were captured, Henrik had Dr. Andre Maddox replace Drew's memories with Jason's before Faison and Helena had installed two levels of conditioning into Drew's head.

In 2014, Drew (as Jason) made his way back to Port Charles but was hit by a car driven by Ava Jerome which left him severely injured. After undergoing extensive surgery and plastic surgery to his face, he woke up with amnesia and started calling himself "Jake Doe." In November 2015, "Jake" found out he was Jason Morgan but he still had no memories prior to 2014. He eventually reunited with Sam in early 2016 and he regained his copy of Jason's memories in May of that same year.

After 5 years of disappearance, Jason returns to town in late 2017 and it's revealed that he has a twin. Soon everyone learned that the man who was thought to have been Jason since 2014 was actually his twin, Andrew Cain and they also learned that Drew was conditioned by Andre Maddox into believing that he was Jason. In early 2018, Faison revealed to Jason that since he couldn't be brainwashed because he has brain damage, he decided to research Navy S.E.A.L. teams and he came across Chief Andrew Cain, which was a happy coincidence for him, so he arranged for Andre to give Drew his twin brother's memories so he could use Drew for his own purposes.

Children Oscar and Scout

He had a son named Oscar Nero-Quartermaine with his former lover, Dr. Kim Nero.[41] On December 8, Kim told Drew that he is Oscar's father and Kim found out she was pregnant shortly after Drew was deployed and didn't think he would've welcomed a child with a woman he barely knew, so she decided not to tell him, although she did try to contact the Navy. However, her attempts to contact the Navy were unsuccessful, due to the fact that she was not a family member. On April 29, 2019 (shown on May 1, 2019), Oscar died in his sleep because of an inoperable Grade IV Glioblastoma.

He has a daughter named, Scout Cain with his ex-wife, Sam McCall.

Drew with his oldest and closest friend, Franco Baldwin and his sister in law, Elizabeth.

He is very good friends with his ex-wife, Sam McCall, Carly Corinthos, Curtis Ashford, Curtis' wife Jordan Ashford, his ex-fiancée Elizabeth Webber, his former lover, Dr. Kim Nero and his late illegal adoptive brother, Franco Baldwin.

After a rough patch with Jason's friends, Sonny Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, Damian Spinelli and Robin Scorpio-Drake, he became civil with them despite not being close friends anymore. After Drew's return in 2021, Drew offered his condolences to Sonny and Carly over Jason's presumed death and he considers them his friends again.

Although he is very close to all of his friends, Drew is probably closest to Franco. They both deeply loved each other so much as toddlers that Franco protected him from getting molested by Jim Harvey like he was. Unbeknownst to either of them, they reunited in late 2014 and over the years they shared an animosity towards each other. However, in early 2018, after learning the truth on what Harvey did to Franco and how Franco protected him, his whole perspective of Franco changed.

Their long lost friendship began to rekindle after Drew saved Franco from Jim during a confrontation that led to Jim attempting to kill Franco, Drew shot the monster dead and made him pay for what he did to his oldest friend and protector. Overtime, the brothers slowly began recovering their forgotten relationship. After Drew's memories were implanted into Franco, Drew whispered to a comatose Franco that the memories of his past life meant nothing in comparison to their unshakable bond. On November 15, 2019, Franco (with Drew's memories) believed that without Franco, he wouldn't have been able to become a war hero. On December 17, 2019, Franco finally got his own memories back after undergoing the memory reversal procedure. On March 9, 2021, Franco was shot and killed by Peter August.

Drew is close with his biological family and shares a close relationship with his step-mother, Dr. Monica Quartermaine, who later on adopted him in October 2018.

Drew used to resent Jason greatly when they met in 2017, even after their identities were sorted out. However, after months of anger and resentment, Drew eventually came to accept Jason in his life and began to soften towards him, even if he didn't see Jason as a friend or a brother. In 2019, Drew and Jason made an effort to get along and Drew was genuinely concerned for his safety when their mutual enemy, Shiloh began targeting him. In 2021, Drew finally began to truly respect Jason and accepted him as his brother and his friend.

After Sam divorces Jason in early 2018, she and Drew officially marry. However, their marriage did not last long, for after learning she loves both him and Jason, Drew left Sam and the two got divorced on July 5, 2018. After some time passed, he and Sam have continued to remain good friends as they continued to co-parent Scout.

After a year long search, on December 10, 2018, Drew finally got his hands on his memory drive. However, Drew is resolute on not getting his memories back as he'll lose all the memories of the past 6 years; particularly having his daughter and meeting his deceased son.

On October 9, 2019, Drew was declared dead in absentia by the W.S.B. after they looked through the Gulf of Aden where his plane supposedly crashed. However, since his body wasn't found, there's a chance he's still alive and out there somewhere.

In 2021, Drew was revealed to be alive and had been held captive in a prison cell on a compound in Crete, Greece by a mysterious man known as "The Boss". It later came out that there was no plane crash in 2019 - it was staged to fake Drew's death. "The Boss" was later revealed to be Victor Cassadine, who was thought to have been killed in 2014. On October 18, 2021, Drew finally escaped from his cell, only to be programmed into helping Peter August escape from the W.S.B. with Liesl Obrecht as Peter's hostage.

In November, Jason and Dr. Britt Westbourne tracked Peter and Liesl to Cassadine Island, where they also discovered Drew to be alive and under Peter's control. After helping Drew break through his conditioning, Jason and Drew teamed up to save Britt and Liesl from Peter - they succeeded, but Jason was presumed dead in a tunnel collapse as the W.S.B. rescued Drew, Britt and Liesl while finally capturing Peter.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2021, Drew finally reunited with his family, especially his daughter, Scout. Upon his return, he broke the news that Jason's presumed dead which devastated his loved ones.


Victor Cassadine reveals that Jason is alive

On January 31, 2014, Victor Cassadine arrives on Robin Scorpio-Drake's doorstep and revealed that he is the new head of the W.S.B.. He wants Robin to bring his sister-in-law, Helena Cassadine and nephew, Stavros Cassadine back to life, as they are not completely dead and their bodies were being preserved in the Cassadines cryogenic lab. When Robin asks Victor why she should help him, he goes on to tell her that if she helps Helena and Stavros, she would also be helping her friend, Jason Morgan, who is actually alive. Victor explains to Robin that Faison wanted control of Sonny's territory and to do that, he knew he had to get Jason out of the way, so he shot Jason and kicked his body into the water. Despite this action, Faison knew Jason could be a valuable asset to him in the future, so he had a group of men waiting offshore and they pulled Jason's body out of the water. After Jason was pulled from the water, Victor claims he was taken to the same Swiss clinic, where Robin, A.J. Quartermaine, Stavros Cassadine and Duke Lavery were all either held against their will or treated.

"Jason" starts waking up in the cryogenic chamber

When the clinic was raided in late 2012 and Duke was found, Victor says Dr. Liesl Obrecht arranged to have their most valuable patients transported elsewhere. Jason was put into Helena's care along with Stavros, and Helena put Jason into a cryogenic stasis. Victor goes on to say that Jason was healing from the gun shot wound, but was still debilitated which made him easier to manage. Robin doubts Victor's story, but Victor is adamant that he is telling the truth and Jason is not dead, only in a cryogenic sleep. Robin demands to see concrete proof that Victor has Jason, citing that is the only way she will consider his offer. Victor assures Robin he will give her the necessary evidence she needs in due time, but Patrick and Emma were on their way home, so they would have to meet at another time. Before Victor leaves he warns Robin that she cannot tell anyone about his project or else she will fail in saving Jason. Victor returns a day later with a DVD that he shows Robin as proof that Jason is still alive. After watching the DVD, Robin seems to believe that Jason is alive, but is still torn at leaving her family. She is unsure of her decision until she meets Jason's son, Danny in the park. After meeting Danny, Robin decides to accept Victor's offer and bring Helena and Stavros back, so she can also save Jason. Unbeknownst to Robin, Jason had actually been switched with his identical twin brother, Andrew Cain. On March 4, Robin confirms that "Jason" is alive.

"Jason Morgan" (Billy Miller)

On August 12, 2014, Victor injected "Jason" with a new medicine that Robin had invented. At first it appeared Jason was recovering, but then his vitals started to drop. Robin used a defibrillator on Jason, until Victor's goons held her back. Victor assumed Jason was dead and went to close the lid on the cryogenic capsule, but Jason's hand grabbed Victor's wrist, confirming he is alive and awake. Victor then revealed his plans to use Jason for his own agenda. On September 12, Jason is seen struggling to gets free of his restraints and eventually he breaks free and knocks out William Eichner. Then Jason finds Robin chained up and uses a gun to shoot the chain and free her. They then embraced and "Jason" reveals that he can't talk.

"Jason's" vitals start to rise when Sam holds his hand

They prepare to leave the clinic, but they are stopped by Helena Cassadine. Helena says she has big plans for "Jason" and Robin, and she tries to take them, but "Jason" kills Helena's goons and they escape the clinic just before it blows up. "Jason" and Robin steal a car and get on the road back to Port Charles. Robin fills "Jason" in on some things, including telling "Jason" that Danny is his biological son. When they near Port Charles, Robin decides it would be too dangerous to their families to go straight home, because Helena could still be on their tail. Instead, Robin heads to The Metro Court to find her mother and fill her in, and "Jason" goes to Sonny's house. "Jason" makes it to Sonny's front door but is kidnapped by Helena's goons. He is then seen in a car with them but manages to jump out of the moving vehicle.

"Jason" wakes up

"Jason" finds the road but is then run over Ava Jerome. Ava got out of the car she wanted to call 911 but if she did Sonny would find her she calls Jordan Ashford. Jordan tells Ava that she will take the blame since Ava was driving her car during the accident and let Ava get away. "Jason" is rushed to the hospital, Elizabeth is one of the nurse working on him but she doesn't recognize him because of injures. "Jason" flat lines, but they get him back and he goes into surgery. "Jason" was in surgery for over 36 hours and had to have several reconstructive surgeries, including facial reconstruction to repair all the damage. On the same day that "Jason" got out of surgery, Sam was at the hospital taking Danny for a check-up. As Sam and Danny are leaving the check-up, Danny wanders into Jason's room and grabs his "father's" hand.

"Jason's" bandages are removed

Sam chases after Danny and finds him in the room with "Jason". She tries to get Danny to let go of the "stranger's" hand, but he refuses. Elizabeth arrives a little while later and gets Danny to let go of Jason's hand by offering him candy. Sam and Liz talk about the "John Doe" patient and his accident. Sam spends some time holding "Jason's" hand and talking to him. She tells him that she doesn't know what it is about him, but she wants to see him get better. Right after Sam asks him to get better, "Jason's" vitals spike momentarily. Liz says Sam can stay with the patient while she goes to get his doctor, because Sam talking to him was doing him good. But Sam was unable to stay, because she had to go to Amsterdam for a case she's working on.

"Jason" holds Danny as Sam looks on

Liz leaves to get the doctor and Sam and Danny say goodbye to "John Doe," unaware that it was "Jason" they were talking to the entire time. When "Jason" wakes up, he has trouble remembering what happened to him. He remembered the accident but cannot remember his own name. He has memory flashes of Liz and "their" son, Jake, which leads him to believe that his name is Jake. On October 13, "Jason's" bandages are removed. During this time, he and Elizabeth bond and he also has an encounter with "his" wife and son. After being kicked out of the hospital, "Jason" moves in with Elizabeth. He also spends Thanksgiving with Sam and Danny.

Helena tells "Jason" who he really is

In December, Helena tells "Jason" that who he really is and that she is his boss. She orders him to forget who he is, to kidnap Sam and help Faison escape. He then goes to the police station wearing a mask and a black suit. He abducts her at gunpoint, but is stopped by police, who command him to let Sam go. He refuses unless he is given the keys to the Pentonville van so Faison can escape. "Jason" shoots Det. Nathan West and the police hand him over the keys. Jason knocks Sam out and evades the police in the Pentonville van. Later, Helena helps Faison flee the country with his daughter. Weeks later, Sam suspects "Jason" as the gunman, but he denies it and suddenly forgets what he did to Sam.

"Jason" kidnaps Sam

On Christmas Eve, "Jason" almost kisses Liz under the mistletoe, but Ric Lansing (Liz's ex-husband) interrupts them. On New Years Eve, after talking with Ric, "Jason" decides to move out of Elizabeth's house so he can start to find out who he is and also to find a better job. After he leaves Elizabeth's house, he goes to the Metro Court Hotel to see if Carly Corinthos can give him any job so he can pay rent. Carly asks why he needs to pay rent and Jason tells her that he moved out of Elizabeth's house because he might have family out there somewhere and also because of Ric. Carly tells "Jason" that Ric isn't a good person and she tells him she doesn't like Ric because of things he did to her in the past. "Jason" says that he doesn't like him either. Then Ric and Elizabeth show up because of the New Years Eve party and Elizabeth was shocked to see him there. Carly tells them that "Jason" works at the hotel as a bartender. When Carly gave him the drinks to pass around, he runs into Sam and Patrick. Sam asks if he works here and he tells her that Carly hired him. He say's he will miss her accusing him holding her hostage at gunpoint. At midnight, "Jason" watches everyone kissing and feels sad as he looks at Ric and Elizabeth kissing. Carly comes over and kisses him to comfort him.

In January, Carly gives him a room at the Metro Court. The next morning Carly comes to "Jason's" room and they end up having breakfast together. Later on, while "Jason" is talking to Carly, she reads the newspaper about the gunmen that grabbed Sam. Carly sees that "Jason" upset and "Jason" finally tells Carly that the reason Sam doesn't like him is because she thinks he's the gunman. "Jason" tells her that he had a flashback of him grabbing Sam. He also tells her that around the same time the gunmen was grabbing Sam, he was out looking for a job. Carly says maybe Sam's getting into his head. Carly tells Jason to go see Dr. Kevin Collins.

Carly kisses "Jason" on New Year's Eve

Later on, Carly takes "Jason" to see Kevin and they ran into Sam. Sam and Carly talk while "Jason" goes to the office to see Kevin. When he gets there Helena is sitting in Kevin's chair and she tells him to sit down. "Jason" tells Helena the Sam suspects him of being the gunman. Helena tells Jason that it is true he did grab Sam. "Jason" says that he's leaving, but Helena tells him not too so he doesn't and can't. "Jason" asks why she's doing this to him why not have stationed somewhere until his next mission. She tells him she does have another mission for him. Later on, "Jason" comes out of the office and tells Sam and Carly that Kevin says the flashbacks were nothing and that they were just planted there. Then, there is a flashback about Helena ordering "Jason" to kill his own wife.

Later on, "Jason" is going through a bag with a gun in it, when Carly knocks on the door so he quickly hides it. He opens the door and Carly hugs him. She is upset because Michael still hasn't forgiven her. "Jason" and Carly talk and he offers to talk to Michael for her but she says that it’s not the best idea because Michael actually likes "Jason". Later on, "Jason" is seen on the pier having a flashback of Helena ordering him to kill Sam. Elizabeth comes by and she invites him to dinner since Ric and Molly were out of town. "Jason" tells her that it isn't good idea because he’s afraid that he won’t be able to stop himself from wanting more.

Helena orders "Jason" to kill Sam

A couple of days later, "Jason" goes to Sam's penthouse and breaks in after Sam and Patrick go upstairs. He sees pictures of Sam and himself with his old face and he starts to hear Sam’s voice in his head. Then Robin appears and Jason stands up to shoot her but she tells him that she’s not really there. Robin asks him why he's doing this. He tells her Helena told him too and she asks him why he's taking orders from Helena. Just then the phone rings and it was Helena calling to see if the job was done and he says no. "Jason" tells her that Sam has company so she tells him kill both of them. After the call, Robin disappears, so "Jason" goes upstairs to kill Sam and Patrick. When he opens the door and sees them in bed, he starts to have flashbacks of "him" and Sam on the night he got shot, them putting their wedding rings back on, and fooling around in bed. Sam and Patrick head for the shower while "Jason" enters the room and has more flashbacks of Sam giving him the phoenix before he left. He hears Sam and Patrick coming out of the shower so he takes the phoenix and leaves. "Jason" goes to the docks and has more memories be he passes out.

"Jason" sees a hallucination of Robin

The next day paramedics find him and take him to the hospital. Lucas and Elizabeth treat him for hypothermia and a laceration on his forehead. Elizabeth calls Carly, who arrives soon after demanding to see "Jason". Carly talks to "Jason" and then she looks in the bag that was found with him and finds a gun. She asks him if he has ever seen it before and he says no. She then pulls out a ski mask. "Jason" doesn't know where he got any of those things. He is starting to wonder if he took Sam hostage. Carly tells Jason that they are going to see Kevin again. Patrick and Elizabeth come back and Carly leaves with the bag because "Jason" begged her not to tell anyone. Later on, Carly and "Jason" are seen in Kevin'a office talking about his memories. Carly also finds a phone in the bag. "Jason" tells her that he has never seen or used it before. Carly checks the phone to see if any calls or texts were on the phone and there are but they come up as unknown calls. "Jason" is eager to get answers, so Carly goes to find Kevin.

"Jason" is given his new task

"Jason" gets a call from Helena and she tells him to meet her. "Jason" leaves and goes to the graveyard. Helena asked him why Sam and Patrick are not dead and he tells her a woman stopped him. Helena figures out that Robin was the one that stopped him in his head. So Jason asks why she's hurting people and what Sam means to him. Helena tells him to forget about killing Sam, she has another mission for him. Later on, it is revealed in a flashback that Helena ordered "Jason" to put a bomb on The Haunted Star. "Jason" is later seen on the docks when a delivery guy comes along, and he attacks the guy, drags him away and takes his place. "Jason" walks onto the Haunted Star and introduces himself to Lulu, who tells him where to put the drinks.

"Jason" arrives at the PCPD in cuffs

Meanwhile at the police station after Kevin revealed to Carly that he never had a meeting with "Jason", Carly figures out that "Jason" lied but that something is wrong. She asks Nathan if Dante was there, he said no that he was called on another police matter. Carly tells Nathan she thinks that "Jason" was the one that broke Faison out of prison and she shows him the evidence. Nathan finds the gun and has it tested against the bullet the doctors pulled out of him and the gun came back as a match. Meanwhile back on the Haunted Star, "Jason" plants the bomb behind the bar. Helena calls "Jason" and he tells her that the job is done. Maxie calls Nathan to see if he’s coming he says yes he just got held up. Maxie tells him to take his time because Jason is there. Later on, Nathan comes to the Haunted Star and arrests "Jason". He is then taken into police custody where Sam wants to question him about breaking into her apartment. Afterwards, he tells her that Helena ordered him to do all those things, including planting a bomb in The Haunted Star. Sam then calls Lucas and the bomb is safety taken of the boat. After remembering, Sam continues to ask him questions. Before he can answer, he is attacked by Patrick Drake and then he pins Patrick to a table.

"Jason" in jail

The next day, Elizabeth goes to see "Jason" in jail and is shocked to hear all the things he has done plus he lied to her. "Jason" said he was sorry but she wanted explanation for everything. He told that he doesn't remember all the things he did and he says he thinks Helena has been controlling him. After hearing him out, she believed it because Helena did the same thing to Lucky. "Jason" was relieved that she trusted him but he asked how they were going to prove it. Elizabeth says there's one person that Helena could trust and that was Nikolas. After talking to Nikolas he agreed to help her out. Later on, Helena agreed to Nikolas term's. Patrick examined "Jason's" head and found a chip planted in his brain. Elizabeth went to tell the good news to "Jason" and they went to the hospital. When they got there Patrick told him that after looking over the scans of his brain he said he couldn't do the surgery because he might kill him if something goes wrong. After talking with Elizabeth, he decides to go through with the operation.

"Jason" remembers who he really is right before surgery

Before being wheeled in for surgery, Sam wanted to say something to him. "Jason" told her he was glad she was there for him. She touched his hand he had a flashback of the night he got shot putting his wedding ring on his finger, about how there was only one ring and also the night he broke into the penthouse. But before he could say anything else, he had to go in to the operating room. Just before the anesthesia kicked in, he remembered Helena telling him that was Jason Morgan. Before he was able to tell Elizabeth, he passed out from the anesthetic. After the successful surgery, "Jason" wakes up and Elizabeth asks if he remembers what he was going to tell her before he passed out and says no. Just before Elizabeth was going to tell how she has feelings for him, the Police Commissioner Kyle Sloane comes in and Elizabeth went to go find Dr. Obrecht.

Sloane tells "Jason" that all the charges have been dropped, but that has go to undercover in the Jerome organization and "Jason" then refuses. Sloane tells him its either go undercover or go to prison. "Jason" says he has to think about it. Then Carly comes to see him and says she saw what was going on. Finally he tells her that Sloane wants him to go undercover in the Jerome organization. Carly says no and that she's going find him the best lawyer. But he says he's going to go undercover and Carly accepts that this is what he has to do. When being released from the hospital, Spinelli sees "Jake" and mistakes him for Jason from behind and runs up to him and hugs him but realized he isn't him.

