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Drew Cain and Sam McCall are fictional characters and a formerly married couple from the ABC daytime soap General Hospital.

Casting and music

In 2014, the role of Jason Morgan was recast with Emmy award-winning actor, Billy Miller[1], who was known for his roles on All My Children as Richie Novak (2007-08) and The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott (2008-14). Miller made his first appearance as the new Jason Morgan on October 1, 2014[2], which also coincided with the eleven year anniversary of Monaco's first appearance on the soap as Sam.

On December 1, 2017, however, it was revealed that Miller's portrayal of Jason was retconned as Jason's twin brother, Chief Andrew Cain when Emmy award-winning actor, Steve Burton returned to GH as Jason under alias "Patient 6" on September 19, 2017.

Miller exited the role of Drew on August 21, 2019.

In 2010 and 2013, Miller brought home two Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and one in 2014 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, all for his work on The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott.

In 2021, the role of Drew was recast with actor Cameron Mathison, who was known for his role on All My Children as Ryan Lavery. Mathison's voice was heard as Drew on August 16, 2021, but Mathison made his first actual appearance as Drew on August 17, 2021.

The role of Samantha McCall was originated by former Baywatch star and Playboy's April 1997 Playmate of the Month, actress Kelly Monaco, who debuted on October 1, 2003. Monaco had previously portrayed Livvie Locke on GH's now defunct spinoff Port Charles from 1999-2003 and was also Livvie's double Tess Ramsey from 2002-03. While portraying Sam, Monaco played Alicia Montenegro, Sam's European look-alike in 2005.

In 2006, Monaco was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Lead Actress category for her portrayal of Sam.

In 2020, the role was temporarily recast with actress Lindsey Hartley, who appeared as Sam from August 4 to August 13, 2020. Monaco returned as Sam on August 18, 2020.

When the couple made love in 2016, a remixed version of "Just You and Me" was played and later made available for purchase on iTunes.[3] In September 2016, the couple gained two new songs for their wedding. "Beautiful Life" by Michael Kisur was played while the couple took family wedding photos. "Love Like This," an ABC original written by Bob Harty and Daena Jay and performed by Jayson Belt, was played for Drew and Sam's first dance as husband and wife.[4][5]

The remixed version is their song as it was played for them on December 5, which was after the reveal.


Drew is the son of the late Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his mistress, the late, Susan Moore and the illegal adoptive son of Betsy Frank. He is the identical twin brother of former mob boss, Jason Morgan and a member of the prestigious Quartermaine family.

Sam is the daughter of mob boss/media mogul, Julian Jerome and his ex-wife, headstrong attorney, Alexis Davis via a one night stand from when they were younger. She is a member of the aristocratic Cassadine family and the Jerome family.

They share a daughter named, Scout, who was born in February of 2017.

First kiss

In 2014, Jason returned with amnesia as "Jake Doe" and he and Sam had no idea that they are husband and wife. They do not have an immediate romantic connection with each other, but become friends. On their four year wedding anniversary, Sam and Jason (aka Jake) run into each other at Noodle Buddha and Mrs. Yi (rightly) mistakes Jake for Jason. She insists they renew their vows, so Sam and "Jake" agree and unknowingly, really do renew their vows.

Making love

In November 2015, they both find out that Jake is really Jason, although he still has no memory of his life with Sam or anything from before his accident in 2014. Before finding out, that Elizabeth knew who he was before he did, Jason asks Sam for a divorce and she agrees. After the whole truth came out the divorce was put on hold. When Jason has a memory flash of giving Sam the star necklace, some of his romantic feelings for her start to return. Even more of those romantic feelings return after he has a memory of their rain dance and kissing in the rain. After those memories and with the new bond they formed, Jason tells Sam that he is beginning to remember what he feels for her and they grow even closer. After saving Sam from an explosion, Jason finally realizes that he and Sam have a bond that can't be broken and that he doesn't want to lose her.

Engagement ring

On March 17, Sam asked Jason for a divorce so that they could start over with no pressure to which Jason agreed. On March 22, they signed their divorce papers and Alexis pronounced them divorced and they are now free to just date. After a confrontation with Nikolas, they finally gave into the passion that had been building for months and made love for the first time in 4 years (on April 6, 2016). On May 9, 2016, Jason got his memories back and he told Sam on May 10, 2016. On August 15, Jason proposed to Sam and on August 16, she said yes.

Sam's stillborn daughter Lila

They were married for a second time in an intimate ceremony at Greystone Manor on September 2, 2016 (shown on September 2 and 6; although Sam stated that September 6, 2017 was their 1 year anniversary), surrounded by their closest family and friends. They also exchanged Alan and Lila's rings again during their wedding ceremony.

Billy Miller as Drew with Sam and daughter Scout

In September 2017, a man with Jason's old face returns to town. On December 1, it was revealed that the man everyone thought was Jason, was actually his twin brother, Drew.

Drew's deceased son Oscar

Their marriage isn't valid due to the real Jason Morgan coming back and him still being married to Sam. They became engaged again in December 2017, they got married in January 2018, but got divorced in July.

The couple have been to two Nurses' Ball's together, 2016 and 2017.

Sam and Drew both have lost a child.

  • Sam's first daughter, Lila McCall with mob boss, Sonny Corinthos was stillborn on November 8, 2004.
  • Drew's son, Oscar Nero with Dr. Kim Nero, born October 22, 2002, died of a brain tumor on April 29, 2019 (shown on May 1, 2019).

In late November of 2021 , Sam and Drew are reunited after he was gone and presumed dead for 2 years because he was involved in a plane crash that was caused by Peter August and a alive Victor Cassadine who formerly presumed dead back in 2014 and the WSB declared Drew dead but unfortunately they made a mistake as he was actually held hostage by her great-uncle Victor and longtime emeny Peter August and was in a foreign prison for 2 years as a prisoner and was let go out of the prison in October of 2021 but unfortunately tragedy striked in November of 2021 when Drew's twin brother Jason is presumed dead again after a tunnel collapse on Cassadine Island and a heartbroken Drew returned home to reunited with Sam (which Drew still has feelings for Sam) and their daughter Scout (which they are currently working on their relationship as father and daughter) and also the Quartermaines.


Sam is still wearing her wedding ring

In early February 2014, Victor Cassadine arrives on Robin Scorpio-Drake's doorstep and announces that he is the new head of the WSB. He wants Robin to bring his sister-in-law, Helena Cassadine and nephew, Stavros Cassadine back to life, as they are not completely dead and their bodies were being preserved in the Cassadines cryogenic lab. When Robin asks Victor why she should help him, he tells her that if she helps Helena and Stavros, she would also be helping Jason. Victor explains to Robin that Faison wanted control of Sonny's territory and to do that, he knew he had to get Jason out of the way. So he shot Jason and kicked his body into the water. Despite this action, Faison knew Jason could be a valuable asset to him in the future, so he had a group of men waiting offshore and they pulled Jason's body out of the water. After Jason was pulled from the water, he was taken to the same Swiss clinic, where Robin, A.J. Quartermaine, Stavros Cassadine and Duke Lavery were all either held against their will or treated.

When the clinic was raided in late 2012 and Duke was found, Victor says Dr. Liesl Obrecht arranged to have their most valuable patients transported elsewhere. Jason was put into Helena's care, and Helena put Jason into a cryogenic stasis. Jason was healing from the gun shot wound, but was still debilitated which made him easier to manage. Robin doubts Victor's story, but Victor is adamant that he is telling the truth and Jason is not dead, only in a cryogenic sleep. Robin demands to see concrete proof that Victor has Jason, citing that is the only way she will consider his offer. Victor assures Robin he will give her the necessary evidence she needs in due time.

Sam leaning against Jason's door

Before Victor leaves he warns Robin that she cannot tell anyone about his project or else she will fail in saving Jason. Victor returns a day later with a DVD that he shows Robin as proof that Jason is still alive. After watching the DVD, Robin seems to believe that Jason is alive, but is still torn at leaving her family. She is unsure of her decision until she meets Jason's son, Danny in the park. After meeting Danny, Robin decides to accept Victor's offer to bring Helena and Stavros back, so she can also save Jason. On March 4, Victor takes Robin to the Crichton-Clark Clinic, room #307, where she sees Jason and confirms that he is alive. Sam was also in the clinic earlier that day helping Silas Clay see his wife, who was a patient. While waiting in the hall, Sam leaned against the door of room #307 and reminiscently played with her wedding ring, unaware that Jason was right behind the door.

Sam wore her wedding ring up until June 23, when she takes it off because of her relationship with Silas. She tells Silas that she will always love Jason, before removing the ring. On August 12, Victor injected Jason with a new medicine that Robin invented. At first it appeared Jason was recovering, but then his vitals started to drop. Robin used a defibrillator on Jason, until Victor's goons held her back. Victor assumed Jason was dead and went to close the lid on the cryogenic capsule, but Jason's hand grabbed Victor's wrist, confirming he is alive and awake. Victor then revealed his plans to use Jason for his own agenda. Jason is later shown in a hospital bed at the clinic, struggling against his restraints and trying to get free. Jason manages to break free of his restraints and knock out William Eichner and his doctor, before leaving the room.

