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THe Tin man: You got 20 min B:your bleeding S: Lucky punch how you doing B: wanna be somewhere else S: costa rica B: costa rica is great the beaches making love in the ocean B: yeah how would we get there S: boat at this point i'll swim B: I LOVE YOU Sonny I dont wanna die S: i meant what i said earlier riveria thinks that if i he needs you alive and he needs you to control me and the tin man has already figured that out so has his guards if this thing falls apart its going to get them killed you understand what im saying B; no you think there going to let us go S:if we play this out a little longer maybe i just got to get my hands on a gun for you this are automatics you pull the trigger and you keep firing dont care about if i get shot or they shoot you just take out rivera and i ll take care of the rest B; sonny i cant kill someone S: you can do whatever you have to sweetheart ive always known that about you were going to get thru this no lie B: no lie S: you know what i wanna do when i get out of here B:take a shower S: I wanna marry you I would get on one knee but i would discolate my shoulder i need to shoot straight B: you asking me to marry you S: i meant it i love you and i want you to be my wife B: since i met you thats the only thing i wanted you to say to me but i thought you never were going to say it S: why B: cause you cant marry someone you dont trust S: i dont trust myself i was scared to love you when i looked in your eyes i would know how easy it wasfor you to cut me to ribbions thats why i lied but what i did & where id been i couldnt risk you knowing or take the chance of you hurting me what if i went crazy and hurt you back i was afarid to love you because deke loved my mother & he hit her anyway so i fiqured maybe i was no better than he was but i know i am cause you made me better i love you will you marry me B: you remember my 21 st birthday party S: when i gave you that ring B: you gave me that bloodstone cause i saved your life you know i thought you were going to ask me to marry you that night in front of everyone and the whole time that we have been apart i thought how things would have been different if you'd asked me then but know i know you werent ready then neither was I im so ready now i will marry you michael corinthos jr and i ll love you everyday for the rest of our lives S: for a long life i promise i love you

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