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Franco Baldwin[14] was a fictional character and former antagonist on ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He was the son of attorney, Scott Baldwin and super villain, Heather Webber. He was the illegal adoptive brother of former Navy SEAL, Chief Drew Cain.

Franco was formerly an eccentric and reclusive photographer, a world renowned artist, sociopath and serial killer, whose terror of choice was the use of manipulations and mind games. However, all this miraculously changed, when he returned to Port Charles in 2013, and he slowly started to remake himself and in 2014, he became the founder of General Hospital's art therapy program.

The character was originated by actor James Franco starting November 19, 2009 and was listed as a special guest star before the opening credits. James Franco was last seen as "Franco" on January 13, 2012.

Roger Howarth portrayed the character from May 13, 2013 to March 11, 2021. (His character's identity was revealed on May 29, 2013.)


James Franco as Franco

In 2009, James Franco sought out a soap opera role. Sharing the same agent as Steve Burton, who played Jason Morgan on General Hospital, he went to that series for his request. Franco signed on for a series of 20 episodes that he filmed in three days. He was credited as a special guest star, and first appeared on November 19, 2009. His scenes aired through February 2010. He returned on June 30, 2010 for a summer-long storyline. He next appeared on February 25 and February 28, 2011, bookending his co-hosting job of the 83rd Academy Awards. Franco returned for a longterm stint on September 20, 2011 that aired until January 13, 2012.

James Franco recalled first approaching General Hospital to The New Yorker: "I wanted their full treatment, so all I said was that I wanted to be an artist and I wanted my character to be crazy. Franco's friend and colleague Carter, a conceptual artist who Franco was collaborating with on the film Maladies, had suggested that Franco take a soap opera role and play an artist. They would use the material in the film, where Franco plays a former soap opera star. The General Hospital writing staff created the rest of the character, Executive producer at the time Jill Farren Phelps stated, "He’s an unusual character and he has an unusual goal", promising his primary story arc would involve character Jason Morgan.

The series promoted the character as "an artist whose canvas is murder". Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly compared the characters art installations to a rip off of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Franco is revealed to be a serial killer and a sociopath, whose vendetta against Jason that becomes an obsession. Michael Logan of TV Guide called Franco's fascination of Jason an "ongoing man-crush." James Franco explained to TV Guide: "Jason is a master assassin who's murdered a lot of people and gotten away with it, which is very attractive to Franco. He likes that danger. (Long thoughtful pause) There's an underlying sexiness to that....if that's what you're getting at. Yes, there's a underlying sexiness to that connection."

On May 13, 2013, Roger Howarth returned to General Hospital as Franco, essentially recasting James Franco's original character.

Previous scenes were re-shot, to show Howarth's likeness instead of James Franco's.

This also marks the first time the character of Franco is a full-time contract cast member, rather than a special guest character, or recurring.

On March 9, 2021, Franco was killed off but Howarth admitted he is on hiatus but is still on the show.[15]

He made his last appearance as Franco on March 11, 2021 and he returned on May 27, 2021 as a new character named Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt.


Franco's parents, Heather and Scott.

Franco was the biological son of Scott Baldwin and Heather Webber. He was conceived during a period when Heather had just been institutionalized by her then-husband Jeff Webber and Scott was reeling after his divorce from love, Laura Webber. Heather managed to escape the institution and ran into Scotty at Kelly's diner. The two shared a few drinks and had a one-night-stand, which resulted in Franco. Heather never told Scott she was pregnant and hid her pregnancy.

Once Franco was born, his mother sold him to nurse Betsy Frank, whom he was raised by in Bensonhurst. He was formerly believed to be the son of Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore due to Heather lying about his true parentage. He did not discover that his true parents are Heather and Scott until well into adulthood.

Photo of Bobby and Andy

Betsy raised Bobby, later known as Franco, and Alan's second son with Susan who is also Jason Morgan's identical twin Andy, later known as Andrew Cain, as brothers. Betsy claims he and Drew were inseparable, they were closer than brothers and the best of friends since birth; Andy always use to follow Bobby around the house and their bond was so strong that Drew's first word was Bobby's name. Franco himself claimed that "I remember the feeling surrounding [their bond]. Like I wasn't alone. Like I had a friend." On one Christmas, Drew gave him a rabbit's foot key chain for luck and declared him to be his best friend. Franco kept the key chain with him for decades as a reminder of his brother. Betsy claims that at the age of 3, Drew died from a heart defect and she left town with Bobby to start over. Over the years, Bobby longed for Drew as he missed his brother, his best friend and whenever he would ask about him, Betsy would tell him that Drew was just imaginary.

Franco's painting of Bobby and Andy

Later in his life, Franco made a painting that represents both him and his "imaginary friend" Drew and it would become his most cherished painting. On October 18, 2017, Betsy admitted that she lied about the heart defect and Drew was alive, but she had to give him away after Franco pushed him down the stairs. However, in early 2018, Franco begins to unlock his blocked memory and on April 9, he finally remembered that he was molested by Jim Harvey a number of times and that he knew Drew was going to be next, so he saved him when he accidentally pushed him down the flight of stairs, when trying to hide him in the basement of their house. After Drew recovered from the accident, Betsy made everyone think he died and sent him away to an orphanage to protect him from Jim, while she and Franco left town to run from him.[16]

Since he was a teenager he believed that his parents were Alan and Susan and this caused him to develop an obsession with their son, Jason Morgan. He was led to believe that Jason was his twin and this illusion caused him to resent the fact that he was given to Betsy, where he was raised in lack, while Jason grew up with the rich and privileged life of a Quartermaine. His resentment only fuelled his obsession. In late 2017, during his therapy sessions with Dr. Andre Maddox, it has been suggested that his obsession with Jason may have been the result of his many many years of depression over losing Drew, as he despairingly longed for his best friend and brother. That specific reason might be why he was driven into madness and eventually leading him to becoming the mass murderer that he was. He became one of the DEA's top most wanted list.

Stepsons Cameron, Jake, and Aiden

Once he found out the truth of his true parentage, he began to try and form a relationship with his father Scott, and attempted to turn his life around for the sake of Carly Jacks, in whom he develops a romantic interest. His relationship with her deteriorated when she cheated on him with Sonny Corinthos and after causing havoc on them, and after facing his trials and getting exonerated from his crimes, he began a relationship with Nina Reeves, whom he got to know when he went on the run with her.

However, their relationship did not last long as he could not give her the commitment and devotion she consistently craved and during his relationship with Nina, he secretly started to fall for Nurse Elizabeth Webber, while helping her son Jake recover from his time on Cassadine Island through art therapy classes. In August 2016, they became a couple despite everyone's disapproval. He is in a committed relationship with her and is living with her and her boys. In December 2017, they got engaged and are set to be married in November 2018, after their marriage in March failed. Unfortunately, once again they postponed their wedding once again after learning of the murder of Kiki Jerome. On February 14, 2019, on Valentine's Day, they finally got married at the PCPD, with Drew being their minister.