Jason struggles to get free

Jason finds Robin and it's revealed that he won't be able to talk for a few days, maybe weeks, because he ripped out his ventilator while escaping. Jason frees Robin and they prepare to leave the clinic, but they are stopped by Helena Cassadine. Helena says she has big plans for Jason and Robin, and she tries to take them, but Jason kills Helena's goons and they escape the clinic just before it blows up. Jason and Robin steal a car and get on the road back to Port Charles. Robin fills Jason in on some things, including telling Jason that Danny is his biological son. When they near Port Charles, Robin decides it would be too dangerous to their families to go straight home, because Helena could still be on their tail. Instead, Robin heads to The Metro Court to find her mother and fill her in, and Jason goes to Sonny's house. Unbeknownst to Jason, Sam was also at Sonny's house talking to him about Fluke and remembering Jason on his birthday. Sam tells Sonny that she's never truly been able to get over Jason or let him go. Jason is just about to go inside when he is stopped by Helena's goons. The goons threaten Sam and Sonny to force Jason to leave with them.

Jason escaped the goons by attacking one of them, before jumping out of their moving vehicle. As he is escaping, he stumbles onto the road and is hit by a car, driven by Ava Jerome. Jason is rushed to the hospital and worked on by several doctors and nurses, including Elizabeth, who does not recognize him, presumably due to his injuries. When Jason is stabilized, he is taken into surgery, to repair the extensive damage from the accident. Jason was in surgery for over 36 hours and had to have several reconstructive surgeries, including facial reconstruction to repair all the damage. On the same day that Jason got out of surgery, Sam was at the hospital taking Danny for a check-up. As Sam and Danny are leaving the check-up, Danny wanders into Jason's room and grabs his father's hand.

Sam and Jason reunite

Sam chases after Danny and finds him in the room with Jason. She tries to get Danny to let go of the "stranger's" hand, but he refuses. Elizabeth arrives a little while later and gets Danny to let go of Jason's hand by offering him candy. Sam and Liz talk about the "John Doe" patient and his accident. Sam spends some time holding John Doe's (Jason's) hand and talking to him. She tells him that she doesn't know what it is about him, but she wants to see him get better. Right after Sam asks him to get better, Jason's vitals spike momentarily. Liz says Sam can stay with the patient while she goes to get his doctor, because Sam talking to him was doing him good. But Sam was unable to stay, because she had to go to Amsterdam for a case she's working on. Liz leaves to get the doctor and Sam and Danny say goodbye to "John Doe," unaware that it was Jason they were talking to the entire time.

Almost a month after their initial encounter, Sam, Danny and Jason run into each other at GH again. Jason is awake and up on his feet, but he still has amnesia and is now going by the name Jake. When "Jake" is talking to Elizabeth in the hallway outside of his room, Sam and Danny are leaving GH. Danny runs to his father and hugs him on his leg, as Sam chases after him. "Jake" and Sam come face to face and seem to have a moment of recognition. Liz introduces them and tells "Jake" that Danny visited him when he was unconscious in the ICU. Upon hearing that Sam's last name is Morgan, "Jake" brings up Jason Morgan and how he's heard so much about him. Sam tells "Jake" that Jason is her husband and "Jake" expresses that he is sorry for Sam's loss. Sam and "Jake" share another lingering and wondering glance, before Liz ushers him back to his room and Sam and Danny leave the hospital. Sam is visibly shaken by the encounter and has a hard time focusing afterward.

Jason holds Danny as Sam looks on

Jason and Sam next encountered each other at Elizabeth's house when Sam and Patrick went to drop Cameron back home after a playdate at Kelly's with Josslyn, Emma and Spencer. Sam arrives at the door just as Jason is opening it and they smile at each other. Elizabeth and "Jake" fill Sam and Patrick in on "Jake's" new living arrangements. The meeting is brief, but after Sam and Patrick leave, both Sam and "Jake" are again affected by seeing each other. After Sam's plans for Thanksgiving fall apart, Patrick invites her and Danny to spend the holiday with him and Emma at Elizabeth's. Sam takes him up on the offer and she and Danny spend Thanksgiving with "Jake" still unaware that he is Jason. At the holiday dinner, Jason holds his son again for the first time in two years.

Soon after Thanksgiving, Sam got the news that Faison had been arrested. She and Patrick went to the PCPD to confront Faison for killing Jason and ordering the crash that killed Gabriel. Faison revealed that Victor Cassadine was the one who ordered the crash, thus killing Patrick's son. This led to Faison revealing that Jason did not die the night he was shot on the pier and Patrick knew of it all along. Sam was furious and confronted Patrick, who admitted he knew Jason was alive at Crichton-Clark just months earlier. He then revealed to Sam the true reason that Robin left town -- to save Jason, but she failed and Jason died some months earlier. Sam was hurt by the news and furious that Patrick kept something like this from her. She promptly cut Patrick from her life.

Jason holds Sam hostage

Sam was left at the police station reeling. Meanwhile on the docks, Helena Cassadine was revealing to "Jake" his true identity. She also revealed that Jason had been brainwashed and conditioned while at Crichton-Clark to follow Helena's every order. Upon learning his true identity, the first thing Jason wanted to do was find Sam, but Helena prevented it. She wiped his memory again and ordered him to complete a job for her. Under orders from Helena, a masked "Jake" went to the PCPD to free Faison from custody. Needing a distraction, "Jake" grabbed Sam from behind at gunpoint and kidnapped her. He took her outside and forced the police to hand over the keys to the van Faison was in. Sam struggled and pleaded with Anna not to give into her kidnappers' demands, but after Detective Nathan West was shot, Anna gave "Jake" the keys and he let go of Sam, making an escape with Faison. When "Jake" returned to Helena, she once again ordered that he forget everything that transpired that night, meaning he would forget the incident at the PCPD.

Sam was furious the gunman helped Faison escape and she began searching for him. Sam encountered "Jake" at the Metro Court and he kept her company while waiting for a job interview with Carly. They joked, laughed and got to know each other better. Sam also filled him in on her investigation of the gunman's identity. Their time together went well, until "Jake" used the same phrase the gunman used the night before. Sam immediately recognized the voice and phrase and became suspicious of Jake. At that point, Sam made up an excuse to leave, cutting their time together short. Sam went to GH and shared her suspicions with Elizabeth, solely to warn her out of concern, but Elizabeth blew her off and told her to drop it. Sam then went to Dante with her suspect, but without enough evidence there was nothing he could do.

It was you

As Sam was leaving the PCPD, she encountered "Jake" again. Elizabeth told "Jake" of Sam's theory and he was there to clear his name. Sam and "Jake" had a charged confrontation in the hallway and she told him to his face that she suspected him. The confrontation ended with "Jake" giving her free reign to continue investigating him, but warning that she wouldn't find anything. Sam took on the challenge and let him know in no uncertain terms that she would continue her investigation. After Sam left, "Jake" began having flashbacks of kidnapping Sam, leading him to believe that she may be right and something else is wrong with his memories. The next day, Elizabeth went to Sam's house and told her to back off and stop investigating "Jake," but Sam refused because she knew "Jake" was the gunman and was determined to prove it. Sam and "Jake" had another run in at the GH Christmas party. Elizabeth interrupted and accused Sam of harassing "Jake," but he quickly tells Liz that he was the one who approached Sam. Sam, then stopped the confrontation before it started because she didn't want to deal with the drama on Christmas Eve.

Sam attended the NYE party at the Metro Court with Patrick. "Jake" was also there starting his new job as a bartender. Sam and "Jake" have a short and curt exchange when he runs into her and Patrick while serving drinks. For the rest of the night, they cut their eyes at each other and Carly wonders what happened between them. "Jake" eventually tells Carly that Sam suspects he is the gunman. Meanwhile, Sam's investigation of "Jake" gets her closer to the truth. She goes to Wyndemere to see her cousin Nikolas and question him about Helena's possible involvement in sending "Jake" to free Faison. Sam was unaware that Helena overheard her entire conversation with Nikolas. Helena wanted to stop Sam's investigation because she was getting too close to the truth, so she ordered "Jake" to eliminate her. Carly convinces "Jake" to see Dr. Kevin Collins about his memory flashes. But when "Jake" shows up at Kevin's office, Helena is there instead and activates him.

"Jake" approaches Sam at the Christmas party

"Jake" leaves the office with his orders and lies to Carly and Sam about the session. Sam is still suspicious and breaks into Kevin's office in an attempt to find information. Patrick catches her and convinces her to stop obsessing over proving that "Jake" is guilty. The two then make plans to go on a date. That night, Sam and Patrick have their date at Sam's place. When they head upstairs, "Jake" enters the penthouse to fulfill Helena's orders. As soon as "Jake" walks into the house, he begins having memory flashes and he and Sam on the night before he was "killed." The memory flashes increase as "Jake" sees a photo of himself with Sam and Danny. A vision of Robin appears to "Jake" in the form of his conscience to keep him from executing Helena's kill order. Helena calls and activates "Jake" again causing the vision of Robin to disappear.

"Jake" heads upstairs to kill Sam and Patrick, but when he enters the bedroom he is shaken by more memories of him and Sam. The memories of the two of them together keep coming and "Jake" is unable to focus. After Sam and Patrick head to the shower, Jason enters the bedroom more fully and finds Sam's wedding ring after flashing back to the moment when he put the ring back on her finger. He looks at the dragon and phoenix figurines and has another memory of Sam giving him the phoenix before he left for Pier 52. The overwhelming memories of Sam and their love leave "Jake" unable to complete the task despite Helena's activation and conditioning. He takes the phoenix and leaves the penthouse. "Jake" goes down to the docks where he continues to have memories of Sam until suddenly he passes out.