"Jason" unknowingly reunites with Spinelli

Later on, "Jason" wanted to speak to Sam about asking Julian for a job, something on the legit side. Sam agrees to ask her father. After leaving the hospital "Jason" would stay at Carly's house just until he get's his own money. Sam called "Jason" to tell him that Julian would give him a job. Then Carly left and the doorbell rang and it was Sonny. They had a heated conversation, Sonny was even more mad when Jason told him he was going to go work for Julian. Carly comes in to tries to stop them and then "Jason" leaves to go see Julian. Carlos tells Julian he doesn't trust "Jason" because of what "Jason" did to him. Julian tells Carlos he was right that "Jason" might be working for Sonny. "Jason" tells them he wouldn't even lift a finger for Sonny and then "Jason" gets the job. "Jason" goes to the Metro Court to see Carly to tell her he was sorry for what happened between him and Sonny and Carly tells him not to worry about it. "Jason" says maybe they shouldn't be friends but Carly says no, they are still going to be friends. She also tells him that Ric and Elizabeth just broke up and that he should go see Elizabeth. "Jason" goes to see Elizabeth and tells her how he feels about her and Elizabeth does the same and then they kiss.

"Jason's" wedding ring

As they are about to go upstairs, the doorbell rings and Elizabeth answers it to a women named Hayden, who claims to be "Jason's" wife. Both Elizabeth and Jason are shocked to hear this. Hayden says Jake's real named is Jacob Barnes and that they went camping but had a huge fight and he walk out on her. Elizabeth asks Hayden for proof. Hayden says is was back in her hotel room at the Metro Court. After leaving, she makes a phone call telling the person that they fell for it and she tells the person she will meet them back at the hotel. At the hotel the person revealed was Ric, who hired Hayden to pretend to be "Jason's" wife so that he and Elizabeth could get back together. When Carly finds out she doesn't believe the story and tells Hayden she will find out the truth. After Elizabeth sees medical records that Hayden provides, she sees the same spot that Patrick recently performed surgery on is the same spot that "Jason" had his previous head injury. Elizabeth starts to believe the story and leaves. Outside Elizabeth tells "Jason" goodbye and they kiss.

"Jason" Sam and Danny

In April, "Jason" drops Sam's car off at Patrick's house and while he's there he recognizes Robin's picture, from the hallucination he had on the night he was suppose to kill Sam and Patrick. He tells Patrick about seeing her and Patrick tells him that Robin left months before he showed up. Sam says maybe he's he seen pictures of her at Elizabeth's house because the two of them are friends. As "Jason" leaves he throws Sam the keys to her car but she misses and the end up under the coach. "Jason" goes to grab the keys and he also finds a wedding ring. He gives it to Patrick but Patrick says that's not he's ring. He reads the inscription it says Alan Quartermaine. Sam realized its "Jason's" ring and wonder how the right got there. Emma comes in tells them that Spencer tried to give her the ring. Then Sam wonders how Spencer got the ring so she says she's going to see Nikolas but just then there is a knock at the door and it just so happens to be Nikolas. Nikolas tells them that Helena gave it to him before she left Port Charles. Nikolas also says that the reason why he didn't tell Sam was because that was the same day of Spencer's birthday party that ended up catching on fire. But Nikolas really knows that Jake is "Jason".

"Jason" with Elizabeth and Jake

In May, at the Nurse Ball, the truth about Ric hiring Hayden to pretend to be "Jason's" wife, comes out thanks to Carly. After the truth comes out, Elizabeth ends things with Ric for good. Then she tells Nikolas that she can finally be with "Jason" but Nikolas tells her that Jake is "Jason". Elizabeth is furious and has every intention of telling the truth but doesn't and decides to keep "Jason" and everyone else in the dark so she can finally be happy with Jason and Nikolas agrees to keep their secret. After the Ball, Jason and Elizabeth go back to her house and talk. They decide to be together and they make love. A couple weeks later, Commissioner Sloane decides to drop all the charges against "Jason".

"Jason" and Monica

In June, "Jason" is looking for a job and Michael hires him as security for ELQ and to find out who is giving information to the Cassadine's so they can take over ELQ. They eventually find out that Michael's secretary Rosalie is working for Nikolas. But they find too late as Nikolas has enough votes to take over ELQ. In July, "Jason" and Sam work together to help get ELQ back in Michael's control. Also "Jason" and Elizabeth's son Jake is revealed to be alive. He was kidnapped by Helena and was living on Cassadine Island for 4 years. It was also revealed that Jake's kidney where never giving to Josslyn. "Jason" is also able to convince Elizabeth to let Jake and Danny meet.

"Jason" with Sam, Danny, Elizabeth and Jake

In August, "Jason" proposes to Elizabeth and after some hesitation she says yes. "Jason" goes to Carly about his engagement to Elizabeth and he also calls her his best friend. Afterwards, "Jason" leaves and arrives back at Elizabeth's right before Sam and Danny leave and he sees both of "his" sons and their mothers in the same room for the first time. After Sam and Danny leave, "Jason" proposes to Elizabeth again with a ring and she of course says yes. A few days later, Sam calls "Jason" with a break in their case against Nikolas--Kyle Sloane, but the break is short lived when in the end Sloane refuses to help. "Jason" and Sam head the docks and talk about what happened when a gunshot rings out and "Jason" instinctively protects Sam. He tells her to stay down and stay put while he goes to the warehouse.

He arrives outside the door and sees three men with guns standing over Sonny, who was shot, and TJ tied to a chair. One of men said he couldn't have any witnesses (meaning killing TJ) so "Jason comes" in attacks one of the gunman and breaks his neck and grabs the gun and shoots and kills the other two gunman. Sam comes in sees "Jason" with a gun and three men dead and she's kind of in shock but she calls an ambulance for Sonny and unties TJ while "Jason" tries to get Sonny to stay awake. Sonny hallucinates about Jason telling him "I knew you would come you always do." Before passing out, Sonny tells "Jason" to tell Carly that he loves her. So "Jason" goes to Sonny's house to tell her that Sonny been shot and is in the hospital.

"Jason" and Sam's first kiss

In November, after finding out "his" true identity, he decides to stay with Elizabeth but kisses Sam. Days later, he wanted to search for answers so he went to Cassadine Island to see Helena hoping she tell him something. Unbeknownst to him, Sam and Elizabeth, thanks to Spinelli, followed him. Helena played mind games with them, she even cursed Sam because, she said something to Helena which she didn't take well, but before she could tell "Jason" the secret she fell unconscious and Elizabeth tries to revive her but it was too late, Helena died. "Jason" accuses Nikolas of killing Helena and he attacks him again but, Elizabeth got him to calm down and they left. "Jason", Elizabeth and Jake spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaine's.

In December, after Sam confronts Elizabeth about knowing who he "really" was before he did, a very angry "Jason" confronts Elizabeth, who continues to deny all of his accusations and dodge all of his questions. However, Elizabeth finally cracks and admits that she knew "his" identity for months, she begged him to forgive her. She said didn't want to lose him again and also for love. But "Jason" couldn't and leaves.

"Jason" and Sam reconnect

"Jason" is called away from spending NYE with Sam at the Floating Rib because Jake claims to have seen a man outside of his window on New Year's Eve. After dealing with the alleged stalker situation, Jason goes to the penthouse to find Sam and explain to her why he had to cut their time short on NYE. He also confides in Sam about another memory he had of her and the star necklace. Sam explains the memory to him and they grow closer. Later on, "Jason" asks her out and they go to lunch together at Kelly's.

With "Jason" still facing legal troubles from his fight with Nikolas, Sam sets out to prove that he's innocent. She managed to track down a couple who were staying at The Metro Court that night and witnessed the altercation between "Jaso"n and Nikolas. They were initially hesitant but Sam convinced them to agree to testify to the fact that Nikolas was the aggressor in the fight, thus exonerating Jason of the attempted murder charges. The couple later ran into "Jason" and Jake in the restaurant at the hotel and told "Jason" that they would testify to what they saw to clear him and he was a lucky man to have Sam in his life.

Excited about the good news, Sam went to "Jason's" hotel room to share it with him. Elizabeth answered the door and upon seeing Sam, tried to make it seem like her presence there was something that it was not. "Jason" and Jake soon arrive back to the hotel room and "Jason" makes it clear that Elizabeth and Jake are staying there because someone is stalking their home. He also tells Sam that he is now staying in a separate room down the hall if she needs to find him for any reason. "Jason" goes on to thank Sam for helping to clear him and then asks for her help in investigating the alleged stalker.

Jake starts to pick up on his mother's hatred of Sam and blames her for "his" parents' break up. He also starts to act out more and it becomes clear that he lied about the stalker and is the one behind the strange incidents at the Webber home. Elizabeth is angry and opposed to Sam helping with the investigation. Sam thinks Elizabeth doesn't want her help because she already knows who's behind the break-ins and is using the situation to manipulate "Jason". Before it can get too far, "Jason" stops the confrontation and insists that Sam help because the sooner they figure out what's really going on the better it will be for everyone.

On Jason's "birthday" aka the day he woke up from his accident as Jason Morgan, Carly insists on throwing "Jason" a birthday party. She calls Sam and orders a cake. Sam is hesitant about the party because she doesn't want to put any pressure on "Jason" about his past, however Carly insists anyways. When "Jason" arrives at the Metro Court he isn't in a partying mood. Carly is upset but gets it and backs off. Sensing that something is bothering him, Sam heads out to the terrace to check on "Jason" and bring him some cake. While out on the terrace, Sam and "Jason" are caught in the rain and the rain triggers another memory for "Jason".

"Jason" remembered dancing with and kissing Sam in the rain on the penthouse rooftop. This memory was different from all of the others because he remembered the feelings he had for her, which made the memory all the more real. "Jason" and Sam make their way back inside and he shares the memory with her. He also tells Sam that he remembers what he felt for her in that moment. He asks for more details, so Sam takes him to the penthouse rooftop and tells him about that night. "Jason" is motivated after their talk to pursue his memories further and tells Sam that he wants to recover his memories with her help. Sam encourages him to do what he wants, but sadly lets him know that she can't be the one to help him with this. Some of his memories are also her memories of their life, which make them extremely personal to her and she doesn't want to impact his progress with her expectations or hopes to which "Jason" is very understanding.

"Jason" asks Jake about the stalker

Sam continues to investigate the stalker and soon discovers that Jake is behind the incidents. She goes to the Webber home to talk about what's been going on with Elizabeth and finds Jake alone with the babysitter and a cut hand. He had just thrown a rock out the window and cut his hand on the glass. Sam goes to call his parents and assures him that everything will be okay, but he gets scared and runs into the basement. Sam follows him trying to calm him down, but loses her footing and falls down the stairs. Upon seeing Sam at the bottom of the stairs unconscious, Jake gets scared and runs away. While running away, he gets hit by a car and is taken to GH.

With Jake in the hospital, no one knows that Sam is missing and she stays trapped in the basement, unable to move and suffering from a concussion and mild hypothermia. "Jason" starts to realize that something is wrong after he gets a call from Alice Gunderson because Sam failed to pick up Danny from a birthday party. "Jason" learns from Kristina and Molly that the last time they heard from Sam, she was heading to Elizabeth's, so he goes there to search for her. Sam hallucinates "Jason" several times as she is falling in and out of consciousness. She plugs in an old heater to keep warm, but falls unconscious again just as the heater begins to emit sparks and smoke. "Jason" arrives at Elizabeth's house to find the smoke detectors going off. He searches the entire house and finally finds Sam in the basement. He picks her up and makes it out of the house just moments before the heater causes a major explosion and fire in the home. The force of the explosion knocks Sam and "Jason" several feet into the air just as they make their way out of the house. After a moment of unconsciousness for both, they wake up and "Jason" rushes her to the hospital.

"Jason" saves Sam from the explosion

At the hospital, "Jason" stays by Sam's bedside. When Elizabeth hears what happened, she fears that Jake pushed Sam down the stairs on purpose. But Sam assures her that it was an accident and Jake didn't hurt her. After she was treated, Sam also went to visit Jake herself to assure him that she was okay and he did nothing wrong. "Jason" continued to divide his time in the hospital between Sam and Jake. While at Sam's bedside he admitted to her that he doesn't want to miss the opportunity to get to know her more and he's going to be better for her. After spending another day in the hospital Sam starts to get restless and misses Danny. She begs "Jason" to help her get out of there and he is initially hesitant, but eventually agrees.

"Jason" helps her sneak out but they are caught by Lucas, who eventually lets them go. They head to the Quartermaines to pick up Danny from Monica and then "Jason" takes them home to the penthouse. Sam, "Jason", and Danny spend time together as a family and after "Jason" puts Danny to bed, "Jason" and Sam have some time to talk. "Jason" tells Sam that coming so close to losing her made him realize that he doesn't want to lose her and he now feels just how much they're connected. Sam thinks he is only there to help her as a friend, but "Jason" assures her that it's more than that between them and pulls her into a kiss. "Jason" and Sam start making out on the couch, but the complication of their situation stops them from taking it any further. Instead, they have an honest conversation about their relationship and the people they are now. "Jason" then cooks her dinner and they enjoy spending more time together before he is called away with news on Jake's condition. "Jason" returns to see Sam the next day and tells her that he and Elizabeth have to take Jake to Shriner's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia for treatment. He kisses her goodbye and promises to take her out when he gets back.

"Jason" finds out what happened at Julian and Alexis Jerome's wedding from Nikolas, who was Philly visiting Elizabeth and brought Cameron and Aiden to see Jake. He immediately calls Sam to see if she is alright. He then asks her to bring Danny to Philadelphia, because he wanted to see them both and it would be good for Jake to see his little brother. Sam and Danny arrive and "Jason" is thrilled to see them. "Jason" takes Danny back to visit Jake, while Sam runs into Nikolas and talks to him about a case they are working on. After the visit, "Jason" and Sam discover that they are staying at the same hotel and Sam invites him to stop over to tuck Danny in. "Jason" stops by that night and Sam tells him more about her past and their past. When Danny is ready with his book, Sam reads him a bedtime story as he sits with his father and later falls asleep in his father's arms. Sam and "Jason" tuck him into bed together and later they fall asleep together on the couch.

"Jason" and Sam in his new apartment

Sam and "Jason" wake up in each other's arms. They kiss, flirt and tease about dreaming of the other. Their make-out session stops when they realize Danny is awake and they get up to tend to him. As "Jason" is leaving to return to his room, freshen up and head back to the hospital, they run into Elizabeth who sees him leaving Sam's room smiling. He explains that he came over to tuck Danny in for bed and stayed the night with them. Elizabeth tells him that Jake is being discharged and then leaves visibly unhappy. When "Jason" returns a little while later to invite Sam and Danny to walk over to the hospital with him, Sam declines stating that she doesn't want her presence to make Liz uncomfortable. However, "Jason" insists they come with him, because Elizabeth would just have to get used to the reality of their situation now. So, Sam and Danny accompany "Jason" to the hospital to bring Jake home.

After returning to Port Charles, "Jason" catches up with Sonny, Carly and Michael and later with Monica in the Quartermaine crypt. He also finds and purchases a new apartment. "Jason" calls Sam to meet him at the Metro Court Hotel, because he wants to share his news and give her a tour of his new place, but she's unable to go to see his place because she has to attend the reading of Helena Cassadine's will. When "Jason" leaves the Metro Court, he forgets his memorial plaque that he ripped off the wall of the Quartermaine crypt. After the will reading, Sam returns it to him and sees his new place. "Jason" and Sam kiss and end up talking about their relationship. A delivery interrupts them and Sam is shocked that "Jason" picked out the same two photos for his new place that previously sat on the mantle of his old penthouse for years. They talk more about his memories and "Jason" expresses frustration that he can remember the small things like a photo, but not the larger more important things. Both agree they want to move forward in their relationship and Sam suggests getting a divorce. At first "Jason" is resistant, but Sam explains that she thinks a divorce would be best so they could start fresh without the pressure of the past and he finally agrees. They meet Alexis at Kelly's a few days later and sign the paperwork, finalizing the divorce.

Later that night, "Jason", Sam and Danny have a family dinner at Kelly's, where they decide to go out on a date. Then they head to General Hospital to drop off Danny with his grandma Monica. While there they go to check on Tracy, who is having health problems. When Sam steps out of the room to take a phone call regarding her Hayden investigation, Tracy starts to hallucinate and believes that "Jason" is her father, Edward. After that encounter, Jason begins to see who the Quartermaines truly are -- his family, and he vows to get the family company back for them. Jason begins to help Sam investigate Hayden's shooting and they visit Shawn Butler in Pentonville to try and get some answers. After visiting with Shawn, they put the pieces together and discover that Nikolas had Hayden shot to keep her quiet about "Jason's" true identity.

"Jason" and Sam make love

Furious, Sam heads to Wyndemere to confront Nikolas and turn him in for attempted murder. Nikolas starts to man handle Sam in an attempt to stop her and "Jason" gets enraged. He attacks Nikolas and Curtis Ashford, who tries to break up the fight. Jason almost kills Nikolas, but Sam manages to talk him down and convince him to let Nikolas go for her. They head back to his place where Jason gets angry again upon seeing the bruises that Nikolas left on Sam. Sam tells Jason that she only cares about him and Danny and to not let Nikolas take any more time away from them. Jason kisses her and the two share a night of passion. In the morning, "Jason" and Sam cuddle and talk about their relationship deciding to start fresh instead of starting over. Their morning bliss is interrupted by Carly who shows up on his doorstep pleading with "Jason" to talk Sonny out of killing Carlos Rivera. "Jason" tries but is unable to get through to Sonny. He returns back to Sam, who is still at his place and they spend the night together again.

Sam and "Jason" later confront Nikolas again and manage to blackmail him into selling them back all the ELQ shares he stole. Once ELQ is back in Quartermaine hands, Jason returns control of the company back to Michael. A few nights later, "Jason" and Sam spend the night together at the penthouse with Danny and Sam opens up, telling "Jason" what it was like when he was gone. Jake starts attending art therapy with Franco, which causes major issues with "Jason" because he doesn't want Franco around his son. After a heated confrontation at the hospital between "Jason" and Franco, Jason takes Sam out of town for a few nights to get away from the drama. A rainstorm forces them to take refuge in a barn for the night and as they start to make love, it's clear someone is watching them. After returning to town, the stalker continues to follow them. Sam and "Jason" catch onto him when they are in the park and realize someone is following them. It turns out to be Franco who was stalking them, although he claims otherwise. "Jason" threatens Franco and tells him to stay away from them and Jake.

"Jason's" memories are coming back

In early May, "Jason" gets into a motorcycle accident with a prison van carrying Officers Dante Falconeri and Nathan West and prisoner Carlos Rivera to Pentonville. "Jason" ditches his bike to avoid the van and ends up unconscious. When he awakes, his head is pounding and he finds Dante, who is unconscious and pinned under the van. As he works to free Dante, he is visited by visions of Robin, Carly, Sam, Sonny and Helena who claims he is still under her control. "Jason" fights Helena's control and finally manages to break free of her hold and free Dante from the van right before it explodes. After this event, all of "Jason's" memories as Jason Morgan begin to get restored. He tells Sam that night and they go home together and celebrate. The next day at Sam's insistence, she and "Jason" go to the hospital, so he can get checked out. They later share the news with Monica, Sonny, Carly and Michael that his memories are returning.

Later in the month, "Jason" and Sam attend the 2016 Nurses' Ball together. At the conclusion of the ball, Diane tells "Jason" that Nikolas is suing him and as a result of the lawsuit ELQ's assets were frozen. "Jason" heads off to Spoon Island to talk to Nikolas about the lawsuit. Sam follows a little later and when she arrives, she hears crashing. She catches up with "Jason" in Nikolas' bedroom and finds the room trashed, window smashed and a body on the rocks. Knowing immediately that "Jason" wasn't involved, Sam tries to help him figure out what happened. By the time they get down to the bank, the body they saw, who they assume was Nikolas, is gone. Knowing that the PCPD would try to pin the crime on him once they got the slightest shred of evidence, "Jason" decides to figure out what truly happened to Nikolas. Sam goes with him to help him clear his name. Together, they figure out that Nikolas faked and staged his death. They track him and his unlikely companion, Ava Jerome to London and then Cassadine Island on Greece where they finally catch up with them.

"Jason" breaks free of his restraints to get to Sam

Just as they are about to force Nikolas back to the States to clear "Jason's" name, Laura Spencer, Kevin Collins, Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer-Falconeri arrive on the island, also in search of Nikolas. Sam and Nikolas' uncle Valentin Cassadine who has been hiding among the group using the alias Theo, makes his move and takes the group hostage in order to force Nikolas to sign over the Cassadine family heritage. He immediately separates "Jason" and Sam from the others, locking them in a room and using Sam to control "Jason". Sam who has been complaining of fatigue and sleeping a lot, faints setting "Jason" off. "Jason" breaks out of his restraints to get to her and takes down the guard who was watching them. Once she awakes and reassures him that she is okay, they head down and free the others of Valentin's guards. All except Nikolas, who is once again presumed dead after a confrontation with Valentin.

The group plans to escape the island and find an old jet. "Jason" and Dante manage to pilot the jet, but Valentin tampered with the fuel tank and they are forced to make an emergency landing on a nearby island. "Jason" stays behind to try and shut off the engine and prevent an explosion while the others escape. The plane explodes anyways, but Sam is insistent that "Jason" survived and is determined to go after him. Dante tries to reason with her, but she is steadfast in her determination to find him, before she faints again. Soon after she comes to, "Jason" finds the group and reunites with Sam. They build a fire to signal the cost guard and are finally rescued from the island.