Franco with his wife, Elizabeth and his oldest and closest friend, Drew Cain

He was very good friends with Drew Cain, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, Dr. Kevin Collins, his former lovers Ava Jerome and Nina Reeves, Dr. Kim Nero and recently Dr. Terry Randolph. Although he was close to all of his friends, Franco was probably closest to Drew. They both deeply loved each other as toddlers that he protected him from getting molested by Jim Harvey like he was. Unbeknownst to either of them, they reunited in late 2014 and over the years they shared an animosity towards each other. However, in early 2018, when Drew learned the truth on what Harvey did to Franco and how Franco protected him, Drew's whole perspective of him changed. Their long lost friendship began to rekindle after Drew saved Franco from Harvey during a confrontation that led to Jim attempting to kill Franco, Drew shot the monster dead and made him pay for what he did to his oldest friend and protector. Overtime, the brothers slowly began recovering their forgotten relationship. After Drew's memories were implanted into Franco, Drew whispered to a comatose Franco that the memories of his past life meant nothing in comparison to their unshakable bond. On November 15, 2019, Franco (with Drew's memories) believed that without Franco, he wouldn't have been able to become a war hero.

He was frenemies with Comr. Jordan Ashford as she began to admire and respect him for his bravery.

He shared a close father/daughter bond with the late Lauren Kiki Jerome (whom he believed to be his daughter for a number of decades because of her mother's lies) and still he continued to see her as his own. He was reluctant to have children of his own, believing no child deserves to inherit his "twisted" DNA. He became quite close with his stepsons and had come to love and care for them like they were his own.

He shared a very close bond with his father Scott but he detested his mother Heather for lying to him for many years, seeing her as indirectly responsible for the many terrible decisions he has made in his life.

He was enemies with Jason Morgan, Sonny and Carly Corinthos, Sam McCall, Michael Corinthos, Damian Spinelli, Curtis Ashford, Det. Harrison Chase, the Quartermaines, and Dr. Ryan Chamberlain.


Prior to being seen on the show, Franco witnessed Jason, Max, and Milo disposing of the body of Claudia Zacchara, after she had been killed by her step-son, Michael Corinthos on November 5, 2009. He then sent photos of a re-enactment that he had created of Claudia's murder to Jason one year after Stan Johnson died when Franco gave Jerry Jacks the order to kill him. Franco disguises himself as a homeless vagrant and spray paints his tag, CO77X, on a wall where Joey Limbo and his crew have been hired by Anthony Zacchara to murder Sonny Corinthos and Dante Falconeri. Limbo notices Franco and asks him what he's doing. Franco says nothing but holds out his hand for spare change. Joey throws down some coins which fall to the floor.

Franco with his signature CO77X tag

On November 20, 2009, Franco, still dressed as a vagrant, witnesses Jason, Sonny, Max, Milo and Dante engage in a shoot-out with Joey Limbo and his men. Joey and his men get shot; and Jason, Sonny, Max, Milo, and Dante leave. Seeing that Joey is still alive, Franco approaches his body and steps on his neck until Limbo dies. He then re-positions his body in an odd position. Following the incident, Franco attends the opening for his art exhibit, filled with numerous crime scene re-enactments, which has been organized by Maxie Jones and Kate Howard for Crimson. Maxie is placed in charge of insuring that all Franco's needs are met, which takes a turn for the worse when Franco takes her back to his loft. Later on when the two are alone, Franco blindfolds her, takes photographs of her in a chalk outline, and then sleeps with her.

During the week of December 7, 2009, Franco finally comes face-to-face with Jason Morgan, offering him beer and pretzels, unnerving Jason about how much he idolizes how he murders people, calling it art, telling Jason they are the same. Franco is less than thrilled with Jason's lack of respect for Franco and his work. Jason leaves after Franco tells him he saw Michael kill Claudia. Once Jason has left, Franco decides to send Jason another message to let him know he's serious. On December 14, Spinelli goes over to Franco's to confront him about his sleeping with his then-girlfriend, Maxie. Franco tells Spinelli to tell his "Stone Cold" he's not through with him yet.

Franco and his adoptive mother, Betsy

On December 15, Maxie and Lulu break into Franco's apartment to look for photos of Maxie to dispose of them, and they run into Franco's agent Gillian Carlyle, who informs the two young ladies that Franco's back in Paris. On December 18, Franco is in an alley when he is approached by Dante's cop partner Ronnie Dimestico; it is then revealed that the two have been working together for quite a long time. After Ronnie leaves, he is run over by a dark car driven by Franco, and Lulu rushes him to the hospital. Lulu encounters Franco in Ronnie's room after Franco told Ronnie to give Jason Morgan a message. He then exits, and soon after, Jason and Dante arrive. Ronnie, hooked up on a ventilator, gives Jason the message, and CO77X is seen spray painted in Ronnie's hospital room.

During the week of December 28, Franco kidnaps Jason's girlfriend Sam McCall and his best friend Carly Corinthos. Franco waits for Jason to come and try to rescue them. Carly manages to escape, however. On January 6, 2010 Franco goes to Crimson to get Maxie for a game with Jason where he would have to choose between Sam and Maxie, but she is not there, so he kidnaps Lulu. Both Sam and Lulu are strapped to bombs. Jason rescues Sam, and Dante rescues Lulu. Franco soon leaves town after leaving Jason a video message. While Jason is in prison to protect his nephew Michael, he kills a man, Carter, who has been tormenting Michael. As Carter loses consciousness, he tells Jason that Franco says "hi."

Franco and Carly

On July 1, 2010, Franco is seen as a homeless person who is holding up a sign saying, "Will entertain for money." Diane Miller comes across him and says she left her purse at home when Franco asks her for some change. So instead, he pulls out a little toy monkey to entertain her and tells her he hopes to get a real one someday as she hands him twenty dollars that she had in her briefcase, and a stick of gum. After she leaves, Franco gets up and spray paints his tag on a crate. When Jason goes home, Franco follows him to Harbor View Towers. The next day, while Maxie is alone talking on the phone, Franco steps out of the elevator and hands her six red roses. When Dante and Jason visit Franco's mother, Karen Anderson, she tells them that she doesn't have a son. Jason and Dante later head to Los Angeles, where Franco is preparing a large exhibit at the MoCA based on his exploits in Port Charles.

While searching for Franco, the pair discover a DVD revealing that Franco had paid Carter off to attack Michael in order to play mind games with Jason. Jason chases Franco to the top of a building, which Franco seemingly jumps off of. It is later revealed that it wasn't Franco, and that he simply faked his death. It is revealed that Franco took Aiden Cassadine to give to his mother to raise as the son that she always wanted. Lucky Spencer later reclaims the child without incident or reprisal from Franco. Franco is mentioned when his agent attempts to ask international model Brenda Barrett to pose for a few pictures. Knowing of Franco's history as a serial killer, Brenda turns down the offer, refusing to glorify violence for money.

Jason shoots Franco (2012)

Franco is seen in February of 2011, when Brenda Barrett's limo explodes. He asks Jason if he "liked the fireworks." In late 2011, Franco watched Jason and Sam as they prepared for their wedding. In November, Franco followed them on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Franco tricked both Jason and Sam into drinking a drugged beer. He makes it appear that he has raped Sam while Jason was trapped by him and watching on a TV monitor. Jason finds Franco in an undisclosed studio. Franco taunts Jason upon his arrival. Jason shoots Franco twice in the chest and leaves him there in his burning studio. It is later revealed that Sam is pregnant, and at first it is believed that the baby is either Jason or Franco's. The paternity test results come back and Jason, not Franco, is shown to be the father. But Franco had one secret that died with him.