"Jake" is arrested and runs into Sam at the PCPD

"Jake" is found passed out on the docks and taken to the hospital. When he arrives he is treated by Lucas, Elizabeth and Patrick. Carly rushes to the hospital when she finds out that Jake was admitted. After questioning him, she finds his duffle bag with a gun and ski mask inside and she immediately becomes suspicious. "Jake" can't explain the contents of the bag, but Carly begins to suspect that he may be the gunman who took Sam hostage and helped free Faison. After "Jake" is discharged, she makes another appointment with Dr. Kevin Collins to get some answers. Meanwhile, Sam finds the missing phoenix at Brad Cooper's apartment. Lucas tells Sam that he found the phoenix on the docks, and when Patrick tells Sam that "Jake" was found the night before on the docks, she puts two and two together and is convinced that "Jake" broke into her penthouse and took the phoenix.

Unbeknownst to Carly, "Jake" leaves before even seeing Dr. Collins, because Helena calls with another assignment. She orders him to plant a bomb on The Haunted Star on the same night that Michael was hosting a party to celebrate the opening of the new A.J. Quartermaine clinic. While "Jake" is planting a bomb on the boat, Carly goes to the PCPD and confesses all to detective Nathan West. They test the gun that was found in "Jake's" bag and it matches the bullet that was used the night Nathan was shot. Nathan leaves to arrest "Jake" and shortly after Sam and Patrick arrive at the police station to report "Jake" for breaking into her apartment. They run into Carly who tells them that she turned "Jake" in. Moments later, "Jake" is hauled into the PCPD and put into the interrogation room. Once everyone leaves, Sam slips into the room to confront him about stealing the phoenix.

Sam tells "Jake" "good luck" before surgery

Sam confronts "Jake" about breaking into her apartment and stealing the phoenix. Initially he denies it, but soon his memories of that night return, piece by piece and he confesses to everything. "Jake" admits that Sam was right all along about everything and experiences an excruciating headache as more memories return. With Sam's help, "Jake" remembers that Helena is controlling him. After hearing that "Jake" was ordered to kill her, but he just couldn't go through with it, Sam softens toward him and wants to help him. "Jake" also remembers that Helena ordered him to put a bomb on The Haunted Star. He immediately tells Sam about the bomb and they work together to warn everyone on board the boat. The bomb detonates but no one on the boat is harmed because Michael and Sonny get the bomb away in time.

An angry Patrick arrives at the PCPD and confronts "Jake." The two get into a physical altercation until "Jake" pins Patrick to the table. Patrick wants to stay and confront "Jake" further about setting the bomb, but a police officer makes Sam and Patrick leave. The next day, Sam can't seem to get what "Jake" said off her mind. "Jake" stays in lockup at the PCPD awaiting trial. It's soon discovered that Helena has been controlling "Jake" with a chip she had implanted in his brain. "Jake" makes the decision to have surgery to remove the chip and break Helena's control. Before "Jake" goes into surgery, Sam wishes him good luck. They touch hands and he has memories of his missing wedding ring and the night he broke into the PH. He also notices that Sam's ring is no longer on her finger. He tries to articulate the memory to Sam, but he is wheeled away into surgery before he gets the chance. As "Jake" is put under anesthesia he remembers Helena telling him that he is Jason Morgan. Elizabeth is in the OR assisting Patrick with the surgery and "Jake" tries to tell her that he remembers who he is, but he passes out from the anesthesia before he gets the chance.

Sam asks Jason what he meant by "there was only one ring" but he can't remember

When "Jake" awakens after surgery, Patrick tells him that the chip was successfully removed. Elizabeth asks him if he can now tell them who he is, but he no longer remembers. "Jake" remembers that he had a memory, but can't remember what the memory was. He feels frustrated that he is back at square one with no memory of who he is or his life. Later that night Sam comes in to visit "Jake." She asks him if he remembers telling her about a ring. "Jake" does remember talking with her about a ring, but he can't remember the memory that sparked the conversation. Sam wants to help "Jake" figure out who he is and tells him that she will employ her cousin Nikolas' help. "Jake" is curious as to why Sam would want to help him after everything he did to her. Sam tells "Jake" about what she went through when Jason was presumed dead and how much she missed her husband. She explains that she wants to help him figure out who he is, because if there is someone out there missing him, like she misses Jason, then she wants to help him, for his potential loved ones out there. "Jake" is grateful and thanks her.

Commissioner Kyle Sloane offers to drop all the charges against "Jake," if he agrees to work undercover for the PCPD. Sloane wants "Jake" to infiltrate the Jerome crime family and find evidence against Julian Jerome. In order to stay out of prison, "Jake" takes the deal. On the day "Jake" is discharged from the hospital, he runs into Sam and asks her to put in a good word for him with Julian. She agrees and talks to her father about giving "Jake" a legitimate job. After some convincing on Sam's end, Julian agrees and Sam calls "Jake" and tells him the good news.

Sam slaps Jason

Sam and Patrick decide to move in together, with Sam and Danny joining Patrick and Emma in their home. On her way to Patrick's, Sam's car breaks down and she stops at a garage to get some help. Inside she finds "Jake" and learns that her father has made him the manager of the garage. "Jake" has deja vu upon seeing Sam, because just moments earlier he had another memory flash of her from their wedding day. "Jake" tells Sam there is something familiar about her and they bond as he tells her about his new job and she tells him about the big step she is taking with Patrick. Afterward, "Jake" offers to give Sam a ride to Patrick's house. He doesn't have a car, but found a motorcycle in the garage, so "Jake" and Sam hop on the bike and he gives her a ride.

A few days later after Sam's car is fixed, "Jake" brings her car and the rest of her boxes over to Patrick's. Sam is very grateful and "Jake" helps Patrick unload the boxes. Sam offers to give "Jake" a ride home and just as they are about to leave, "Jake" drops the car keys and has to go under the couch to find them. When "Jake" looks under the couch he finds the keys and a ring. He gives the ring to Patrick who reads the inscription that says "Alan Quartermaine." Sam is shocked as she realizes the ring is Jason's. She gets very emotional because she didn't think she would ever see his ring again. She also has questions about how the ring got under Patrick's couch in the first place. Emma returns from school and explains that Spencer brought the ring over. Sam plans to go to Wyndemere and question Nikolas just as he shows up at Patrick's door. Nikolas tells Sam he got the ring from Helena who acquired it while she was at Crichton-Clark with Jason. He apologizes for not telling her about the ring sooner. Sam accepts the apology and he leaves. Sam thanks "Jake" for finding the ring and gives him a ride home.

Sam confronts Jason about killing Duke

Days later, Sam runs into "Jake" at GH. She thanks him again and to show her gratitude, offers him two extra tickets to the Nurses' Ball. "Jake" is initially reluctant but eventually accepts the tickets for himself and his "wife". During the Nurses' Ball, Carly exposes Ric and Hayden's scheme and everyone learns that Hayden is not really "Jake's" wife. Elizabeth is hurt and to comfort her, Nikolas tells her that "Jake" is really Jason. Liz decides to keep the secret between her and Nikolas, so she can keep Jason all to herself. Shortly after the ball, Duke Lavery is killed by Carlos Rivera, however "Jake" becomes the primary suspect in the murder. While getting ready for Duke's funeral, Sam came across her and Jason's wedding rings and silently grieved for her husband again. After the funeral, Sam headed straight to the garage to confront "Jake." She felt betrayed and deceived that she helped get him a job with Julian, only for him to turn around and hurt people that she loves again.

Sam finds "Jake" in the garage and they have an intense confrontation, that ends with "Jake" admitting to Sam that he didn't kill Duke. Meanwhile, Hayden has discovered that "Jake" is Jason and she confronts Nik and Liz about their secret before deciding to tell Sam and "Jake" the truth. Before Hayden has a chance to tell them the truth, she is shot in the head by a hitman sent by Nikolas Cassadine. Shawn Butler was also on the scene to carry out a hit on "Jake" ordered by Sonny. Shawn never fired but became the prime suspect in the shooting, because the other hitman sent by Nikolas was well hidden. "Jake" shielded Sam when the gunfire broke out and once Sam was safe, he confronted Shawn about shooting Hayden.

Jason and Sam talk about their secret while Danny plays

Before Hayden loses consciousness, she tells Sam that someone else knows about "Jake's" true identity. Sam and "Jake" get to know each other more as they wait at the hospital for word on Hayden. Unfortunately Hayden falls into a coma and is unable to tell "Jake" the truth. "Jake" starts to have dreams of Danny that make him feel like Danny is his son. Later, he takes on a new job as head of security for ELQ, while Sam gets hired by Sabrina Santiago to investigate Michael's assistant, Rosalie Martinez. This puts Sam and "Jake" on the same side and they work together to expose Rosalie as the mole at ELQ and Nikolas as the raider trying to take over ELQ. "Jake" and Sam decide to team up once more to discover the connection between Nikolas and Hayden. On July 4th, they spend time together in the park with their son, while they talk about the secret they are keeping about them teaming up from their significant others Patrick and Elizabeth. Soon after they agree to break into to Wyndemere. Over the next couple of months, "Jake" and Sam continue to work together to uncover his true identity, however they run into constant roadblocks.

