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Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake is a character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. She is the daughter of Dr. Patrick Drake and his wife, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake.

She was born onscreen on November 4, 2008.

She is currently being portrayed by actress Brooklyn Rae Silzer.

Emma is seen as a miracle child because she was conceived naturally, even though her mother, Robin is HIV-positive and despite that, her father, Patrick wasn't infected when she was conceived.


ScrubsbabyEmmaRRR 2.png

Twins Ruby and Rose Romero portrayed Emma from her birth in November 2008 to February 18, 2009.[8][9]


Twins Gianna and Jessie Salvatierra portrayed Emma from March 3, 2009[10] to December 22, 2010.[11] They don't appear in 2011.[12]

Francesca Cistone portrayed Emma in five episodes: March 23, 30 & 31, May 23, and June 8, 2011.[13]

Brooklyn Rae Silzer portrayed Emma from July 29, 2011[14][15] to January 7, 2016, when she left the show with her on-screen parents, Jason Thompson (then Patrick Drake) and Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio-Drake). Silzer returned on March 31, 2016.[16][17][18]

Silzer has returned multiple times after her last appearance. She was last seen in May 2017.

On August 4, 2017, it was announced that Silzer and her on-screen grandma Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) will be returning[19] on August 17.[20]

On April 4, 2018, it was confirmed that Silzer would return to GH when Emma visits her grandmother in Port Charles.[21] She returned on April 11, 2018 and appeared until April 18, 2018, however she later returned again with Kimberly McCullough (Robin) in May for the 2018 Nurse's Ball.

On November 28, 2018, it was confirmed that Silzer would return to GH for the holidays.[22] She returned for only one episode on December 27, 2018.

On January 22, 2020, confirmed that Silzer would return to GH as Emma.[23] She returned from February 6 to February 12, 2020.


Emma ultrasound

Robin decides she wants to have a child, but when her then-boyfriend, Patrick, declares that he isn't ready for a child, she decides to use an anonymous sperm donor instead. Just as she is about to set up the donor to use for in vitro, Robin's cousin, Georgie Jones, is killed.

At her funeral, in December 2007, her sister, Maxie, rips into their mother, Felicia for abandoning Georgie, and Robin is overwhelmed by everything that happens. She goes to Patrick's apartment because she is so distraught. He consoles her and they end up sleeping together.

Emma's parents, Patrick and Robin

A month later, Robin undergoes tests before her in vitro is done, and is shocked to find out she was already pregnant. She realizes from her gestation period that the baby is Patrick's and during their one-night-stand, the condom broke. Robin worries that she could have infected Patrick due to her HIV status.

She goes to tell him that she's pregnant and that he might have been infected with HIV, but she overhears him talking to another doctor about the fact that he underwent tests to see if he had HIV when he realized the condom broke; the results were negative.

Robin decides to keep the secret of the paternity, but during a heated fight with Patrick, she admits that she is pregnant. Robin tells her uncle Mac Scorpio that the father of her baby is not as much a stranger as they think. Patrick overhears and eventually puts together the pieces, and realizes Robin is carrying his child.

When he confronts her, she finally admits that he's the father. He tells her he wants to be a part of his child's life, but Robin tells him that she's going to raise the baby on her own, just as she planned.

Emma and her parents

Over the course of her pregnancy, Patrick and Robin slowly reconcile to the point when Robin agrees to let Patrick be a part of their child's life. On May 27, their baby kicks for the first time. On June 12-13, Robin collapses due to high blood pressure and an incompetent cervix but had a procedure to correct it. On August 13, they find out that their baby is a girl, which freaks Patrick out. Not long before the baby comes, Patrick proposes to Robin, and she rejects him. When she has an early labor scare, Patrick backs off.

Robin later proposes to Patrick, realizing how much she loves him. Patrick declines, thinking Robin is doing this out of guilt. Robin's uncle, Mac, eventually forces them together in an interrogation room at the PCPD on October 9, 2008, and Robin finally accepts Patrick's marriage proposal.

