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Evan Boyd is a fictional character in the ABC daytime drama General Hospital.

He was portrayed by Preston Jones on October 18-19, 2016.


In October 2016 at the Metro Court, Tracy talks with Finn about GH when Hayden arrives. Finn asks Tracy if he can talk with Hayden. Finn is coughing as he informs her that his latest tests on himself didn’t work out. Hayden is mad that he experimented on himself and worries that he will end up killing himself. Finn reminds her that he’s dying anyway so this is his only chance. Evan Boyd, Hayden’s date, arrives so she leaves to have dinner with him.

Over at her table, Hayden discovers that her very rich date Evan manages his family’s research grant division. Hayden brings up her friend’s research and asks if Evan could get him a grant. Evan says he can, and he hints at how Hayden can thank him in return. She is disgusted by his proposal and throws her drink in his face. Back at Finn and Tracy’s table, Finn begins to cough violently and Hayden sees him as she starts to walk out on her date. She returns to Evan and takes him up on his offer while suggesting they go someplace more private.

Hayden agrees to go to Evan’s hotel room with him for the grant and they leave. Finn wonders where Hayden and her date are going. Tracy says that Hayden is a big girl but Finn should do what makes him happy since he is dying. She leaves and Finn looks at Evan’s bill to find out his room number.

Evan and Hayden (2016)

Upstairs in his room, Hayden asks Evan for a drink and she refuses to drink alone. Once he’s drunk enough Hayden demands that he write a check before sleeping together. He does but he stops her from going to the ATM as he wants to finish things.

Later, Finn kicks down Evan’s door and finds him on the floor half undressed and passed out near to Hayden. Finn is disgusted to touch Evan but Hayden begs for his help and he drags Evan’s body to the bed. He doesn’t understand why Hayden did this but she brags about the check that they will cash after she makes Evan think they had sex. Finn worries about her and Hayden teases him by saying that he isn’t dead yet and she points out that she is hot. Suddenly the room starts spinning for Hayden and she falls into Finn’s arms.

Crimes Committed

  • Propositioned Hayden Barnes to have sex with him for a research grant [Oct 18, 2016]

Health and Vitals

  • Passed out after drinking [Oct 19, 2016]