On their wedding anniversary, Sam is having a hard time letting go. She runs into "Jake" at Noddle Buddha, where she and Jason married and shares with "Jake" the story of her wedding day. Sam also reveals to "Jake" that sometimes she still feels Jason is alive and out there. "Jake" and Sam run into the Yi family and Mrs. Yi mistakes "Jake" for Jason. She insists that the two renew their wedding vows on their anniversary, which leads to Sam and Jason unknowingly renewing their vows to one another. Sam and "Jake" break into Wyndemere again and download all of Nikolas' files off his computer. They find out that Nikolas tested "Jake's" DNA against someone else's. Sam calls in Spinelli to help with the investigation. Spinelli is able to get his hands on the results, but they come up empty because Nikolas already had the results erased from the hospital's database.

Sam and "Jake" get ready to Karaoke

After hitting yet another roadblock, Sam and Spinelli devise a plan to use "Jake's" medical records to figure out who he was before. Spinelli builds a facial recognition program that can use the injuries "Jake" sustained in the hit-and-run accident to reconstruct what he looked like before the accident, thus revealing his identity and true face. While Sam and "Jake" are out celebrating at The Floating Rib with Carly and Michael, the program completes. Spinelli has to leave town before seeing the results because Ellie is injured. So he leaves the laptop with Carly and makes her promise to deliver it to Sam. The computer program shows that that Jake is Jason and soon Carly finds out but gets Jake's DNA for test against Jason's to confirm it, which it does.

After finding out from Carly that he's Jason and after denying it for awhile, he finally realizes that it's true and goes to the church to call off his wedding to Elizabeth. When he gets to the church he announces that he's Jason Morgan. After some convincing from Carly, Sam realizes the truth and asks Jason if he remembers their life together, but he doesn't. Sam decides to give him space and let him come to terms with the truth of his identity. A few days after the wedding, Jason comes by the Drake residence to see Danny. Sam tearfully tells him about their life and they share a kiss. He has another memory flash, but it's soon gone again and he tells her that he still can't remember anything from his past.

Sam watches Jason with Danny

Jason leaves town to confront Helena for stealing his life and Sam goes with him for backup. When Elizabeth finds out that Sam is also going she insists on tagging along too. Jason, Sam, Nikolas and Elizabeth all end up on Cassadine Island, but Helena only taunts them. Just as they are about the get some answers, Helena dies before she has the chance to expose Nikolas and Elizabeth for knowing the truth about Jason's identity and keeping it a secret. Jason dejectedly returns with none of his questions answered and they are forced to resume life as usual.

Jason, Sam and Danny run into each other on Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines and spend some of the holiday together. After hearing Jake tells Danny about his mother's secret, Sam becomes suspicious of the secret that Elizabeth is keeping. She investigates and eventually discovers that Elizabeth has known the truth about Jason's true identity for months. She confronts Elizabeth and gives her an opportunity to come clean to Jason, but Elizabeth continues to lie. Jason walks in on the confrontation and takes Elizabeth's side, kicking Sam out of the house. He later goes to Sam and asks her to explain her accusation and when she lays it all out for him, he believes her. He goes back to Elizabeth and confronts her himself, forcing her to tell the truth. After more attempts at evasion, she eventually confesses and he ends their relationship. Jason later apologizes to Sam for the way he treated her, when she was the one telling the truth all along.

Jason gives Sam his jacket on the terrace

The strain on Sam and Patrick's relationship also becomes too much and they decide it would be best for everyone to end things amicably. They break up and Sam and Danny move back into the penthouse. In the following weeks, Sam and Jason begin to slowly connect through chance encounters, though Sam puts no pressure on him to remember. They run into each other on the Metro Court terrace during the Christmas Nutcracker Gala and spend some time getting to know one another again. He also apologizes for being so cruel to her on the night he found out about Elizabeth's lies. That same night, Nikolas and Jason are involved in a confrontation that leaves Nikolas in the hospital and Jason is arrested. Diane gets Jason out on bail and on Christmas Eve, he runs into Sam and Danny in the park and has another memory flash when he sees Sam's star necklace. Jason and Sam have another chance encounter at The Floating Rib on New Year's Eve. They play a game of pool together, have some drinks and almost kiss before Jason is called away for an emergency with Jake.

Jason and Sam almost kiss on NYE

Jason is called away from the Floating Rib because Jake claims to have seen a man outside of the Webber home window on New Year's Eve. After dealing with the alleged stalker situation, Jason goes to the penthouse to find Sam and explain to her why he had to cut their time short on NYE. He also confides in Sam about another memory he had of her and the star necklace. Sam explains the memory to him and they grow closer. Later, Jason asks her out and they go to lunch together at Kelly's.

With Jason still facing legal troubles from his fight with Nikolas, Sam sets out to prove that he's innocent. She managed to track down a couple who were staying at The Metro Court that night and witnessed the altercation between Jason and Nikolas. They were initially hesitant but Sam convinced them to agree to testify to the fact that Nikolas was the aggressor in the fight, thus exonerating Jason of the attempted murder charges. The couple later ran into Jason and Jake in the restaurant at the hotel and told Jason that they would testify to what they saw to clear him and he was a lucky man to have Sam in his life.

Excited about the good news, Sam went to Jason's hotel room to share it with him. Elizabeth answered the door and upon seeing Sam, tried to make it seem like her presence there was something that it was not. Jason and Jake soon arrive back to the hotel room and Jason makes it clear that Elizabeth and Jake are staying there because someone is stalking their home. He also tells Sam that he is now staying in a separate room down the hall if she needs to find him for any reason. Jason goes on to thank Sam for helping to clear him and then asks for her help in investigating the alleged stalker.

Sam and Jason grow closer

Jake starts to pick up on his mother's hatred of Sam and blames her for his parents' break up. He also starts to act out more and it becomes clear that he lied about the stalker and is the one behind the strange incidents at the Webber home. Elizabeth is angry and opposed to Sam helping with the investigation. Sam thinks Elizabeth doesn't want her help because she already knows who's behind the break-ins and is using the situation to manipulate Jason. Before it can get too far, Jason stops the confrontation and insists that Sam help because the sooner they figure out what's really going on the better it will be for everyone.

On Jason's "birthday" aka the day he woke up from his accident as Jason Morgan, Carly insists on throwing Jason a birthday party. She calls Sam and orders a cake. Sam is hesitant about the party because she doesn't want to put any pressure on Jason about his past, however Carly insists anyways. When Jason arrives at the Metro Court he isn't in a partying mood. Carly is upset but gets it and backs off. Sensing that something is bothering him, Sam heads out to the terrace to check on Jason and bring him some cake. While out on the terrace, Sam and Jason are caught in the rain and the rain triggers another memory for Jason.

Sam tells Jason about the raindance on the rooftop

Jason remembered dancing with and kissing Sam in the rain on the penthouse rooftop. This memory was different from all of the others because he remembered the feelings he had for her, which made the memory all the more real. Jason and Sam make their way back inside and he shares the memory with her. He also tells Sam that he remembers what he felt for her in that moment. He asks for more details, so Sam takes him to the penthouse rooftop and tells him about that night. Jason is motivated after their talk to pursue his memories further and tells Sam that he wants to recover his memories with her help. Sam encourages him to do what he wants, but sadly lets him know that she can't be the one to help him with this. Some of his memories are also her memories of their life, which make them extremely personal to her and she doesn't want to impact his progress with her expectations or hopes to which Jason is very understanding.

Sam hallucinates Jason while trapped--Run to me

Sam continues to investigate the stalker and soon discovers that Jake is behind the incidents. She goes to the Webber home to talk about what's been going on with Elizabeth and finds Jake alone with the babysitter and a cut hand. He had just thrown a rock out the window and cut his hand on the glass. Sam goes to call his parents and assures him that everything will be okay, but he gets scared and runs into the basement. Sam follows him trying to calm him down, but loses her footing and falls down the stairs. Upon seeing Sam at the bottom of the stairs unconscious, Jake gets scared and runs away. While running away, he gets hit by a car and is taken to GH.

Jason and Sam nearly escape an explosion

With Jake in the hospital, no one knows that Sam is missing and she stays trapped in the basement, unable to move and suffering from a concussion and mild hypothermia. Jason starts to realize that something is wrong after he gets a call from Alice Gunderson because Sam failed to pick up Danny from a birthday party. Jason learns from Kristina and Molly that the last time they heard from Sam, she was heading to Elizabeth's, so he goes there to search for her. Sam hallucinates Jason several times as she is falling in and out of consciousness. She plugs in an old heater to keep warm, but falls unconscious again just as the heater begins to emit sparks and smoke. Jason arrives at Elizabeth's house to find the smoke detectors going off. He searches the entire house and finally finds Sam in the basement. He picks her up and makes it out of the house just moments before the heater causes a major explosion and fire in the home. The force of the explosion knocks Sam and Jason several feet into the air just as they make their way out of the house. After a moment of unconsciousness for both, they wake up and Jason rushes her to the hospital.