Emma and her brother, Noah are the first full siblings born on General Hospital in over 20 years; the last being Maxie and the late, Georgie Jones, daughters of super couple Frisco and Felicia Jones, born in the 1990s.


Emma shortly after birth

Emma was born onscreen November 4, 2008 to Drs. Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake. Robin and Patrick set their wedding date for October 29, 2008, but Patrick gets held up at the hospital. When he finally shows and the wedding gets underway, Robin's water breaks and she's rushed to the hospital. She has a complicated delivery when her doctor and friend, Kelly Lee, realizes the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck, when she has heart decelerations during Robin's contractions. After undergoing an emergency C-section, Patrick and Robin's baby girl is born on November 4, 2008. They name her Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake and their family celebrates with them. While holding his daughter for the first time, Patrick spots a nick on Emma's ear, and both Emma's parents fear she might have been infected with HIV. Luckily, she is proved to be HIV-negative. Right after finding this out, Robin crashes due to Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. Patrick and her entire family ask her to pull through for Emma's sake.

Emma's first Christmas (2008)

Eventually, she wakes up and fights for the sake of her family. When Robin and Emma go home, Robin appears to have trouble in being a mother. Luckily, Maxie and her uncle Mac tell her to be patient. Patrick and Robin decide to set another wedding date so their daughter can be there, and they are officially married on December 29, 2008. Robin battles postpartum depression (PPD) in the beginning of 2009, and Patrick becomes increasingly worried about what this could do to Emma. During the hospital crisis in February 2009, Patrick is at the hospital trying to correct a surgery gone wrong, and Robin is at home, still not able to help Emma because of her post-partum depression. She pulls herself together long enough to realize that Emma is running a high fever.

Emma meets her uncle Sonny (2009)

She tries to get Emma to the hospital, but they get stranded when the van breaks down. Robin tries to walk but They are rescued by Maxie and Johnny Zacchara. Maxie and Johnny get Robin and Emma to the hospital, where they find out Patrick is under quarantine. Robin tells them to take Emma to Mercy Hospital while Robin helps passengers be evacuated from General Hospital. Patrick finds out Robin sent Emma with Maxie, and realizes her PPD is out of control. Robin is eventually brought to Mercy by Johnny, who tells Robin that Emma needs her now. At Mercy, Robin finds out Emma has pneumonia. After a few hours with Robin, Emma is cured, and the doctor says that it was all due to "the power of a mother's love."

Emma with her parents on Christmas (2009)

Robin's PPD escalates to the point that she hallucinates an older Emma on a pier one night. She falls into the harbor, and Patrick is afraid she purposely tried to kill herself. He pleads with her not to leave their daughter. Robin admits that she has PPD, and that she needs help. Robin refuses to take the pills her psychiatrist prescribes to her, but she goes to therapy sessions. Kelly finds out about Robin not taking the medication, and she wants to tell Patrick the truth. Robin loses her temper and Emma's stroller ends up going down a stairwell. Luckily, Patrick stops it in time. Kelly tells him what happened after Robin and Emma leave, and Patrick stages an intervention, where Robin finally admits that she needs help and she agrees to go to an out-of-state facility for treatment. Robin returns home a few months later, eager to raise a family with Patrick and Emma.

Emma on her birthday (2010)

Patrick's ex-girlfriend, Lisa Niles, comes to town in late 2009. When Robin is out of town in Africa doing volunteer work as a doctor in July 2010, Patrick sleeps with Lisa. He regrets it immediately, but Lisa becomes obsessed with Patrick. Lisa takes Emma out soon after for ice cream without Patrick and Robin's permission. Eventually, Lisa brings Emma home while Patrick and Robin are out looking for them. Lisa becomes delusional, telling Patrick she can be a mother to Emma "in case anything happened to Robin." Patrick sees the threat and realizes Lisa has lost her mind.