Jason shoots Franco twice

In early 2012, Jason finds a disc from Franco. He and Sam play it, and it is a recording of a newborn baby in a hospital bassinet with an ID bracelet that says Baby Boy Moore. They assume it's Jason, as his birth mother was Susan Moore. They have no idea why Franco sent this. In late March 2012, Sam visits the hospital where Jason was born. The only information she finds is that Heather Webber was in the room when Jason was born. Sam then goes to Ferncliff after finding out that Heather is there. Heather explains that Susan gave birth to two babies, and that the one in the photograph Sam shows Heather from the video isn't Jason. Heather tells Sam that Jason's twin brother was sold to a nurse, Betsy Frank. Sam realizes that is Franco's "mother's" name, meaning that Jason and Franco were fraternal twins. Heather is happy to know that she is related to Franco, because she admires his work.

Knowing that Jason and Franco were brothers, Sam realizes that the paternity test may not be correct since they didn't take that into consideration. Sam gets a DNA sample of Franco from John McBain, who has connections to the FBI, and has her doctor Kelly Lee do a DNA test against both potential fathers. When Sam gets the results, they say that Franco, not Jason, is the father of her baby. Jason has trouble coming to grips with the idea of Franco being the baby's father, and doesn't know if he can raise the child as his own. It was later revealed soon after Jason and Sam's son was born, that Heather switched the paternity test results as revenge against Sam not delivering her letter to Steven Lars, and Jason is the baby's real father not Franco.

Roger Howarth as Franco

A mystery man is seen walking into one of The Chew's green rooms.  The man is watching a television screen taping A.J. Quartermaine and Tracy Quartermaine trying to deal with the disastrous pickle relish showdown because the food experts, the other personnel, and Elizabeth Webber have just recently gotten food poisoning. It is implied that the mystery man is the one that caused the food poisoning. Tracy makes AJ take the blame for the disaster. The mystery man also speaks to the production assistant Todd, but gets him to leave with the excuse that Mario Batali should be treated to.

Franco reveals his identity

The mystery man is then seen flying from New York City to Port Charles, New York. A fellow passenger comes and sits with him and the passenger asks if he is famous. He replies with a comment about what constitutes being famous or something down those lines. He states that he is going to Port Charles for hopefully both business and pleasure. The mystery man is then seen talking to Heather Webber at Ferncliff. He states that he hurt Sam Morgan and wants to make things right with everyone he hurt in town. He visited Heather to retrieve two video tapes he left with her before leaving town. The video tapes held the truth of what happened to Sam during her and Jason's honeymoon and the truth behind what happened to Michael in prison.

Franco takes Danny

Then he is seen renting out the Haunted Star from Lulu Spencer-Falconeri, who has just recently lost her memory of past events and does not recognize him. He is able to avoid revealing his name and states that the party is where he is going to reveal his identity. After talking to Lulu, he is then seen talking to Dr. Silas Clay, who is at the Pier eavesdropping on Lucy Coe's Stephen Clay Experience tour. His guests for the Identity Reveal Party include the following: Carly Jacks, Sonny Corinthos, Michael Corinthos, Elizabeth Webber, A.J. Quartermaine, Sam Morgan, Maxie Jones, and Damian Spinelli. When the guests call him "Franco," he answers them in the affirmative.

Franco and Carly almost kiss

Franco is able to convince Sam and Carly to stop Sonny from killing him on the spot.  He uses the standard excuse that he has valuable information that they want to know. He admits that he didn't rape Sam back in 2011 and he only led them to believe that he did. He then shows a recording of him walking away from Sam after he laid her on the bed unconscious. Franco also states that he showed Jason the first part of the conversation between him and Carter while Michael was in prison, but then reveals that the second portion was his attempt to make Carter protect Michael.

Heather reveals that she and Scott are his parents.

He is then subsequently taken in police custody and is revealed that Sam Morgan (presumably?) knocked him out. He goes to his bail hearing and Mr. Lazaro, the district attorney, agrees with Diane Miller's "convincing argument", but it's revealed that Mr. Lazaro made an agreement with Sonny Corinthos to allow Franco to go out in bail. He conducts an informal family meeting when he goes to the Quartermaine's Mansion where he talks with his step-mother Monica Quartermaine and including feuding AJ Quartermaine and Tracy Quartermaine. Ava Jerome and Lauren "Kiki" Jerome show up as well. Carly goes to the Quartermaine Mansion to see Franco she invites him to dinner the Metro Court Hotel and he agrees and goes to get ready.

Franco and his biological mother, Heather

Carly gets on the phone with Shawn to tell a lie that the hit that Sonny called off was back on. Franco and Carly are at the hotel on balcony. Olivia tells Sonny that Franco and Carly are having dinner. Sonny goes to the balcony to tell Carly to leave Franco alone. Olivia has vision of Sonny covered in blood she rushes to him and tells him to get away Shawn Butler takes shot and hits Olivia. Later it turned out to be Ava Jerome that was the one trying to kill Franco and shot Olivia. Kiki and Michael make out on June 17th episode and then they eventually go to the Quartermaine Mansion separately and learn that they are cousins. Franco and Ava moved into the Quartermine Mansion. Ava blackmail Franco she told him if she does not get the Quartermaines money that she's going to tell AJ or the police that he was behind the food poisoning. Franco found out from Carly that there was another shooter and he figured out that it was Ava so he blackmail her if he doesn't get a relationship with Kiki he going to the police and Ava agreed.

Franco and Carly make love for the first time

Sonny and Shawn came to the boathouse Sonny ask to leave his son Kiki boyfriend Morgan Corinthos alone and leave the Quartermaines. Franco did not want to leave so Sonny had Shawn beat him up. Alexis Davis came in and took Franco to the hospital so he can get help and also to see if he was match so Danny can have his bone marrow. Franco had a seizure and woke up as saying his name was Jason. Franco left his room he went to see Danny and took him from the hospital to Jason and Sam penthouse. Sam figured out where to find Danny she went to the penthouse Franco came down stairs dress in Jason clothes and kissed Sam and she slaps him and they fight and Franco knocks out Sam and takes Danny. Carly finds him and Danny just as he is about to throw Danny over the bridge. Franco takes Carly's advice and gives Danny back.

Diane Miller holding Franco’s removed brain tumor (2013)

Back at the hospital Franco was back to normal but he find out he has brain tumor and Franco agreed to have surgery. He pulled through surgery. Franco was a match to save Danny's life but Franco had cancer cells so he couldn't give his bone marrow. Franco learned that Kiki is not his daughter. Franco was released from the hospital but he had to go to court and got the charges drop. Monica kick him out of her house and Franco moves into the Metro Court Hotel and Carly wished him a happy birthday. Franco learned because of the victims that he's killed over the years filed lawsuit against him making him broke so Franco went back to painting. Diane Miller tells Franco that he should do an art show so that he can make some money to pay Carly for the hotel room. Franco's art dealer comes to see his work and tells him that they suck. The art dealer, however, did like the painting that Heather gave Franco, so he tells Franco to paint more of those paintings for the show.

Franco and Carly

On November 8, during Franco's art show, Heather reveals that she is his biological mother and Scott Baldwin is his biological father, in order to save Franco from being arrested. She recounts the story of his conception, admitting it to both Franco and Scott for the first time, which jogs Scott's memory of that night. She had a DNA test and birth certificate to back up her claims, but due to her past of tampering with DNA tests, Dr. Silas Clay and Alexis Davis confirmed the documents as authentic before her story was believed. After the art show, Franco went home and laid on his couch. Carly came, and Franco told Carly he loved her. Carly also admitted to her attraction to Franco, but said she doesn't trust him still. Then Franco takes Carly home, and they see KiKi shivering at Pier 52. She said the Michael is drowning, and Franco jumps in and saves Michael's life. They go back to Franco's Room and sleep together. The next morning, Franco gets flowers from Heather Webber telling Carly to back off. He is also visited by Scott and they discuss their new-found relation as father and son.

