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  • The Acorn Motel
    Low cost hotel that was run in Port Charles through the 2010s.
  • ADZ Warehouses
    A chain of warehouses owned by the mafia members in the "Tumble Dry" money laundering scam. They are located on the Waterfront and "Fisherman Village" was created as part of the scam.
  • Archer's Pavilion
    A local pavilion that is used for gatherings and events; such as weddings, holidays, and parties.
  • Asian Quarter
    The Asian Quarter is a ghetto district located within Port Charles and is home to a large Asian population. The residents of this part of the city once lived in fear of an extortion ring that dominated the area, but thanks to the efforts of then police commissioner Robert Scorpio, the extortion ring was busted.
  • Barney's Place
    A downtown bar where in 1976, Jeff Webber attempted to commit suicide after finding out his wife, Monica Bard, had been having an affair with his brother, Rick.
  • The Cellar/Flynn's Club
    Located at 324 Wharf Street (beneath Kelly's), Port Charles, NY– Carly Benson, proprietor. Opened February 14, 2003. Rekindled night club created from the remnants of “The Flynn’s Club”, a speakeasy that originally opened New Years Eve 1926. Flynn’s was owned by Catherine Flynn, wife of mobster Marco Flynn and the grandmother of Faith Rosco. On New Year's Eve 2002, Carly and Ric Lansing discovered the speakeasy bricked off in the basement of Kelly’s Diner. Faith Rosco had an invalid claim of ownership by way of inheritance.
  • Chloe Morgan Designs
    Chloe Morgan Designs: Original founder/CEO: Chloe Morgan; Chloe started the clothing design company in 1995 with money inherited from her wealthy late uncle Herbert. She ended up having to marry Ned by convenience in order to keep the money and company. It was bought by ELQ. It is assumed to be defunct since Chloe's death by Stavros Cassadine in 2001.
  • The Croydon Hotel
    Low cost hotel that was run in Port Charles during the 80's. Residents include Laura Templeton, and her sister Jackie. It was demolished in the early 90's.


  • Duke's Club/Delafield's
    Run by Duke Lavery and Felicia Jones, this club was a popular hangout for Port Charles residents in the late 1980s. After Duke's death, the club was purchased in 1990 by classical pianist Katherine Delafield and reopened under the name Delafield's. Katherine regularly performed as well as did Frisco Jones. This same club, previously known as Duke's Club, had belonged to Duke Lavery and was purchased after his presumed death in 1990.
  • The Equinox Corporation
    Equinox, officially named the Equinox Defense Arms Corporation was a military equipment manufacturer that was first introduced in January 2007.
  • Fisherman Village
    Waterfront development constructed by mobsters in the “Tumble Dry” money laundering scam. Dan Rooney, Commissioner of Waterfront Development, tried to oppose the construction due to the shoddy construction plans, but was silenced in an “accident” arranged by Mr. Big (Co-Police Chief Burt Ramsey).
  • The Floating Rib
    This restaurant, located across the street from General Hospital, was another popular establishment in the early 1980s. Closed during the late 1980’s. On February 23, 2006, Holly Sutton (not knowing that the restaurant was long out of business) demanded that Luke Spencer and Robert Scorpio meet her outside the restaurant with two million dollars for each vial of antidote for the mutant encephalitis virus that had gripped the city that month. A popular massage parlor is now located on this site.
  • The Floating Rib/Jake's
    The Floating Rib (formerly Jake's) was a popular bar owned and managed by Mac Scorpio and Felicia Cummings. It was originally operated by a lady named Jake. In 2012, the name of the bar was changed to The Floating Rib after Luke Spencer paid the former manager Coleman Ratcliffe a substantial amount of money in cash because he thought "Jake's" was a reminder to Elizabeth Webber of her son, Jake Spencer, who was presumed dead after Luke drove while drunk a year earlier. It was renamed after the former restaurant in Port Charles that was open in the 1980s. It was blown up in 2020, and a branch of The Bank of ELQ is being built on the location.


  • HTI
    A research firm that the WSB had contracted with to find a secret antidote to the DVX's lethal germ MOX 36. The research was conducted by Dr. Eric Ingstrom before being abducted by the DVX. Stockholders in this firm included Greta Ingstrom and various Quartermaines.
  • Luke's Place
    Port Charles' first casino founded by Luke Spencer and D.L. Brock in 1983. This is notable because according to the city charter, only one casino was allowed to operate. After closing the casino when he was elected mayor later that year, he retained the casino rights. Port Charles did not have another casino until he converted his recently reacquired Haunted Star into a casino on December 26, 2003.
  • Niagara Equities
    A construction company that once used illegal fracking practices, and was owned by pedophile Jim Harvey. It was given to one of his victims, Steven Blake, who donated it to the town.
  • Nite Lite Motel
    Low cost hotel that was run in Port Charles through the 2010s.
  • The Oasis
    Strip club owned by Coleman where Courtney Matthews secretly worked under the name “Daisy” to pay for damages caused by her then husband, A.J. Quartermaine. On August 28, 2002, A.J. destroyed the club in an arson fire after he found out about Courtney’s job.


  • Recovery Room
    Bar & Grill located across the street from General Hospital. Managed by the Scanlon family and Mary Scanlon's husband Victor Collins. Previously managed by Mike Corbin. Popular establishment in the late 1990s.
  • Rive Gauche
    Posh, upscale Italian restaurant in downtown Port Charles. Johnny Zacchara wanted to take Lulu Spencer here on New Year's Eve 2008.
  • Sonny's Coffee Shop
    This coffee shop was opened in December 2006 by Sonny Corinthos to serve as a front for his illegal activity. Sonny frequently worked out of an office in the building. Carly Corinthos took over decorating and added a coffee cart. In November 2008, the building was burnt to the ground.


  • Teen Time Sports Center
    Teen Time Sports Center was a local sports center in Port Charles founded in the 80s by Rick Webber, to give kids a place to go rather than hang out on the streets and get into trouble. There is also a TV program called Teen Time.
  • The Ward House
    Orphanage founded by Mary Mae Ward, named for her son Bradley, a community leader who had died 20 years earlier. Pediatrician Simone Hardy was a volunteer at the home and introduced Mary Mae to Laura Webber. In 1996, Laura purchased and operated the orphanage after Mary Mae’s death. Destroyed in an arson fire started by mobster Damian Smith who wanted the land to build a toxic waste incinerator.