Emma is left alone in a car (2010)

In an attempt to protect Emma, Robin moves in with her uncle Mac while she and Patrick plan to beat Lisa at her own game. Lisa finds out she is getting played and she becomes dangerous. She puts tranqulizer pills in Robins HIV medication. When Robin unknowingly takes the pills and drives, she goes unconscious while Emma is in the backseat and crashes the van. Lisa kidnaps Robin while she is still unconscious. Patrick and Mac later find the van with Emma inside, alive but alone. Patrick realizes Robin would never leave Emma alone, and that Lisa has taken her. Patrick later found Robin in the bottom of a well that she had fallen into while trying to escape Lisa and he rescues her. Emma is soon reunited with her mom.

Emma with her parents on Christmas (2010)

After the latest incident with Lisa, Emma and her mom moved into Mac's house, the old Scorpio home, for protection. Emma and Robin celebrated Halloween unaware that Lisa had been released from Shadybrook Sanitarium. While Robin ran inside of Kelly's to grab something for her and Emma, she left Emma outside in a stroller. Lisa comes and pushes Emma's stroller away. When Robin goes back outside and can't find Emma, she beings frantically looking for her. Emma was later discovered around the corner, unharmed. Robin blamed Lisa for the incident, although she had no proof. It was later shown that Lisa was in fact the culprit and was messing with Robin in an attempt to gaslight her.

Emma on Halloween (2011)

Emma and Robin moved back in with Patrick after Mac's house was burned down by an accidental fire that was started after Emma's birthday party. Lisa who had been stalking Robin outside of the home ran inside and saved Emma and Robin when she saw the house go up in flames. However despite Lisa's heroics, she still held a grudge toward Robin and continued to plot against her. Patrick and Robin attempted to move past the Lisa drama and started attending marriage counseling. Kristina Corinthos-Davis became Emma's babysitter. Lisa began manipulating Kristina and Emma in an attempt to mess with Patrick and Robin. Kristina told Patrick and Robin of Lisa's deeds and they manage to trap her as she tries to lock Robin in a basement and kill her. Caught red-handed, Lisa was carted off to jail.

Emma asleep on her birthday (2011)

Lisa returned two more times to terrorize Emma's family until she was finally stopped. During her last act, an attack on Patrick and Robin on a boat party celebrating her Uncle Matt's research, Lisa was killed and thrown overboard. Patrick and Robin were able to move on from Lisa but were met with health problems when Robin's HIV medication stopped working. Robin got sicker and was afraid of scaring Emma with her illness. She wanted to disappear to spare her family pain but Jason Morgan convince her to stay and fight for her family. Robin was able to find a new drug protocol that worked for her and she recovered. Patrick, Robin and Emma, then took a trip out to a plot of land on which they would one day build their dream home.

Robin, Anna, Emma

In early February 2012, Emma was visited by her grandmother, Anna Devane. She is also later visited by her grandfather Robert Scorpio who brought her two stuffed koala bears, one to represent Robin and the other to represent Emma. However tragedy struck young Emma's life again when her mother Robin was tragically killed in a lab explosion while working on a drug protocol to save Jason's life. Patrick had a hard time breaking the news to Emma, but with the help of Elizabeth Webber, they were able to break the news of Robin's death to her together. Emma did not understand at first, but became deeply saddened when she started to realize that her mother was never coming home again. Patrick stayed by Emma's side and never left her through this ordeal.

Emma on Halloween (2012)

During Patrick's depression in May 2012, Patrick has been dumping Emma on Elizabeth. On May 14, 2012, while at Kelly's with Elizabeth and her son, Aiden, she complains that she misses her father and her mother. Jason walks in and helps Elizabeth talk to Emma, explaining that Robin will always be in her heart and Jason even tells Emma how much Robin meant to him. Patrick's depression caused him to start stealing amphetamines from the hospital to get through his days without Robin. After going through a detox treatment to get clean, he promised Emma that he's just been sick but he's all better and that he's not going to die.