Jason stays at Sam's bedside

At the hospital, Jason stays by Sam's bedside. When Elizabeth hears what happened, she fears that Jake pushed Sam down the stairs on purpose. But Sam assures her that it was an accident and Jake didn't hurt her. After she was treated, Sam also went to visit Jake herself to assure him that she was okay and he did nothing wrong. Jason continued to divide his time in the hospital between Sam and Jake. While at Sam's bedside he admitted to her that he doesn't want to miss the opportunity to get to know her more and he's going to be better for her. After spending another day in the hospital Sam starts to get restless and misses Danny. She begs Jason to help her get out of there and he is initially hesitant, but eventually agrees.

Jason and Sam kiss on Valentine's Day

Jason helps her sneak out but they are caught by Lucas, who eventually lets them go. They head to the Quartermaines to pick up Danny from Monica and then Jason takes them home to the penthouse. Sam, Jason, and Danny spend time together as a family and after Jason puts Danny to bed, Jason and Sam have some time to talk. Jason tells Sam that coming so close to losing her made him realize that he doesn't want to lose her and he now feels just how much they're connected. Sam thinks he is only there to help her as a friend, but Jason assures her that it's more than that between them and pulls her into a kiss. Jason and Sam start making out on the couch, but the complication of their situation stops them from taking it any further. Instead, they have an honest conversation about their relationship and the people they are now. Jason then cooks her dinner and they enjoy spending more time together before he is called away with news on Jake's condition. Jason returns to see Sam the next day and tells her that he and Elizabeth have to take Jake to Shriner's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia for treatment. He kisses her goodbye and promises to take her out when he gets back.

While Jason is out of town, Sam spends time with her family preparing for her parent's wedding. On the day of the wedding, everything goes off without a hitch until after the "I Do's." Landon Dixon storms into the church and takes everyone hostage after his gun shipment gets busted by Paul Hornsby, who was working undercover. Sonny saves the day after Landon takes Kristina hostage, revealing to everyone that he can walk and no longer needs his wheelchair. The day after the wedding Sam meets her parents at The Floating Rib to give them their wedding present, a surprise honeymoon suite. They ask her if Jason knows what happened at the wedding, but she explains she didn't want to worry or distract him so that all his attention could be on Jake.

Jason, Sam and Danny in Philadelphia

Jason finds out what happened at the wedding from Nikolas, who was in town visiting Elizabeth and brought Cameron and Aiden to see Jake. He immediately calls Sam to see if she is alright. He then asks her to bring Danny to Philadelphia, because he wanted to see them both and it would be good for Jake to see his little brother. Sam and Danny arrive and Jason is thrilled to see them. Jason takes Danny back to visit Jake, while Sam runs into Nikolas and talks to him about a case they are working on. After the visit, Jason and Sam discover that they are staying at the same hotel and Sam invites him to stop over to tuck Danny in. Jason stops by that night and Sam tells him more about her past and their past. When Danny is ready with his book, Sam reads him a bedtime story as he sits with his father and later falls asleep in his father's arms. Sam and Jason tuck him into bed together and later they fall asleep together on the couch.

Sam and Jason wake up together

Sam and Jason wake up in each other's arms. They kiss, flirt and tease about dreaming of the other. Their make-out session stops when they realize Danny is awake and they get up to tend to him. As Jason is leaving to return to his room, freshen up and head back to the hospital, they run into Elizabeth who sees him leaving Sam's room smiling. He explains that he came over to tuck Danny in for bed and stayed the night with them. Elizabeth tells him that Jake is being discharged and then leaves visibly unhappy. When Jason returns a little while later to invite Sam and Danny to walk over to the hospital with him, Sam declines stating that she doesn't want her presence to make Liz uncomfortable. However, Jason insists they come with him, because Elizabeth would just have to get used to the reality of their situation now. So, Sam and Danny accompany Jason to the hospital to bring Jake home.

After returning to Port Charles, Sam continues to investigate Hayden and meets with Baxter Corbin to find out more information. Jason catches up with Sonny, Carly and Michael and later with Monica in the Quartermaine crypt. He also finds and purchases a new apartment. Jason calls Sam to meet him at the Metro Court Hotel, because he wants to share his news and give her a tour of his new place, but she's unable to go to see his place because she has to attend the reading of Helena Cassadine's will. When Jason leaves the Metro Court, he forgets his memorial plaque that he ripped off the wall of the Quartermaine crypt. After the will reading, Sam returns it to him and sees his new place.

Forehead touch

Jason and Sam kiss and end up talking about their relationship. A delivery interrupts them and Sam is shocked that Jason picked out the same two photos for his new place that previously sat on the mantle of his old penthouse for years. They talk more about his memories and Jason expresses frustration that he can remember the small things like a photo, but not the larger more important things. Both agree they want to move forward in their relationship and Sam suggests getting a divorce. At first Jason is resistant, but Sam explains that she thinks a divorce would be best so they could start fresh without the pressure of the past and he finally agrees. They meet Alexis at Kelly's a few days later and sign the paperwork, finalizing the divorce.

Later that night, Jason, Sam and Danny have a family dinner at Kelly's, where they decide to go out on a date. Then they head to General Hospital to drop off Danny with his grandma Monica. While there they go to check on Tracy, who is having health problems. When Sam steps out of the room to take a phone call regarding her Hayden investigation, Tracy starts to hallucinate and believes that Jason is her father, Edward. After that encounter, Jason begins to see who the Quartermaines truly are -- his family, and he vows to get the family company back for them. Jason begins to help Sam investigate Hayden's shooting and they visit Shawn Butler in Pentonville to try and get some answers. After visiting with Shawn, they put the pieces together and discover that Nikolas had Hayden shot to keep her quiet about Jason's true identity.

Jason and Sam finally make love

Furious, Sam heads to Wyndemere to confront Nikolas and turn him in for attempted murder. Nikolas starts to man handle Sam in an attempt to stop her and Jason gets enraged. He attacks Nikolas and Curtis Ashford, who tries to break up the fight. Jason almost kills Nikolas, but Sam manages to talk him down and convince him to let Nikolas go for her. They head back to his place where Jason gets angry again upon seeing the bruises that Nikolas left on Sam. Sam tells Jason that she only cares about him and Danny and to not let Nikolas take any more time away from them. Jason kisses her and the two share a night of passion, making love for the first time in 4 years. In the morning, Jason and Sam cuddle and talk about their relationship deciding to start fresh instead of starting over. Their morning bliss is interrupted by Carly who shows up on his doorstep pleading with Jason to talk Sonny out of killing Carlos Rivera. Jason tries but is unable to get through to Sonny. He returns back to Sam who is still at his place and they spend the night together again.

Taking back ELQ

Sam and Jason later confront Nikolas again and manage to blackmail him into selling them back all the ELQ shares he stole. Once ELQ is back in Quartermaine hands, Jason returns control of the company back to Michael. A few nights later, Jason and Sam spend the night together at the penthouse with Danny and Sam opens up, telling Jason what it was like when he was gone. Jake starts attending art therapy with Franco, which causes major issues with Jason because he doesn't want Franco around his son. After a heated confrontation at the hospital between Jason and Franco, Jason takes Sam out of town for a few nights to get away from the drama. A rainstorm forces them to take refuge in a barn for the night and as they start to make love, it's clear someone is watching them. After returning to town, the stalker continues to follow them. Sam and Jason catch onto him when they are in the park and realize someone is following them. It turns out to be Franco who was stalking them, although he claims otherwise. Jason threatens Franco and tells him to stay away from them and Jake.

*I love you* hallucination

In early May, Jason gets into a motorcycle accident with a prison van carrying Officers Dante Falconeri and Nathan West and prisoner Carlos Rivera to Pentonville. Jason ditches his bike to avoid the van and ends up unconscious. When he awakes, his head is pounding and he finds Dante, who is unconscious and pinned under the van. As he works to free Dante, he is visited by visions of Robin, Carly, Sam, Sonny and Helena who claims he is still under her control. Jason fights Helena's control and finally manages to break free of her hold and free Dante from the van right before it explodes. After this event, all of Jason's memories as Jason Morgan begin to get restored. He tells Sam that night and they go home together and celebrate. The next day at Sam's insistence, she and Jason go to the hospital, so he can get checked out. They later share the news with Monica, Sonny, Carly and Michael that his memories are returning.

Confronting Friz

Later in the month, Jason and Sam attend the 2016 Nurses' Ball together. At the conclusion of the ball, Diane tells Jason that Nikolas is suing him and as a result of the lawsuit ELQ's assets were frozen. Jason heads off to Spoon Island to talk to Nikolas about the lawsuit. Sam follows a little later and when she arrives, she hears crashing. She catches up with Jason in Nikolas' bedroom and finds the room trashed, window smashed and a body on the rocks. Knowing immediately that Jason wasn't involved, Sam tries to help him figure out what happened. By the time they get down to the bank, the body they saw, who they assume was Nikolas, is gone.

Nikolas staged the whole thing

Hayden and Curtis Ashford arrive and after hearing what happened Hayden accuses Jason of killing Nikolas. Commissioner Jordan Ashford arrives and questions everyone before letting them go and warning Jason not to leave town as he is the prime suspect. Knowing that the PCPD would try to pin the crime on him once they got the slightest shred of evidence, Jason decides to figure out what truly happened to Nikolas. Sam goes with him to help him clear his name. Together, they figure out that Nikolas faked and staged his death. They track him and his unlikely companion, Ava Jerome to London and then Cassadine Island on Greece where they finally catch up with them.