After returning to town, the charges against "Jason" are officially dropped and Sam and "Jason" reunite with their son. However, Valentin was still on the loose. He goes after Spencer Cassadine, but Sonny and "Jason" manage to stop him and he is taken into custody. Meanwhile, Sam confronts her father over his attack on her mother's life. Sam cuts him out of her life and after their heated confrontation, she faints again on her way out. She is taken to General Hospital and examined by Dr. Hamilton Finn. Sam assumes she contracted some sort of illness from the island and is shocked when Dr. Finn returns and tells her that she is pregnant. After the news sinks in, Sam is thrilled to realize that she and "Jason" are expecting another baby.

"Jason" comes to the hospital concerned after he learns that she was admitted. She is about to tell him about the baby when he starts to feel ill. Dr. Finn examines "Jason" and believes he has contracted malaria. The doctor tells Sam that since she was with "Jason" in Greece, she would need to be tested as well. If she contracted malaria, it could cause complications for her pregnancy. Sam and "Jason" are both tested and the results of both their tests show no signs of malaria, however Dr. Finn runs a second test to be sure. Meanwhile, "Jason" can tell that something is wrong with Sam and he tries to get her to open up. Sam wants to tell him about the baby, but wants to make sure that everything is okay with both her and the baby before doing so.

"Jason" finds out Sam's pregnant

The following day, "Jason" is released from the hospital and he and Sam go home. "Jason" notices that something is off and that Sam is worried about something. He starts questioning her a little bit, and says he can tell there's something that she isn't telling him. He also tells her that they both know they are stronger together than they are apart. He eventually agrees to back off and asks her to admit that something is wrong. Eventually Sam relents and tells "Jason" that she's pregnant and "Jason" is ecstatic. He proposes to Sam "again" and she accepts. Later, they get a call from Dr. Finn telling them that both tests conclude Sam and the baby are malaria free.

"Jason" and Sam "remarry"

Sam and "Jason" then turn their attention toward planning their wedding. "Jason" asks Sonny to be his best man and Sam asks Alexis to be her matron of honor. Sonny and Alexis both happily accept. Carly offers to plan and host the wedding at the Metro Court Hotel, but neither Sam nor "Jason" want anything extravagant. So, Carly offers to host the wedding at Greystone Manor instead, to which "Jason" and Sam both agree. Molly and Kristina also help Carly plan the wedding. "Jason" and Sam spend their pre-wedding night together at the Metro Court and make love. On the day of their wedding, "Jason" surprises Sam with Spinelli, who has flown in from Portland to officiate. "Jason" and Sam are "remarried" on September 6, surrounded by their closest friends and family. In attendance was; Danny, Jake, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Alexis, Kristina, Molly and Spinelli. Monica was unable to make it due to a crisis at the hospital.

Soon after remarrying, Sam and "Jason" are thrust into pressing situations concerning their parents. Sam was there to support her mother during her father's trial and "Jason" supported and stood vigil by his mother after she was attacked by the General Hospital killer. While Monica is unconscious, "Jason" shares the news that he and Sam are expecting Baby Morgan, which inspires Monica to fight and she soon wakes up. Sam and "Jason" also work hard to stop the impending mob war between Sonny and Julian, but neither man is too keen on listening to their reasoning. The brewing war comes to a head when Morgan Corinthos is presumed dead after a car bomb went off in Julian's car, which Morgan had stolen. "Jason" and Sam support the Corinthos family through the loss of Morgan.

"Jason" with Sam and Danny at Kelly's on Thanksgiving

Sonny initially believes that he is responsible for the car bomb, but "Jason" isn't convinced. Sonny had put a hit on Julian that night, but he called it off which meant someone else was responsible for the bomb. "Jason" and Sam begin looking into what really happened that night. During their investigation, Jason shares with Sam his desire to move his family to another city. He no longer wanted his family around all of the violence in the city, so they made plans to revisit the topic of moving to another city once they wrap up their investigation. "Jason" and Sam team up with Curtis Ashford, who was also investigating the bomb. "Jason", Sam and Curtis discover that Sonny was not responsible for the bomb, but someone who wants to eliminate both Sonny and Julian is.

"Jason" and Sam during her pregnancy

Sam and "Jason" spend Christmas Eve together in the park with Danny. As a family, they also visit Sonny and Carly and spend some time with Michael, Kristina and Avery before heading to General Hospital to visit with Monica and hear the traditional Christmas story reading. On New Year's Eve, they plan to attend the wedding of Nathan West and Maxie Jones, but the wedding gets postponed when Maxie gets sick and it is revealed that Nathan is still married to Claudette. So instead, they go to the NYE party at the Metro Court to see Carly. They also spend some time catching up with Robin, who was back in town for Christmas and the wedding.

"Jason" helps Sam deliver Scout

On February 28, "Jason" helps Sam deliver their daughter, Scout Cain (then known as Scout Morgan), after Sam was pushed off a bridge by Olivia Jerome and went into labor. Soon he was able to get them to the hospital saving them from a cold death under the bridge. Sam ended up in a coma but she soon woke up. Later, in March, "Jason" and Curtis saved Robin, in the elevator in GH, from nearly getting killed by a bomb strapped to her by Olivia Jerome, when she was trying to get revenge on her nemesis Anna Devane.

"Jason" holds Scout

In July, Sam shot Sonny and left him to die in a dumpster in order to keep "Jason" away from the dangers of the mob. She was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis after collapsing at their house and it was later revealed that she got the disease as a result of Olivia pushing her off the bridge. Luckily, Scout didn't have the disease. Sonny wanted "Jason" to hide the fact Sam tried to kill him and as a result, "Jason" bribed a cop into giving him the gun Sam used and threw it off a bridge. Later, Sam eventually told Carly the truth and Carly was pissed at Sonny and especially "Jason", who she had trusted for so long.

"Jason" and Robin

On August 29, "Jason" and Sonny went to a mob meeting, where Sonny announced his retirement and talked about the future of the business, but after "Jason" left to see Sam, he returned to the meeting, where one mobster was holding Max hostage. Sonny soon tackled the mobster, but was pushed aside and the mobster fired a shot at Sam, who followed "Jason". Jason is able to get Sam out of the way, however, he gets shot instead and is critically wounded. After Sonny kills the mobster, "Jason" is rushed to the hospital, where he falls into a coma and wakes up nearly a month later.

"Jason" and his daughter, Scout

In October, after fully recovering, "Jason" and Sam take control of Julian's media company and at a party at the Metro Court, they renamed it Aurora Media. However, the party was stormed by two gunmen who took everyone hostage. One of the gunmen accidentally shot Elizabeth while aiming for Dante. Sam managed to distract the other one, allowing "Jason" to tackle him. However, the one who shot Liz takes Carly hostage, but Sonny comes to the rescue and Dante arrests both gunmen. "Jason" then rushes Liz to the hospital, but unbeknownst to him, Sam is abducted by a third gunman and someone known as Patient 6 flies in through the skyline to pursue them. Monica soon arrives at the hospital, informing "Jason" of Sam's abduction and the two other men.

"Jason" finally learns he is Drew Cain

"Jason" rushes back to the hotel, where Dante shows him footage of the man who came in through the skyline arriving at the hotel with Sonny. "Jason" then goes to Sonny's house and asks him who that man was, to which he says that he's one of his men. As "Jason" demands Sam's location, Patient 6 suddenly comes in with a wet, unconscious Sam in his arms and that man looks exactly like how "Jason" did before. On December 1, it was revealed that the man everyone thought was Jason, was actually his twin brother, Drew. Jason's memories were implanted into Drew. Drew's marriage to Sam wasn't valid due to the real Jason Morgan coming back and him still being married to Sam. Sam and Drew became engaged again in December 2017 and got married on January 22, 2018.

Drew protecting Franco from Harvey

In February 2018, he and Curtis begin an investigation towards Jim Harvey, who claims to be Drew's adopted mother Betsy's ex-boyfriend. He hires Curtis to find and locate Betsy to learn more of why he was sent away. On March 1, Drew helped calming Franco down after he started to suffer a nervous breakdown from remembering their past. Later he decided to work with him to find out what happened to them when they were kids and when Franco began suffering a breakdown while confronting Jim, Drew busted in to protect him not long before Harvey's men came in.

Drew removes his wedding ring and leaves Sam

On March 14, he and Franco were held captive in a holding cell. Cement began to pour into their location and on March 21, Drew and Franco escaped through the sewers and reached the pier. In the PCPD they reunited with both Elizabeth and Sam. On March 23, after Sam confessed to Drew on how she loves both him and Jason and that she kissed Jason on New Years Eve, he removed his wedding ring and left her. Soon afterwards, Drew and Jason fought each other at the pier and spent a brief time in jail. He later went to stay at Curtis' place during the fall out of his marriage.

Drew saves Franco from Harvey

On April 6, Drew was completely horrified when he finally learned that Franco was molested by Harvey and that he protected him from suffering the same fate. Drew found and saved Franco from Harvey by shooting him dead. When the police arrived, Drew covered for Franco on his kidnapping of Harvey. In June, Drew became the best man in Curtis's wedding to Jordan, as well as the best man in Franco's wedding to Elizabeth in November, after which he and Franco finally rekindled their long lost friendship for the first time since they were toddlers. On July 5, Drew and Sam’s marriage was dissolved.

Drew confronts Peter

Despite his son's constant insistance in wanting him to get together with his mom, Drew made it clear to him that he and his mother aren't gonna be together. In July, Drew met PC’s current DA Margaux Dawson and as of July 24, she is in possession of the missing drive containing all of his memories. The two of them continue to bond very well, without him knowing she has the key to his past.

On August 8, after Peter was captured he was let go as Drew did not want to waste anymore time dealing with him and declares he has come to accept that he won't be able to remember his past.

On August 17, at Charlie's, after Drew refused to help Margaux in her plot to take down Sonny, she kissed him before she walked out. Drew followed her and questioned her about the kiss. After back and forth arguments, Drew and Margaux confessed that they are attracted to each other and they agreed on a date. Drew decided to date her to see if she has an angle.

Drew and Margaux kiss

On August 22, they went out on a date at the Floating Rib where they ran into Carly and Jason, Jason warned Drew that Margaux might be using her to get to him and Sonny, Drew assured him that he is fully aware and that he can handle Margaux. Later when Drew took Margaux back to her room, she excused herself to change her blouse, and when she returned she saw Drew holding a flash drive. She panicked and claimed it contains evidence for a case, but he guesses that she's lying. She shows him the photos on the flash drive of her as a kid in her computer. He apologises. She wonders if he got himself invited in just to search her suite. After arguing, when Drew's about to leave but Margaux stops him and they kiss. Later he leaves.

Drew tells Curtis he can't be his best man

On September 5, Drew learns from Kim that their son Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor and may only have months to live. She has been searching for treatments for two years but there’s nothing. Drew promises Kim that they will give their son the best life they can for however long it might be. Though he still believes they should tell their son the truth of his illness. After Oscar learned the truth about his illness, on September 26, Drew and Kim promised him they will do their best to help him.

On October 11, Drew learned that Margaux has the missing drive and she offers to give it to him in exchange for his help in taking down Sonny. He refuses her offer though she is confident he will change his mind in the future.

On October 24, after learning Oscar is filing an emancipation against him and his mother, he hires Diane to fight him. In addition, he informs Curtis he won't be able to be his best man as he needs to put all his focus towards his family.

Drew finally has his memory drive

In the end, after being convinced by Josslyn to do the experiment, Oscar told his parents he will go through with the experiments and the emancipation was dropped. On December 10, Margaux gives Drew his memory drive after making peace with Sonny. However, Drew is resolute on not getting his memories back as he'll lose all the memories of the past 6 years; of having his daughter and meeting his terminally-ill son.

Drew meets Hank

On January 2, 2019, Drew met Hank Archer, a man claiming to have known Drew during his time in Afghanistan, where he once saved him from an IED. Drew informed him of his amnesia, but still Hank thanks him and offers to help him in any way he can. Soon afterwards, Drew and Kim learned that the experiments failed, that the tumor didn't shrink and that their son will die in a matter of seven to eight months, but also go as early as six weeks.

On February 11, it was revealed that Drew might be a huge threat to Shiloh (Hank) if he remembered his past. After learning Franco was arrested for the murders of Mary Pat Ingles , Kiki Jerome and Peyton Mills, along with the attempted murder of Lulu Falconeri after Ryan Chamberlain hides all their licenses in his art therapy room. He went to Jordan to assure her that Franco is not capable of taking another person's life anymore. Only Drew and a few other people believe he is innocent, namely Elizabeth, Scott, and Ava. On Valentine's Day, Drew married Franco and Elizabeth at the PCPD, and confessed to Franco he sees him as a brother. On February 20, after Franco pleads guilty for the murders, Drew and Elizabeth still believe he's innocent and there's something more going on than meets the eye. On February 22, while attempting to driving away in the hospital's parking lot, he became blind and accidentally hit Jordan with his car. He was cured soon after at the hospital and feels guilty for hitting Jordan, who is in critical condition, but everyone understood it was an accident.

In March, Drew convinced Elizabeth to get back together with Franco after he was cleared from all the charges, believing she can trust him as he can for reasons he is unaware of. On March 19, Drew and Kim tragically learned their son has less than a month, however on April 4, Oscar has a severe seizure that caused him to fall on the bridge and rushed to General Hospital where parents and Josslyn get news he's in a coma and Terry said if he wakes up he won't the same again.

On April 29 (shown on May 1), Drew's son Oscar died in his sleep. On May 13, they had a memorial service for Oscar and it was revealed that Drew and Kim had him cremated. They knew Oscar didn't want a funeral and that he wanted them to celebrate his life instead. On May 16, Drew and Kim went through Oscar's stuff and he decided to go to Kilimanjaro to spread Oscar's ashes and Kim decided to go with him. On June 12, Drew and Kim got done climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and were in the cabin and Kim passed out before she eventually mistook Drew for Oscar. Drew played along and he (as Oscar) assured Kim that he's always with her.

On June 17, they returned home from Kilimanjaro and after making sure Kim was okay he left her apartment as Julian showed up and visited her. Drew eventually visited Curtis and Jordan and he offered Curtis a job as head of security at Aurora. He eventually talked to Margaux who said she was leaving town and apologized for using his memories as leverage and he forgave her. She also asked him about his connection with Shiloh and he told her about what he knew despite not remembering his time in Afghanistan with Hank and she told him that she betrayed him without using his name when she mentioned the flash drive. Drew thanked her for the head's up about Shiloh being interested in his memories.

Drew eventually had a chat with Franco who invited him to his wedding reception and Drew asked if Franco could try to be the brother he used to be to him when they were kids and Franco agreed. On June 25, Drew visited Kim who cooked his favorite meal, gave him some of his favorite wine, and they played the CD he gave her in San Diego and she eventually kissed him and asked him to have a baby with her. Drew was surprised and while he understood where Kim was coming from he didn't want their hypothetical child to be made out of grief and just see him or her as a replacement of Oscar so he turned her down which made him sad because he hated to see Kim in pain.

Drew went to talk to Julian about Kim and he learned that she asked him to have a baby with her. While Julian was a bit hurt, he knew where Kim was coming from and he understood.

On July 8, Kim cuts the power to the Haunted Star at Franco and Elizabeth's wedding reception, gets Drew alone, and injects him with a sedative. She then takes him to a nearby bedroom and begins to undress him while undressing herself as well. Before she can have sex with Drew, Kim is stopped by Julian and he helps comfort her about Oscar never being able to be recreated. Meanwhile, after waking up, Drew decides not to press any charges against Kim.

At Oscar's will reading, Shiloh showed up because Oscar originally was going to leave his ELQ shares to him and when he went to claim them, Drew shoved Shiloh to the ground and was disgusted that he was insulting Oscar's memory. It was eventually revealed that Oscar decided to leave them to the Kilimanjaro foundation instead.

On July 16, Drew learned that Jasper Jacks hired Hayden Barnes at Aurora. He was against it at first but accepted it as long as Hayden stayed out of his way.

Chief Drew (Steve Burton) chokes Hank (2012)

On July 22, it was revealed that during Drew's (Steve Burton) time with Hank in Afghanistan that Hank worked with a Navy SEAL named Charles "Tex" Owen to sell stolen fuel to insurgents on the black market for a million dollars. Before they set out on their mission, Tex told Drew everything and hated himself for what he did, so after Drew's team was ambushed, Drew confronted Hank in the aid station and vowed to turn him in for his act of treason. Hank tried to bribe Drew by proposing to run a sting to root out the insurgents, split the money and never see each other again. Drew was not swayed and vowed that Hank will soon understand the true meaning of justice.

On July 29, Drew recieved a package containing his Navy medals from his time in the military and he even got one for pulling a contractor (David Henry "Hank" Archer) out of the jeep that hit the IED. He later showed Kim his medals and when she looked at the one he got for saving Hank from that jeep with the IED, she told him that he not only saved Hank, he also went back for another Navy SEAL named Charles "Tex" Owen. After thinking that Tex could provide him with more information, Drew later went up to the Metro Court restaurant to confront Shiloh about him but unfortunately Shiloh told him that Tex was dead. Shiloh claimed that Drew was inconsolable after Tex had died and that that was the reason why everyone thought Drew went AWOL. After Drew told him he was learning more about what really happened in Afghanistan, he later went back to his office to find that he had been robbed. Drew, Curtis, Jason and Sam all deduced that maybe there was something Shiloh was after that only Drew knew, something that Shiloh needed access to.

On August 2, Drew and Curtis talked to Detective Harrison Chase about Shiloh stealing the flash drive and after Chase promised to get a search warrant to search Shiloh's motel room, Drew later told Curtis that he talked to an NCIS agent to get information on what really happened in Afghanistan. Drew checked his email and was stunned to learn that he did plan to meet with NCIS in 2012 to report the fact that a Navy SEAL on his team was working with a private contractor to sell stolen fuel on the black market. They quickly realized that said contractor was one David Henry Archer AKA Shiloh.

Later that day, Dr. Hamilton Finn talked to Drew at the hospital about Dr. Arthur Cabot and asked him if Cabot reached out to him. Drew said he didn't and he didn't even know him and Finn mentioned that he had a hunch about Cabot trying to make a new batch of the serum he used for his original twin study. Drew thanked him for the heads up before he learned from Kim that she decided to leave Port Charles. Curtis eventually met with Drew at the hospital and they talked about Shiloh and deduced that he was going to implant his (Drew's) memories into Jason. Drew called Sonny and warned him that there's a target on Jason's back and then he and Curtis broke into Shiloh's motel room with guns. They found a golden hand that Jason beat Shiloh with and they didn't know who's blood it was. Sonny called Drew back and let him know that Jason is with Sam and that he was right about it being Shiloh.

Later that evening, Drew revealed to Curtis that the PCPD was hunting down Shiloh and that Commissioner Mac Scorpio alerted authorities all across the state about the manhunt, making Shiloh a state-wide fugitive. He and Curtis talked about what he could have possibly known that Shiloh was after and they eventually went to the Metro Court to talk to Lucy Coe about Cabot and when they showed her a picture of him she recognized him but knew him as "Stellan Bergman" instead of Arthur Cabot. Lucy told them that the address of the place he was renting was 721 Dewitt.

Drew threatens Cabot at gunpoint (2019)

Drew and Curtis got to the warehouse with the address 721 Dewitt and busted down the door. Drew attacked Shiloh and then freed Cameron Webber as Curtis picked Shiloh up and held him in a chokehold. Drew pulled out his gun, pointed it at Cabot and threatened to kill him if he didn't shut off the computer that was implanting Drew's memories into Franco but Cabot explained that the procedure cannot be stopped or reversed but there was a chance it may not work. When the procedure was done, Drew and Curtis tied Shiloh's and Cabot's hands behind their backs before Elizabeth and Detective Harrison Chase got there. Chase arrested Shiloh first and took him into custody as Drew was trying to figure out how to take the equipment off of Franco. Cabot asked Drew to untie him so he could take it off correctly. Cabot was subsequently arrested as Franco was taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Drew waited with Elizabeth as Cameron gave his statement to the cops. Drew visited an unconscious Franco and told him that his memories that were on that flash drive meant less than the friendship that they share. Drew eventually talked to Cameron who said that Shiloh and Cabot talked about something important that Drew used to know, so Drew went to talk to Shiloh about it who was acting like his smug, arrogant self. Cameron saw Shiloh and he was so infuriated that he went to attack Shiloh and threatened him but Drew restrained him so that Cameron wouldn't get in trouble and he told the cop to get Shiloh out of there. Drew promised Cameron that Shiloh would pay but they have to do it the right way. Drew consoled Cameron by saying the world needs a lot less "Shilohs" and more "Cameron Webbers."

On August 12, Franco woke up and Drew and Elizabeth realized that the procedure worked, so now there are two "Chief Andrew Cains"; one with memories up to 2012 and one with no memories prior to 2014. Franco now believes that he is Drew and even kisses Kim, much to Drew and Elizabeth's displeasure. After Franco is arrested for punching Chase at the Floating Rib, Drew visits him in jail and tells him about Oscar while Franco tells him where Shiloh's illegally earned money is - Tex's wife's car which Oscar had given to Cameron in his will. Franco is soon released and has to wear an ankle monitor so he would not leave Port Charles.

