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ELQ International, or Edward Louis Quartermaine International, (formerly ELQ Industries and ELQ Enterprises) is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Port Charles. Owned by the wealthy Quartermaines, it is one of the largest businesses in the region.

They are continually one of the sponsors of the annual Nurses Ball charity event.

It is a competitor of nearby companies Chandler Enterprises and Buchanan Enterprises.


ELQ original logo

In 1978, Edward Quartermaine arrived in Port Charles having followed his son, Alan, and brought his family company ELQ. In 1980, Laura Webber received a job as a secretary for Edward at ELQ. Edward also enlists Luke Spencer to assist him and his niece Alexandria, in searching for the Ice Princess, the world's largest uncut diamond. It was working for Edward at ELQ, where Luke and Laura, finally realized their feelings and couldn't live without each other.

Pickle-Lila Relish label. (1984)

In 1984, Edward discovers what it is like to be broke when his daughter-in-law Monica and her new flame, Sean Donely, organize a hostile takeover. Sean leaked word of a merger between Donely Shipping and the Cassadine Industries. Edward's illegitimate son Jimmy Lee Holt decided to sell the family stock and invest it all. Monica had second thoughts and tried to warn the family that the merger was a fake but they didn't listen and the Quartermaines lost everything. However Edward's wife, Lila Quartermaine, manages to make their fortune back with a new business called Pickle-Lila. Monica's husband Alan later faked his death to get back at Sean and his wife. Sean being faced with a murder charge, finally returned the Quartermaines' money.

Edward in his office at ELQ. (1986)

When Edward was presumed dead in 1988, he left all his assets to his grandson Ned Quartermaine. Alan, tried to keep Ned and his sister Tracy from getting their greedy hands on ELQ. He appealed to the board members to vote his way and Ned did the same thing. To be fair, Ned offered Alan a test: Each one of them would invest $2 million, and the one who got the bigger return would get ELQ. The tug of war continued, with Alan and Tracy taking turns running the company, resigning, letting the other one take over, and resigning again. Alan finally turned the reins over to Tracy once and for all in order to stop his then wife Lucy Coe from constantly nagging him about ELQ. Ned was then named the new CEO.

In 1990, Tracy's former beau David McAllister, wound up murdered with Tracy as the prime suspect. She asked Scott Baldwin to defend her which he only agreed to do, after he was granted the position as General Counsel at ELQ.

In 1991, ELQ was taking losses that concerned the Quartermaines but Ned assured them that a ship called the “SS Tracy” was docking with machinery that would revitalize their cannery and rebuild the Quartermaine money. However an environmental group called the Greenbelts was rallying to protest the arrival of the ship which they claimed was carrying unsafe chemicals. The ship exploded in route to dock and Ned was furious as he suspected the ship was sabotaged. Following this, Alan and Monica realized neither Ned nor Tracy could run the family business and hired Paul Hornsby to save ELQ. However Paul was part of a drug cartel that simply wanted Tracy's stock shares. A few months later when Edward was revealed to be alive, he and Ned are successful at getting ELQ back after blackmailing Paul into handing over his shares of ELQ.

In 1996, Sonny Corinthos invests in ELQ; Jasper Jacks also gets a spot on the ELQ board. Neither of these makes Edward happy, especially when Jax teams up with Tracy to take over ELQ. Ned's wife Lois was especially angry when Ned resumed his post as CEO of ELQ to help fend off Tracy and Jax.

Founder and former CEO, Edward Louis Quartermaine

In 1998, Edward promises his grandson A.J. the CEO position at ELQ if he can bring A.J.'s son Michael home to the Quartermaines. If A.J. succeeds, Ned will be out of a job. Edward is forced to eat his words when A.J. is able to bring Michael into the Quartermaine fold by marrying Michael's mother, Carly. A.J. threatens to leave with his new family if Edward doesn't fork over the CEO position. So, A.J. is appointed CEO, and Ned leaves, telling Edward that he will not come in and save the family again, especially when the whole thing blows up in his face.

In 2000, Edward kicks A.J. out of the CEO position when he learns that A.J. has burned down Sonny's warehouse, and for losing Michael. With ELQ without a CEO (Ned will not come back), Edward makes an odd move in courting corporate raider Jasper Jacks. Edward hopes that Ned will swoop in to save the company like he had done previously when Jax tried to buy out ELQ, but Ned remains true to his promise of not returning. Edward has a stroke of luck when Jax forgets about ELQ to go after a drug company to obtain medication for Lila's distant cousin Chloe Morgan from Helena Cassadine. Jax sells his shares of ELQ, which had come from A.J. and Tracy, to Edward. Edward then takes over as CEO of ELQ.