Emma with her dad and Sabrina during the Nurses Ball (2013)

Patrick decides to open up to dating again, and begins dating Dr. Britt Westbourne. Though Britt shows an interest in Patrick, she is shown to be mean and callous behind his back. While Patrick often worries about Emma, Britt doesn't show the same concern. She convinces Patrick to hire student nurse Sabrina Santiago as Emma's babysitter, knowing full well that Sabrina has a crush on Patrick. Emma starts warming up to Sabrina, but develops a disdain for Britt when she first meets her. Patrick initially doesn't listen to her, but Sabrina does. Sabrina stops babysitting Emma when her feelings for Patrick start becoming hard to dismiss. Emma is upset about this, and even more when Patrick decides to bring her along for a date with Britt so they can get to know each other. Patrick takes a call, and leaves Emma & Britt alone. Emma tells Britt that she doesn't like her, and Britt replies back that she doesn't like Emma either, and that there's nothing Emma can do about it because she's going to be with Patrick.

Emma and Sabrina during halloween (2013)

Emma runs away right after, and finds Sabrina at the docks, and tells her what Britt said. Sabrina brings Emma back to a relieved Patrick, and explains what Emma said. Patrick cuts his date with Britt early to take Emma home. The next day, though, Britt convinces Patrick that Emma was just acting out. However, Patrick later overhears Britt threatening Sabrina and calling Emma a "spoiled brat." He immediately broke up with her, something Britt didn't take kindly to. Emma expressed to Patrick that she hoped he would date Sabrina now that he was free. Sabrina told Patrick the truth about her feelings right before she graduated nursing school. Patrick wasn't sure, unable to trust himself after what happened with Britt. But when Emma sent a picture of her and Sabrina at her graduation to Patrick, he realized his feelings and wanted to tell Sabrina.Patrick would eventually tell Sabrina he wanted a chance with her at the Nurses' Ball, an event Patrick and Sabrina put together to honor Robin. Patrick would give a touching dedication to Robin during the event with Emma by his side.

Emma hugs her mommy (2013)

Britt crashes his dedication and announces onstage in front of the crowd that she's pregnant with Patrick's child. Emma is upset, not wanting anything to do with Britt or the new baby. Though Britt tries to make a play for Patrick with the baby, Patrick stays with Sabrina, something Emma is very happy about. Eventually, Emma begins to warm up to the idea of being a big sister to her little brother, as Patrick later tells her. However, Britt later admits to Patrick that the baby isn't his when Patrick threatens to take the baby away from her. Patrick slowly breaks this news to Emma, who is hurt that she won't be a big sister, but who hopes to be a big sister someday. Emma is delighted when Patrick & Sabrina tell her they're getting married soon. Emma dressed as Dina Girl for Halloween, and ends up spilling punch on herself.

Emma runs to her mommy

Unknown to Emma, Robin comes to her rescue in disguise. Emma thanks her with a hug. Sabrina sees what's going on and goes to Emma, who says that Sabrina is going to be her new mommy, which causes Robin to take off. Later on, Sabrina tells Emma that what she said meant a lot, but promises her that she will never try to replace her real mommy. Emma is reunited with her mother at her father and Sabrina's wedding, and she is overjoyed. Patrick, though, is conflicted, and lets Robin take Emma to Anna's place while he figures out who he wants to be with. He later promises Emma he'll make his choice in time for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Emma's parents get back together. She opens her presents with them, and is disappointed when she opens her mother's present and it's something she already has. She opens Sabrina's present, and says it's exactly what she wanted. Though Robin feels awkward about this, she decides to enjoy the fact that she has Emma back. On New Year's Eve, Emma "officiates" while Patrick & Robin renew their vows at home as the clock strikes midnight. Emma ends up falling asleep just before midnight.

Emma, Cameron, Spencer and Heather

Emma spends time with Cameron Spencer and Spencer Cassadine, who both want Emma to be their girlfriend. The three often get into mischief, and on one particular occasion, they are running around Wyndemere, Spencer's home, when they come upon Heather Webber in the stables. They notice something moving under a blanket near Heather, which is covering Carly Jacks, Heather's captive. Heather, though, tells Cameron, Spencer, & Emma that it's the chupacabra, a mystical creature that preys on animals. The three run off, and later talk about slaying the "chupacabra" so it won't hurt the horses.