Chief Drew (Steve Burton) ambushed by Helena Cassadine and Hank (2012)

On August 19, it was revealed that Drew (Steve Burton) was ambushed by Hank under orders of Helena Cassadine, who said she had "big plans" for him. It was also revealed that there was another man at the place where Helena ambushed Drew and the mysterious man was her accomplice, who was later revealed to be Peter August.

On August 21, Drew finds the money in Cameron's car and shows it to Franco at GH. Franco suggests going to Afghanistan to return the money, but after Drew gives him money to stay, Franco accepts to stay in Port Charles since he has new duties there now while Drew leaves to Afghanistan to return the money. Before Drew would return the money, Drew decided to go find Andre Maddox in hopes of reversing the memory-mapping process that was done to Franco.

Drew leaves Port Charles and is later presumed dead (2019)

On August 23, after having a chat with Robert Scorpio, Peter called someone and told him that Drew was on his way to find Andre Maddox before ordering him to make sure that Drew doesn't find him.

On September 5, Andre (who was recovering at GH from being stabbed) revealed that Drew found him and put him on a commercial flight. Drew continued on to Afghanistan and on the way his plane disappeared. On September 9, the WSB confirmed that the wreckage of his plane was found in the Gulf of Aden, but no bodies were found. The crew had fake documents. On September 10, Peter was seen on the phone calling his contact confirming if they had taken care of Drew's plane. It's unknown if Drew was killed or not. On October 9, Robert revealed that the search for Drew found no survivors. He was officially declared dead in absentia by the WSB.

On November 15, Franco (as Drew) told Jason about how water was always "his" friend; it would allow him to escape when he needed to, to hide when he needed to, and to spit him back on land when he needed to. He also explained that in Drew's body he could swim for miles but he can't in Franco's body, which might be a hint that Drew could still be alive.

On December 17, when Franco woke up after undergoing the memory reversal procedure, he no longer had Drew's memories and was back to being Franco.

On March 6, 2020, Peter August framed Dr. Liesl Obrecht for Drew's presumed death and for the murder attempts on Franco Baldwin and Andre Maddox. Because of this, Liesl was arrested by two W.S.B. agents under orders from Anna Devane.

Henrik Faison taunts Drew about having no choice after Drew was abducted (2012)

On March 4, 2021, Peter was finally exposed at his wedding with Maxie Jones when Valentin Cassadine revealed that he was responsible for Drew's 2012 abduction, for Drew's presumed death and for the murder attempts on Franco and Andre. Sam McCall grew furious and tried to attack Peter when she learned that he was responsible for Drew's presumed death but she was held back by Dante Falconeri.

On March 5, Franco watched the video he recorded when he was mind mapped into being Drew in 2019. It jarred a memory in Franco’s mind (where he was currently hearing Peter’s voice through Drew’s memories) and he realized that Peter was behind Drew’s kidnapping in 2012.

On March 8, after being kidnapped and threatened by Franco, Peter finally admitted to hiring Hank Archer to ambush Drew and deliver him to Helena back in Afghanistan in 2012 and for causing Drew's presumed death in 2019.

Drew (Cameron Mathison) is alive! (2021)

On August 16, Drew was revealed to be alive and he managed to get his hands on a phone to call Sam. Sam and Dante were on a date by the pool at the Metro Court and when Dante went to get Sam another drink, Sam's phone rang. She saw that it was an unknown caller but she answered it. Sam was surprised to hear that it was Drew.

Drew told Sam that he needs her help. Sam was stunned and didn't believe that he was Drew since she believes that Drew died two years ago. Drew swore that he is who he says he is, he said he didn't have much time and he said that they're coming for him before the line went dead. Drew was later seen being put in a cell in a foreign prison by an Australian guard named Russel, who told Drew that this was the last place he'd ever see.

Russel told Drew that when he tells "The Boss" about Drew's latest escape attempt that "The Boss" may finally agree that Drew's more trouble than he's worth. Drew offered to double Russel's salary if Russel gave him a ride to the nearest airport and told him the name of the man who's been holding him prisoner for two years. Russel said that no amount of money was worth double-crossing "The Boss" and that even if it was, he wouldn't live long enough to spend it. After Russel left, Drew told himself that he's made some progress - he called Sam but Sam thinks he's dead, however this isn't the first time she got a call from a "dead" man. Drew prayed that Sam was asking questions and eventually had a couple flashbacks of his daughter, Scout after she was born in 2017. Drew apologized to Scout for being gone so long and he promised to do whatever it takes to go home to her.

Drew has a hallucination of Sam and their daughter Scout (2021)

Russel came back and told Drew that "The Boss" wasn't happy about Drew's latest escape attempt. He told Drew that he better hope that Sam thinks that Drew's call for help was a crank call or else Sam will be dead before she leaves the United States. When Drew asked if "The Boss" was targeting Sam, Russel said that "The Boss" has a long reach, that he went to a lot of trouble to extract Drew from his life and that he won't hesitate to kill anyone sniffing around. Drew told Russel that he was losing it because of the stolen phone and loose lips and added that Russel should probably take a vacation. Russel said that he was not going anywhere and neither was Drew, so Drew attacked him before Russel kicked him onto the ground and kicked him while he was down. Russel told Drew that one day he was really going to piss him off and that he'd snap Drew's neck before he left. Drew sat up and it was revealed that he stole Russel's pen. Drew took the pen apart and used it to try to pick the lock on his handcuffs.

Drew figures out how to plot his escape (2021)

On August 24, Drew was weak from another beating that he took and he had a hallucination of Sam and Scout. He closed his eyes and when he opened them again, he saw that Sam and Scout were gone but he saw a woman - a nurse named Chloe Jennings. Chloe told Drew not to die on her and she patched him up. Drew wondered why Chloe was working in the foreign prison and not a hospital or a clinic but Chloe said that she's not there by choice. She revealed that she was set to become a live-in nurse for a pregnant woman but after interviewing with the baby's father, she got jumped and was taken hostage. Drew called that the worst interview ever, he was disgusted that the man used an unborn baby as bait and he asked her if she had kids - she didn't, but she asked Drew if he had any and Drew told her that he has a little girl and that he's going home to her. Drew learned from Chloe that there was another prisoner - a woman, who screamed. Drew learned that Chloe didn't have handcuffs so he said that she could help him and the other prisoners escape. Chloe told Drew that they have her on a leash and that the guards didn't trust her, so Drew gave her the pen he stole from Russel and told her to tell the guards that she found it on him in order to gain their trust. Chloe was reluctant but Drew promised her that while he wasn't looking forward to another beating that he can handle it since he's a Navy SEAL. Drew told her that she can do this, so Chloe called the guards in and told them that she found the pen on Drew and that he was planning to escape. One guard thanked her for the heads-up before telling the other guard to get her out of there. Once the other guard and Chloe were out of the cell, the first guard told Drew that that was a stupid move before beating him up. Afterwards, the guard stepped out and revealed that he thinks Drew got the message. As for Drew, he was laying on his bed in pain from his latest beating before he saw Sam and Scout again. He promised Scout that he's coming home to her.

On August 30, Dante received the case file that the WSB had on Drew's disappearance in 2019. When he was going over it at the Metro Court Bar, he found something, so he called Sam and asked her to meet him. When Sam showed up, she, Dante and Anna went over the file and they learned that there was another passenger on the plane Drew was on when it supposedly crashed. The passenger's identity wasn't revealed but they learned that the passenger was part of a company called Lethe Unlimited, which was connected to Crichton-Clark, the clinic that Victor Cassadine held Drew hostage in back in 2014.

On September 14, Chloe checked on Drew’s bruised ribs. She told him that she counted ten guards total from different nationalities. Chloe pushed her thumb into his ribs to draw a guard into the room with his yells. He kicked the guard in the face and they ran out of the room. Chloe injected another guard with a syringe in the neck and she showed Drew the keys she has to the car outside in the courtyard. Chloe escaped as Drew tackled two guards who caught him again.

After Drew was thrown back in his cell, Russel came by and asked Drew how he was feeling. Drew told Russel that he could see that Russel isn’t a True Believer unlike "The Boss". Russel was only holding Drew captive for the money. Drew also theorized that "The Boss" is a Cassadine. Drew told Russel that Chloe will either head for the U.S. Consulate or a luxury hotel.

On September 21, when Anna confronted Peter at gunpoint in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania, she wanted to know where Drew was and guessed that the plane crash in 2019 was a cover for Drew’s abduction. When she demanded to know where Peter put Drew, Peter told her to make him an offer and he might decide to tell her, hinting that he knows Drew’s been alive the whole time.

On September 23, Anna received word from the W.S.B. that Chloe was found checked into a hospital in Crete, Greece.

On September 27, it was revealed that "The Boss" holding Drew hostage is Victor Cassadine, the man who previously held Drew hostage at Crichton-Clark back in 2014. Victor was thought to have been killed in 2014 after Liesl Obrecht shot him in the chest and left him to die when he blew up Crichton-Clark, but he was revealed to be alive when Liesl discovered that he's the one who kidnapped her and ordered his men to throw Scott Baldwin out of the private plane on the way to St. Lucia nearly four weeks ago.

On September 28, in Drew's cell, a guard told him that he’s got company and he threw Liesl in. Liesl was stunned to see that Drew's alive and he wondered who captured her. Liesl was sent to check him over and to give him some antibiotics - but she also revealed that Peter August was the one responsible for his original abduction in July 2012. She filled Drew in on Peter’s relationship with Maxie and how he had to make Drew disappear so he couldn’t expose his past misdeeds. Liesl went on to say that Peter even framed her for all his crimes, including Drew’s "death" and she was tossed in Steinmauer for a while.

Liesl continued to fill him in on Maxie becoming pregnant, Peter’s plan to kidnap the baby backfiring and the fact that the baby has gone missing. She revealed that Peter's working with Victor to locate his daughter, which was all he cared about. Drew asked who Victor was, leading Liesl to reveal that she's talking about Victor Cassadine, who's very much alive. She explained that it was Victor who kidnapped her on the way to try to kill Peter. Drew didn’t understand what was in this for Victor. Liesl assumed that Peter has something that Victor needs and once he gets it, Victor would likely end Peter’s life. Drew revealed his plan to escape, which Liesl's on board with. The guard returned and Liesl claimed that Drew was ill and his kidney might be bruised, so he should be taken to the hospital. The guard said he’d tell the boss as he dragged Liesl out.

On October 5, Drew got a new cellmate in the prison. It was revealed that Victor had ordered his men to drug Valentin Cassadine, kidnap him and put him in Drew's cell. When Valentin woke up, Drew said "Welcome to hell." Valentin wondered where they were and Drew said he didn't know. Valentin remembered having a few drinks in a village called Crete, which led Drew to realize that he's in Greece. Drew realized that Valentin wasn't shocked to see him alive, so Valentin revealed that Sam got his call which put him and Anna on the trail to find him and hopefully find Peter.

Drew confirmed that Peter was involved in his abduction in 2019, but so was Valentin’s relative Victor. Valentin thought that Victor was dead and asked what he wants with Drew. Drew told him that Liesl is also one of Victor's hostages and that she believed Peter is part of a bigger plan of Victor’s. Liesl thought that Peter is working with Victor to find his daughter. Valentin knew that Victor doesn’t work for free and Drew pointed out that Peter is racking up a big debt. Valentin told him about Chloe, who made it to safety and is in a hospital.

Valentin believed that Anna will learn about Drew from her and she’d eventually realize that he’s missing from their hotel. Valentin was sure that Anna will locate them, but Peter would likely also realize that their position was compromised. Drew feared that meant one or both of them would be killed. A guard interrupted them and ordered Valentin out of the cell. Valentin urged Drew to get out alive and to kill Peter if he ever found him.

Peter programs Drew, who’s forced to report for duty (2021)

Later on, Peter came down to Drew's cell and aimed a gun at him. Peter claimed that he didn't want to shoot Drew but he would. After Drew and Peter argued, Peter pulled out a tarot card of “The Tower”, showed it to Drew and said "You're active," causing Drew to go into a trance. It was revealed that Drew's conditioning was still intact after all these years and that Peter just activated it. Peter then called Drew "Soldier" and Drew said "Reporting for duty" before Peter told Drew that he has a new mission.

On October 7, a masked gunman showed up at a Tavern in Panapolia, Greece and he ambushed Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio by shooting at them. Anna and Robert defended themselves by shooting back. After engaging in a shootout, the masked gunman was grazed in his left arm by a bullet before he ran off. It was later revealed that the masked gunman was Drew.

On October 15, Drew was seen back in his cell at the prison and he was shirtless. When he sat up, he was stunned to see that he'd been shot. Peter dragged Liesl into Drew's cell before ordering her to take care of his wound. After he left, Liesl went to take care of his gunshot wound and asked Drew who shot him. Drew said that he didn't have any idea. After Liesl patched Drew up, Drew revealed that Peter showed up in his cell aiming a gun at him and Liesl figured that Peter must have shot Drew while he was handcuffed in his cell. Drew told her that Peter said that he should be grateful that he's been kept alive but he called Peter out on it by saying that this was the same kind of thing he did to his twin brother, Jason Morgan. Drew also said that Peter also had problems with Jason that he wouldn't have with Drew, which led them both to realize that Drew's conditioning was still intact. Drew knew that Helena controlled him back in Port Charles and thought that him having that procedure to remove that microchip removed the conditioning but Liesl revealed that Faison was the one who installed his original conditioning several years ago, so Drew realized that Peter is controlling him through his second level of conditioning.

Drew wondered if there was a way for Liesl to help him and while she couldn't help him due to their current circumstances, she suggested that she could help him help himself fight the conditioning. Liesl wanted Drew to focus on the most important thing in the world to him - which is his daughter Scout - and use that to fight Peter. Drew imagined holding Scout, hearing her laugh and wondered if she would remember him. Liesl was sure that Scout would remember Drew since Sam wasn't the kind of person to let her forget about her father. A guard later came down and ordered Liesl out of Drew's cell so she reminded Drew to think of Scout.

Drew tries to ambush Peter (2021)

Peter later came down to Drew's cell with a new "mission" for Drew, but Drew looked at Scout's name on the wall and attacked Peter. Drew later put on a long-sleeved black shirt, grabbed a gun, broke into Victor's lavish room on the compound and shot Russel in the leg in defense of Valentin, which gave Victor the opportunity to escape. Drew and Valentin later made it outside and were heading towards Anna and Robert, but Peter showed up and shot Valentin in the back. Drew turned around and fired a machine gun at Peter, who shot Drew in the chest three times and caused Drew to fall off the bridge and into the water. Robert later had a team of WSB agents to try to find Drew.

Peter fakes Drew’s death again (2021)

Drew survives the ambush - only to be forced to help Peter escape with Liesl as their hostage (2021)

While thankfully Drew survived, it was unfortunately revealed that it was all a set-up as Peter managed to activate Drew's conditioning once again in order to stage Valentin's rescue, kidnap Liesl again and fake Drew's death once again. Drew was forced to leave Liesl unconscious in the back of a car and help Peter escape from the WSB.

On November 1, it was revealed that Drew was forced to help Peter hold Liesl hostage on Cassadine Island.

On November 2, as Liesl's daughter, Dr. Britt Westbourne was trying to save her life in the boathouse on Cassadine Island, Drew showed up and took Britt hostage at gunpoint. Later on, Drew's twin brother, Jason walked in with Peter while holding him at gunpoint. Peter told Jason to say hello to his brother before pointing out that they were two brothers, together at last and on opposite sides. Jason told Drew to let Britt go but Peter ordered Drew to kill Britt if Jason kills him. Liesl begged Drew not to listen to Peter and to think of Scout. Peter told Jason that there were two ways to save Britt - either drop his gun or kill his brother. Britt and Obrecht wanted Jason to shoot Peter but Jason eventually lowered his gun because he didn't want to hurt Drew and he didn't want Britt to die. After Drew let Britt go, Britt tried to grab the gun but Peter grabbed the gun and aimed it at her while saying that he just saved her life so they all get to live a little longer. In the meantime, Drew was forced to tie Jason up and hold him at gunpoint.

On November 8, it was revealed that Drew was being held hostage in a wine cellar with Jason, who called Drew's name repeatedly before he yelled "Chief Andrew Cain, on your feet!" When Drew got up, he asked Jason where they were and Jason told him that they were on Cassadine Island.

Jason asked Drew what's the last thing that he remembered. Drew told Jason that he remembers Peter telling him that he had a job for him, that he tried to jump Peter and then nothing. Jason told Drew about everything that happened in the footbridge in Crete, that Peter shot him point blank and that he believes Peter needed Drew for something. Drew asked Jason how he found him and Jason said it was because of Russel. Jason also revealed that Britt was with him and that he and Sam were not together anymore - plus she's getting closer to Dante now. After Jason explained that he and Britt came to Cassadine Island to find Liesl, he revealed that after he took Peter at gunpoint, Drew took Britt at gunpoint. Drew told Jason that he should have shot him and asked Jason if he had a clean shot. When Jason said yes, Drew asked him why he didn't take it. Jason told Drew that Monica Quartermaine, Sam, Scout and Danny Morgan want him back. Drew was worried that Peter would activate his conditioning again and cause him to take an innocent life but Jason said that Drew should take Peter out since Peter can't control him if he's dead. Jason added that since Peter left him and Drew alone together, they could use that to their advantage.

Later on, Peter walked Britt into the wine cellar where Jason and Drew were being held. Drew told Peter that he was going to kill him. Peter said that that wasn't going to happen, but he added that Drew would definitely be killing somebody while he looked at Jason, which caused Drew to nervously look at Jason. After Peter taunted Jason about how they could have been in-laws and that at least he wouldn't be making Britt a widow, his guards came in and Peter ordered them to silence Jason. Britt objected but Peter said that he was simply gagging Jason before telling Jason to let the guards duct tape his mouth and if he resisted then Peter would take it out on Britt. After they duct taped Jason's mouth closed, Peter had his men un-shackle Drew and hold him. Peter pulled out "The Tower" tarot card, showed it to Drew and activated his conditioning. Peter ordered his guards to let Drew go before ordering Drew to take his knife and hold it to Jason's throat. After Drew was forced to comply, Britt initially insulted Peter before she begged him not to have Drew kill Jason. Peter was happy that Britt asked him nicely so he told Drew to stand back and ordered him to cut his arm - he did, which shocked Britt. Peter then ordered Drew to return the knife and after he did, he ordered Drew to allow the guards to re-shackle him, which they did. After Drew was shackled back up, Peter pulled out another tarot card called "The Chariot" and said "Stand down" which deactivated Drew's conditioning. Drew regained his senses and asked what he did before Peter ordered Britt to take care of Drew's cut. After she bandaged Drew up, Peter ordered Britt out and the guards left with them.

Drew asked Jason what happened and Jason filled him in on what Peter had him do. When Jason asked how Drew's cut was, Drew said he had worse. When Jason revealed that Peter had Drew take a knife and hold it to Jason's throat, Drew felt bad and apologized to Jason, who asked him why he was sorry and said that he looked in Drew's eyes and didn't see him in there - that he was gone with no free will. Jason told Drew that he knows how Peter's controlling him and that he knows how to turn it off. Drew wanted Jason to kill him when it came down to it since he would rather die by Jason's hand than follow another one of Peter's orders. When Drew asked Jason if he would kill him, Jason agreed to but said that it wouldn't come to that. Drew learned from Jason that Peter was activating him by showing him a tarot card of "The Tower" and saying "You're active" plus Jason told him that he and Britt saw how Peter deactivated him too - he'd shown Drew a different tarot card of "The Chariot" and said "Stand down". Drew realized that they now have a way to take Peter down

On November 16, a guard came down and unshackled Drew, who reminded Jason that he already told him what he wanted Jason to do and Jason said that it’s not gonna come to that. Drew wondered where the guard was taking him and the guard said he’d find out soon enough.

The guard brought Drew up into the main room where Peter, Britt and Liesl were at and Peter wanted Liesl to make sure that Drew was in tip-top shape for his next job. Drew was horrified to learn that Peter wanted him to return to Port Charles, kidnap Maxie and bring her to him so he could have Liesl condition Maxie into loving him. Drew asked Peter what if he didn’t want to be his lap-dog anymore and Peter told him to refuse all he wanted because he still can’t refuse to follow orders. He told Drew to bring Maxie to him or die trying. Once Peter left the room, Drew asked Liesl if she could really condition Maxie and Liesl said yes and Peter knows it.

Jason deactivates Drew (2021)

On November 18, after Jason killed one of Peter’s guards and escaped from the wine cellar, he made his way up into the main room with a gun and shot another guard before aiming his gun at Peter. Drew (who’s conditioning was activated by Peter) was forced to aim his gun at Jason in defense of Peter, who ordered Drew to kill Jason. Afterwards, Drew and Jason engaged in a brutal fight as Peter forced Britt and Liesl to come with him. As Drew was brutally attacking Jason, Jason knocked Drew down to the floor, pinned him down, showed him “The Chariot” tarot card and told him to stand down. Drew then calmed down and regained his senses before Jason asked him what number he was in high school football and Drew said 82. After Jason let him up, Drew wondered what happened and how bad it got before Jason told him that Peter took Britt and Liesl with him. Drew realized that Peter must have guards with them so he told Jason that he’s gonna need some backup. Jason gave Drew a gun and Drew asked if Jason was sure about this, so Jason reminded Drew that he’s gonna need backup. After Drew took the gun Jason handed him, the twins made their way out and went to track down Peter, Britt and Liesl.