Confronting the forger

Just as they are about to force Nikolas back to the States to clear Jason's name, Laura Spencer, Kevin Collins and Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer arrive on the island, also in search of Nikolas. Sam and Nikolas' uncle Valentin Cassadine who has been hiding among the group using the alias Theo, makes his move and takes the group hostage in order to force Nikolas to sign over the Cassadine family heritage. He immediately separates Jason and Sam from the others, locking them in a room and using Sam to control Jason. Sam who has been complaining of fatigue and sleeping a lot, faints setting Jason off. Jason breaks out of his restraints to get to her and takes down the guard who was watching them. Once she awakes and reassures him that she is okay, they head down and free the others of Valentin's guards. All except Nikolas, who is once again presumed dead after a confrontation with Valentin.

Sam checks on Jason

The group plans to escape the island and find an old jet. Jason and Dante manage to pilot the jet, but Valentin tampered with the fuel tank and they are forced to make an emergency landing on a nearby island. Jason stays behind to try and shut off the engine and prevent an explosion while the others escape. The plane explodes anyways, but Sam is insistent that Jason survived and is determined to go after him. Dante tries to reason with her, but she is steadfast in her determination to find him, before she faints again. Soon after she comes to, Jason finds the group and reunites with Sam. They build a fire to signal the coast guard and are finally rescued from the island.

Jason is sick

After returning to town, the charges against Jason are officially dropped and Sam and Jason reunite with their son. However, Valentin was still on the loose. He goes after Spencer Cassadine, but Sonny and Jason manage to stop him and he is taken into custody. Meanwhile, Sam confronts her father over his attack on her mother's life. Sam cuts him out of her life and after their heated confrontation, she faints again on her way out. She is taken to General Hospital and examined by Dr. Hamilton Finn. Sam assumes she contracted some sort of illness from the island and is shocked when Dr. Finn returns and tells her that she is pregnant. After the news sinks in, Sam is thrilled to realize that she and Jason are expecting another baby.

Jason watches Sam sleep

Jason comes to the hospital concerned after he learns that she was admitted. She is about to tell him about the baby when he starts to feel ill. Dr. Finn examines Jason and believes he has contracted malaria. The doctor tells Sam that since she was with Jason in Greece, she would need to be tested as well. If she contracted malaria, it could cause complications for her pregnancy. Sam and Jason are both tested and the results of both their tests show no signs of malaria, however Dr. Finn runs a second test to be sure. Meanwhile, Jason can tell that something is wrong with Sam and he tries to get her to open up. Sam wants to tell him about the baby, but wants to make sure that everything is okay with both her and the baby before doing so.

Jason (Miller) and Sam remarry

The following day, Jason is released from the hospital and he and Sam go home. Jason notices that something is off and that Sam is worried about something. He starts questioning her a little bit, and says he can tell there's something that she isn't telling him. He also tells her that they both know they are stronger together than they are apart. He eventually agrees to back off and asks her to admit that something is wrong. Eventually Sam relents and tells Jason that she is pregnant and Jason is ecstatic. He proposes to Sam again and she accepts. Later, they get a call from Dr. Finn telling them that both tests conclude Sam and the baby are malaria free.

Sam and Jason then turn their attention toward planning their wedding. Jason asks Sonny to be his best man and Sam asks Alexis to be her matron of honor. Sonny and Alexis both happily accept. Carly offers to plan and host the wedding at the Metro Court Hotel, but neither Sam nor Jason want anything extravagant. So, Carly offers to host the wedding at Greystone Manor instead, to which Jason and Sam both agree. Molly and Kristina also help Carly plan the wedding. Jason and Sam spend their pre-wedding night together at the Metro Court and make love. On the day of their wedding, Jason surprises Sam with Spinelli, who has flown in from Portland to officiate. Jason and Sam are remarried on September 6, surrounded by their closest friends and family. In attendance was; Danny, Jake, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Alexis, Kristina, Molly and Spinelli. Monica was unable to make it due to a crisis at the hospital.

Sam and Jason cut their wedding cake

Soon after remarrying, Sam and Jason are thrust into pressing situations concerning their parents. Sam was there to support her mother during her father's trial and Jason supported and stood vigil by his mother after she was attacked by the General Hospital killer. While Monica is unconscious, Jason shares the news that he and Sam are expecting Baby Morgan, which inspires Monica to fight and she soon wakes up. Sam and Jason also work hard to stop the impending mob war between Sonny and Julian, but neither man is too keen on listening to their reasoning. The brewing war comes to a head when Morgan Corinthos is presumed dead after a car bomb went off in Julian's car, which Morgan had stolen. Jason and Sam support the Corinthos family through the loss of Morgan.


Sonny initially believes that he is responsible for the car bomb, but Jason isn't convinced. Sonny had put a hit on Julian that night, but he called it off which meant someone else was responsible for the bomb. Jason and Sam begin looking into what really happened that night. During their investigation, Jason shares with Sam his desire to move his family to another city. He no longer wanted his family around all of the violence in the city, so they made plans to revisit the topic of moving to another city once they wrap up their investigation. Jason and Sam team up with Curtis Ashford, who was also investigating the bomb. Jason, Sam and Curtis discover that Sonny was not responsible for the bomb, but someone who wants to eliminate both Sonny and Julian is.

Jason and Sam with Curtis working on a case

Sam and Jason spend Christmas Eve together in the park with Danny. As a family, they also visit Sonny and Carly and spend some time with Michael, Kristina and Avery before heading to General Hospital to visit with Monica and hear the traditional Christmas story reading. On New Year's Eve, they plan to attend the wedding of Nathan West and Maxie Jones, but the wedding gets postponed when Maxie gets sick and it is revealed that Nathan is still married to Claudette. So instead, they go to the NYE party at the Metro Court hotel to see Carly. They also spend some time catching up with Robin, who was back in town for Christmas and the wedding.

Soup kitchen kiss

In January, Jason and Sam are still working with Curtis to uncover the truth behind the car bomb. They volunteer at a soup kitchen to track down a homeless man named Buzz, who they believe is responsible for planting the bomb in Julian's car. Sam questions her father, while Curtis and Jason question Buzz and uncover that he is indeed the one who planted the bomb. They also discover from Buzz, that the boss running the operation, Julian's boss, is a woman. When Sam is questioning Julian about what he knows, he warns her to back off of the investigation or she and her children could become targets.

Buzz's description of the boss points the group in the direction of Ava, but after questioning her, they find themselves back at square one because she does not seem to be involved. Jason and Sam take a break from the investigation to attend Nathan and Maxie's surprise wedding, but end up missing the service, because Sam was experiencing cramps and was told by Dr. Lee to take it easy. Sam takes the doctor's orders to heart and steps down from her active role in the investigation.

After smokehouse kiss

Jason and Curtis continue to look for answers. Meanwhile, Sam gets pulled into a situation involving her mother, who gets accused of murdering Tom Baker. Elizabeth comes to Sam because Franco is missing and she needs help to find him. She also tells Sam that she witnessed Alexis leaving an alcoholics anonymous meeting and she thinks Alexis has been drinking, killed Tom while drunk and Franco is taking the fall. Sam doesn't believe Elizabeth and goes to her mother for answers. Alexis admits to being an alcoholic and shares with Sam that she may have been responsible for Tom's death, but she doesn't remember everything that happened the night he was killed. After seeing how her mother is suffering, Sam agrees to help Elizabeth find Franco, so she can uncover the truth about who killed Tom.

You're very cute

Jason and Curtis get closer to discovering Julian's boss. When they start getting too close, Julian poisons Jason to get his attention. Jason winds up in the hospital and Julian warns him to stop the investigation or else, Sam, Danny and Jason's unborn child could be at risk from his boss. Julian tells Jason that he wasn't trying to kill him, but he's afraid for his daughter and grandchildren and wants Jason to stop looking into the identity of his boss. Julian proposes that he and Jason work together to turn the tables on his mystery boss, but Jason declines because he does not trust Julian.

Setting up Julian

Sam manages to track down Franco who had been kidnapped and stashed in a storage locker by Tom's brother, Seth Baker. He tells Sam about Alexis being with Tom the night he was murdered, but vows not to say anything to the police. Moments later, the police arrive and take Franco to the hospital. Meanwhile Alexis recovers her full memories from that night and realizes she is innocent and the real killer is revealed to be Tom's brother Seth.

Sam finds out from Dr. Griffin Munro that Jason is in the hospital. She immediately goes to see him and is upset that he didn't call her, but he reassures her that he is fine and didn't want to worry her. He admits to Sam that Julian drugged him because he was getting too close to the truth. Jason is worried about his family and wants Sam and Danny to go to a safehouse until he can find Julian's boss. Sam is opposed but eventually agrees. Sonny, Jason and Sam stage a fake falling out so Julian will think that Jason had backed off and is no longer investigating. Jason and Sonny prepare to send Sam and Danny to a safehouse and bring in Curtis and Brick to set the next phase of the plan in motion.


On the day that Sam and Danny are supposed to leave for the safehouse, she changes her mind arguing it would be too suspicious if they disappeared and Jason reluctantly relented. Curtis and Jason went on a stakeout and discovered Julian meeting with his boss. They could not see who she was, or hear everything they were saying, but they did see that she had blonde hair and Julian called her "his sister." This pointed them back to suspecting Ava, but that still didn't add up, so they went on to investigate further.