Franco is hurt

On November 20, Heather goes into Franco's Room and he pushes her into the wall. He says if she hurts Carly, he will kill Heather. On December 9, Heather gets Franco out if the way and goes to kill Carly when she is out of the shower. Franco comes back, and they fight over the knife. Franco gets it, and stabs Heather in the chest. She falls down and dies. Then he puts her in a laundry cart, and Diane helps him push it outside. When he gets outside he runs into Lucy Coe. Lucy talks about Scott Baldwin, Franco's New Father. After she leaves, Franco puts Heather's body in his car and drives off to the Cementery. Sonny Corinthos and Shawn Butler forced Carlos Rivera to dig up his grave, and he tells them that he is the sister of Lily Corinthos. So they leave with a big empty burried grave. Franco comes and is shocked that somebody burried a grave. He puts Heather's body and puts dirt over it. When he leaves, Heather's hand pops out of the ground. Meaning that Franco did not kill Heather Webber.

Josslyn plays a prank on Franco

In 2014, When Carly is kidnapped by Heather Webber Franco is believed to have taken her. With Kiki being the only one who believes Franco, she decides to go to the Miscavige Institute where Heather is at. Kiki later arrives at the police station to tell Franco. Franco then confides to Kiki that he killed Heather. Kiki wanted to tell Dante but Franco explained to Kiki that he did it to protect Carly because Heather wanted to kill her. Knowing that he is innocent and doesn't have Carly Kiki pretends to faint while Franco escapes. As a result she ends up in jail. Meanwhile Franco learns from Emma, Spencer and Cameron that they saw Heather at Wyndemere right where Cesar Faison and Stephen Clay (AKA Caleb Morley) were at. With the clock ticking Franco arrives at Wyndemere, where he finds Carly. However, Carly and Franco's reunion is short lived when Heather arrives and Franco tells her that he rejects her stating that Alan and Susan are his parents and that Jason is his twin. Franco puts Carly down and tells Heather to get out of the way he tells her that he wishes he could slit her throat and watch her choke in her own blood and the woman that he loves will never look at him like he is a monster.

Franco and Nina

With Heather not getting out of the way Franco is about to stab her when she takes out a gun and shoots him. Heather is about to shoot Carly but Franco gets the upper hand and stabs her in the foot. Heather and Franco fight over the gun but Heather pushes Franco and buries the bullet even deeper in Franco's chest with him screaming Carly's name. Just as Heather is about to shoot Carly, Anna Devane shows up and arrests Heather. Franco and Carly have a moment where Franco thanks her and tells her "I love you" he admits that he did not know what that meant but that she taught him that. With Franco slipping away Carly tells Franco "I love you too". Franco along with Carly is taken to General Hospital where he crashes. Michael and Morgan take Carly to visit Franco however just as she is about to do that the doctors tell Carly that they have to take Franco into surgery because he has lost a lot of blood. Before they wheel him in Carly tells him not to give up and that she will be there waiting for him. Franco recovers from the gun shot wound and goes on with his life.

Franco and his father, Scott

Franco has really hard time finding a job and he lost his ability to make art because the tumor was removed. Carly tells Franco that Sonny shot A.J. and says that he will keep it a secret. When the to find out that Ava is hiding something and they try to find out what it is. They go looking for A.J.'s phone and they find out that Ava killed Connie. In June of 2014, Franco moves in with Carly much to Josslyn's dismay. Josslyn is so upset that she kicks him in the shin and steps on his foot. The next day Josslyn plays a prank on him. Franco gets jealous because of how much time Carly is spending with Sonny, that he goes to Michael to tell him that Sonny killed AJ but Carly stops him. When Sonny finds out the Franco almost spilled the beans he threatened to kill him but Sonny said that Carly is the only thing keeping him alive. When a jealous Franco gets the opportunity from Ava to "eliminate" Sonny from Carly's life, he decides to take it but Spencer catches him in the act and threatens to tell Carly what he is up too.

Franco says hell no to marrying Carly

Franco was hired by Dr. Liesl Obrecht to teach art at General Hospital. There, he met and befriended Nina Clay. Nina told him she saw Carly and Sonny kissing, and Kiki later confirmed that Sonny and Carly slept together, and Franco hatched a plan to get revenge on them. He proposed to Carly and have her a blue eye necklace with a camera in it. Franco managed to get Sonny and Carly to confess there role in AJ's murder and recorded it. Franco went to Ferncliff and made amends with Heather. He told Heather she was right and planned to break her out so she could attend his wedding. The night before the wedding, Franco spent time with his father, which he later acknowledged that he enjoyed in a letter to Scott. On the day of Carly and Franco's wedding, Shawn showed up to kill Franco, but Heather had captured Shawn's loved Jordan Ashford and he was forced to leave without killing Franco. At the wedding, Franco played the video of Sonny talking to Carly about his guilt over killing AJ. Michael denounced Carly and walked away. Carly confronted Franco about hurting Michael to get back at her and then ran after Michael. Franco left a memory stick for Scott to use to build a case against Sonny before he left.

Franco found Heather holding Carly at gunpoint. Franco admitted that the tumor wasn't what made him kill and it was part of who he was, but Carly convinced him he had changed. Heather begged Franco to let her shoot Carly, but Franco told her not here and took them to where Shawn and Jordan were. Franco then took the gun from Heather and said he was going to kill all four of them, but he instead he left them there and told them there and scared them into believing he might have rigged a bomb to explode if they try to leave; he didn't. Franco then leaves town with Nina and Ava's baby. Eventually, the PCPD caught up with them and arrested Franco and Nina.

Franco's lawyer tried to use the insanity plea, but it didn't work. Franco was sent to Pentonville and showed up in time to stop Sonny from killing Johnny Zacchara. Franco told Sonny that he wasn't afraid of him. Sonny shoved a makeshift shiv into Franco's hands and the guards throw him into solitary confinement.

Franco got out in time to hear that Sonny and Julian were planning a prison break. He told them he would rat them out to the guards unless they let him use their phone. Franco gives Nina a call to check up on her. He becomes worried when Heather talks to him and says she is going to kill Nina to get back at him. Franco tells Julian and Sonny that he is going to rat them out to the guards if they don't let him come with them.

Nina and Franco make love

Franco provides a distraction while Julian and Sonny get some prison guard uniforms. Disguised as prison guards, Sonny, Julian, and Franco take Ava and they all leave Pentonville. Ava and Franco argue about Nina, annoying Sonny and Julian. Julian takes his eyes off the road for a moment and they crash. Franco and Ava escape out the back while Sonny and Julian engage Johnny and Carlos in a gun fight. Ava asks Franco to give her his gun, so she can defend herself. Carlos gets the drop on them and holds Ava at gunpoint. Ava begs Franco for help, but Franco leaves to rescue Nina. He makes it to Shadybrook to find Heather about to shoot Nina up with LSD. Franco manages to get the needle with Nina's help. As Heather leaves she says he may have saved Nina but she still wins because Franco and Nina will be separated. In order to prevent a separation Franco injects himself with LSD.