Emma and her mom

Emma researches the chupacabra, and later asks Patrick if she can come to work with him. Robin is reluctant to, as the woman who held her captive for two years, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, Britt's mother, is now the Chief of Staff at the hospital. Robin agrees, on the condition that Patrick keeps Obrecht away from Emma. At the hospital, though, Dr. Obrecht approaches Emma trying to win her over with candy, but Emma spitefully turns her away. Patrick later tells Dr. Obrecht to stay away from his daughter. Sabrina comes to the nurses' station, and Emma says she misses Sabrina, and Sabrina returns the sentiment. Obrecht then remarks nonchalantly about Sabrina's pregnancy, surprising Emma.

Patrick and Sabrina tell Emma about her baby brother

Sabrina later confirms that she is pregnant, and Emma asks if her dad's the father. Sabrina says no – her ex-boyfriend, Carlos Rivera, is. Emma then reveals she came to ask Sabrina about the chupacabra & how to slay it. Sabrina insists it's not real, but Emma gets her backpack to show proof. When she bends down, Elizabeth comes in and asks Sabrina to tell Patrick that he is actually the baby's father. Emma reveals herself then, and asks Sabrina if what Elizabeth said is true. Elizabeth retracts then, telling Emma she made a mistake. Emma then tells Sabrina that she would be happy if Patrick was her baby's father, because she loves Sabrina. Elizabeth later takes her to the nursery when Emma says she wants to see the newborn babies.

Emma's brother, Gabriel

Sabrina, upset about lying to Emma, finally admits to Patrick afterwards that he is the father of her baby. On March 20, 2014, Emma and Cameron start "dating". Then Emma finds out that Sabrina is having a baby boy with her daddy, making the baby her half-brother. Emma has a dance recital. On her way home, her, Patrick and a pregnant Sabrina are in a car accident. On April 26, Sabrina delivered a premature baby boy on the roadside with the help of Britt Westbourne and Patrick Drake. The baby is severely early and has many complications. He was fighting for his life in the General Hospital NICU.

Emma hugs Sabrina

On May 27, Emma comes to visit Sabrina and her half-brother at the NICU. She gives Sabrina flowers and a stuffed koala bear to give to the baby so he has a friend. Emma insists her brother needs a name, and suggests "Early" because he came early. After some jokes about it, the baby is named Gabriel by Sabrina after her mother. Sabrina wishes to honor Emma in the baby's middle name, so the baby is named Gabriel Drake Santiago. Emma finds out that her baby brother died and she is crushed.

Emma and her daddy

On June 25, Emma goes to camp but before she gets there she takes flowers to Gabriel's grave. She then meets up with Cameron and Spencer. Spencer gives her money for the Gabriel fund and Emma says she can't wait to make her own donation. She says that she wants to be friends with Spencer but that she can only have one soul mate - Cameron because he gets what she's going through (they both lost little brothers) and she gets him. On the July 4th, Patrick and Emma go to watch the fireworks together. Emma asks Patrick if he and Robin will be getting a divorce and Patrick says yes, because although he and Robin still love each other, he doesn't think they can be married anymore. Emma is saddened by the news of her parents impending divorce and Patrick comforted her. Emma starts acting out and has a hard time accepting her parents' divorce.

Emma and Anna

Emma is later seen at camp with Cameron, Spencer and Josslyn. In early August, Emma talks to her mom on the computer and then she cuddles with her dad. A few weeks later, Emma throws a tantrum because she misses her mom. Months later Emma goes back to school with her "boyfriend" and her friends. Eventually Patrick starts dating Sam. At Spencer's birthday party, she and Cameron break up. Afterwards, she and Spencer get caught in a fire but Emma is uninjured. Sam and Danny eventually move in and her and Patrick get engaged much to Emma excitement. Soon after Emma expresses her fears that Danny's daddy will come back like her mommy did but Sam reassures her that that won't happen. For Halloween, Emma and Danny go trick or treating as a doctor and Evie.