Jason and Sam go to a prenatal check up and as Jason is leaving the hospital, he runs into Julian, who cites Ava's innocence in the ordeal. Sonny soon finds the evidence that Curtis and Jason discovered about Julian and his sister, and goes after Ava. Jason stops Sonny from killing Ava, because he's not fully convinced that she is guilty, but he still lets the police arrest her.

As Sam nears her due date, Jason and Sam prepare for the arrival of their baby. They go to General Hospital for a child birthing class, but find out that it's cancelled because the nurses are on strike. They decide to go to The Floating Rib for lunch, but Jason gets called away on Quartermaine family business and sends Sam ahead promising to meet up with her as soon as the meeting was over. At the meeting, the Quartermaines want to buy General Hospital in order to save it from being turned into condominiums. Jason gives his support and offers to help them financially with anything they need. He leaves and meets Sam at The Floating Rib for lunch, both unaware that they are being watched by Julian's boss, who is none other than his older sister, Olivia Jerome.

Olivia makes her move and lures Sam to the hospital by posing as Dr. Lee's assistant. She calls Sam and says that Dr. Lee would like to see her at GH. While Sam goes inside for the faux appointment, Olivia messes with her car, so she won't be able to get home. Inside GH, Sam is told there must have been a mix-up because Dr. Lee doesn't need to see her. She calls Jason to relay this information and tells him that she's heading home. When Sam gets to her car, it won't start. Olivia, who has been posing as Alexis's AA sponsor "Liv" shows up and offers to give Sam a ride home. Sam is a little hesitant but agrees.

Jason and Sam during her pregnancy

Meanwhile, Jason shows up at the hospital looking for Sam. He runs into Lucas and Julian who tell him that Sam left a little while ago. As Jason goes to leave, Julian berates him for continuing the investigation even though he warned him to drop it. Before leaving Julian said that Jason would be just as much to blame now if something happened to Sam or Danny. As Olivia and Sam are driving, they start to talk about Olivia's past. Sam soon notices a Chinese ornament with the symbol for reincarnation hanging on the rear view mirror. The symbol and Olivia's stories of her past, put the pieces together and Sam realizes, to her horror, that "Liv" is her presumed dead aunt, Olivia Jerome, and Julian's boss.

At the hospital, Jason talks with Robin who tells him everything that she knows about Olivia Jerome. Sam tries her best to get away from Olivia and manages to get Olivia to pull the call over, citing that a friend's house was just up ahead. Sam gets out of the car, but Olivia is on to her. She pulls a gun on Sam and admits who she really is. She tries to force Sam back into the car, but Sam defends herself. The two struggle for the gun, which ends with Olivia pushing Sam off the side of the foot bridge. Sam falls down into a ravine and is knocked unconscious.

The next morning, Jason runs into Alexis at The Metro Court hotel and asks about Sam. He tells Alexis that he was out working all night, but Sam texted him saying she was staying the night with her mother. Alexis is dumbfounded, because Sam didn't stay the night with her and she hadn't seen Sam since yesterday morning. They both realize that something is wrong and when Jason tries calling Sam on her cell, they find it in Alexis's purse. Alexis has no idea how Sam's phone got in her purse. The only person who had been around Alexis's purse when it was unattended was Liv. Jason shows Alexis a photo of Olivia Jerome and she is shocked to see Liv. They soon realize that Olivia is alive and has kidnapped Sam.

Jason helps Sam deliver Scout

Jason sends Alexis to notify the PCPD and heads out to search for Sam after finding an image of the foot bridge on her phone. Jason desperately searches but is unable to find her until the moonlight briefly comes through, and illuminates the area enough for him to spot her in the ravine. Jason finds Sam, half conscious and in labor at the bottom of the bridge. He tries to get her to a hospital, but she tells him that it's too late and the contractions are coming too close together. With no time to waste, Jason delivers the baby and it's revealed that the baby is a little girl. However, she is not breathing when she's born. Sam begs Jason to save their baby and he quickly administers CPR and gets her breathing again. But, just as the baby recovers, Sam passes out.

Emily Scout Morgan

Jason is able to wake Sam up and she and the baby lock eyes for the first time and they have a family hug. Sam tries to get Jason to take their daughter and go, but he refuses to leave her and then they both notice that Sam is still bleeding heavily. Jason tells Sam that he is going to carry both her and their daughter out of there. He hands Sam their daughter and carries them to safety just as the paramedics arrive and Sam passes out again. They arrive at the hospital where it's revealed that the baby was showing signs of cold stress and she was taken to be warmed up. While their baby girl was okay, her mother was not and Sam was taken into surgery to repair some internal bleeding. Later on, Jason and Robin visit baby girl Morgan while Sam is in surgery.

I love you's and don't ever ask me to leave you again

The surgery was a success and the damage repaired but Sam was left in a coma. Jason pleads with Sam to come back to him and their family. Alexis brings the baby to see Sam and when Jason places her on her mom's chest, Sam wakes up. Afterwards, Sam and Jason spend precious family moments with their new baby girl. Days later, the family gets a visit from Monica and it's revealed that they have named their daughter, Emily Scout Morgan, after Jason's later sister, Emily Quartermaine, but she goes by Scout.

Children Danny and Scout

Soon after Scout's birth, GH is out on lockdown as a manhunt for Olivia Jerome begins. Jason comes across Anna Devane, who is worried about Robin because she believes Robin is missing. Jason and Anna search for Robin and find her trapped inside of a stalled elevator on a pressure plate bomb -- courtesy of Olivia. Jason finds out that Robin is pregnant and immediately moves to switch places with her. Jason manages to safely take Robin's place on the bomb. Then, he and Curtis ride the elevator to the top of the roof to await the bomb squad. The bomb is eventually safely detonated and Jason returns to his family -- whom had been evacuated from the hospital.

Forehead kiss

Jason and Sam stay a couple more nights in the hospital and receive a visit from Sonny, who comes to check on them and meet Scout. Later, they get another visit from Alexis and one from Carly. Jason and Sam soon get to take Scout home and they introduce her to her big brother Danny. They also get visits and gifts from Sonny and Curtis. Later on, Sonny and Carly are named Scout's godparents.

Jason and Sam are soon thrust into situations involving Jake and Julian, separately. Sam and Jason investigate and discover that Julian is actually alive. They track him down and find him with Alexis and he is soon arrested. Jake also begins to act out, a result of his time trapped on Cassadine Island. Jake begins to see Dr. Andre Maddox while Jason, Sam, Liz and Franco investigate to get to the bottom of what happened to Jake when he was with Helena. Jason goes to Cassadine Island for answers and is followed by Franco. They discover that Jake saw Jason on the island when he was chained and being tortured by Helena's henchmen. The act of seeing someone tortured traumatized Jake.

Get home safe kiss

The story culminates when it's revealed that Jake was tasked by Helena to release the Chimera at the 2017 Nurses' Ball. The chimera was a very deadly biotoxin developed by Valentin Cassadine, who then sold it to Helena. Jake almost released the Chimera, but was talked down by his mother and the Chimera was taken by the WSB and destroyed. Jason searches for Helena's henchman Costa, who delivered the Chimera to Jake on his birthday. Jason tracked Costa down to GH and confronted him on the hospital roof. They fought with Jason getting the upper-hand, until they are stopped by the police and Costa is taken into custody.

Meanwhile, Sam starts to experience disturbing hallucinations and has trouble sleeping. She begins to hear her voice warning her that she is not safe and her family's not safe. She tries to put off what is happening to her, but after the confrontation with Jason and Costa on the roof she can no longer ignore what is happening to her. Jason notices that something is wrong with Sam and becomes concerned. Whenever he asks her what's wrong, she reassures him that she is just tired and needs to get more rest. Despite her assurances to Jason, Sam continues to experience hallucinations and emotional outbursts.

Sam brings a knife to bed

Sam's hallucinations get worse and she begins to see Sonny. In her hallucinations, Sonny goads Sam by constantly threatening to take Jason away from her and the kids and drag him back into the mob. Sam becomes obsessed with stopping Sonny from taking Jason away from her. She has hallucinations of stabbing Sonny and feels that the only way to keep her family safe is to eliminate Sonny. The situation comes to a head when she tracks Sonny down as he is confronting a rival mobster, Garvey. She pulls a gun on him and though shocked, Sonny realizes that Sam is sick and he tries to talk her down.

Sonny almost gets through to Sam, but at the last moment she shoots him in the leg and kicks him into a ditch leaving him for dead. When she gets home she is noticeably disheveled and pale. Jason is immediately alarmed and catches Sam right before she passes out. He rushes her to the hospital where she suffers a seizure. Dr. Griffin Munro and Dr. Hamilton Finn work on stabilizing Sam and eventually diagnosis her with toxoplasmosis, which was the cause of her hallucinations and erratic behavior. The disease was contracted the night she gave birth to Scout after being pushed off the bridge by her aunt Olivia.

Jason wants Sam to keep quiet

Dr. Munro was concerned that Scout could also be infected due to when the disease was contracted. Alexis and Kristina brought Scout in and after a thorough examination, the doctors found that Scout was in perfect health and hadn't contracted the disease. They continue to focus on treating Sam, but she soon slips into a coma due to encephalitis. Jason stays by her bedside and wills her to wake-up. After a pain-staking 24 hours, she begins to come to. As Sam recovers, she starts to remember what she did and is wracked with guilt over shooting Sonny. She visits him in his hospital room to ask for his forgiveness. Sonny recognizing that Sam was sick, holds no grudges and forgives her. At the same time, Jason puts the pieces together and realizes that Sam was the one who shot Sonny. He goes to Sonny and they both agree that Sam was too fragile to deal with any investigation, as she was still recovering. So, Jason and Sonny decided to cover up the shooting and keep the truth from Carly until after the investigation was closed.