In 2016, Franco was a suspect in the deaths of patients and Dr. Mayes at the hospital. He has also drawn pictures of the victims at the hospital with a number above there heads and number 4 was blank because Mrs. Prescott hadn't been murdered yet. He is no longer a suspect after Liz helped clear him. Later, Franco found out from Heather that Liz and Hayden were paternal half sisters and he revealed this to Liz while she was recovering from being pushed down the stairs by the hospital killer, later revealed to be Paul Hornsby. On December 23, 2016, it was revealed that Tom Baker (Liz's rapist whom Franco terrorized) was stabbed to death and Franco was arrested by Dante as the main person of interest. Franco denied murdering Baker and was allowed to walk free on December 26. It was later revealed that Tom was murdered by his brother, Seth.

Franco and Elizabeth make love for the first time

After saving her from Seth Baker, Elizabeth and Franco said "I love you" to each other and made love for the first time in Feb 2017. There relationship advanced over the course of the year, through helping Jake from his traumatic experience on Cassadine Island. In August, after returning from New York, Franco moved in with Elizabeth and her boys. Despite everyone's disapproval, Franco and Elizabeth got engaged on December 4, after realizing how much in love they are with each other. In January 2018, Franco met Jim Harvey who claims to have known both Franco and Drew Cain when they were kids back when he was Betsy Frank's boyfriend.

Franco saved by Drew from Harvey

In March, Franco and Drew began working together to learn what happened to them when they were kids. When Franco began suffering a breakdown while confronting Harvey, Drew busted in to protect him not long before Harvey's men came in. On March 14, he and Franco were held captive in a holding cell till they escaped and reunited with Elizabeth and Sam in the PCPD. On April 9, it was revealed that Franco was molested by Jim Harvey when he was three and that he saved Drew from suffering the same fate. After saving Elizabeth and Jake from Jim, Franco kidnapped him and made him confess his crimes. However, Harvey got the upper hand then he strangled Franco unconscious, but before Harvey could finish Franco off, Drew shot him dead from behind. When the police arrived, Drew covers for Franco on his kidnapping of Harvey. Soon afterwards he confesses to Elizabeth on what Harvey did to him.

Later, Franco and Elizabeth decided it'd be best if he contacts Harvey's other victims who suffered like Franco did, for it would give them peace knowing Harvey is dead. In June, Franco and Elizabeth set their wedding date on November, Franco asked Drew to be his best man to which he gladly accepted as they finally rekindled their friendship for the first time since they were toddlers. Months later, Franco and Liz began to work on their co-parenting as they were helping Cameron and Aiden with their problems. In November, Franco helped Aiden deal with his bullying as he was dealing with the blowing tragic murder of his close friend Kiki, whom he loved as his own child. Franco and Elizabeth postponed their wedding again so they can mourn Kiki.

On February 5, 2019, Franco is framed for the murders of Mary Pat Ingles, Kiki Jerome and Peyton Mills, along with the attempted murder of Lulu Falconeri after Ryan Chamberlain hides all their licenses in his art therapy room. Only a few people believe he is innocent, namely Elizabeth, Drew, Scott, and Ava. On Valentine's Day, Franco and Elizabeth got married at the PCPD, and Drew was their minister. During the small wedding, Drew confessed that he sees Franco as a brother. Jordan later knows that Franco did not commit any of these murders. She tells him and that the only way to find the real killer is if he takes the credit for the murders by pleading guilty. After some convincing, he agrees to do it. At his arraignment, he pleads guilty and everyone is shocked, especially Elzabeth, who slaps Franco and is left distraught despite believing that he is still innocent. Scotty then asks the judge to have Franco evaluated. The judge agrees and Franco is sent to Ferncliff. Jordan shows up to his room and gives him a burner phone so only they can keep in contact.

On February 28, 'Kevin' confronted Franco at Ferncliff about why he pled guilty. Franco unwillingly reveals Jordan's plan to him, but 'Kevin' tells him that Jordan is in critical condition after a car accident and then stabs Franco in the stomach. After revealing his true identity as Ryan Chamberlain, Ryan prepared to finish Franco off and stage his death as a self-defensive act, but a nurse arrived and Ryan asked her to get help. As she left, Franco attacked Ryan and escaped the cell before shutting the door on Ryan. However, Ryan was soon freed by the nurse and put Ferncliff under lockdown as a stumbling Franco called Jordan to tell her that Ryan is the real killer.

Franco escaped from Ferncliff and went to Elizabeth's house to tell her that Ryan was the serial killer. Elizabeth treated his wound until the paramedics showed up and sent him to GH. Franco made a full recovery and was finally proven to be innocent when Laura confirmed Ryan to be the killer too and was holding the real Kevin captive. Thanks to Franco and his actions, Ryan was eventually located in Niagara Falls, where he tossed himself off a bridge to his presumed death, and Elizabeth was mad at him for all the emotion he unleashed upon her and her family, but she ultimately understood and forgave him.

On July 8, Franco and Elizabeth had a wedding reception on the Haunted Star and everyone was having a good time despite the power going off briefly. Hayden Barnes returned to Port Charles and crashed the wedding reception but Elizabeth was happy to see her. Later on, an intoxicated Dr. Obrecht mentioned she had a secret about Wiley and his birth father sometime before she was pushed off the Haunted Star into the water. Jax and Curtis saved her life.

On August 8, Franco went to 721 Dewitt and found Cameron held captive by Hank Archer and Dr. Arthur Cabot. Hank held Franco at gunpoint who said if they let Cameron go they can use him instead. Cabot immediately agreed and convinced Hank that the outcome would be more successful. Hank reluctantly agreed before Franco was strapped to the chair. Franco asked Cameron to tell Elizabeth he loves her and he will be back before Cabot drugged him unconscious. As Cabot implanted Drew's memories into Franco's head, Drew and Curtis busted the door down and rescued both of them from Dr. Cabot and Hank.

Franco was taken to the hospital and he was still in a coma due to the procedure. Dr. Lucas Jones revealed that Franco's brain functions are working normally but they won't know how affected Franco will be until he wakes up. On August 12, when Franco woke up, he told Elizabeth he needed to see his superior officer, meaning he is no longer "Franco Baldwin"; he is "Chief Andrew Cain." Franco insisted and truly believed he was Drew and was upset when people such as Elizabeth, Kevin, and the real Drew told him he wasn't. Eventually, when Franco got out of his room and saw Kim, he was telling her about a memory she and the real Drew shared and kissed her with Drew and Elizabeth watching. Eventually, Kim broke it off and was upset and confused.

Franco went to the Floating Rib where he got a drink and was upset when Maxie called him "Franco." He kept insisting he was Chief Andrew Cain which confused Maxie and Peter. Jason showed up at the Floating Rib and Franco (as Drew) didn't seem to get along with him. It was revealed through Franco that Drew knew about having a twin named Jason by reading about him in a newspaper and was upset because "pre-2012 Drew" believed that the Quartermaines didn't want him but Jason explained that the Quartermaines never knew about Drew which is why they never raised him like they did with A.J. and Jason. When Jason called Franco by his real name, Franco threatened him and Detective Chase came to see what was going on. Eventually Franco snapped and punched Chase which led to him being arrested, although he didn't know Chase was a cop.