In 2001, Edward is outraged when he is voted out of the CEO position in favor of his granddaughter Skye Chandler-Quartermaine. Later that year when Jax sells controlling interest of ELQ to Lila, Edward hopes she'll make him CEO again. But, Lila tells him that he will be co-CEO with Skye. Edward has no choice but to accept Lila's decision.

When Edward fakes a stroke in 2002, Lila, uncertain of Edward's chances of a recovery, appoints Ned CEO of ELQ. Ned intends to use ELQ to go after mobster Sonny Corinthos, much to Edward's dismay.

ELQ seen in the Port Charles Skyline

In 2003, A.J. once again gets his chance to run ELQ when he becomes CEO after Ned is falsely accused of rape. However, A.J. later empties the Quartermaine bank accounts and leaves town with Lydia Karenin, leaving Edward to step in as CEO once again. Skye is later booted off the ELQ board by Edward after learning that she is in fact not a Quartermaine.

When the ELQ-owned Port Charles Hotel burns down thanks to faulty wiring, Edward wants to take responsibility for the fire, but Tracy convinces him that it will be best for ELQ if he remains quiet. While Edward recovers from a heart attack that nearly killed him, Edward's grandson Justus Ward convinces Edward that he should act senile to avoid responsibility for the fire. Tracy takes advantage of the situation and goes after ELQ. Eventually, an arson report relieves the family of responsibility for the fire, and a battle for control over ELQ breaks out between Tracy and Edward with Tracy's son Dillon holding the deciding vote. Dillon is forced to side with his mother, and Tracy is named CEO.

In 2005, Tracy's husband Luke agrees to help Tracy maintain her position as CEO of ELQ for three months, which will be long enough to solidify the position. When it is time to vote for the new CEO of ELQ, Luke doesn't support his wife, and she loses out to mobster Lorenzo Alcazar. Tracy managed to regain control later that year.

In Summer 2006, ELQ faces several lawsuits after a subsidiary of the company, Enduro, manufactured and produced faulty condoms which cause the pregnancies of Elizabeth Webber by Edward's grandson Jason Morgan and Luke's daughter Lulu Spencer by Dillon Quartermaine. Maxie Jones also used the faulty condoms as a excuse to trick Lucky Spencer into thinking she was pregnant.

Edward with former CEO Tracy Quartermaine at ELQ. (2012)

In 2011, Edward pitches the idea of having Michael intern at ELQ. Jason tells him that Michael already has a job working for Sonny, but it is up to Michael to make the decision. Not giving up, Edward offers Michael's girlfriend Abby Haver a well-paying job at ELQ, under the provision that she gets Michael to work there alongside her. Edward is delighted when Michael accepts his offer, much to Sonny and Carly's dismay. Abby enjoys her work at ELQ, but Michael does not feel the same way and quits shortly after.

Later, Tracy reaches out to Edward when mobster Anthony Zacchara threatens to inform the authorities and the Soleito family that she had secretly funneled her ex-husband Gino Soleito's money into ELQ years before.

In 2012, Edward dies and wills 60% of his stock to his living grandchildren (currently 10% each to A.J. Quartermaine, Skye Chandler-Quartermaine, Dillon Quartermaine, Ned Quartermaine, Jason Morgan [even though he was missing and presumed dead at the time]); 30% to his living great-grandchildren (currently 5% each to Michael Corinthos, Lila Rae Alcazar, Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Maya Ward [her mother Faith was never mentioned as to whether she inherited or is deceased], Danny Morgan and Kiki Jerome [initially thought to be a biological Quartermaine, then proven otherwise]); and 5% each to Edward's daughter-in-law Monica Quartermaine and the long-time Quartermaine maid Alice Gunderson. Edward's daughter Tracy Quartermaine does not inherit any stock, only the last jar of her mother Lila's Pickle-Lila relish, and Tracy mentions that Edward's son Jimmy Lee Holt had been written out of their father's will years before.