The truth comes out soon after Sam is released from the hospital and heads straight to Sonny and Carly's house to tell Carly the truth. Carly is hurt that she was left out of the loop, but comes to understand that Jason and Sonny were just trying to protect Sam. For the past few weeks, Sonny had been making plans to get out of the business and scheduled a meeting with the Five Families to tell them of his retirement. Jason, with the support of Sam, accompanied Sonny to the meeting so they could both leave the business with a strong show of force. Things seemed to go well initially, but as Sonny prepared to leave, one of his rivals, Petrov, took Max Giambetti hostage and threatened to kill them both.

Sam and Danny visit Jason

Jason arrives back to the warehouse, gets the drop on Petrov and is about to shoot him, when a worried Sam comes running into the warehouse. Petrov shoots in her direction and Jason jumps in front of Sam to protect her and ends up taking a bullet to the chest. Sonny kills Petrov and then helps Sam to stabilize Jason's wound. Sam is wrecked with guilt over Jason getting shot because of her and blames her overwhelming fear for causing her to make such a reckless decision. Jason is taken to General Hospital and undergoes surgery that leaves him in a coma. As the weeks pass, Sam is forced with the decision of whether or not to move Jason to a long term care facility. She is adamantly against the idea at first because she didn't want to abandon him, but with the help of Sonny and Spinelli, she comes to realize that the facility is the best option because it will give Jason the care that he needs.

"Jason" finally learns he is Drew Cain

Sam stays by Jason's bed side at the facility and he also receives visits from Sonny and his kids. After four long weeks, Jason finally wakes up and everyone is overjoyed. Jason told Sam that even though he was in a coma, he was able to hear her voice clearly when she talked to him and it was her voice and his children that brought him back. After a few more days at the facility to full recuperate, Jason is released and goes home with Sam. In September 2017, a man with Jason's old face returns to town. On December 1, it was revealed that the man everyone thought was Jason, was actually his twin brother, Drew. Jason's memories were implanted into Drew by Dr. Andre Maddox.

Drew removes his wedding ring and leaves Sam

Drew's marriage to Sam wasn't valid due to the real Jason Morgan coming back and him still being married to Sam. They became engaged again in December 2017 and got married January 22, 2018. However, after Sam confessed to Drew, on March 23, on how she will always love both him and Jason and that she kissed Jason on New Years Eve, he removed his wedding ring and left her, knowing she can't love him the same way he loves her.

Drew and Sam removes their rings (2018).

On July 5, Drew and Sam’s marriage was officially dissolved.Sam and Drew removed their wedding rings and wanted to save them for Scout and Danny when they grow up.

Drew and Sam says goodbye as couple (2018).

In July of 2018,Sam and Drew recalled their romance history with Sonny's father Mike Corbin before saying their goodbyes as couple.

Drew holding daughter Scout and Sam watches(2018).

On September 7,2018,After Drew learned of his son Oscar cancer he then goes to visit Sam and wanted to see his daughter Scout while in tears over his son cancer secret.

Sam and Drew celebrates his birthday (2018).

September Of 2018 , Sam celebrates Drew birthday with his ex Kim Nero and adopted mother Monica as Drew son Oscar cancer gotten worse.

Drew and Sam with their daughter Scout (2018).

On October16,2018,Drew pays Sam a visit to see his daughter Scout and they bond over their daughter.

Drew and Sam talks about Drew's son Oscar cancer (2019).

In January 8, Drew tells Sam with Carly that his son Oscar has a brain tumor and can't be operated on leaving Sam sad for Drew.

On May 1, 2019, Drew son Oscar died of a cancerous brain tumor.

Sam consoles a grieving Drew (2019).

May of 2019, Sam attended Drew son memorial and gave Drew a hug and console him as he was in tears.

The last moments of (Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco) OG Dream .

On August 15,2019,Was the last time that Sam ever saw Drew alive before he left In August 21 ,2019.

(Billy Miller)Drew Cain exits and is presumed dead (2019).

In September of 2019,Drew is presumed dead by the WSB as his airplane crashed and was declared dead for over 2 years.

"Drew" (2021)

On August 16, 2021, Dante sets up a date with Sam and when Dante leaves Sam gets a call from a very horrified Drew telling Sam don't hang up and Sam said "Drew?" confirming Drew is alive.

Dante tried to track the call from Sam's phone nothing came up and Sam told him it could be a prank and someone using Drew voice to scare her and was cruel of using her father daughter voice. Sam and Dante figure out Drew is missing and no body was found and Sam said the voice felt so real and she was convinced was Drew is alive.

Sam leaves to find Curtis they talk about Drew and Sam told Curtis about the cell phone call that "Drew" made and they go over his case of the plane crash and why now to make the call and she tells him that the phone call was a distress call and the person on the phone was being taken hostage and needed her help and knew her name and then the call cuts out with static noise.

(Cameron Mathison) Drew is alive.

Drew is revealed alive and was locked up in a foreign prison for 2 years of his life and the prison guard Russel threatened to kill Sam if she ever came looking for him and it is unknown who the boss is that locked Drew up.

Sam and Curtis put the pieces together that Drew is alive and Scout father is alive.

After Russel leaves, Drew prayed that Sam would come find him and thought about their daughter Scout. He had flashbacks of the night Scout was born when he talked to her in the hospital crib and said how Sam and him love her very much.

Drew apologized for not being there for Scout and wished he could've seen her grow up and then Russel comes back and Drew attacks him. Russel beats up Drew and leaves him there but Drew stole Russel's pen and proceeded to pick the lock of the cuffs to make his escape.

Sam goes to Anna and Valentin for help looking for Drew which Sam told them about the phone call she received from Drew and said it felt so real that Drew is alive and Anna and Valentin didn't buy it they thought it was Peter pulling a prank on Sam but Sam asked for Drew's plane crash case file from Anna which she agree to give her the file.

Drew's Hallucination Of Sam and Their Daughter Scout (2021).

Drew wakes up from picking the cuff locks and starts hallucinating Sam and their daughter Scout then starts saying their names.

Dream Reunion 2021.gif
November 24,2021,Sam opens the penthouse door and shocked to see Drew as he returns to Port Charles and the two come face to face on thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving of 2021,Drew is reunited with their daughter Scout and Sam gets emotional when they come face to face and Scout was scared at first but then got comfortable with her father Drew being there and Drew gifted their daughter Scout with a unicorn figurine and she happy and goes to show Danny and Rocco upstairs and then Drew had to tell Sam that Jason is gone and is presumed dead by the WSB and Sam get sad as realizes that Scout gets her father back and Danny loses his and Drew told her what happened on Cassadine Island and then proceeded to give his new cell phone number to Sam if she ever needed him then left the penthouse.

Drew returns to Quartemaine mansion to tell his family on Thanksgiving about what happened to him on Cassadine Island and they are shock to see him alive but Brook Lynn got mad at Sam because she thought the Quartermaine's had a right to know Drew was alive and Drew defended Sam saying she wanted to make sure she had all the facts before telling them the truth about him being alive first then proceeded to tell them Jason is gone and is presumed dead on Cassadine Island and they are heartbroken but toast to his return and honor Jason.

After the Quartermaine Thanksgiving is over Monica tells Drew that Sam and Scout much be happy he's back then she said she happy he back regardless of what happened to Jason then hugs him goodbye.

Drew visited Sonny and Carly when they are shock to see him alive they talked about the times he was gone and they already knows what happened to Jason and Drew congratulations them on their baby girl Donna then Maxie stops by and is shocked to see Drew is alive and they talk about what happened on Cassadine Island then he tells her Jason is gone and presumed dead there and they talked about what Peter has done to them they also talk about Sam and her kids Danny and Scout and how he used to put them to bed when they had nightmares when they were young and how important he was in there lives before he disappeared and Maxie then tells him how he feels about Sam being with Dante and said he has no choice but accepted it for now and then Maxie could tell he still loves Sam and gives him a hug.

Photos and videos

Drew proposed to Sam for the first time on August 16, 2016. Drew proposed to Sam for the second time on December 15, 2017, but changed his mind on Dec 18, because he doesn't know who he is. Sam proposed on December 19 and Drew proposed again with a ring on December 21.


GH Jason & Sam 8 16 16 *Proposal* ♥


12-15-17 (3) Dream & JaSam - Will You Marry Me?

Drew proposes


12-18-17 (5) Dream & JaSam - *We're Meant to Be*

Drew changes his mind - wait for me


12-19-17 (3) Dream - **Will You Marry Me?**

Sam proposes


12-21-17 (1) Dream & JaSam - *Mr. & Mrs. Drew Cain*

Drew gives Sam a ring

Drew and Sam were "married" at Greystone Manor by Damian Spinelli on September 2, 2016. Drew and Sam were married officially on January 22, 2018.


GH Jason & Sam 9 6 16 *Wedding Vows*


1-22-18 (2) The Cains Dream & Danny – **An Incredible Bond**

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