Drew confronts Peter at gunpoint (2021)

Drew and Jason went down to the unstable tunnels and they initially had no idea where Peter took Liesl and Britt. Drew used his Navy training to track them and the twins followed the trail. They eventually found Peter, Britt, Liesl and the guards and Drew aimed his gun at Peter. Drew told Peter that he was going to get Britt and Liesl out of there and killing him would be a bonus. Peter went to pull out “The Tower” card to try to program Drew but Jason shot Peter in the arm before he could. Drew and Jason protected Britt and Liesl as Peter briefly disappeared. Once Peter returned, he and Jason engaged in a shootout as Drew kept Britt and Liesl safe. The gunshots were loud enough to cause the tunnel to collapse.

Drew, Britt and Liesl lost consciousness but Peter managed to get up. Peter saw Drew unconscious and pinned underneath a board so he picked up a rock and planned to smash Drew’s head with it, but Drew woke up and tried to knock him down in self-defense. After Peter took off, Drew worked hard to get out from underneath the board and once he was free, he and Liesl checked on Britt. When Britt wondered where Jason was, Drew looked at the area where the tunnel collapsed and did his best to try to find Jason. Britt wanted to help Drew find Jason but Liesl told Britt that she’s injured. Anna and some W.S.B. agents found Britt, Liesl and Drew in the tunnel. When Anna saw Drew, she pointed out that last time she saw him was when he fell over the bridge in Crete and Drew said that that wasn’t his choice, so Anna understood that Drew was under Peter’s influence. When Drew and Britt told Anna that Jason was presumably trapped underneath the rubble, Anna told them that Jason would want them to live so she escorted Britt and Liesl out. Drew tried to look for Jason but he was forced to exit the tunnel when more rocks and dirt were falling to the ground.

Drew later made his way into the main room where Robert and W.S.B. agents had Peter in custody. Drew tried to attack Peter but was stopped by Robert, who said that if it was up to him that they would find a black site for Peter after Drew said that Peter being captured was more than he deserved. Britt wondered if there was a syringe so she could use it to inject Peter with either bleach or drain cleaner. Liesl pointed out that it was too bad that Britt had her medical license but remembered that since she didn’t, she decided to use drain cleaner on Peter. Drew told Peter that if Jason was dead then Peter would join him. The W.S.B. took Peter outside and Drew apologized to Anna for losing it like that but Anna told Drew that the W.S.B. has so much evidence against Peter and promised to make sure that Peter never took another free breath. Robert came back and told them that there was no sign of Jason but Drew refused to believe that Jason was dead. Britt didn’t want to give up but Drew promised Britt that nobody was giving up on Jason.

After Liesl examined Drew, she checked on Britt as Drew put his shirt back on. Drew pointed out to Liesl that the last time she examined was when Peter wanted to make sure that he was in tip-top shape to kidnap Maxie. They were relieved that Maxie was safe but Britt wondered at what cost to Jason. Drew and Britt wanted to help Anna's excavation team find Jason but Anna said no since the tunnels were too dangerous, plus she wanted to know exactly what happened down there. Liesl explained that after Peter activated Drew, he had Drew try to kill Jason so they fought as Peter and his men were escorting Britt and Liesl through the tunnels. Drew told Anna that Faison had installed a shortcut and Peter was using that to control him. When Anna asked what Peter had him do, Drew said he had no idea but the first time was in Crete and he woke up in his cell with a graze on his arm. Anna guessed that Drew was grazed during an assassination attempt and when Drew asked how she knew, she revealed that she was the target. Anna later got word from her team and revealed to Drew, Britt and Liesl that they found no sign of life before offering her condolences.

Drew returns home - much to Sam’s surprise (2021)

On Thanksgiving Day (shown on November 24), Drew finally returned to Port Charles and went to Sam's apartment after getting cleaned up and shaved. When he knocked on Sam's door, Sam answered it and was surprised to see him. Drew apologized for showing up like this and joked that she never exactly returned his call. Sam was happy to see Drew and they hugged. Sam invited Drew in and asked him if he was okay so Drew said that he's in one piece. Drew thanked Sam for dropping everything to come looking for him with Dante's help but Sam said that they couldn't find him in Crete. After Drew told Sam everything that happened in Crete and on Cassadine Island, Sam said that she would have loved to see Drew and Jason teaming up to take down Peter.

When Dante came downstairs with Scout, Drew was happy to see her, but she hugged Dante's leg. Sam and Dante assured Scout that the man who's standing in front of her is her dad and Sam added that he's been gone for a while but he's back now. Drew understood that Scout didn't remember him and he said that they didn't have to rush anything - they had time to get to know each other again. When Drew gave Scout a little unicorn, Scout became happy and thanked her dad before she put it upstairs.

Dante went to give Drew and Sam some privacy, but Drew wanted him to stay and said that he had something to tell them. Drew told Dante and Sam that Jason was presumed dead on Cassadine Island and offered his condolences. After Sam told Drew that she was happy that he's back, Drew gave her his phone number and told her that he's just a phone call away before he left.

After going to Luigi's and picking up several pizza boxes, Drew went to the Quartermaine Mansion and his mother, Monica Quartermaine answered the door. She was shocked and happy to see Drew alive, as was Ned, Olivia, Brook Lynn and Detective Harrison Chase. After coming inside, Drew explained where he's been for the last two years, how he was kidnapped and how there was no plane crash in 2019 (the plane crash was staged).

Drew eventually told them that although he was rescued, Jason was presumed dead, which devastated Monica. Drew said that if he'd known that his return would cause Jason's presumed death then he would never have taken the deal. Monica snapped and told Drew to not ever say anything like that again before hugging him. They all reminisced about Jason and Drew admitted that his memories of Jason were mainly about anger and how he resented Jason before. As they talked, Drew revealed that he spent so much time resenting Jason and by the time they truly started to connect as brothers and friends, Jason's now gone. Drew revealed that on Cassadine Island when he and Jason were literally chained to the wall, they finally started to connect and they just talked - which was one of the best talks he and Jason have ever had.

Drew, Monica, Olivia, Ned, Brook Lynn and Chase eventually had a toast to Drew's return and to Jason. Olivia revealed that she's so happy that Drew's alive and Ned asked how Anna and Robert knew that he was in Greece. Drew said that he didn't know the details but Valentin was of great help. Ned had questions and Drew revealed how Valentin was able to help. Drew wondered what the disaster was this year over their Thanksgiving and Monica revealed that Annabelle II got into the kitchen. After Drew left the room, Ned revealed to Olivia that he began thinking about ELQ after Drew brought up Valentin's name.

Later on, Drew and Monica talked some more in the foyer. Monica wondered if Drew had seen Sam since she was sure that he wanted to get back to his life. Drew revealed that he wasn't sure what his life looked like anymore. He also said that thinking about Sam helped get him through his captivity for the past two years but he couldn't just charge backk into her life. Monica assured Drew that his place is with his family and Drew admitted that she's always been very kind to him. Drew hugged Monica over the loss of Jason and then mentioned that the mansion had been redecorated and he said he liked it, but he missed having the pictures of their family on the mantle. Monica and Drew later walked in on Olivia and Ned hugging. She told Drew she will have the staff get a room ready for him. Ned then welcomed him back home and said that his return was nothing short of a miracle. However, he warned Drew that he'll be targeted by Valentin at ELQ.

On December 2, Drew went to see Sonny and Carly Corinthos, who were happy to see him alive. After Carly hugged Drew, he saw Donna Corinthos and they introduced him to her. After Drew congratulated them on having Donna, Carly took Donna into another room before she came back. Drew then talked to Sonny and Carly about Jason and offered his condolences before he revealed that he must be a painful reminder of who they lost. Carly and Sonny didn't blame Drew and she said that they're glad he's alive, plus Sonny promised that he and Carly haven't forgotten everything he did for them in the past. Drew told them about what happened while he was a hostage for the past two years and told them about what Peter forced him to do since Peter was able to activate his conditioning. Sonny and Carly weren't happy that Peter had forced Drew to do his bidding and Sonny wondered if Drew was still Peter's puppet. Drew admitted that he wasn't sure and was afraid that Maxie could be in danger because of him. Sonny promised Drew that if he needs anything then don't hesitate to ask. Drew then decided to head out and hugged Carly before he left.

After returning to the Quartermaine Mansion, Drew went to make himself a hot drink and when Maxie came by, they looked at each other and Maxie was happy to see Drew alive and well. After they hugged, Drew made himself and Maxie a drink before they sat down to talk. Drew filled her in on seeing Scout and Sam and that Dante was there. Maxie explained that it was a slow process with them and they came together trying to find him. Drew said he and Sam were over long ago, so she doesn’t have to protect his feelings. Drew asked about Louise. Maxie believed that Louise would be back one day and it would make everything she’s been forced to do thanks to Peter worth it. Drew understood and they discussed what went down in Greece. Maxie told Drew that at least Peter didn’t have power over him anymore. She would give anything not to still be afraid of him.

Maxie and Drew went to the living room and spied on Valentin saying goodbye to Bailey. Maxie quickly rushed off and Chase suggested that they all give Valentin some privacy. Everyone left but Valentin asked Anna to stay.

In the foyer, Drew asked Maxie what's wrong. She explained that she hated seeing someone separated from the one they love. Drew knew that the Quartermaines have their issues with Valentin, but he revealed that he wouldn’t be there without Valentin.

On December 6, when Willow Tait and Michael Corinthos came home from New York, they were shocked and happy to see Drew. After Michael and Drew hugged, they went to catch up while Willow, Brook Lynn and Chase gave them some privacy. Drew told Michael about Jason being presumed dead on Cassadine Island, which devastated Michael. Drew offered his condolences and Michael wanted to check in on his parents. Drew later went into the front room and when he, Brook Lynn and Chase were talking, Drew vowed to find Louise and bring her home.

On December 13, Drew went to The Savoy and reunited with Curtis Ashford, who was happy to see Drew alive and well. After the two of them hugged, Drew wanted Curtis to tell him that someone had told him that he was alive and Curtis told Drew that Sam filled him in about a month ago. Curtis learned that Peter was responsible for holding Drew captive and that Drew didn't know until the very end, especially since Peter never showed his face until later. Drew guessed that Curtis was out of the P.I. business and is now in the Nightclub business and Curtis revealed that he was tired of everything about the P.I. business. Drew wondered when he could take him and Jordan Ashford to dinner.

After Curtis revealed that he and Jordan split up and revealed that Jordan's having health problems, Drew offered his condolences. Curtis revealed that seeing Jordan in the hospital reminded him of how he's still in love with her but he can't live with the secrets anymore. Drew said that he and Sam have been over for months prior to his 2019 disappearance and then Peter had faked the plane crash in order to cover up his two year captivity. He also revealed that when he stole that phone from the guards, Sam was the one person he thought to call. Curtis pointed out that Sam never gave up searching for Drew, who agreed and revealed what went down in Crete, Greece. Drew also told Curtis about how Peter had taken Liesl hostage which led Britt and Jason to try to find her. Drew revealed that Jason was presumed dead and now he's trying to find a way to live his life in a way that honors Jason.

Curtis understood and said that the kind of grief that comes from losing a brother stays with you before saying that if Drew needs anything then just ask. Drew then wondered how everything else was going and Curtis revealed that he met someone who he thought was dead but is actually alive. Drew jokingly said that it happens, so Curtis smiled and said that unlike Drew, he wasn't happy to see this person. Drew wondered who he was talking about and Curtis revealed that he's talking about his father, Marshall Ashford.

Curtis told Drew the story of how his dad disappeared and then returned after all these years, plus he told Drew about his reunion with Marshall. Drew wondered if Marshall told Curtis where he's been all these years and Curtis said that Marshall hasn't said a word about that. Curtis said that he tried looking him up and that there's plenty of "Marshall Ashfords" but he's come up empty. Drew suggested that Curtis is too close to this and he offered to help Curtis find out more information about his dad. Curtis thanked Drew for his offer but pointed out that Drew just got back to Port Charles and he should spend time with Scout. Drew was definitely looking forward to spending time with her but said that it wouldn't take up every single minute every day, so Curtis agreed to think about taking Drew up on his offer but told Drew to go spend time with Scout. Drew then gave Curtis a hug and they said it was good to see each other before Drew promised to talk to Curtis soon and left The Savoy.

On December 17, Sam brought Scout to see Drew at the Quartermaines and Drew was happy to see them. When Scout stayed close to Sam, Drew understood that it would take some time to get to know each other again but asked Scout if she wanted to help him recapture their bond. When Drew asked Scout if she wanted to help him pick out an ornament for the small tree, Scout decided to go find Monica. Drew guessed he was doing this all wrong but Sam reminded Drew that it would take some time but they'll get close again.

Drew got a call from Curtis, who asked if his offer to look into Marshall still stands. After Drew said yes and agreed to help Curtis, they talked about it before the call ended. Sam was kind of worried since Drew just got back but Drew promised Sam that he and Curtis were just going to run a background check on someone. Sam didn't want Drew to take anymore risks and Drew agreed within reason because he said he had too much to lose. Scout came back with a star and asked Sam if they could go home. When Drew went to put the star on the tree, he stopped and gave it to Scout, who tried to put it on but she said she couldn't reach. Drew then picked Scout up after she reached her arms up to him and she put the star on a branch of the tree.

On December 21, Drew went to Kelly's and saw Elizabeth Webber, who was happy to see him alive and well. After they hugged, they sat down and Drew asked how Jake Webber was doing. Elizabeth said that Jason's "death" was hard on him and Drew said that he wouldn't blame Jake or her if they resented him for being alive when Jason's "dead". Elizabeth said that even if Jake couldn't appreciate it right now, they see Drew's return as a legacy that Jason left behind. Elizabeth wondered how Drew was doing since he not only lost Jason, he also lost Franco too since he and Franco were close. Drew knew that losing Jason and Franco was a lot of loss that would make a kid grow up too fast.

On Christmas Day (shown on December 22), Drew spent time at the Quartermaine's and Scout came to see him. Scout gave Drew a pink scarf and helped him wrap it around his neck, which made him happy.

On December 27, after a hot yoga class, Drew and Curtis went to a coffee shop to talk about Marshall. Curtis wondered what to do since he couldn't just suddenly play nice with Marshall, so Drew revealed that he may have an angle. He decided to find Marshall a job that required a background check (for a social security number and other things) in order to try to figure out who Marshall is.

On New Year's Eve (shown on December 30), Drew went to see Sam and Scout. Scout was happy to see her dad and he gave her a gold pair of 2022 glasses, which he helped her put on. Drew also gave Sam a pair of silver 2022 glasses before Scout asked if Drew could stay until midnight. Drew decided to tuck Scout into bed since it was her bedtime but he gave her an airplane ride upstairs before tucking her in. When Drew came back down, he saw that Dante came by and he shook his hand. As Drew went to leave, he thanked Sam for letting him see Scout and Sam said anytime as she hugged him before he left.

On New Year's Day in 2022 (shown on January 3, 2022), Drew went out to the footbridge where his twin, Jason Morgan liked to hang out at and he found Carly Corinthos there as well. Carly had gone to the footbridge to feel closer to Jason after she found out that Sonny Corinthos fell in love with Nina Reeves back in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania when he had amnesia and was living as a bartender named “Mike”.

Carly thought for a second that Drew could’ve been Jason but that wasn’t the case. Drew admitted that he wasn’t much of a New Year’s kind of guy but he just came from seeing his daughter, Scout. Drew could tell that Carly was hurting and missing her best friend, so Drew was willing to listen and let Carly talk. Carly said that she had nowhere else to go and that the one person she was closest to was no longer around. Drew added that he was back because Jason had “died”.

Carly said that Jason had always known the risks. Drew told her about their time in Greece and how they'd chatted and become a team. Drew wondered if Carly blamed herself for Jason's absence, but she replied that she hadn't asked Jason to go to Greece - Britt Westbourne did. Carly believed she could have changed Jason's mind.

Drew could tell that Carly was hurting and he suspected that there was another reason for her visit to the bridge. He wanted to help her. Carly appreciated the offer, but she thought they should go their separate ways. Drew reminded her that she knew how to find him.

Later that morning (shown on January 4), Drew returned to the Quartermaine Mansion where his mother, Monica greeted him. She guessed that he was out all night and after he revealed that he saw Scout and Sam McCall, Monica wondered if there was a reunion in the works. After Drew said that he and Sam are co-parenting Scout, Monica apologized and revealed that she’d been up half the night with Ned and Olivia, having a heart-to-heart. Drew asked if everything was okay and Monica said that it was a family matter, but it was for Ned and Olivia to explain.

However, Monica revealed that there were some issues regarding ELQ that needed to be addressed since Drew had settled in. Drew confessed that he had only stopped off at home to shower and change because he had some personal business to attend to. Monica wasn’t happy when Drew told her about his plans to pay Peter August a visit. She pointed out that Peter was not to be trusted, especially for answers. Drew explained that he wouldn’t be able to get on with his life as long as his questions lingered. Monica accepted that she couldn't change Drew's mind, but she begged him to be careful because she had already lost one son to Peter and she didn't want to lose another.

Drew later went to the hospital and saw Valentin Cassadine, who greeted him. Valentin assumed that Drew wanted to see Peter, but he warned Drew that a Pentonville guard had been assigned to guard Peter's hospital room and keep visitors out. Drew explained that he needed to talk to Peter to find out if Peter could activate Drew's conditioning. Valentin advised Drew against it because Drew remained vulnerable while Peter was both treacherous and desperate. Drew agreed and he decided to question Valentin about ELQ. Drew was shocked when Valentin revealed that he had control of Drew's voting shares.

On January 13, Victor Cassadine found Drew at the bar at the Metro Court and suggested that they should “break bread”. Drew suggested that they should “break bones” and he blamed Victor for Jason’s “death”. Drew also ranted at Victor for holding him prisoner for over two years before Sam came up to them and told Drew not to lose it on Victor, who suggested that it wasn’t wise to squander his second chance, so Drew backed off to avoid getting into legal trouble, but he warned Victor that if he so much as twitched the wrong way, he’d wish he stayed dead.

Later on, Drew and Sam sat down at a table and Sam told him all about how Valentin has Scout and Danny’s voting proxies. Sam also told Drew about her breakup with Jason and how she found a sense of adventure in her new relationship with Dante Falconeri but without all the risks. Drew knew it would make his family happy to get Danny and Scout’s proxies back, but Sam wondered what would make Drew happy. Drew said he hadn’t figured it out yet. Sam later went to check on Dante but told Drew that she’s happy to have him back and that she’s glad that they have a good relationship. Drew said that there are certain things that are unbreakable - their bond being one of them.

After Sam left, Drew was sitting at the bar again and Carly came by. After they greeted each other, Carly got a call from her son, Michael Corinthos and she talked to him for a few minutes. After they hung up, Drew checked on Carly, who had a lot on her mind. Drew was willing to give Carly some space, but Carly apologized to Drew for pushing him away on New Year’s. Drew said that she had nothing to apologize for and promised that he wasn’t trying to take Jason’s place, but he figured that she needed someone to talk to. Carly confirmed that she does need someone to talk to.

Drew wondered if Carly wanted to dive in and talk about what was bothering her, but Carly wanted Drew to make her smile so she asked him to tell her about Scout. Drew told her about Scout and he told her how he missed out on half of her life. After he talked about Scout some more, Carly said that a father/daughter bond is so special and that she didn’t want to deprive Avery and Donna Corinthos of that bond. Drew wondered why she would so Carly revealed that she and Sonny are having problems. Drew wondered who threw the first vase this time and Carly said that nothing was thrown but she moved out.

Carly said that she can’t stay in the house with Sonny but she also didn’t want to break up her family. Drew told her to trust her instincts and Carly said that that’s what Jason would always tell her. Drew told Carly that she and Sonny are the real deal and that he’s sure they’ll find their way back to each other. Carly wondered what would happen if they can’t so Drew told her again to trust her instincts.

Carly told Drew that she owes him an apology but Drew said that she has nothing to apologize for. Carly brought up the time when Jason came home in 2017 and how she was so focused on him that she didn’t stop to see that Drew was having a tough time himself. Drew said that it was a tough situation for everyone and that he pulled away from Sonny and Carly himself. Carly said that she wished she was a better friend to him back then but Drew said that he was long over that situation. Carly said that she didn’t know him that well as the real Drew Cain aside from Jason but she’s glad to have a second chance. Drew agreed and jokingly told her to look at what she almost missed.

On January 17, Drew and Michael were at the gym and Michael was sparring with Drew as his partner. After they sparred, Drew and Michael talked about Sonny and Carly’s troubles in their marriage. Michael eventually told Drew that he was right to distance himself from his father. They talked about Aurora Media and how Drew started that company with Sam as a fresh start away from the mob and when Michael offered to step aside to let Drew take over the company again, Drew told Michael that he’s been doing a great job running the company.

On January 25, Drew went to The Savoy and found Curtis Ashford with his father, Marshall Ashford and Sonny, who wanted to rent out The Savoy for one night on Saturday to show Carly a grand gesture. Drew tried to get Sonny to come with him and offered to help him find another spot that Carly would like but Sonny told Drew that he’s not his friend. He said that Jason was his friend and called Drew a knockoff before saying that Jason was buried underneath rocks halfway across the world and he should have let Drew rot. After Sonny told Drew to get out of his face, Nina eventually took Sonny home.