On August 19, "pre-2012 Drew" eventually came to realize that he was a victim of memory mapping and that maybe he's not who he thinks he is. When "Drew" saw Hank, who was also in jail, he confronted him and through Franco it was revealed that Hank had ambushed the real Drew under Helena Cassadine's orders. Hank asked "Drew" about the money but "Drew" wouldn't tell him where it was. Eventually, the real Drew came to visit Franco who asked him to tell him about Oscar and in return, Franco would tell Drew where the illegal money was. Eventually, Franco was released from jail but he had to wear an ankle monitor and stay in town. Eventually, he went to visit Kim and asked her why she didn't tell him about them having a son and even though she explained why she said that he is not Drew. Eventually, "Drew" told Drew that he planned to return the money but Drew said he'd go in his place since he had to stay in town. "Drew" wished Drew luck before he left for Afghanistan.

On August 27, Liesl Obrecht visited Franco and tried to slap some sense into him but he didn't remember her due to having Drew's memories. Eventually, Franco visited Elizabeth and he said he didn't want to hurt her but it was easier if he just left town. Eventually, Elizabeth conspired with Scott to have Franco committed.

On September 16, Franco visited Kim who started to believe that Franco is now "Drew" but she didn't want to admit it though. Eventually, before he left, she stopped him and they slept together. She said that she knew he was Elizabeth's husband but she also believed that "her Drew" had come back to her. Franco proposed that he and Kim could leave town together and she took him up on his offer eventually. Kim met with Franco on the pier and was ready to start a new life with "Drew" but he was taken away by a couple of orderlies under Elizabeth's orders.

Franco was strapped to a bed in the hospital and while he was upset that she had ordered it to happen he understood why because she wanted Franco back. After Aiden visited him and gave him candy, he was eventually carted off to Shadybrook.

On October 9, Kim introduced Franco to an attorney named Martin Gray, who planned to represent him at an upcoming mental competency hearing. On October 22, Martin gave Franco Drew's Navy uniform and he wore it to court. Elizabeth insisted that Franco had no right to wear it since he was never in the Navy and is not Drew but the hearing went on anyway. Scott plead his argument that Franco is not mentally competent since he believes he is someone he is not and is making decisions Franco would never make while Martin plead his argument that he is perfecrly capable of making his own choices and that a body does not define a person.

Martin brought up the time where Elizabeth withheld the information that "Jake Doe" was Jason Morgan to make it look like she was doing the same thing to Franco by withholding his right to choose how he lives his life but Elizabeth insisted that she was wrong to do that even though it turned out that the man she thought was Jason was really his twin, Andrew Cain and that that mistake had nothing to do with Franco since he is not Drew. Scott salvaged their case by asking if it was a mistake for her to do that and she said yes.

Eventually, Kim was called to the stand and he brought up the time where she drugged the real Drew and attempted to have a child with him without his consent. She was embarrassed but had no choice to admit what she had done. Martin salvaged their case by asking "Drew" if he remembered what happened earlier and he said yes, Kim had drugged the real Drew. Eventually, Scott questioned Kevin and asked if he thought Franco was incompetent but Kevin said no to everyone's surprise. Martin asked the same question in a different way and was surprised when Kevin repeated his answer. Eventually, the judge ruled in favor of Franco being competent and he was released from Shadybrook. After court, Kim eventually got upset when Franco suggested they slow down and she could get some help.

On November 15, Franco talked to Jason on the pier sometime after learning about what Jim Harvey did to him as a kid and how he nearly went after Drew and eventually realized that his body belongs to Franco, not Drew. Eventually, he visited Kim and said that he can't leave town with her since this life belongs to Franco and that he is going to have the procedure reversed. Kim was heartbroken and insisted that Elizabeth and the boys didn't need him but she does but eventually accepted that "Drew" was doing the right thing even though she couldn't stay and watch while hoping the procedure wouldn't work out. After they said goodbye, "Drew" told Elizabeth that he was going to have the procedure reversed and she was overjoyed but concerned about what would happen and asked if he was sure. "Drew" insisted that "Franco" deserves his life back and he is just getting out of the way.

On November 28, Franco met with Andre who told him about the procedure and how he won't do it without his consent. They agreed that it would be done the day after Thanksgiving. Franco visited the Quartermaines and saw how Thanksgiving is always a disaster for the family and that they always eat pizza instead.

On the day of the procedure, Andre prepared him to undergo the memory reversal and as it was happening, a hit man, David Black, came and the procedure had been tampered with by Peter as Andre fought David in self-defense. After the procedure was done, Franco was still unconscious and it's unknown who he would wake up as.

On December 17, it was reveal that he procedure worked and that Franco was back to normal, but does not remember his time as "Drew."

On October 29, 2020, it’s revealed that Franco's brain tumor has returned, as confirmed by Dr. Portia Robinson and she sent fellow General Hospital Doctor Dr. Terry his results. Franco got worse news that his brain tumor can’t be operated on as it progressed over time and Franco might die because of the brain tumor this time.

On November 20, Franco and Cameron were at the Floating Rib when it exploded because of a bomb that Julian Jerome planted under Cyrus Renault's orders to kill Jason. They were both taken to the hospital where Franco had to have brain surgery. Thankfully the surgery was a success and a part of his tumor was able to be removed. As he was recovering, he began to hear Peter August's voice in his head.

On December 10, Franco and Scott went to a WSB Facility in Geneva, Switzerland to go see Dr. Warren Kirk. Dr. Kirk agreed to see Franco who told him about his tumor, his past and about hearing a voice in his head. When Franco also explained that he was implanted with Drew's memories and believed he was Drew for a while before undergoing the memory reversal procedure to turn back to normal, Dr. Kirk suggested that the reason why he's hearing a voice in his head is because he might still have some of Drew's memories in his head.

On January 27, 2021, Peter published an article in The Invader to warn the public about the possible return of Franco's murderous persona due to his tumor. As a result, Franco attacked Peter before being stopped by Dante. He then went to GH and had a migraine after hearing Peter's voice again in front of Sam. Sam's mother Alexis tried to stab Franco with a syringe, but Dante was injected when he intervened and he nearly died as a result.

On March 5, Franco officially found out that he did have pre-2012 Drew's memory of being abducted by Peter in Afghanistan. As a result, after failing to find Jason, Franco abducts Peter as he flees from his wedding (cancelled by the exposure of his crimes) and brings him to his art gallery. By subjecting him to various abuses, Franco is able to get a recorded confession from Peter, who admitted to abducing Drew, taking his plane down, and then ordering the botched hit on Andre and Franco. However, before Franco could call 9-1-1, Peter escapes his restraints and takes his gun back from him after a struggle. Peter tries to shoot Franco, but only succeeds in shooting him in the chest after a second struggle for the gun. Peter exits the gallery after deleting the recording of the confession, and leaves Jason to find Franco's bleeding body. Elizabeth arrives moments later and tries to resuscitate her husband while Jason calls 9-1-1. Franco tells Elizabeth that he loves her and the boys before passing away.

