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The Falconeri House is a two-story home in Port Charles, New York.


It is the residence of Dante Falconeri and Rocco Falconeri, and the former residence of Dustin Phillips, Lulu Spencer, and Charlotte Cassadine.

Dante and Lulu decide to buy a house and with Sonny's help (unknowingly) they buy one in August 2016. They formerly lived together at the Falconeri Loft and wanted a bigger space for their family. Dante moved out when he left town for PTSD treatment and divorced Lulu in 2019.

On October 9, 2020, Lulu invited her long-term boyfriend Dustin to move in - to which he agreed...and that very same day, Dante showed up after being gone a year. Dante's mother Olivia invited him to live at the Quartermaine Mansion.

On October 27, Dustin agrees to move in with Lulu.

In November, Dustin and Lulu were caught in an explosion at The Floating Rib. Dustin was killed and Lulu lapsed into a coma due to a cerebral edema. She was moved into Silver Water, an aftercare institute in Manhattan. Rocco moved into the Q mansion with his dad[1], and Charlotte is now living with her father, Valentin, in his suite at The Metro Court.

As of 2021, Dante and Rocco have moved back into their house.



  1. Episode 12/7/20, Valentin & Dante confirm that he and Rocco are living at the Q mansion while Lulu is away in her coma