Curtis said that he’s never seen Sonny like that but Drew said he has and it’s not pretty. Curtis eventually introduced Drew to Marshall before Drew went to get a drink. After sitting at the bar with his drink while Marshall and Curtis talked, Drew came to sit with Curtis after Marshall left. Drew said that Marshall seemed like a decent guy and Curtis said “If you say so.” Curtis then wanted to talk about him and Sonny but Drew asked what there was left to say.

On February 1, Drew was at the Quartermaine Mansion where Ned and Olivia were planning to renew their wedding vows. Drew and Carly saw each other and talked for a bit before everyone sat down to see Ned and Olivia renew their vows. After the ceremony was over, Drew and Carly talked again and Drew told her about what happened at The Savoy when Sonny was there, wanting to rent out the club for one night. Eventually, a few W.S.B. agents came in and arrested Drew’s aunt, Tracy Quartermaine for trafficking counterfeit goods (The Ice Princess).

Tracy’s family came to her defense but Dave, the W.S.B. agent who arrested Tracy, said that he doesn't have to answer to any of them. Although Dave said that they have Tracy in their custody, Drew stepped in and told Dave that Tracy wasn't going anywhere with the agents until he spoke to their superiors. The agents looked at each other when Drew told them his name. Drew noticed this and said he was debriefed by their boss. He said new memories have surfaced which could be of use to the agency.

Michael offered Drew to share his experiences with his online leadership and he introduced himself to the agents as CEO of Aurora Media's digital division. Drew asked if Michael wants him to go public instead of continuing to cooperate with the W.S.B. Drew asked Dave what he thinks and Dave asked Drew what he wanted. Drew said that he wants Dave to call Anna Devane.

Anna came by and Drew said they needed some clarity for the grounds of arrest. Anna said that she would ask the agents some questions. Tracy said that she needed to fly back home and tie up some loose ends that Luke left.

After Anna went to get Tracy’s warrant voided, Drew and Michael talked for a bit. Michael told Drew that if he ever wanted to go public with what Victor did to him then he’d be happy to help. Drew said that Victor would pay, one way or another. Willow Tait later joined Michael and Drew and they began talking about parenthood.

On February 3, Drew went to Charlie's Pub where he saw Sonny talking to Phyllis Caulfield. Sonny and Drew greeted each other before Phyllis took Sonny to a table. When Drew went to the bar and ordered a beer, he saw Dr. Britt Westbourne and they began to talk. Britt wondered what Drew did to get on Sonny’s bad side and Drew said that he wasn’t his brother. Drew revealed how he tried to referee a disagreement between Sonny and Curtis which led to Sonny reminding him how he’s not Jason. Britt said that there’s only one Jason just like there’s only one Drew which made Drew feel better.

Later on, a bartender gave Drew a glass of bourbon, which surprised him since he didn’t order it. The bartender told Drew that it was compliments from Sonny, so Drew looked over to Sonny who raised his glass. Drew went over to Sonny, who asked if he planned to throw the bourbon in his face. Drew jokingly said that he thought about it but it’d be a waste of bourbon. After Phyllis left the table, Drew sat down and Sonny went to apologize but Drew accepted his apology. Sonny said that he needed to get it out, so he told Drew that he wasn’t himself that night, he was having trouble in his marriage and he took it out on Drew before he apologized to him.

After Drew returned to the bar and sat down next to Britt again, they talked some more before Britt decided to leave since her mother was late.

On February 4, Drew went to the footbridge again and found Carly, who was there thinking about Jason. Drew offered to leave but Carly said she didn’t want him to go. She wondered if he was thinking about Jason too but Drew admitted that he was thinking about his son, Oscar Nero. Drew and Carly talked about Oscar and how much they missed him, plus Carly said that Oscar and Josslyn Jacks used to come to the footbridge all the time. Talk then turned to Carly and Sonny’s marriage and Carly told Drew about how Sonny planned a romantic surprise for her.

Carly later got a call from Kristina Corinthos-Davis, who pleaded with Carly to meet up with Sonny for the surprise he has planned for her. Carly said that she couldn’t do this right now and after they hung up, Drew offered her advice. Drew suggested that maybe Carly shouldn’t see Sonny’s surprise as an ultimatum - instead she could try seeing it as a cry for help so she could throw Sonny a lifeline. When Carly said that she didn’t want to give up on her marriage, Drew then convinced her to go see Sonny.

On February 8, Drew went to the hospital and saw Sam. He heard about Peter’s escape and promised to take him down if he got the opportunity. However, he said he wasn’t going to risk his second chance by doing something rash. Drew revealed that he does need to talk to her about the two of them. She wanted to talk to him about the same thing. Drew swore that he made peace with Jason’s return and their reunion years ago, but then he was taken hostage and the only thing that kept him going was seeing his family again, which included her. Sam called him her family too. Drew wondered what kind of family they are.

Later on, Carly went to the Quartermaine Gatehouse to see Michael but she found Drew instead. Carly was upset so Drew took Carly inside and they began to talk. Carly revealed that Sonny cheated on her with Nina and Drew apologized for making her go down to the Haunted Star. Carly didn’t blame Drew and she vented about Sonny. Drew later opened up to her about where he stood with Sam and Carly felt bad for Drew. They almost kissed but Carly stopped him because while she wanted to kiss him, it would have been for the wrong reasons and it would have been messy since Drew is Jason’s twin brother. Drew realized that Carly was right and thanked for for thinking clearly for the both of them.

On February 17, Drew went down to Pier 55 in order to look for clues so they could find Maxie Jones and bring her home. Sam came down to the pier and they talked about how they hoped to find any clues but they knew that Peter was too smart to leave any trace.

Victor came down to the pier and found Drew with Sam. They weren’t happy to see Victor and they blamed him for Peter taking Maxie. Victor agreed that dealing with Peter was a big mistake and he knew that Sam wasn’t returning any of his calls because she and her sisters didn’t want to get to know him. Sam sarcastically said that Victor should be the P.I. because he was right on the money before they asked him to leave so they could get back to work. Victor seemed to agree but he told Drew that he wanted to show him something. When Drew asked what could that be, Victor pulled out “The Sun” tarot card and said “You’re active.” Sam wondered what Victor was doing and when Victor said “Mr. Cain”, Drew asked if that was supposed to mean something to him. Realizing that Peter gave him the wrong card, Victor covered and claimed that the W.S.B. gave him his personal effects and that the card was part of the tarot deck that Peter used to control Drew. Eventually, Drew asked Sam to give him a few minutes with Victor and when Sam asked if he was sure, Drew said yes, so she left. Drew then assaulted Victor and threatened to kill him - although a bug fell off of Victor when Drew assaulted him and Drew stepped on it without realizing it. Drew then raged at Victor for trying to activate his conditioning but Victor claimed that he was just trying to show him a card and there was no magic in that. Drew knew he was lying and warned him to stay away from him, his family, from Maxie and from everyone else before he let Victor go and left.

Later on, Drew met back up with Sam at the hospital and they were in Commissioner Mac Scorpio’s room with Felicia Scorpio and Anna, who gave them all an update on Maxie and Peter. Anna revealed that a woman called her from Switzerland which gave them a lead on Maxie. Anna asked Sam to keep working on the Victor angle and after Sam agreed to, Anna said she was going to book a flight to Europe and have Dante meet them at the airport. Drew said that he was going with her and Felicia wanted to go with them, but Anna convinced her to stay because if she went with them, then her focus would be divided. When Drew and Anna talked outside of Mac’s room, Anna wondered if Drew was going to be a liability because Peter was able to program him in the past but Drew told Anna what he told Jason on Cassadine Island back in November - if it comes down to it, he would trust that she would do what needs to be done and she agreed.

On February 18, Drew, Dante and Anna went to a W.S.B. Field Office on the Swiss-Austrian border and it was revealed that Anna made sure Drew and Dante have full clearance. A Swiss W.S.B. agent named Muller greeted them and told Dante she was glad he had recovered from what happened in Ankara, Turkey and told Drew that anything he could tell her about his two-year captivity would be helpful. Drew responded by saying “Anything I can do to help”.

Agent Muller talked to them about where to search for Peter but she said that the roads were winding and Switzerland is such a small country. Drew then said that they were running out of breadcrumbs. Dante and Anna went over the trail that Maxie left for them as Drew was studying the map of Switzerland for any potential areas where Peter could be. When Dante suggested that Peter could be hiding in plain sight, they thought about how he could be in tourist attractions or anything like that and Anna eventually realized that Peter could be telling them where he is in his own words. Anna told Agent Muller, Drew and Dante about how Peter wrote The Severed Branch and told them what it was about.

Liesl Obrecht called Anna and told her to look at The Salt Mines, which is where they’ll find Peter and Maxie. Anna relayed that information to Agent Muller, who researched the salt mines and Liesl told Anna to look at the farm, which is where Peter became the man he is today. After Liesl told Anna about where Peter grew up, Anna thanked her for the update before they hung up. Drew, Dante, Anna and Agent Muller then kept looking for the place where Liesl was talking about. Drew, Dante, Anna and Agent Muller kept looking for The Farm as another W.S.B. agent named Krieger (who was working for Victor) was watching them. It was revealed that Victor’s henchman, Johann Bauer told Agent Krieger that while Dante and Anna were expendable, Drew was still valuable to Victor.

Anna and the agents continued digging around for where Peter might be. Dante grew restless and Drew tried to keep him calm by assuring him that Peter’s arrogance will make him slip up. The agents continued to bicker over clues. Agent Muller discovered the lead that they need. As they checked it out on the map, Agent Krieger left and claimed that he would notify the local authorities.

Dante, Drew and Anna went out to Peter’s farmhouse, where they each had their guns out and they surrounded the place, preparing to storm in. A shootout began and Drew, Dante and Anna shot back. Anna yelled for Peter to send Maxie out and to give himself up, but they kept on shooting after more shots were fired from inside. Drew wanted Anna to cover him and Dante as they went towards the front door.

After they kicked down the front door, Drew and Dante were shot at by Agent Krieger and another man working for Victor, so they defended themselves. Dante shot and killed Victor’s other man as Drew shot Agent Krieger in the stomach. Once Anna came in, she was surprised to see Agent Krieger and they figured out that he was corrupt. Agent Krieger claimed that he was there to capture Peter and that the other man was a local freelancer, but none of them believed him. Drew and Anna decided to go find Peter and Maxie while Dante agreed to watch Agent Krieger and turn him over to the W.S.B.. Once Dante said that he’d catch up with them, Drew and Anna left.

Drew and Anna made their way to where Maxie and Felicia Scorpio had crashed their car because of Peter and they each had their guns out. They went down and found Felicia, Maxie and Peter, who had been knocked unconscious after brutally getting hit over the head by Felicia. Drew checked Peter’s pulse and said that he was still alive but they needed to get paramedics down there as soon as possible or else he wouldn’t make it. Peter woke up and he lost feeling in his legs. He weakly called for Maxie, who refused to give him any sympathy and said that 5 minutes ago he tried to kill her. As Anna went to call an ambulance, Drew also coldly told Peter that if he survived then he would spend the rest of his life in a cell and nobody cared about him. He also told Peter that unlike him, he and Jason were innocent and had lives to get back to. After Peter called for Maxie again, she told him she was leaving. After Anna returned, Felicia, Maxie and Drew went up to wait for the paramedics.

Some time later, Anna came back up and revealed to all of them that Peter is dead. Anna also revealed that she never called the paramedics and she decided to let Peter die instead. Felicia wondered if she was in trouble but Anna said no because it was self-defense and she was trying to save Maxie. After Anna told them that they would be debriefed on the way home and that Dante would meet them at the airport, they finally left Switzerland.

On February 24, Drew returned to Port Charles and met with Curtis and Marshall at the gym. Curtis and Marshall had learned that Peter died in Switzerland and praised Drew for his heroic efforts but Drew said that he was more of a bystander. After Drew and Marshall shook hands again, they talked about Sonny’s behavior at The Savoy. Drew told Marshall that Sonny’s behavior that night was not how he really was and he revealed that Sonny’s actually generous to a fault. Marshall decided not to get to know Sonny.

Marshall decided to give Drew and Curtis a minute to talk and give himself a minute to catch his breath, so after Marshall left, Drew and Curtis talked about Marshall’s past and after Drew asked if Curtis was still looking into Marshall’s past, Curtis said he had to let it go but he revealed that he was still afraid that Marshall’s past could come back to bite him (plus Dr. Portia Robinson by association). Drew told Curtis that his offer still stands to put his plan into motion and he said that his plan could work. He planned to offer Marshall a job which required Marshall to answer any questions that could give them leads to find out anything about him. Curtis asked Drew if he was sure since Drew had a lot on his plate but Drew said that he went all the way to Europe to clear off his plate, however Curtis said that although Peter’s dead, he wondered if it was done. Drew said that there might be a thing or two left on his plate.

Marshall came back all cleaned up and dressed before he asked if they had a nice catch-up. Drew said yes but he has to cut it short because he had stuff to do. After Marshall said that he’d be looking for Drew at his gig, Drew said that he hoped it would be sooner and that Marshall should give him a call because he has a proposition for him. Drew told Marshall to get his number from Curtis before he left.

On February 25, Drew went to the Metro Court to see Carly, who stood up and wondered what happened. Carly apologized to Drew, gave him a hug and said that that wasn’t a greeting before she welcomed him back. Drew told her about how Maxie is safe and that Peter’s dead, so the nightmare that Peter caused is finally over. Drew said that he knew it’s a lot to process but he figured that she’d be happy to hear that Peter’s dead. Carly wished Jason was here to see that Peter’s dead and Drew described Jason as his brother before asking how Carly would describe him. Carly described him as her person and Drew said that Jason set things in motion that led to Peter’s death. Drew described Jason as a hero and Carly said that he was her hero.

Drew guessed that things haven’t gotten better between her and Sonny and Carly said that there’s nothing worse than walking in on Sonny with Nina. Carly told Drew that she wanted to run to Jason but she’s glad that she ran into Drew since he and Jason have the same touch. Drew was afraid that he made things worse because they almost kissed. Carly said that they were both having a bad night because of how things were with Sonny and how Drew and Sam were in a similar situation but Drew said that she and Sonny were married. Carly showed Drew the divorce papers and Drew said he was sorry before he asked if it was really over. Carly said that she didn’t feel like she had any choice and she later wondered if Sonny knew that Peter was dead. Drew didn’t know if Sonny knew and although Carly said she couldn’t stand to see Sonny right now, she said Jason was family so she should tell Sonny that Jason’s death has been avenged. Drew offered to go with her as backup and also offered to tell Sonny by himself.

Drew and Carly went to Sonny’s penthouse and found Nina there with Sonny. Sonny wondered what they were doing there and Carly said that she guessed she didn’t have to ask him and Nina that question. Carly wanted to talk but Sonny said that she made it clear that they had nothing to say. Nina left after Sonny invited them in and Sonny wondered what was going on. After Sonny asked if this was about their daughter, Donna, Carly told Sonny that this was about Jason. Carly told Sonny that Maxie is safe and Peter’s dead. Sonny was relieved and thanked Carly for telling him before asking Drew why he was there. Drew told Sonny that he was in Switzerland and offered to give him the details but Sonny said that Peter died like the dog he was. Drew told Carly that she said what she needed to say and he offered to give her a ride back, but Carly thanked him, said that she wasn’t done there and that she and Sonny needed to get a few things straight.

Drew later went to Charlie's Pub and saw Nina there. Nina went up to Drew and said that she didn’t mean for him and Carly to find her there before adding that she’s just trying to avoid Carly. Drew said he was just there to get something to eat so Nina apologized, however Drew said that since he ran into her, he might as well thank her. Drew thanked Nina for helping to keep Maxie’s daughter, Bailey safe from Peter and Nina thanked Drew for bringing Maxie home and for ending the nightmare. Nina apologized for being defensive earlier since Carly was badmouthing her but Drew shut her down and said they weren’t going to talk about Carly. Drew called her out over what she did to Sonny and his family which led to a world of damage and he called her a liar before saying that Carly is his friend and he won’t let her get hurt.

Nina tried to defend herself by saying that she didn’t want to hurt Carly again and while she said that what she did was horrible and she couldn’t change that, Drew thought it was convenient and she expected a free pass for her actions. Nina tried to call Drew out for baiting her by thanking her when he despised her but Drew said that she approached him, she’s the one who brought up Carly and she threw in that line about Carly badmouthing her.

On March 1, Drew went to meet Sam at the Metro Court and Sam was happy to see Drew back home. Drew told Sam that he wanted to take a more active role at Aurora but he knew that she put Michael in charge of the company, however Sam said that he still owns Aurora and that he has her full support.

Later on, Marshall met with Drew at the Metro Court and Drew gave Marshall a job opportunity - he wanted to start a music division at Aurora Media and said that he would love someone with his talents as an advisor. Drew asked Marshall if he’s always been a full-time musician and Marshall said that while he’s worked a lot of part-time gigs over the years, he hasn’t had a steady one since leaving Port Charles. Marshall eventually came to the conclusion that Curtis put Drew up to this and said that he’s no charity case. Drew said that he really does need an advisor for his new music division of Aurora and Curtis thought he’d be a good fit, however he also told Marshall that there would need to be an extensive background check. Marshall claimed that the job sounded like it wouldn’t leave him time for his own music so he turned Drew down. Marshall said that he hoped to see Drew at his gig before he left. Later on, Drew called Curtis to let him know that Marshall turned down the job offer because he wouldn’t agree to a background check.

Later on, Portia came to the Metro Court and joined Drew at the bar. Portia was glad that Drew was back in town even though she admitted that they weren’t close. As they spent time talking, Drew revealed to Portia about the time when he and Curtis went dumpster diving and found a trash bag from a defunct Chinese restaurant in order to tie a guy to a crime before they found a huge rodent which made Curtis jump. Drew also opened up to Portia about him and Curtis looking into Marshall before saying that he hoped Marshall’s intentions were good but he’d be keeping a cautious eye on Marshall. After they toasted to old friends and new ones, Portia got her and Curtis’ dinner and left.

Eventually, Marshall went back to the Metro Court and went to see Drew again because he reconsidered the job opportunity that Drew gave him. Drew agreed to file the paperwork before getting started on the background check and Marshall said he had nothing to hide.

On March 4, Drew ran into Anna at Kelly's and she warned him about the potential danger that’s still out there, with Victor and Drew at the center of it. Drew knew that Victor was dangerous and told Anna about how Victor tried to activate his old conditioning. When Drew asked about Valentin, Anna told him that Valentin’s been recovering in a clinic out of town but he’s been making progress. After Drew said that was good, he and Anna wondered if Victor could somehow access Drew’s memories. Sam and Mayor Laura Collins joined Anna and Drew before the four of them came up with a plan to take Victor down.

On March 8, Drew, Sam and Laura were at Sam’s penthouse before Dante stopped by. After he was invited in, Laura asked Dante if he wanted to join them in their “unofficial” mission to take Victor down. After Dante agreed to join their mission, Laura went to meet with Kevin and had Drew and Sam fill Dante in on their mission. Drew and Sam told Dante about how Victor tried to activate Drew’s old conditioning but it didn’t work because he had the wrong tarot card. They revealed to Dante that they planned to give Victor a tarot card and Drew said he was going to play along when Victor tries to activate him. Dante said that Drew was putting himself in a vulnerable position and asked if he was sure about this, but Drew said yes and he wanted Victor out of their lives for good. When Drew and Sam asked about Peter’s personal stuff and where it was, Dante said it would be with the W.S.B. as evidence before it would be passed to Peter’s next of kin - Bailey by way of Maxie. Drew, Sam and Dante planned to put a tarot card in Peter’s box of stuff in order to make Victor think that he found the card himself, so Dante made a call to get Peter’s box and learned that it had already been delivered.

After they figured out that Britt was named as Peter’s executor, they went to the Metro Court and found Maxie and Britt with the box on the terrace. Drew distracted Victor and threatened him again as Sam and Dante slipped in a tarot card in Peter’s belongings. After Victor found Britt and Maxie briefly fighting over the box and caused Peter’s stuff to fall out, Victor found the “Three Of Cups” tarot card and secretly took it before they put Peter’s stuff back in the box.

On March 15, Drew found Elizabeth by the vending machine at the hospital and he hit the vending machine to give Elizabeth her snack. After Drew joked that it was his Navy S.E.A.L. training, he asked what was going on. When Elizabeth said that he had enough going on in his life, Drew said that he’s always going to be there for her and her family. Elizabeth revealed to Drew that there were some strange things happening to her and they were all related to Franco Baldwin. Elizabeth said that she thought it was Betsy Frank but they figured out that she was hospitalized at the time. Elizabeth told Drew that there were signs pointing to Jake even though she didn’t want to believe it. Drew and Elizabeth knew that Jake went through a lot on Cassadine Island and again in 2021 when Franco was killed and Jason was presumed dead. Drew knew that Jake got better because Elizabeth was there to help him and he figured that she could be there for him again.