Crimes Committed

  • Accidentally pushed Drew down the stairs when saving him from Jim Harvey [1979; revealed Apr 9, 2018]
  • Armed robbery; imprisoned and released [revealed on Jul 6, 2010]
  • Serial killer [2000s]
  • Shot and killed a man in Trebeca [prior to 2008]
  • Had Jerry Jacks kill Stan Johnson [Jan 2008]
  • Took blame for a crime Ronnie Dimestico committed [pre-2009]
  • Killed Joey Limbo by crushing Joey’s throat with his foot [Nov 20, 2009]
  • Stalked Jason Morgan [Nov 4-Dec 10, 2009; revealed on Nov 20, 2009]
  • Hit Ronnie with a dark car [Dec 2009]
  • Desecration of a grave; dug up Claudia Zacchara's corpse and used it as a pawn in a warehouse explosion [Dec 28, 2009 - Jan 11, 2010]
  • Threatened Josslyn Jacks many times [2009-10]
  • Kidnapped Carly Jacks [Jan 2010]
  • Kidnapped Sam McCall [Dec 2009-Jan 2010]
  • Kidnapped Lulu Spencer and strapped her to a bomb [Jan 2010]
  • Blew up two warehouses [Jan 2010]
  • Indirectly responsible for the rape of Michael Corinthos [May 21, 2010; additional information on May 30, 2013]
  • Kidnapped Elizabeth Webber's newborn son Aiden Spencer [Jul 21, 2010]
  • Held a woman at gunpoint during "Francophrenia" [Jul 23, 2010]
  • Strangled a videographer named Vince to death during "Francophrenia" [Jul 23, 2010]
  • Killed nurse Jane Morgan [Jul 2010; revealed on Jul 29, 2010]
  • Killed a male model who was posing as a dead body by bashing his head in with a brick [Sep 21, 2011]
  • Followed and stalked Jason and Sam to Hawaii [Oct 2011]
  • Drugged Sam and made it appear that he raped her [Nov 4-7, 2011; retracted on May 29, 2013]
  • Drugged Jason, trapped him in a room, and forced him to watch a video of Sam being allegedly raped [Nov 4-7, 2011]

  • Poisoned Pickle Lila and Pickle Eddie [May 2013]
  • Arrested and charged for the following crimes [Jun 6, 2013; all charges dropped; revealed Sep 10, 2013]
    • Three counts of vandalism
    • one count of malicious intent to destroy a dwelling by fire
    • one count of vehicular assault
    • five counts of kidnapping
    • two counts of assault
    • one count of conspiracy to commit rape
    • one count rape
    • one count of attempted murder
    • one count of murder
  • Kidnapped Danny Morgan [Jul 18, 2013; as Jason Morgan]
  • Knocked Sam out and took Danny again [Jul 19, 2013; as Jason Morgan]
  • Tried to convince Ellie Trout to jump off the hospital roof [Aug 27, 2013]
  • Stole Heather Webber's paintings, and sold it as his at an art show [Nov 2013]
  • Stabbed Heather Webber and buried her alive (she survived) [Dec 9, 2013]
  • Escaped from police custody [Feb 4, 2014]
  • Stabbed his mother in the foot after she shot him [Feb 2014]
  • Vandalism; painted graffiti all across the walls in his suite at the Metro Court Hotel (it is later revealed that he did this to intentionally land himself in police custody to get information out of Carlos Rivera about Ava Jerome) [Apr 2014]
  • Obstruction of justice; lied to Anna about not knowing where A.J's phone was despite having it anyways [Apr 2014]
  • Obstruction of justice; fled to Portland, Oregon to have Spinelli fix the recording, and to hide from the PCPD [Apr-May 2014]
  • Lied to Anna Devane about why he & Carly took A.J.'s phone & ran with it (he claimed he just wanted to download vacation pictures for Michael) [Early 2014]
  • Tried to infiltrate Carly Jacks' laptop under the orders of Ava Jerome [Jul 31-Aug 1, 2014]
  • Did not report to the police when he found Spencer Cassadine, knowing that he'd been reported missing [Aug 1, 2014]
  • Put a camera in a necklace he gave Carly in order to spy on her [Sep 29, 2014]
  • Spied on Carly [Sep 29-Nov 4, 2014]
  • Paid the warden at Miscavige to sneak Heather out (the warden failed) [Oct 23, 2014]
  • Revealed to everyone at his wedding that Carly and Sonny had sex and that Sonny (not Carlos Rivera) murdered A.J. [Nov 3, 2014]
  • Fired a shot at Shawn Butler [Nov 6, 2014]
  • Held his mother, Heather Webber at gunpoint [Nov 6, 2014]
  • Claimed to have rigged the warehouse he trapped Jordan, Shawn, Heather, and Carly in with explosives [Nov 11, 2014]
  • Aided and abetted Nina in the kidnapping of Avery Jerome-Corinthos [Nov 12-Dec 12, 2014]
  • Court misconduct; threw an outburst in the middle of his and Nina's hearing to try and get an insanity plea [Dec 21, 2014]

  • Appropriated Sonny's contraband cell phone [Jan 19, 2015]
  • Called Nina from prison pretending to be Alexis [Jan 19, 2015]
  • Bribery; bribed the prison guard into returning the contraband cell phone [Jan 23, 2015]
  • Beat up a prison guard [Jan 28, 2015]
  • Impersonated a prison guard [Jan 29, 2015]
  • Beat up a second prison guard [Jan 29, 2015]
  • Escaped from Pentonville along with Sonny, Julian, and Ava [Jan 29, 2015]
  • Held his mother, Heather Webber at gunpoint [Feb 3, 2015]
  • Faked some of his LSD induced hallucinations [revealed Feb 27-Mar 2, 2015]
  • Almost smothered Luke Spencer to death with a pillow [Mar 2, 2015]
  • Blackmailed Olivia Falconeri (along with Nina, with the fact that they knew that Julian was the father of her baby) [Mar 27-May 7, 2015]
  • Conned Ned Ashton out of his ELQ shares [Apr 2015]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Nathan's room over Kelly's and watched him and Maxie sleep [revealed May 28, 2015]
  • Attempted to blackmail Nina Reeves; threatened to pursue criminal charges against Nina for the kidnapping of Avery Jerome-Corinthos if she didn't annul her "marriage" to Ric Lansing (with Nathan's help) [Jun 4, 2015; Nina was innocent anyways]
  • Breaking and entering; illegally entered the Quartermaine mansion [Jun 6, 2015]
  • Withheld the information that Denise DeMuccio was actually Ava Jerome [Jul 7-Aug 24, 2015]
  • Threatened Morgan Corinthos with a knife [Jul 28, 2015]
  • Destruction of property and illegal entry; kicked in a door (nearly destroying it) and busted into Nina Reeves's hotel suite looking for her [Jul 29, 2015]
  • Obstruction of justice; covered up the murder of Silas Clay [Aug 3, 2015]
  • Blackmailed by Ava [Aug 10, 2015]
  • Falsely confessed to killing Silas in order to protect Nina [Aug 24-25, 2015]
  • Blackmailed Ric (along with Nina) into signing annulment papers and signing away any claim to Nina's money by threatening to pursue criminal chargers for trying make Nina think she was crazy and for trying to steal her money [Sep 14, 2015]
  • Manhandled Finn after he manhandled Kiki [Oct 5, 2015]
  • Turned himself in for a crime that Kiki committed (she ran Carly off the road) [Nov 2015]
  • Stalked Elizabeth [Jul 13, 2016]
  • Trapped Elizabeth in the elevator by stopping it [Jul 13-14, 2016]
  • Broke into Elizabeth's car [Aug 17, 2016]
  • Plotted Tom Baker's death [Nov 2016-Jan 2017]
  • Illegal entry; entered Tom's house without permission [Nov 15-16, 2016]
  • Assault and battery; attacked Tom with a weapon [Nov 16, 2016]
  • Attacked Tom Baker (slammed him into a wall by his jacket and threatened to kill him if he went near Elizabeth) [Nov 30, 2016]
  • Attacked Tom and held him hostage [Dec 12-20, 2016]
  • Thought to be the prime suspect in the fatal stabbing of Tom Baker [Dec 23, 2016; arrested]