A.J. wants to be CEO of the company. He has voting support from Michael, Skye, Lila Rae and Monica. Tracy has voting support from Dillon, Ned, Brook Lynn, Maya and Alice. Both sides are tied at 41%, initially making Sam McCall the deciding factor. She has controlling interest in Jason's and Danny's shares. She decides to split her shares to make both sides at 50%. To break the tie, secondary common shareholders (initially non-voting) have the deciding vote. It turns out that Lucy Coe, former daughter-in-law of Edward, has 1% that Edward didn't get back before he passed away. After Tracy agrees to the terms to underwrite The Nurses' Ball, lets Lucy move in to the Quartermaine Mansion and makes Lucy co-CEO of ELQ with her, Lucy gives her support to Tracy. (1-10-13)

Soon after becoming co-CEO, Lucy has a psychotic break and is confined to Ferncliff Asylum after attacking police detective John McBain believing that he is vampire Caleb Morley. A.J. and Michael then obtain proof that Tracy had funneled mob money from her deceased husband Gino Soleito through ELQ, and blackmail her into resigning and naming A.J. CEO.

Tracy with former CEO A.J. Quartermaine at ELQ. (2013)

The government seizes the assets of ELQ, and this prompts A.J. and Tracy to fight for control. Tracy then remembers that she inherited her mother's Pickle-Lila relish, which gives her the idea to save the company by marketing the relish for sale again. Meanwhile, A.J., Michael and the newly-hired Duke Lavery have the same idea, and both sides scramble to find the recipe to the relish before the other. A.J. has GH lab tech Ellie Trout identify the ingredients for the recipe, and Tracy steals the recipe. She gives orders to mass produce the relish so that she can revitalize the company and vote A.J. out as the CEO with the assistance of the mystery Quartermaine heir.

While talking to his ex-wife Carly Jacks, A.J. suspects that she possibly knows about another Quartermaine heir due to her reaction when he mentions that they know all the heirs. Carly, however, won't give him any information. A.J.'s cousin Ned was listening in, and tells his mother Tracy about this.

Tracy then asks her ex-husband Luke Spencer to ask his niece Carly for information about the heir, but she only knows that the previously-unknown grandson of Edward, Robert Frank, had mentioned to her years before that he had a daughter named Lauren. Tracy then hires private investigator Damian Spinelli to find Lauren Frank for her.  Tracy is forced to sign over ELQ to A.J. for embezzling mob money into ELQ. However, Damian Spinelli defects to A.J.'s side when he decides to not betray his girlfriend, Ellie Trout, a second time.  Tracy hires Luke to track down Lauren Jerome (Franco's perceived daughter) and A.J. has Spinelli track her down as well.  Luke gets to Franco's illegally adopted mother's place first and she decides to side with Tracy.  She gives Spinelli an address to a woman that woman's father had a debt to repay Luke.  Spinelli talks to the woman and wastes time there, while Luke is talking to Ava Jerome (Lauren's mother).  Luke reveals to Spinelli that it was indeed him that sent Spinelli on the wrong path and he assumes that Luke found Lauren.  A.J. and Tracy go on The Chew to have a battle of the condiments.  The food experts on The Chew, various personnel, and even A.J.'s girlfriend Elizabeth get food poisoning, thanks to Robert "Franco" Frank who was responsible.

With Franco now revealed to be alive and the reveal of Kiki Jerome is Franco's daughter, the grandchildren now each have 10% of stock and 5% goes to each of the great-grandchildren. Tracy decides to try to go through with the takeover and summons a shareholder's meeting due to her majority of shareholders (with her original 42.5%, and Ava Jerome's proxy of 10%).  Diane Miller presides over the shareholders meeting and helps with the online voting for shareholders not present (like Ned, Dillon, Maya, etc).  It was thought that Tracy would win with Franco's shares with Ava voting giving Tracy 52.5% and Kiki Jerome aligning with A.J. due to the fact her mother and her "aunt" called a corporate meeting. The vote is taken and it's revealed that A.J. Quartermaine as of now retains his position as CEO with the 52.5%/47.5% (with a 5% shareholder flipping over to A.J.'s side). Alice Gunderson, a 5% shareholder, flipped over to A.J.'s side.  A.J. makes Alice a "honorary Vice President and head of security" then kicks Ava and Tracy out of his boardroom.  

News headline: "Kiki Not a Q!"

Connie Falconeri then overhears Sonny and Morgan Corinthos talking to each other about Kiki not being Franco's biological daughter. Connie, trying to save her paper The Press from going under, wants to break the story, so she goes to her friend Tracy for help in getting proof. Tracy lets Connie into Ava and Franco's bedroom, where Connie finds Kiki's birth certificate, which lists Silas Clay as the father. Connie prints the story Kiki not a Q on the front page of the paper the next morning, letting the whole town know that the ELQ vote was invalid since Kiki didn't have the right to vote since she is not a Quartermaine and therefore not included in Edward's will.

