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Dustin Phillips and Lulu Spencer are fictional characters and a former couple on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


Lulu Spencer was working on a story to catch a criminal who used a dating app to lure women away from their homes so she could rob them and on one of her "dates" she met a man named Dustin Phillips who was supposed to meet her meaning that he's not the criminal. Lulu confessed that she was working on a story and that it was not really a date but Dustin understood and the two of them connected. On July 23, Dustin ran into Lulu again when she accidentally bumped into him and got his drink spilled on him. She apologized and he accepted her apology and he joined her and Maxie Jones for drinks. When Lulu was feeling down, she told Dustin that her husband Dante Falconeri was divorcing her and he consoled her by saying Dante was a fool for letting her go.

On August 14, Dustin appeared at the baseball game that was going down between Aurora Media and The Invader. He later bought Lulu a drink at The Floating Rib after the game.

On August 22, Lulu and Maxie went to a wine-tasting event and Dustin drive them there and kept them company. After Maxie was called away to meet her boyfriend Peter August at the Metro Court, Lulu and Dustin spent a little more time together. Lulu mentioned that her divorce was officially finalized and Dustin offered his condolences but then admitted he was not sorry after all even though he felt bad for Lulu and knew the divorce was hard on her. Dustin saw a picture of Lulu's kids Charlotte and Rocco before they decided to call it a night. Dustin drove Lulu home.

On September 13, Lulu gave Dustin a tour of the Haunted Star and then they ended up sleeping together.

On January 13, 2020, Dustin and Lulu were at the Floating Rib and they saw a sleazy man (Linc Brown) trying to sexually harass Brook Lynn Quartermaine so they both stepped in and it escalated into a bar fight. It was revealed that Brook Lynn and Dustin know each other since they used to date. Eventually the bar fight was stopped and Dustin, Lulu, Brook Lynn and the music producer, Linc, were all arrested. A short time later they were released.

On January 30, Dustin showed up on Pier 55 and assaulted a gunman in defense of Josslyn Jacks, her brother Michael Corinthos, and Michael's girlfriend Sasha Gilmore. Later on, Dustin called Lulu and told her that her mom, Laura Collins was shot and he stayed with her for support. Josslyn's dad Jasper Jacks thanked Dustin for saving Josslyn, Michael and Sasha.

In July, Rocco wanted Dustin to go come with him to a Take-your-dad-to-school-day. Olivia was not okay with Rocco seeing Dustin as his father.

On October 9, after having been in a relationship for nearly a year, and telling each other "I love you", Lulu invited Dustin to move in - to which he agreed...and that very same day, her ex-husband Dante showed up after being gone a year.

On November 20, Dustin proposes to Lulu at The Floating Rib. Before she can answer, the restaurant explodes and on November 23, Dustin dies because of his injuries.