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Ferncliff Asylum is one of the local mental institutions in the city of Port Charles.


Various residents of Port Charles have been in Ferncliff. Psychiatrist Kevin Collins is a doctor there, and occasionally visits to check on his patients.

In January 2013, Lucy Coe is treated here when she has a mental break and stabs John McBain thinking that he is vampire Caleb Morley. She also believes that Sam McCall is Livvie Locke-Clay and Duke Lavery is vampire Joshua Temple.

In June 2018, Nurse Mary Pat Ingles began to watch over some of the patients at Ferncliff and later threatened current patient Carly Corinthos's neighbour in a different room (Ryan Chamberlain).

On July 13, 2018, Carly drugged Mary Pat to break out of Ferncliff and stop her son Michael Corinthos from getting married to Nelle Benson-Jerome.

Jason Morgan and Franco Baldwin help Carly escape again when she is sent back to Ferncliff and almost is given electroshock therapy by Dr. Lasaris.

In August 2018, when Nurse Mary Pat was fired at Ferncliff, she was replaced by Nurse Kay. All of the staff was also replaced and new Orderly Gordon allowed Ryan to escape his constraints. Ryan leaves Ferncliff and holds his twin brother Kevin Collins there in his place.

In February 2019, Franco is sent to Ferncliff and almost killed by Ryan.