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The Federal Bureau of Investigations, also known as the F.B.I., is a federal agency that has jurisdiction all over the United States. The FBI specializes in investigations, providing resources to local and state authorities and establishing task forces with the local and state authorities.


In September 1999, Sonny Corinthos is arrested and released by the FBI for racketeering.

In April 2001, Sonny is arrested by the FBI when Carly Benson and Roy DiLucca set him up.

In 2009, Damian Spinelli is freed from the FBI's hold when Sam McCall, with the help of FBI agent Winifred Leeds, destroys all the evidence against him.

In 2010, FBI Agent Tom Rayner suspects Dante Falconeri of lying about his shooting, and takes away his NYPD badge and forces him to resign from the force.

In 2015, Brad Cooper mentioned that Cesar Faison is on the Top 10 of the FBI's most wanted list.

In September 2016, Hayden Barnes was arrested and released for stealing diamonds from her father before the FBI could seize them.

In October 2019, Jordan Ashford called Sam back to the PCPD where she was once again arrested for Hank "Shiloh" Archer's murder by FBI agent Edward Caldwell thanks to Bryce Henderson framing her by naming her as the person who hired him to help Shiloh escape.

From August 24-27, 2020, Nelle Benson is a fugitive and she is hunted by the FBI and the PCPD.

In February 2021, FBI Special Agent Wilson questions Carly and Jasper "Jax" Jacks about Nelle’s death after Nina Reeves reopens the case. Wilson closes the case again due to no hard evidence.