Monica came by and told Elizabeth that Jake skipped his appointment with Dr. Massey but he was with Finn. Monica said that something seemed to be bothering Jake. After they talked about Jake some more, Drew told Monica that he’d see her at home. Eventually, Drew and Elizabeth talked more and she said she was so focused on whether or not she’s ready to date again that she didn’t focus on how her boys were feeling. Elizabeth acknowledged that she gets tunnel vision and said that Drew was a perfect example since she thought he was Jason and didn’t tell anyone, but Drew said that that was ancient history. After Elizabeth thanked him for letting her vent, Drew said that his shoulder is available anytime and they hugged.

After Elizabeth went to check on Jake, Drew got a call from Victor, who wanted to meet up with him. Although Drew was acting reluctant, Victor claimed that he wanted to talk to Drew in person about ELQ and asked if they could meet up at Pier 54 in an hour. Drew said no and that if he wanted to meet then he would choose the place. When Victor asked where, Drew said that there was a footbridge and that’s the only place where he was willing to meet. After they hung up, Drew called someone else and said that Victor took the bait and he would be meeting up with him.

Afterwards, Drew saw Carly and asked if everything was okay. When Carly gave Drew a few details about how a private moment between Josslyn and her boyfriend, Cameron Webber was recorded, sent to everyone at P.C.U. and uploaded to various public websites, Drew was horrified. When Drew asked if Damian Spinelli was able to help, Carly told Drew that Spinelli was able to take all the videos from the public websites down and would make sure to prevent new ones from being uploaded. Drew said that Spinelli was a genius and he wondered if Carly had any idea who did this. Carly said that she knows and while she doesn’t have any proof yet - she will.

After they got done talking, Drew went to meet with Victor on and he had a listening device on him so Dante and Sam could hear him and Victor. Drew asked Victor why it was so important that they met in person and Victor noticed that Drew was reluctant to meet when they talked on the phone but is now so curious about the reason. Drew has scouted the perimeter and knew that Johann was nearby so Victor ordered him to come out and join them. Meanwhile, Dante and Sam initially couldn’t hear Drew and Victor so they moved their van a bit and they were finally able to hear the conversation. After they had Drew cough to confirm that he could hear them, Drew and Victor initially talked about E.L.Q. before Victor pulled out the “Three Of Cups” tarot card.

Drew pretends to be active in order to find out Victor’s up to (2022)

Drew asked if Victor bought a whole deck of tarot cards from the local fortune teller and Victor said that this wasn’t just any tarot card - it was “the” tarot card Peter used to control him. Victor then showed Drew the “Three Of Cups” tarot card and said “You are active”. Drew pretended to be active and said “Reporting for duty” before Victor ordered him to throw Johann off the footbridge to make sure he was actually activated. Drew went up to Johann and acted like he was going to throw him off the footbridge as Johann was begging Victor not to let Drew go through with it. Victor then ordered Drew to let Johann go before he told Drew to tell him about Operation Demeter.

Unfortunately, Carly unknowingly blew the op when she came to the footbridge recording Victor, Johann and Drew before she ordered Victor to let Drew go. When Victor ordered Johann to deal with Carly, Drew stepped in front of her and revealed that he wasn’t actually active, which surprised Victor. After Victor and Johann left, Drew was a bit annoyed that Carly blew the op as Dante and Sam came down to join them, but Drew quickly forgave Carly since he didn’t give her enough information and they had something to go on, which was Operation Demeter.

On March 18, Drew and Carly were on the footbridge talking and they talked about Drew's conditioning. Drew revealed what puts him under and brings him out and Carly jokingly said that she should invest in a tarot deck.

On March 22, Drew called Curtis and revealed that there were some inconsistencies in Marshall's background. He later went to the bar at the Metro Court to visit Curtis in order to show him the inconsistencies and he told Curtis that he'd completely understand if he didn’t want to know. Curtis said he needed to know so he read the file and learned that Marshall used his own name when he was supposedly in witness protection.

On April 6, Drew went to Curtis and Portia's new house for their housewarming party, plus Trina Robinson, T.J. Ashford, Stella Henry and Marshall were also there. While the housewarming was going on, Drew talked to Marshall about the job and noticed that Marshall hasn't gotten around to officially applying for the job.

Crimes Committed

  • Choked Hank Archer [Jul 2012; revealed on Jul 22, 2019]
  • Grabbed Victor Cassadine by the wrist in order to stop him from closing the cryogenic pod [Aug 12, 2014; as Jason Morgan]
  • Knocked William Eichner and a doctor unconscious at the Crichton-Clark Clinic [Sep 16, 2014; as Jason]
  • Shot and killed two of Helena Cassadine's goons [Sep 17, 2014; as Jason]
  • Held Helena at gunpoint until she simply said "Don't shoot!" [Sep 17, 2014; as Jason]
  • Accidentally grabbed Elizabeth Webber's wrist (he was having a bad dream and she tried to wake him) [Nov 25, 2014; as "Jake Doe"]
  • Took Sam McCall hostage at gunpoint while under Helena's control [Dec 5-8, 2014; as Jake]
  • Shot Det. Nathan West in the shoulder while under Helena's control [Dec 8, 2014; as Jake]
  • Knocked Sam out while under Helena's control [Dec 8, 2014; as Jake]
  • Stole the police van that Cesar Faison was being transferred to Pentonville in while under Helena's control [Dec 8, 2014; as Jake]
  • Assaulted Carlos Rivera in defense of Carly Corinthos (slammed his head into a table) [Dec 12, 2014; as Jake]

  • Breaking and entering; broke into Sam McCall's penthouse while under Helena's control [Jan 16, 2015; as Jake]
  • Attempted murder; tried to kill Sam and Patrick Drake while under Helena Cassadine's control (failed to kill them both) [Jan 20, 2015; as Jake)
  • Stole the phoenix statue from Sam's penthouse [Jan 20, 2015; as Jake]
  • Knocked someone unconscious [Jan 29, 2015; as Jake]
  • Planted a bomb on the Haunted Star under Helena's and Luke Spencer's (as "Fluke") orders while under Helena's control [Jan 29, 2015; as Jake]
  • Attempted mass murder on the Haunted Star while under Helena's control [Feb 3, 2015; as Jake]
  • Assaulted Patrick in self-defense (pinned him to a table) [Feb 4, 2015; as Jake]
  • Beat up two of Sonny's goons when they tried to kidnap Julian Jerome [Apr 3, 2015; as Jake]
  • Held Shawn Butler at gunpoint [Apr 3, 2015; as Jake]
  • Pointed a gun at Det. Nathan West and Maxie Jones [May 2, 2015; shown on May 8, 2015; as Jake]
  • Possession of a weapon [May 2, 2015; shown on May 8, 2015; as Jake]
  • Attacked Shawn [May 18, 2015; as Jake]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Wyndemere (along with Sam) [Jul 7, 2015; as Jake]
  • Was there when Sam broke into Nikolas Cassadine's safe [Jul 8, 2015; as Jake]
  • Killed two of Charlie Heineck’s men in defense of Sonny Corinthos [Sep 2, 2015; shown on Sep 8, 2015; as Jake]
  • Killed Charlie in defense of T.J. Ashford [Sep 2, 2015; shown on Sep 8, 2015; as Jake]
  • Pointed a gun at Sam, thinking that she was one of Charlie Heineck's men [Sep 2, 2015; shown on Sep 8, 2015; as Jake]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Wyndemere (along with Sam) [Oct 6, 2015; as Jake]
  • Was there when Sam hacked into Nikolas' computer [Oct 7, 2015; as Jake]
  • Attacked and threatened Nikolas over unauthorized DNA test he ran on him [Oct 15, 2015; as Jake]
  • Choked Nikolas [Nov 6, 2015; shown on Nov 9, 2015; as Jason Morgan]
  • Broke into the Cassadine compound on [[Cassadine Island] [Nov 19, 2015; as Jason]
  • Rendered a guard unconscious [Nov 19, 2015; as Jason]
  • Held Nikolas and Helena at gunpoint [Nov 19, 2015; as Jason]
  • Attacked Nikolas and gave him a bloody forehead [Nov 23, 2015; as Jason]
  • Manhandled Elizabeth [Dec 9-10, 2015; as Jason]
  • Attacked and threatened Nikolas [Dec 14, 2015; as Jason]
  • Fought with Nikolas [Dec 21, 2015; as Jason]

  • Accidentally grabbed Elizabeth Webber's wrist (he was having a bad dream and she tried to wake him) [Jan 5, 2016; as Jason]
  • Attempted murder; attacked Nikolas when he saw him manhandling Sam and threatened to snap his neck [Apr 6, 2016; as Jason]
  • Threw Curtis Ashford off his back and punched him when he (Curtis) tried to stop the fight [Apr 6, 2016; as Jason]
  • Threatened the life of Nikolas Cassadine if he ever put his hands on Sam again [Apr 12, 2016; as Jason]
  • Blackmailed Nikolas (along with Sam) into selling his shares of ELQ (they threatened to send him to prison for attempted murder if he didn't sell them) [Apr 12, 2016; as Jason]
  • Assaulted Franco Baldwin (pinned him to a wall) [Apr 25-26, 2016; as Jason]
  • Choked Franco [Apr 26, 2016; as Jason]
  • Left Port Charles with Sam before an APB was issued for his arrest in the alleged murder of Nikolas [Jun 2, 2016; Nikolas was revealed to be alive Jun 13, 2016; as Jason]
  • Fugitive; hunted by the P.C.P.D. [Jun 2-Aug 2, 2016; as Jason]
  • Broke into Nikolas's home [Jun 9, 2016; as Jason]
  • Stole Nikolas' laptop [revealed Jun 2016]
  • Held the antiques shop owner's own gun on him in Sam's defense and threatened him [Jun 16, 2016; as Jason]
  • Assaulted the shop owner [Jun 16, 2016; as Jason]
  • Locked the shop owner in his own store [Jun 16, 2016; as Jason]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Ava Jerome's hotel room (along with Sam) [Jun 22, 2016; as Jason]
  • Assaulted Huxley Lynch [Jun 23, 2016; as Jason]
  • Broke into a cabin [Jun 27, 2016; as Jason]
  • Fought with one of Huxley's goons for a gun [Jun 28, 2016; as Jason]
  • Held Huxley's goon at gunpoint and tied up his hands [Jun 28, 2016; as Jason]
  • Threatened to kill Huxley or any of his men if he saw them again [Jun 28, 2016; as Jason]
  • Broke into the Cassadine Island Compound along with Sam [Jul 6, 2016; as Jason]
  • Locked Ava and Nikolas in Helena Cassadine's bedroom [Jul 11, 2016; as Jason]
  • Held Theo the "fisherman" (later revealed to be Valentin Cassadine) at gunpoint [Jul 11, 2016; as Jason]
  • Shot and killed two of Valentin's men [Jul 26, 2016; as Jason]
  • Assaulted Valentin and pinned him to the floor in defense of Sonny Corinthos [Aug 5, 2016; as Jason]
  • Blackmailed Winston Rudge into telling him what he needed to know about a serious crime or else he (Rudge) would be linked to said crime [Dec 14-15, 2016; as Jason]
  • Broke into a pawn shop and stole a model toy boat [Dec 27, 2016; as Jason]
  • Resisted arrest after breaking into the pawn shop [Dec 27, 2016; as Jason]

  • Broke into an Asian Quarter (along with Curtis Ashford) [Jan 9, 2017; as Jason]
  • Obstruction of justice; covered up the fact that Sonny Corinthos escaped house arrest in an attempt to kill Ava Jerome at gunpoint [Feb 10, 2017; as Jason]
  • Framed Ava for the death of Morgan Corinthos [Feb 10-Mar 3, 2017; as Jason]
  • Broke into the tomb that Olivia Jerome was supposedly laid to rest in (along with Curtis) [Feb 24, 2017; as Jason]
  • Assaulted Franco Baldwin (grabbed him by the collar and slammed him against the Nurses station desk) [Mar 2, 2017; as Jason]
  • Manhandled Daphne [May 8, 2017; as Jason]
  • Assaulted Franco (slammed him against a wall) [May 9, 2017; as Jason]
  • Knocked out Franco [May 10, 2017; as Jason]
  • Chained Franco to a mountain and left him there [May 10, 2017; as Jason]
  • Got into a fight for a gun with a gunman [May 30, 2017; as Jason]
  • Got into a fight with Phillipos Costa (Helena Cassadine's henchman) [Jun 15-16, 2017; as Jason]
  • Choked Costa [Jun 16, 2017; as Jason]
  • Shot Garvey (Julian's former associate) in defense of Sonny and Carly Corinthos [Jun 23, 2017; as Jason]
  • Beat up and choked Valentin Cassadine [Jul 21, 2017; as Jason]
  • Tied Valentin up to a chair and threatened to kill him with a knife [Jul 24, 2017; as Jason]
  • Broke into Garvey's hospital room and threatened to kill him if he didn't provide him information on Sonny [Aug 3, 2017; as Jason]
  • Bribed a police officer into giving him the gun Sam shot Sonny with and then disposed of it by throwing it off a bridge [Aug 15, 2017; as Jason]
  • Tackled a gunman who was holding everyone hostage at his and Sam's party [Oct 27, 2017; as Jason]
  • Threatened his twin brother, Jason Morgan [Oct 31, 2017; as Jason]
  • Threatened Jason again [Nov 2, 2017; as Jason]
  • Threatened to kill Jason if he didn't put his (Drew's) daughter, Scout down [Nov 10, 2017; as Jason]
  • Assaulted Dr. Andre Maddox [Dec 1, 2017; as Jason]
  • Assault and battery; got into a fight with Jason [Mar 27, 2018; arrested]
  • Shot and killed Jim Harvey in defense of Franco [Apr 9-10, 2018]
  • Covered up Franco's crime of kidnapping Jim [Apr 10, 2018]
  • Accidentally hit Jordan Ashford with his car after becoming blind [Feb 22, 2019; caused her to suffer from kidney damage which had to be cured by a kidney transplant]
  • Pushed Shiloh to the ground [Jul 11, 2019]
  • Pinned Shiloh against a bar, got in his face and threatened to kill him [Jul 22, 2019]
  • Attacked Shiloh in defense of Franco and Cameron Webber [Aug 9, 2019]
  • Held Dr. Arthur Cabot at gunpoint and threatened to kill him if he didn't let Franco go [Aug 9, 2019]

  • Stole a phone in order to call Sam McCall for help [Aug 16-17, 2021; revealed on Aug 17, 2021]
  • Attacked Russel, the Australian guard who helped Victor Cassadine hold him captive in a prison cell on Victor’s compound in Crete, Greece after Russel threatened to have Sam killed [Aug 18, 2021]
  • Attacked two guards while trying to escape from Victor's compound [Sep 14, 2021]
  • Shoved Russel to the floor [Sep 15, 2021]
  • Engaged in a shootout against Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane while under Peter August's control [revealed on Oct 7, 2021]
  • Attacked Peter [Oct 18, 2021]
  • Helped Peter kidnap Liesl Obrecht again while under Peter's control [Oct 18, 2021; revealed on Oct 19, 2021]
  • Shot Russel in the leg in defense of Valentin and Victor Cassadine in order to stage Valentin's rescue while under Peter's control [Oct 18, 2021; revealed on Oct 19, 2021]
  • Tried to shoot Peter with a machine gun in order to get Peter to shoot him in the chest and fake his death again while under Peter's control [Oct 18-19, 2021; revealed on Oct 19, 2021]
  • Helped Peter escape from the W.S.B. while under Peter's control [Oct 18-19, 2021; revealed on Oct 19, 2021]
  • Held Dr. Britt Westbourne at gunpoint while under Peter's control [Nov 2, 2021]
  • Tied up his twin brother, Jason Morgan and held him hostage at gunpoint while under Peter's control [Nov 2, 2021]
  • Threatened to kill Peter [Nov 8-9, 2021]
  • Held a knife to Jason's throat while under Peter's control [Nov 9, 2021]
  • Held Jason at gunpoint in defense of Peter while under Peter's control [Nov 18, 2021]
  • Tried to kill Jason in a fight while under Peter's control [Nov 18, 2021; Jason deactivated him]
  • Held Peter at gunpoint in defense of Liesl and Britt and threatened to kill him [Nov 19, 2021]
  • Engaged in a shootout with one of Peter's guards (along with Jason, who was shooting at Peter) [Nov 19, 2021]
  • Tried to knock Peter down when he woke up and saw that Peter was going to smash his head in with a rock [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Tried to attack Peter, who had been arrested by the W.S.B. for his crimes [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Threatened to kill Peter if Jason died in that tunnel collapse [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Threatened Victor [Jan 13, 2022]
  • Assaulted Victor, pinned him against a wall on Pier 55 and threatened to kill him [Feb 17, 2022]
  • Engaged in a shootout (along with Anna and Det. Dante Falconeri) against one of Victor’s men and corrupt W.S.B. Agent Krieger, whom he eventually fatally shot in the stomach [Feb 22, 2022; Krieger was revealed to be dead on Mar 2, 2022]
  • Threatened Victor again [Mar 9, 2022]
  • Tried to throw Johann Bauer off the footbridge under Victor’s orders to make it look like he was under Victor’s control [Mar 17, 2022]
  • Witnessed Carly steal Nina Reeves's used wine glass from Charlie's Pub as a sample of her DNA [May 10-11, 2022]
  • Withholding the suspicion that Willow Tait is Nina's daughter and Nelle Benson's fraternal twin sister [May 11-Jun 2, 2022]
  • Broke into the Quartermaine Gatehouse with Carly to steal a sample of Willow's DNA [May 11-12, 2022]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Nearly molested by Jim Harvey [1979; revealed Apr 9, 2018]
    • Accidentally pushed down the stairs by Franco Baldwin at the age of three [1979; revealed Apr 9, 2018]
    • Ambushed and delivered to Helena Cassadine by Hank Archer under Peter August's orders [Jul 2012; revealed on Aug 19, 2019; Peter was revealed to have been in cahoots with Helena on Aug 21, 2019; Peter's full involvement revealed on Mar 8, 2021]
    • Knocked out by Hank [Jul 2012; revealed on Aug 19, 2019]
    • Presumed dead/missing [Jul 2012-Dec 2017]
    • Conditioned into believing he was his twin brother, Jason Morgan by Dr. Andre Maddox under orders from Cesar Faison [Oct 2012-present; revealed on Nov 1, 2017; "Jason" finally learned that he was Drew on Dec 1, 2017; Faison's involvement revealed in Jan 2018]
    • Had two levels of Conditioning installed in his head by Faison and Helena - the first level would activate with the phrase "You're active" and the second level would activate with displaying "The Tower" tarot card and saying the phrase "You're active" before calling him "Soldier" - the second level would deactivate by displaying "The Chariot" tarot card and saying the phrase "Stand down" [2012-present; conditioning initially revealed on Dec 5, 2014; the first level was disabled on Feb 19, 2015; the second level was revealed to still be active on Oct 5, 2021]
    • Held hostage on Cassadine Island and beaten up by one of Helena's men [sometime between 2012 and 2014; revealed on May 10, 2017; as Jason]
    • Shackled to a wall by Phillipos Costa and beaten [2012; revealed on May 10, 2017; as Jason]
    • Threatened by Victor Cassadine if Robin Scorpio-Drake didn't leave Port Charles with him (Victor) [Feb 20, 2014; as Jason]
    • Was in a cryogenic stasis at the Crichton-Clark Clinic [revealed Mar 4-Aug 12, 2014; as Jason]
    • Held captive at Crichton-Clark against his own will by Helena and Victor [Aug 12-Sep 17, 2014; as Jason]
    • Suffered from bruised vocal cords rendering him temporally unable to talk due to the fact that he pulled out his ventilator [revealed Sep 16, 2014; as Jason]
    • Was trapped in a building about to blow up but got out before it did [Sep 16-17, 2014; as Jason]
    • Rendered temporarily unconscious after being hit over the head by Helena's goons [Sep 17, 2014; as Jason]
    • Had a fever [revealed Sep 22, 2014; as Jason]
    • Kidnapped by Helena's goons [Sep 23, 2014; as Jason]
    • Jumped out of a moving vehicle [Sep 23, 2014; as Jason]
    • Accidentally hit and then run over by Ava Jerome, while she was under emotional duress [Sep 24, 2014; as Jason]
    • Fractured his left arm in the accident [revealed Sep 25, 2014; as Jason]
    • Possible internal bleeding in the accident [revealed Sep 25, 2014; as Jason]
    • TBI from the accident [revealed Oct 1, 2014; as Jason]
    • Underwent multiple surgeries including facial reconstructive surgery that made him look like a completely different person [Sep 25, 2014; different face revealed on Oct 13, 2014; as Jason]
    • Suffered from amnesia as a result of the accident [revealed Oct 7, 2014-May 9, 2016; as Jake]
    • Programmed to follow Helena orders [revealed Dec 5, 2014-Feb 19, 2015; as Jake]

