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The Ecole Internationale De Chatel[1] (French for "Chatel International School") is a boarding school located in Chatel, France.


It was the former residence of Spencer Cassadine.

In 2016, when Spencer was supposedly orphaned by his great-uncle Valentin Cassadine, he was placed under the care of his paternal grandmother, Laura Webber, who enrolled him in a French boarding school for his protection. Spencer wanted to go to the boarding school because it was something he had planned with his father. He occasionally sneaks out to visit Port Charles.

In January 2020, his father, Nikolas, was discovered to be alive. Ava blackmailed him into marrying her, and they visited Spencer at the boarding school. Spencer wouldn't forgive his father for making him think Nikolas was dead for three years.

Returned letter from Ryan to Spencer (2021)

On February 25, 2021, an envelope addressed to “S. Cassadine” at Ecole Internationale De Chatel in France from Ryan is seen in Ryan’s hospital room with a French "Return to Sender" stamp.

On April 5, Nikolas says that Spencer is going to graduate soon.

On July 1, Spencer was back in Port Charles. In August, his girlfriend Esme Prince showed up, with Spencer explaining that they met while attending the same school.

On April 13, 2022, Esme pulls out a letter written to her at boarding school from her former nanny Maggie Fitzgerald in London. Maggie warned Esme about going to Port Charles as Esme's father was nearby.


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