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Dustin Phillips and Brook Lynn Quartermaine are fictional characters and former lovers on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


On January 13, Brook Lynn announced that she officially changed her name from "Brook Lynn Ashton" to "Brook Lynn Quartermaine." Ned congratulated her but Tracy figured there was an angle - she did, hoping this would get her out of her recording contract. Later, Brook Lynn went to the Floating Rib, accidentally bumping into Lulu who ended up spilling her drink on her. After a tense confrontation, Brook Lynn went to perform on stage, but her sleazy producer Linc showed up to stop her. As Linc told her he owns her and her music, he made inappropriate advances against her, and Lulu and her boyfriend Dustin Phillips came to her rescue. It turned into a bar fight as Dustin fought with Linc in Brook Lynn's defense and where it was discovered that Dustin and Brook Lynn knew each other, much to Lulu's surprise. As Detective Harrison Chase showed up to break up the fight, Brook Lynn accidentally hit him in the head with a beer bottle while aiming for Linc. Chase arrested Brook Lynn, Lulu, Dustin, and Linc for their bar fight.

At the PCPD, Brook Lynn told Chase that she didn't mean to hit him with the beer bottle and that she was aiming for Linc but Chase thought she was merely spinning a tale. Ned showed up and after learned what happened he initially told Chase to lock her up. Brook Lynn again begged for Ned to help her out, and he is horrified to learn that Linc sexually harassed her again. Upon release, Lulu, Brook Lynn, and Dustin agreed to pay Mac and Felicia for the damages. Ned agreed to cover the damages and Brook Lynn promised to pay him back.

On March 31, Lulu went to talk to Brook Lynn and invited her to the table before making a half-hearted attempt to apologize for an earlier fight. Brook Lynn agreed to her truce and said she wants Dustin's help with writing a song. After asking him about it, she was okay with him saying he'd think about whether or not he will help her.

On April 13, it is revealed that Brook Lynn broke up with Dustin when they were together.

On August 18, Brook Lynn arrives at The Nurses Ball, where it's announced that she's singing a song about Deception, written by Dustin. She has anxiety about singing, she impulsively kisses Dustin who turns her down.

On August 21, when Brook Lynn overhears Nelle plotting to kidnap Wiley. When she confronts her, Nelle slashes at her throat with fabric shears. Nelle leaves her bleeding and unconscious on the ground, where Lulu and Dustin find her and call for help. Brook Lynn recovers at the hospital before leaving town to go to Brooklyn.

In December, Dustin is killed when Julian blows up The Floating Rib.

On March 19, 2021, after Brook Lynn returns to town, she acknowledges Dustin's death.