Duke's Club
Duke's Club
Duke and Anna tango at Duke's Club (1988)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Bar / Club
Notable people Duke Lavery
(former owner)
Terry O'Connor
(former owner)
Katherine Delafield
(former owner)
Address 1067 Bricksley Rd
Port Charles, New York 16543

Duke's was a restaurant/night club in the city of Port Charles, New York.


Run by Duke Lavery and Felicia Jones, this club was a popular hangout for Port Charles residents in the late 1980's. Frisco Jones and Terri O'Connor regularly performed. Duke also opened a sister club on April 22, 1988 in New York City, called Club Duke as a front for the Jerome mob, it closed on January 24, 1989.

On June 10, 1988 vandals trash Duke's and spray paint graffiti on the walls. It closes that night, until its cleaned up. Olivia Jerome later assisted Duke with the remodeling. The club reopens on July 5, 1988, and it floods the same night.

After Duke's presumed death in 1989, Anna decides to sell the club to Terri O'Connor. It reopens in July 1989. Frisco Jones performs at it's reopening.

After Duke's presumed death, the club was purchased in 1990 by classical pianist Katherine Delafield and reopened under the name Delafield's. She left on a world tour at the end of November in 1990, leaving Angel and Mary Finnegan in charge.

Port Charles was struck by an Earthquake in April 1991 and the building was condemned.

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