Without Kiki being a stockholder, Edward's living great-grandchildren are back to having 6% each, instead of 5%. The new percentages add up to a 50-50 tie between A.J. and Tracy. Tracy then goes to Lucy to secure her 1% of the non-voting stock, which she needs to be the tie breaker. Lucy gives Tracy her 1% and breaks the tie.

Michael Corinthos, his father A.J., and great-aunt Tracy discuss the family business

In 2014, Tracy once again became CEO and A.J. went back to drinking, soon becoming a prime suspect in Connie Falconeri's murder. After A.J. was murdered by Sonny Corinthos, Fluke started taking an interest in ELQ wanting to use it to fund his drug operation. When Fluke wanted to marry Tracy to gain control of ELQ, Ned Quartermaine became suspicious because of Luke's pass misdeeds. Ned gained even more suspicion when he and Michael discovered Fluke was making passes at Kiki Jerome. Fluke succeeded in marrying Tracy forcing Ned and Michael to quickly convince the other stock holders to remove Tracy as CEO. Not wanting the position to leave the family Michael stepped in and Tracy vowed revenge.

While acting as CEO, Michael hired his brother Morgan Corinthos to oversee ELQ's waterfront restoration project. According to Michael, ELQ had been working with the community to revitalize the area, building new high rises and restoring homes such as The Brownstone.

News headline: Prince Nikolas Cassa-Dines on ELQ (2015)

In 2015, Nikolas Cassadine stole ELQ stock and became the CEO. However, in 2016, Drew Cain (believed to be Jason Morgan) became the majority share holder (controlled 50.5%) after blackmailing Nikolas. He then decided to give Michael back the company and then he gave the rest of the shares back to the original owners as Edwards will stated.

Nelle Benson interrupts the ELQ shareholder meeting with shocking news (2019)

In 2019, after Oscar died, his will stated that his shares would go to Hank Archer, a manipulative cult leader and sexual predator. The family contested this action, with the shares landing in probate court limbo. However, when Hank was killed shortly after, Nelle, Michael's ex shows up, as the newly widowed "Mrs. Hank Archer", with the ability to vote his shares. When she attempts to manipulate the family into more money and control, Brook Lynn dresses her down.

Valentin Cassadine is now CEO - and Brook Lynn Quartermaine is partly to blame!

In 2020, Valentin Cassadine (Nikolas' great-uncle) became the CEO after he took over 50% of ELQ's shares. As a savvy businessman, he had taken Cassadine Industries from the brink of insolvency and turned into a highly profitable and legitimate business. He promised to do the same for ELQ, increasing stability, profit margin, and make all shareholders much, much richer. He had bought out the shares of Brook Lynn, Oscar, Skye, Lila, Maya, and the proxy control over the shares of Danny and Scout. Lucy voted her 1% tie breaking share with Valentin, as he is also the financier of her cosmetics company. With controlling shares, Valentin directs the company to no longer fund GH, after mismanagement and Nelle's lawsuit.

In August at the Nurses' Ball, Valentin, tells Michael he is very impressed with his work on developing various green technologies. He offers Michael the position of VP of Green Initiatives, which Michael turns down.

In spring of 2021, Brook Lynn, back in town, claims to be pregnant with Valentin's baby after their one-night-stand in October. He is eager to be a part of his baby's life, to which they strike a bargain - he will sign over enough ELQ shares to give the Quartermaines back majority voting, and she will let him be a father to his child. Later, she approaches Maxie. With Peter August's lies and crimes exposed and in need of a child to complete her scheme against Valentin, Brook Lynn plots with Maxie and Dr. Britt Westbourne to protect Louise. They devise a plan to pass off Louise as Brook Lynn's daughter with Valentin in order to protect her.

A legal exchange (2021)

After Louise is born, Maxie gives her to Brook Lynn so she and Valentin can protect the baby from Peter. Brook Lynn introduces her to Valentin as "Bailey Lois Quartermaine." He loves her immediately, doting on her and being a loving and attentive father, which moves Brook Lynn, believing she made the right choice that he will protect them. The next day, they make the exchange - a legal birth certificate for "Bailey" with him as the father, and the Quartermaines are given back majority shares in ELQ. A few days later, on June 15, Ned calls for an emergency board meeting for ELQ - with the intent to vote out Valentin as CEO, though he admitted to not knowing who (likely him or Michael) would take the position. Valentin predicted the votes would be split between the two and he would remain CEO.