  • Had a hallucination; saw Robin Scorpio-Drake when she wasn't really there [Jan 19, 2015; as Jake]
  • Fell on docks and was rendered unconscious; treated for a laceration on his forehead [Jan 20, 2015; as Jake]
  • Suffered from hypothermia [revealed Jan 21, 2015; as Jake]
  • Assaulted by Patrick Drake (he grabbed him by the collar) [Feb 4, 2015; as Jake]
  • Had a microchip implanted in his brain by Helena Cassadine and required surgery to remove it [revealed Feb 18, 2015; had the surgery on Feb 19, 2015; as Jake]
  • Threatened by then Commissioner Kyle Sloane [Mar 2, 2015; as Jake]
  • Blackmailed by then Commissioner Sloane into working undercover in Julian Jerome's organization (if he didn't, he would have been sent to prison for his various crimes) [Mar 4-May 26, 2015; "Jason" was later cleared of all charges; as Jake]
  • Was a suspect in Duke Lavery's murder [May 2015; as Jake]
  • Threatened with a gun by Anna Devane [May 12, 2015; as Jake]
  • Slapped by Sam [May 15, 2015; as Jake]
  • Almost got shot by Shawn Butler under the orders of Sonny Corinthos [May 18, 2015; as Jake]
  • In the line of fire when a hit man sent by Nikolas Cassadine shot Hayden Barnes [May 18, 2015; as Jake]
  • In the line of fire when Paul Hornsby shot Sonny [Sep 2, 2015; shown on Sep 4, 2015; Paul's involvement in Sonny's shooting revealed on Sep 21, 2015; as Jake]
  • Punched in the face by Nikolas [Dec 22, 2015; as Jason]
  • Injured his hand in the fight with Nikolas [Dec 22, 2015; as Jason]
  • Was falsely accused of throwing Nikolas off the Metro Court roof (Nikolas accidentally threw himself off the roof trying to punch Jason in the face during a fist fight) [Dec 23, 2015; arrested and released; he was then cleared when two witnesses came forward; as Jason]
  • Tweaked his ankle [revealed Jan 20, 2016; as Jason]
  • Hit his head and was rendered temporarily unconscious after being thrown a considerable distance after barely escaping an explosion while recusing Sam [Feb 2016; as Jason]
  • Suffered a bloody lip when Nikolas punched him in self-defense [Apr 6, 2016; as Jason]
  • Got into a motorcycle accident caused by Carlos Rivera, hit his head and was rendered unconscious (when the prisoner transfer vehicle swerved into his lane, he laid his bike down and in the process he knocked himself out) [May 6-9, 2016; as Jason]
  • Had hallucinations; saw Robin, Carly, Helena, Sam and Sonny when they weren't really there [May 9, 2016; as Jason]
  • Blacked out due to a severe headache [May 9-10, 2016; as Jason]
  • Risked his life to save Det. Dante Falconeri [May 9-10, 2016; as Jason]
  • Jumped into freezing water to try to save Nikolas [May 27, 2016; as Jason]
  • Was falsely accused of murdering Nikolas [May 27-Aug 4, 2016; Nikolas was revealed to be alive on Jun 13, 2016 and then was presumably killed by Valentin Cassadine on Jul 19, 2016; Nikolas was revealed to be alive on Oct 31, 2019; as Jason]
  • Held at gunpoint by one of Huxley Lynch's goons [Jun 28, 2016; as Jason]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint in a room of people on Cassadine Island by Valentin (aka Theo Hart) [Jul 15-26, 2016; as Jason]
  • Handcuffed to a chair by one of Valentin's men under Valentin's orders [Jul 18, 2016; Drew broke free on Jul 26, 2016; as Jason]
  • Knocked out in an explosion [revealed Aug 2, 2016; as Jason][42]
  • Is a perfect bone marrow match for his nephew, Danny Morgan [revealed Aug 5, 2016][43][44][45]
  • Had a 102° fever and was treated for malaria [revealed Aug 9, 2016; as Jason]
  • Suffered a burn to his arm while trying to look for Morgan Corinthos in the aftermath of an explosion [Oct 10, 2016; as Jason]

  • Was trapped in building set on fire by Winston Rudge (along with Curtis Ashford) but got out with minor smoke inhalation [Jan 9-10, 2017; as Jason]
  • Collapsed and was rendered unconscious after being drugged by Julian Jerome [Jan 24, 2017; revealed Jan 25, 2017; as Jason]
  • Took Robin Scorpio-Drake's place on a pressure plate (land mine) set by Olivia Jerome by stepping on it and then removing her from it [Mar 10-13, 2017; as Jason]
  • Assaulted with a rock and knocked out by Franco Baldwin [May 10, 2017; as Jason]
  • Slammed and chained to a mountain by Franco [May 10, 2017; as Jason]
  • Had a memory of Helena Cassadine, her henchman Costa, and his nephew, Jake Webber while being knocked unconscious by Franco [May 10, 2017; as Jason]
  • Held at gunpoint [May 30, 2017; as Jason]
  • Threatened while getting into a fight for the gun [May 30, 2017; as Jason]
  • Choked by Phillipos Costa [Jun 15-16, 2017; as Jason]
  • Accidentally grazed in the arm with a bullet that was fired by Carly Corinthos, who was aiming for Garvey (Julian's former associate) because he attempted to kill her and Sonny [Jun 23, 2017; as Jason]
  • Shot in the chest by Sonny's rival mobster Petrov after taking a bullet intended to hit Sam and had surgery to remove the bullet [Aug 29, 2017; as Jason]
  • Slipped into a coma [Aug 31-Sep 25, 2017; as Jason]
  • Had a seizure [Sep 25, 2017; as Jason]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint during his and Sam's party at the Metro Court [Oct 26-27, 2017; as Jason]
  • Arrested for desertion [Dec 5, 2017; released and exonerated on Dec 8, 2017]
  • Tore a tendon in his hand [Feb 2018]
  • Trapped under a freezer door [Mar 7, 2018]
  • Held captive in a holding cell by Jim Harvey and his men (along with Franco Baldwin) [Mar 14-21, 2018]
  • Suffered a bloody head after getting in a fight with Jason Morgan [Mar 27, 2018]
  • Accidentally sat on a needle [Jan 31, 2019]
  • Infected by a latent virus and rendered temporarily blind [Feb 22-25, 2019]
  • Injected with a sedative and nearly raped by Dr. Kim Nero [Jul 8, 2019]
  • Had his plane hijacked by Bryce Henderson under Peter August's orders [Aug 23, 2019; Drew's plane was revealed to be missing on Sep 5, 2019; more details revealed on Sep 10, 2019; Bryce's involvement revealed on Dec 13, 2019; hijacking aspect indirectly revealed on Sep 27-28, 2021]
  • Had his death faked by Dallas Kirby, who was hired by Hank Archer to have her team scatter identical plane parts to make it look like Drew's plane had crashed over the Gulf of Aden for a third party (Peter) [Aug 23, 2019; Drew was declared dead in absentia on Oct 9, 2019; Drew was revealed to be alive on Aug 16, 2021; Dallas and Hank's involvement revealed on Oct 5, 2021]
  • Knocked out by two men, kidnapped and held captive in a prison cell on a Cassadine Compound in Crete, Greece under orders of Victor Cassadine, who planned to reactivate Drew's conditioning and use him for his own purposes [Aug 23, 2019-Oct 18, 2021; revealed on Aug 17, 2021; Victor's involvement revealed on Sep 27, 2021; more details revealed on Sep 28, 2021; full plan revealed on Oct 5, 2021]

  • Suffered from numerous brutal beatings under Victor Cassadine's orders [revealed on Aug 17, 2021; Victor's involvement revealed on Sep 27, 2021]
  • Thrown back into his cell by Russel, an Australian guard who helped Victor hold him captive in his prison cell on Victor’s compound in Crete, Greece [Aug 17, 2021]
  • Kicked to the floor and threatened to have his neck snapped by Russel after attacking him [Aug 18, 2021]
  • Had hallucinations; saw Sam McCall and their daughter, Scout Cain when they weren't really there [Aug 24, 2021]
  • Beaten by guards [Aug 24, 2021]
  • Had his bruised ribs pushed in by Chloe Jennings' thumb so she could help him escape [Sep 14, 2021]
  • Beaten by more guards following a failed escape attempt [Sep 14, 2021]
  • Clubbed in the leg by Russel [Sep 15, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint by Peter August [Oct 5, 2021]
  • Programmed by Peter to eliminate Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane [Oct 5, 2021; revealed on Oct 7, 2021]
  • Grazed on his left arm by a bullet during the shootout against Anna and Robert [Oct 7, 2021]
  • Programmed by Peter to stage Valentin Cassadine's rescue, help kidnap Liesl Obrecht again, fake his own death again and help Peter escape [Oct 18-19, 2021; revealed on Oct 19, 2021]
  • Shot in the chest three times by Peter and fell into the water [Oct 18-19, 2021; uninjured due to bulletproof vest]
  • Held hostage on Cassadine Island in a wine cellar by Peter whenever his conditioning was inactive [Oct 19-Nov 16, 2021; revealed on Nov 8, 2021]
  • Programmed by Peter to kill Dr. Britt Westbourne if his twin brother, Jason Morgan killed Peter [Nov 2, 2021; Jason lowered his gun]
  • Programmed by Peter to tie Jason up and hold him hostage at gunpoint [Nov 2, 2021]
  • Grabbed by Peter's guards [Nov 9, 2021]
  • Programmed by Peter to hold a knife to Jason's throat, cut his own arm, return the knife and allow the guards to re-shackle him to the wall [Nov 9, 2021]
  • Programmed by Peter to kidnap Maxie Jones and bring her to him [Nov 16, 2021; revealed on Nov 18, 2021; Jason deactivated Drew before that could happen]
  • Programmed by Peter to kill Jason [Nov 18, 2021; Jason deactivated Drew after they fought]
  • Hit in the stomach and pinned down to the ground by Jason in self-defense before Jason deactivated him with "The Chariot" tarot card and the phrase "Stand down" [Nov 18, 2021]
  • Almost programmed by Peter [Nov 19, 2021; saved by Jason]
  • Shot at by Peter during Peter's shootout with Jason [Nov 19, 2021]
  • Rendered unconscious and pinned underneath a board after a tunnel collapse which was caused by Peter's shootout with Jason [Nov 19-22, 2021]
  • Almost had his head smashed in with a rock by Peter [Nov 22, 2021; Peter failed]
  • Shot at by corrupt W.S.B. Agent Krieger during a shootout [Feb 22, 2022]

  • Family tree


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    1. Billy Miller was originally hired as a Jason Morgan recast in 2014, but was later retconned as Jason's twin, Andrew Cain due to Steve Burton's return in 2017.
    5. Before Billy Miller joined the show, an unknown actor played Jason/Drew from August 12 to September 25, 2014. Miller made his first appearance on October 1, 2014.
    6. Jason celebrated his 22nd birthday onscreen in 1995.
    7. On November 6, 2017, Jason saw Andrew's birth date on his fake death certificate listed as November 11, 1976 and said that that was his birth date.
    8. Shown on his Do Not Resuscitate papers on June 5, 2018 ...
    9. Franco, as "Drew", saw his driver license which showed March 7, 1970 and Jason and Drew share the same birthday as him.
    10. Seen on his office door on December 5, 2017.
    11. Sam no longer owns Aurora Media as revealed on June 19, 2018.
    12. He officiated Franco and Elizabeth's wedding.
    13. DrewSawyerHS1.png
    14. As of the August 20, 2021 episode, Mathison is listed in the end credits with the contract actors.
    39. "General Hospital's Jeff Kober Returning/Cameron Mathison Out Temporarily",, SheKnows Media, LLC, May 12, 2022. Retrieved on May 13, 2022. 
    44. ... Sam: Jason's been tested. He is a perfect match. He is a perfect donor for Danny. Danny is gonna be just fine. You, on the other hand, you are expendable.
    45. Drew and Jason were born identical twins.
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    Benny Abrahms · Bernie Abrahms · Dr. Rachel Adair · Diego Alcazar · Lorenzo Alcazar · Luís Alcazar · Sage Alcazar · Ruby Anderson · Peter August · Dr. Andy Archer · Hank Archer · Dominique Baldwin · Franco Baldwin · Dr. Gail Baldwin · Lee Baldwin · Cadet Cooper Barrett · Harlan Barrett · Kiefer Bauer · Det. Jesse Beaudry · Officer Brian Beck · Katherine Bell · Nelle Benson-Jerome · Virginia Benson · Nurse Jessie Brewer · Dr. Phil Brewer · D.L. Brock · Nurse Marge Brown · Brendon Byrne · Dr. Neil Byrne · Det. Andy Capelli · Helena Cassadine · Irina Cassadine · Kristina Cassadine · Mikkos Cassadine · Stavros Cassadine · Stefan Cassadine · Tony Cassadine · Stone Cates · Lenny Caulfield · Dev Cerci · Melanie Chamberlain · Dr. Silas Clay · Eddie Coe · Victor Collins · Ray Conway · Wiley Cooper-Jones · Liam Corbin · Mike Corbin · Lily Corinthos · Morgan Corinthos · Phil Cusack · Dr. Alex Devane · Dr. Ian Devlin · Lt. Ronnie Dimestico · Sean Donely · Dr. Pierce Dorman · D.A. John Durant · Beatrice Eckert · Bill Eckert · Nancy Eckert · Cesar Faison · Connie Falconeri · Stella Fields · Dr. Russell Ford · Alice Grant · Brent Green · David Grey · Gordon Grey · Summer Halloway · David Hamilton · Anthony Hand · Jon Hanley · Dr. Steve Hardy · Peter Harrell, Jr. · Peter Harrell, Sr. · Abby Haver · Logan Hayes · Theo Hoffman · Jimmy Lee Holt · Nurse Marie Hopkins · Lady Jane Jacks · John Jacks · Edge Jackson · Aleksander Janáček · Evan Jerome · Julian Jerome · Kiki Jerome · Veronica Jerome · Victor Jerome · Stan Johnson · B.J. Jones · Georgie Jones · Tania Jones · Dr. Tony Jones · Dr. Ewen Keenan · Paddy Kelly · Dr. Warren Kirk · Rafe Kovich, Jr. · Trevor Lansing · Duke Lavery · Beatrice LeSeur · Dr. Cameron Lewis · Nurse Lucille March-Weeks · Wendy Masters · Courtney Matthews · Danny McCall · Angus McKay · Harmony Miller · Nurse Leyla Mir · Trey Mitchell · Susan Moore · Chloe Morgan · Jason Morgan · Oscar Nero-Quartermaine · Dr. Lisa Niles · Johnny O'Brien · Dr. Kevin O'Connor · Brighton O'Reilly · Raj Patel · Dustin Phillips · Eddie Phillips · A.J. Quartermaine · Dr. Alan Quartermaine · Alex Quartermaine · Edward Quartermaine · Dr. Emily Quartermaine · Lila Quartermaine · Quentin Quartermaine · Mariah Ramirez · Madeline Reeves · Carlos Rivera · Hernando Rivera · Faith Rosco · Nurse Sabrina Santiago-Rivera · Joe Scully · Jack Slater · Damian Smith · Frank Smith · Zander Smith · Joseph Sorel · Luke Spencer · Siobhan Spencer · Cheryl Stansbury · Jennifer Talbot · Leopold Taub · Nurse Diana Taylor · Dr. Peter Taylor · Nurse Amy Vining · Barbara Vining · Jason Vining · Reverend Dr. Bradley Ward · Justus Ward · Mary Mae Ward · Dr. Rick Webber · Al Weeks · Det. Nathan West · Dr. Karen Wexler · Dawn Winthrop · Dr. Maggie Wurth · Anthony Zacchara · Claudia Zacchara-Corinthos
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    Lila Rae Alcazar · Dr. Grant Andrews · Jennifer Arden · Terri Arnett · Jordan Ashford · Arielle Ashton · Lord Larry Ashton · Larry Joe Baker · Christina Baldwin · Serena Baldwin · Dr. Tom Baldwin · Alec Barrett · Brenda Barrett · Julia Barrett · Derek Barrington · Hayden Barnes · Claudette Beaulieu · Dr. David Bensch · Ginny Blake · Jack Boland · Nora Buchanan · Shawn Butler · Edward Caldwell · Florence Campbell · Gia Campbell · Nurse Sheila Cantillion · Judge Naomi Carson · Charlotte Cassadine · Lt. Eric Cates · Jagger Cates · Carmine Cerullo · Gloria Cerullo · Lois Cerullo · Skye Chandler-Quartermaine · Judge Amber Chau · Dr. Linda Chu · Nurse Judy Clampett · Nurse Beverly Cleveland-Fairchild · Angie Collins · Elijah Crowe · Nurse Jolene Crowell · Nurse Nadine Crowell · Dr. Rae Cummings · Marco Dane · Dr. Harrison Davis · Howie Dawson · Margaux Dawson · Katherine Delafield · Téa Delgado · Roy DiLucca · Tiffany Donely · Senator Martin Drake · Dr. Noah Drake · Dr. Patrick Drake · Toussaint Dubois · Algernon Durban · George Durnely · Jenny Eckert · Sly Eckert · John Everett · Nurse Iris Fairchild · Mary Finnegan · Florence Grey · Pres Floyd · Parker Forsyth · Nurse Betsy Frank · Det. Alex Garcia · Charity Gatlin · Jonah Gatlin · Max Giambetti · Milo Giambetti · Marcus Godfrey · Yvonne Godfrey · Carla Greco · Frankie Greco · Alice Gunderson · Nurse Audrey Hardy · Dr. Simone Hardy · Dr. Tom Hardy · Dr. Tommy Hardy · Nurse Jane Harland · Det. David Harper · Sgt. Jim Harper · Elton Herbert · Dr. Jim Hobart · Paul Hornsby · Greg Howard · Dr. Matt Hunter · Hutch Hutchins · Jasper Jacks · Jerry Jacks · Miranda Jameson · Reginald Jennings · Olivia Jerome · Amelia Joffe · Claudia Johnston-Phillips · Frisco Jones · Dr. Lucas Jones · Slick Jones · Dr. Leo Julian · Joe Kelly · Rose Kelly · Jack Kensington · Dr. Gary Lansing · Howard Lansing · Ric Lansing · Roy Lansing · Dr. Steven Lansing · Judge Rachel Lasser · Nurse Meg Lawson · Dr. Kelly Lee · Winifred Leeds · Guy Lewis · Nurse Rita Lloyd · Carol Lockhart · Nurse Anne Logan · Janice Lomax · Priscilla Longworth · Ethan Lovett · Judge Richard Lowe · Charlie Lutz · Emma Lutz · Huxley Lynch · Dr. Andre Maddox · Starr Manning · Todd Manning · Nurse Rosalie Martinez · Pete Marquez · Dr. Francince Massey · Det. John McBain · Camellia McKay · Martha McKee · Nurse Melissa McKee · Skeeter McKee · Nurse Augusta McLeod · Maggie McMorris · James Meadows · Jake Meyer · Nurse Lorraine Miller · Martina Morales · Angel Moran · Miguel Morez · ‎Hope Morgan · Ken Morgan · Sam Morgan · Johnny Morrissey · Joey Moscini · Decker Moss · Dr. Griffin Munro · Det. Byron Murphy · Kent Murray · Dr. Kim Nero · Dr. Patrick O'Connor · Jimmy O'Herlihy · Finian O'Toole · Officer Delores Padilla · Blackie Parrish · Paloma Perez · Bryan Phillips · Judge Henry Pierce · Nurse Georgia Price · Grant Putnam · Celia Quartermaine · Dillon Quartermaine · Tracy Quartermaine · Cpt. Burt Ramsey · Ranelle Rance · Dr. Lak Rashi · Coleman Ratcliffe · Tom Rayner · Guy Richardson · Dr. Joe Rivera · Teddy Rivera · Tony Robinson · Det. Cruz Rodriguez · Casey Rogers · Dan Rooney · Winston Rudge · Father Mateo Ruiz · Delia Ryan Coleridge · Juan Santiago · Emma Scorpio-Drake · Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake · Hannah Scott · Jeffrey Scribner · Rebecca Shaw · Colton Shore · Harry Silver · Charlene Simpson · Dr. Eric Simpson · Det. Lucky Spencer · Lulu Spencer · Valerie Spencer · Rex Stanton · Suzanne Stanwyck · Nurse Mischa Stephens · Holly Sutton · Jackie Templeton · Nurse Regina Thompson · Ellie Trout · Dusty Walker · Claire Walsh · Judge David Walters · Faith Ward · Isobel Ward · Keesha Ward · Dr. Maya Ward · Randy Washburn · Rupert Watson · Heather Webber · Dr. Jeff Webber · Dr. Lesley Webber · Mike Webber · Rick Webber, Jr. · Dr. Sarah Webber · Dr. Steve Webber · Cpt. Samantha Welles · Rhonda Wexler · Agnes Whitaker · Whit Whitaker · Mitch Williams · Dr. Lainey Winters · Prunella Witherspoon · Grace Yang · Johnny Zacchara
    Current Crew
    Dan O'Connor (Head writer, 2019-present) · Frank Valentini (Executive producer, 2012-present) · Chris Van Etten (Head writer, 2017-present)
    Former Crew
    Shelly Altman (Head writer, 2011-2012, 2015-2019) · Ron Carlivati (Head writer, 2012-2015) · Jill Farren Phelps (Executive producer, 2001-2012) · Robert Guza, Jr. (Head writer, 1996, 1997-2000, 2002-2008, 2008-2011) · H. Wesley Kenney (Executive producer, 1987-1989; Head writer, 1988) · Gloria Monty (Executive producer, 1978-1987, 1991-1992; Head writer, 1981) · Jean Passanante (Head writer, 2015-2017) · Wendy Riche (Executive producer, 1992-2001) · Garin Wolf (Head writer, 2008, 2011-2012)
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