Emma and Sam: Your daddy and I aren't getting married

Sure enough Emma's fears come true when Jake Doe is revealed to Jason Morgan, Danny's dad and Sam's husband. A devastated Emma finds out about this from Spencer while they are in the park. After Spencer leaves, she is approached by a child predator (under the orders of Jerry Jacks) who pretended she had lost her dog, Bella, asked her for help finding her and then when Emma refused, the predator tried to grab her but failed when Emma bit her to free herself. Emma started screaming for help and Tracy came to her rescue. Tracy calls Patrick and he comforts Emma and they talk about Sam. After weeks of trying to work things out, Patrick and Sam decide to end their engagement devastating Emma in the process.

Emma is so devastated that Patrick decides to take Emma to Paris to surprise Robin but when they get there, they find that Robin is missing. Patrick calls Anna to help and Felicia to watch Emma. After finding Robin, Patrick, Anna and Robert bring her to Paris where Emma is reunited with her mother on Christmas.

In 2016, Patrick and Robin get back together and get married again before moving to California with Emma.

Emma hugs Sonny

Emma and Robin surprise Anna

On March 31, during spring break, Emma returns to Port Charles to visit her grandma while her parents are at a medical conference in Morocco. Later on, she meets Griffin Munro and then the next day they play cowboys and neurosurgeons. Emma also attends The Nurses' Ball with her mother and performs a duet to "Don't Go Breaking my Heart" with Ned Quartermaine (as Eddie Maine).

She also helps Spencer through Nikolas' "memorial". Before she heads back to California, she signs Anna up for a dating website.

Emma comes back to Port Charles for Christmas and meets Charlotte Cassadine. She is also present as Nathan and Maxie's wedding and acted as co-flower girl along with Georgie.

In February 2017, it was revealed that Emma is going to have a sibling.


During the 2017 Nurses Ball, Emma, Nurse Amy Driscoll, Kristina Corinthos-Davis and officer Valerie Spencer sing and perform a dance routine to Brave by Sara Bareilles. Jake also asked Emma to be an assistant in his magic act. Later when they were performing after the ball, the magic act was put to a halt after Jake was revealed to be in possession of the chimera virus, her grandma and Valentin had her and Charlotte removed from the stage and they went back to Lulu's with her (Lulu) and Laura.

Emma with her grandma and aunt Felicia

On July 25, 2017, Anna announced that Robin had gone into labor and that the baby should be born sometime that night.[24] It was also revealed that Robin won't tell Anna the gender of the baby.[25]

Emma and Anna discuss the diamond

Her little brother, Noah was born in July of 2017.

On April 11, 2018, Emma returned to Port Charles to visit her grandmother and she eventually said that she was doing a school project on Switzerland. Coincidentally, Anna and Jason were planning to go to Switzerland and Emma thought it would be really cool if she actually got to go there and research that country in person.

On April 13, Emma was seen with her grandmother in their hotel suite and her grandfather Robert eventually came to visit them. When Robert learned that Anna was working on a covert operation with Jason, he eventually asked "HQ" (Emma) if he could come aboard the secret mission and Emma said permission granted.

Later on, Anna, Robert and Emma went undercover to a boarding school that Henrik Faison went to and Emma posed as a potential new student. Eventually as they gathered intel, Emma told Anna and Robert that Henrik was using the name "Henri Francois." After a few more days in Switzerland, Emma went back home to California.

On May 16, Emma returned to Port Charles again with her mom this time and the two of them were seen at the 2018 Nurse's Ball.

On December 27, Emma came to visit her grandmother for the holidays and during that time Anna invited Finn to move in with her.

