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EuroTech is a European company which is used as a front for the evil organization DVX, the rival of the W.S.B.


On December 6, 2019, Peter August calls David Black and orders a hit on Andre Maddox and Franco Baldwin. Andre is about to perform a mind mapping procedure to restore Franco's memories (he had Drew Cain's old memories).

On December 9, 2019, David Black arrives at General Hospital to perform the hit. Peter talks to Anna Devane who says Peter is nothing like his father Cesar Faison. Peter changes his mind about the hit and shoots David who later dies.

On December 20, 2019, Anna is looking for a connection between David and Peter and discovers they were both working at EuroTech (a DVX front company) at the same time.

On December 26, 2019, Anna discusses the evidence with Hamilton Finn who tells her to turn Peter in. Anna wants to wait until she finds more proof first.

On January 13, 2020, Anna tampers with a police file to prevent the P.C.P.D. from finding the evidence needed to link Peter to David.

On February 4, Anna tells Peter that she has suppressed the evidence that would tie Peter to David and that Anna would try her best to protect Peter from Jason Morgan, who suspects Peter was involved in the hit on Andre and Franco.

On February 5, Sam McCall tells Spinelli that she suspects Peter hired the gunman, David. Anna admits to Finn that she withheld the evidence connecting Peter and David.

On February 6, Sam tells Finn about her deal with Jason to provide Robert Scorpio with incriminating information on Peter. She asks Finn if he has anything to add but he is interrupted by a phone call and leaves. Finn tells Anna about Jason and Sam working with Robert to find a connection between Peter and David.

On February 11, Finn informs Jason and Sam about the EuroTech connection. Sam remembers Peter's resume listed EuroTech when he applied to work at Aurora Media. Finn has a few demands. He wants the authorities to deal with Peter (not Jason) and he wants his name left out when Sam and Jason tell Robert. After Robert is informed by Sam and Jason of the EuroTech connection, he says it is a good start. Robert leaves and comes back later claiming the deal is off.

On March 5, Anna asks Peter if he has heard of Lumina Industrial Enterprises, which was a front company that obtained visas for Cesar Faison's associates. She tells Peter that there was a large wire transfer from that company to David a few weeks before he attacked Andre and Franco. Anna gets a text with a suspect for the attack. It is Liesl Obrecht. Anna asks Peter not to tell anyone about this and leaves. Peter calls someone and thanks them for getting the information out in such a timely manner.

On February 24, 2021, Anna showed Peter the proof that he and David worked at EuroTech together at the same time. Peter tosses the papers in the fire.

On February 21, 2022 in a Swiss W.S.B. facility, Agent Muller searches for Peter August, who is on the run with Maxie Jones, under various company names including EuroTech. No results show up on her computer.