Confronting the Latest "Lost Q" (2021)

Austin gives up his claim (2021)

On July 13, with the help of Scott Baldwin, Austin barged into the ELQ meeting to replace Valentin as CEO, revealing that he is a Quartermaine as his full name is Austin Gatlin-Holt, making him the son of Jimmy Lee Holt and Charity Gatlin and thus the grandson of Edward Quartermaine. Austin said that Jimmy Lee died six months ago and that what was rightfully his father's is rightfully his, before revealing that he wants to challenge Edward's will, which stated that Jimmy Lee and his descendants are not entitled to any ELQ shares. In August, a letter is found in Edward's former private office, in which he states that he wanted to make it up to Jimmy-Lee, by putting him and his descendants back into his will. The letter was given to Austin and Scott, and its legality is to be determined. After months of rivalry between Austin and Brook Lynn (who worries he's going to remember the Louise is Bailey) and Olivia (who doesn't want to hear that Leo might be autistic), he decides to give up his claim to ELQ as his birthright. Brook Lynn lied to GH and filed a complaint that he violated HIPAA, causing him to be suspended. Austin realized he doesn't want anything to do with the dirty dealings and machinations of his paternal family, that he would rather help his patients. He signs a legal document to that effect for a gleeful Brook Lynn. He later wipes the smirk off her face by promising that he's not done.

In November 2021, while ELQ waits to vote on a new CEO, Ned decides to use the charitable division of the family company to underwrite the "Photo Ark" exhibit at the Jerome Gallery, with the intention of getting through the communication barriers between him and his wife, using art and her love of animals.

Valentin and Ned shake on Ned's new CotB status (2022)

Right before Thanksgiving, Brook Lynn tearfully admits to Valentin that Bailey is not his daughter - and they are interrupted by Harrison Chase lying and claiming she's his. On Thanksgiving day in an act of vengeance against Brook Lynn, Valentin legally takes back the shares that he signed over at Bailey's birth. Shortly after, Drew Cain, alive and well, shows up at the mansion with the traditional pizza - making the company stock again in flux, and the Quartermaine Thanksgiving Pizza Tradition continue.

In June 2022, Michael and Drew scheme to merge Aurora Media and ELQ, as well as vote Valentin out to keep the company in the family. Carly decides to get in on the action by selling her share of The Metro Court to a financing company in order to buy a large amount of Aurora stock. Her business partner and Ned's wife Olivia, inadvertently informs Valentin of the secret plans. Valentin jumped into action, getting his friend/lawyer Martin Grey to sway his girlfriend and Valentin's Deception business partner Lucy Coe, with her 1% stock to vote in case of a tie. He realized that Ned was being left out in the cold by Drew and Michael, and he and Lucy were able to sway him at the last minute to vote against replacing him. The vote happens, Drew and Michael are astounded when they lose, Valentin stops the merger, and he, Lucy, and Drew vote for Ned to be Chairman of the Board.


In the stock exchange, ELQ deals in volatile non-qualified rate of return on short sale stocks.[1]

In control (as of November 2021)
Initially, with the birth of Valentin/Brook Lynn's "baby", Valentin has signed over majority voting rights back to the Quartermaine family - it was unknown how those votes were allocated. Once Valentin discovers he's not the father, he legally took the majority voting rights back - the same day that presumed deceased Quartermaine Drew Cain comes home, making it again unknown how the votes will be allocated.
Not in control (as of 2016)
  • Scout Cain - Voting stockholder (15%) inherited from Drew Cain; controlled by Valentin Cassadine, formerly her mom[2]
  • Danny Morgan - Voting stockholder (5%); controlled by Valentin Cassadine, formerly his mom [3]
  • Jake Spencer - Voting stockholder (6.5%); controlled by Michael Corinthos, formerly his mom

Who should run ELQ? Ned Quartermaine or Michael?

Bold typeface represents the current CEO

Michael and Wiley Corinthos visit Brook Lynn at ELQ

Those that appear in bold are current personnel




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  3. On the episode aired August 13, 2020, Sam mentioned that Danny holds 5%.
  4. Mentioned on 11/12/21 by Ned - underwrites the "Photo Ark" at the Jerome Gallery