Crimes Committed

  • Truancy; skipped school with Spencer Cassadine [Nov 21, 2014]
  • Assault; bit a women in self-defense (she tried to take Emma) [Nov 16, 2015]
  • Stole Valentin's photo of her grandmother Anna Devane on Christmas Eve [Dec 23, 2016]

Health and Vitals

  • Born via emergency C-section because the cord was wrapped around her neck [Oct-Nov 2008]
  • Wasn't breathing when she was born (received CPR and recovered) [Nov 2008]
  • Had an HIV scare when her father found a nick on her ear; the HIV test came back negative [Nov 2008]
  • Placed in a tree by her mother during a snow storm [Feb 2009]
  • Suffered from pneumonia [Feb 2009]
  • Accidentally left at Kelly's by her mother [Mar 11, 2009]
  • Accidentally pushed down the stairs in her stroller by her mother (she was uninjured) [Apr 24-27, 2009]
  • Stalked and tormented by Dr. Lisa Niles for over a year [Jul 2010-Oct 2011]
  • Kidnapped by Lisa Niles (she had permission from the babysitter to take her for ice cream, but didn't have permission from Emma's parents) [Aug 20-23, 2010]
  • Threatened by Lisa Niles when she boiled one of her toys in the lab [Sep 7, 2010]
  • In a car accident when her mother fell asleep at the wheel after being drugged with tranquilizers by Lisa Niles [Sep 24, 2010]
  • Left alone in a car when Lisa Niles took her mother [Sep 24, 2010]
  • Briefly kidnapped by Lisa Niles, a second time, on Halloween in order to make her mother appear paranoid [Oct 29-30, 2010]
  • Suffered from minor smoke inhalation after being inside Mac's house when it caught on fire [Nov 2010]
  • Experienced a fever after ingesting the toxin Jerry Jacks had placed in the Port Charles water supply [Sep 2012]
  • Had pink eye [revealed Sep 2013]
  • Threatened by Luke Spencer [Apr 2014]
  • Rendered unconscious in a car accident caused by Rafe Kovich, Jr. who was put up to it by Victor Cassadine [Apr 23-24, 2014]
  • Trapped in a flame-engulfed building [Feb 23-24, 2015]
  • Threatened by Jerry Jacks and the people holding her mother, Robin, hostage [revealed Nov 16, 2015]
  • Approached by a child predator under the orders of Jerry Jacks who tried to grab Emma when she refused to help her find her dog (a lie to get Emma to go with her willingly; Emma was emotionally traumatized as a result) [Nov 16, 2015]

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  1. Used while helping Anna investigate Henrik.
  2. Patrick stated that Emma was 5 on November 30, 2011.
  3. On October 28, 2013, Patrick and Robin stated that Emma was born 5 years ago from that day.
  4. Patrick stated on June 27, 2014, that Emma was eight years old during the car accident that occurred in April 2014.
  5. They "dated" on and off while in school.
  6. They "dated" on and off while in school.
  24. Anna: "Robin's having the baby!" ...
  25. On July 25, Anna said "I'm gonna spend a little time grandmothering around with Emma while everyone gets used to the new sibling." and Maxie responded, "Sibling? We still don't know if that baby's a boy or a girl?" and Anna responded with, "We don't, no! She won't tell me."

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Devane family

Devane Profile 2020.jpg
Alex Devane
Anna Devane
Peter August
Robin Scorpio
(married to Patrick Drake)
Leora Hayward
Bailey Jones
Emma Scorpio-Drake
Noah Scorpio-Drake
Gabriel Santiago (Robin's stepson)
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Drake family

Noah Drake (widowed from Maddie Drake)
Patrick Drake (married to Robin Scorpio)
Matt Hunter
Martin Drake (uncle of Noah Drake)
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Scorpio family

ScorpioBrothersIcon 2021.jpg
Robert Scorpio
(Mac's brother)
Mac Scorpio
(married to Felicia Cummings)
Robin Scorpio
(married to Patrick Drake)
Maxie Jones
(widowed from
Nathan West)
Gabriel Santiago (Robin's stepson)