  • Illegal entry; busted into Seth Baker's house without an invitation and beat him up [Jan 31, 2017]
  • Assaulted Drew Cain with a rock and knocked him out [May 10, 2017]
  • Slammed and chained Drew to a mountain [May 10, 2017]
  • Killed a woman named Lorraine [pre-2013; revealed on Sep 17, 2017]
  • Covered up his role in The Jason Morgan Conspiracy [Nov 2017]
  • Burned a paper that said who the real Jason was [Nov 13, 2017]
  • Attacked Jim Harvey in Elizabeth and Jake's defense and fought him for a gun [Apr 6, 2018]
  • Kidnapped Harvey, held him hostage at gunpoint, and fought him for a gun again after he broke free [Apr 6-10, 2018; revealed on Apr 9, 2018]
  • Assaulted Dr. David Bensch [Jun 13, 2018]
  • Broke Carly Corinthos out of Ferncliff along with Jason Morgan [Jul 30, 2018]
  • Pulled the fire alarm at the courthouse in order to interrupt Dr. Bensch's trial [Aug 10, 2018]
  • Attacked Ryan Chamberlain in-self-defense and briefly trapped him in a Ferncliff cell [Feb 28, 2019]
  • Escaped from Ferncliff [Feb 28-Mar 1, 2019]
  • Conspired with Curtis Ashford, Kevin Collins, Hamilton Finn, Elizabeth Webber, and Valerie Spencer to steal Ryan's kidney and donate it to Jordan Ashford [revealed Jun 12, 2019]
  • Assaulted Shiloh and Arthur Cabot in defense of Cameron [Aug 8, 2019]
  • Threw a glass against a wall when Maxie called him by his real name [Aug 15, 2019; as Drew Cain]
  • Threatened Jason Morgan when he called him by his real name [Aug 16, 2019; as Drew]
  • Punched Det. Harrison Chase when he called him by his real name [Aug 16, 2019; as Drew; arrested and released]
  • Conspired with Scott and Elizabeth to extort $125,000 each from Nikolas and Ava Cassadine (Franco and Elizabeth changed their minds and ripped up the checks after Scott collected them) [Sep 10-Oct 16, 2020]
  • Attacked Peter August and strangled him [Jan 27, 2021]
  • Almost attacked Cam thinking he was Jason following a nightmare [Feb 25, 2021]
  • Clobbered Peter over the head with a tire iron, rendering him unconscious [Mar 5, 2021]
  • Kidnapped Peter and held him captive at his art gallery, subjecting him to the following forms of abuse in the process [Mar 5-9, 2021; revealed on Mar 8, 2021]
    • Tied him to a chair
    • Pointed his own gun at him pretending he was going to shoot him with it
    • Slapped/punched him across the face
    • Threatened him at scalpel-point that he was going to cut his tongue out if he didn't confess to taking down Drew's airplane
  • Fought Peter for a gun twice, once when Peter attacked him in self-defense and the other time in his own defense [Mar 8-9, 2021]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Molested a number of times by Jim Harvey at the age of four [1979; revealed Apr 9, 2018]
    • Presumed dead after being shot twice and left to die in a burning warehouse by Jason Morgan [Jan 13, 2012; Franco was revealed to be alive on May 29, 2013]
    • His blood type is O+[17] [revealed Sep 2012]
    • Threatened with a gun by Sonny Corinthos [May 29, 2013]
    • Choked by A.J. Quartermaine [May 30, 2013]
    • Pistol whipped by Sam Morgan [May 30, 2013]
    • Had a hit put out on him by Sonny Corinthos (Sonny ordered Shawn Butler to shoot him, but stopped it and then Carly re-launched the kill. Shawn fired a shot but missed) [Jun 10, 2013]
    • Almost got shot by Ava Jerome (Olivia Falconeri was shot instead) [Jun 10, 2013]
    • Hospitalized after being assaulted by Shawn Butler under the orders of Sonny Corinthos [Jul 2013]
    • Had a seizure [Jul 2013]
    • Believed he was Jason Morgan and had a hallucination of himself as "Franco" [Jul 2013]
    • Diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery [Jul 2013]
    • Tried to jump off the hospital roof [Aug 27, 2013]
    • Slapped by Monica Quartermaine [Sep 12, 2013]
    • Jumped into freezing water to save Michael Corinthos from drowning (he saved him) [Nov 12, 2013]
    • Framed by his mother, Heather Webber for "murdering" Carly [Jan 31, 2014]
    • Shot in the shoulder by Det. Dante Falconeri while trying to escape police custody [Feb 4, 2014]
    • Shot in the abdomen by his mother, Heather Webber [Feb 11, 2014]
    • Kicked in the shin and had his foot stomped on by Josslyn Jacks [Jun 17, 2014]
    • Threatened several times by Sonny Corinthos (who told him and Carly, he'll kill him if he tells Michael Corinthos about Sonny shooting A.J.) [Jun-Nov 2014]
    • Ambushed by two armed thugs in an elevator at the Metro Court Hotel under the orders of Ava Jerome [Jul 28, 2014]
    • Kidnapped; taken against his will to Ava Jerome's penthouse by those two thugs [Jul 29, 2014]
    • Had his arm twisted by Spencer Cassadine [Aug 1, 2014]
    • Trapped in an elevator with Nina Reeves [Aug 14-18, 2014]
    • Repeatedly punched an elevator door [Aug 18, 2014]
    • Had another hit out on him ordered by Sonny and therefore was almost shot and killed by Shawn (Shawn didn't finish the job because Jordan was in danger) [Nov 2014]
    • Assaulted by Sonny [Dec 23, 2014]

  • Rendered unconscious in a car accident caused by Johnny Zacchara and Carlos Rivera under Luke's orders [Jan 30, 2015]
  • Injected himself in the neck with an overdose of LSD [Feb 3, 2015]
  • Had LSD induced hallucinations [Feb 3-Mar 2, 2015]
  • Assaulted by Ned Ashton (held by the collar and threatened) [Apr 16, 2015]
  • Assaulted by Det. Nathan West (grabbed by the collar and slammed against a dresser) [May 29, 2015]
  • Falsely accused of mudering Silas Clay [Aug 4-31, 2015; arrested and released]
  • Slapped by Kiki Jerome [Aug 5, 2015]
  • Hurt his finger [Aug 6, 2015]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint in a chapel-full of people by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016; shown from Feb 23-24, 2016]
  • Fell off a bike [Mar 3, 2016]
  • Assaulted and choked by Drew Cain (pinned to a wall) [Apr 25-26, 2016]
  • Slapped by Elizabeth Webber [May 17, 2016]
  • Attacked by Tom Baker in self defense [Dec 20, 2016]
  • Hit over the head from behind by Seth Baker (suffered a laceration to his forehead as a result) [Jan 12, 2017]
  • Rendered unconscious multiple times due to a concussion [Jan 2017]
  • Held hostage in a storage locker by Seth [revealed Jan 13-27, 2017]
  • Exited the hospital (while being treated for injuries incurred prior to and during his imprisonment by Seth) without being properly discharged [Jan 31, 2017]
  • Assaulted by Drew Cain (grabbed by the collar and slammed against the Nurses station desk) [Mar 2, 2017]
  • Assaulted by Drew (slammed against a wall) [May 9, 2017]
  • Knocked out by Drew [May 10, 2017]
  • Slammed and chained to a mountain by Drew and then left there [May 10, 2017]
  • Cut his finger [Aug 18, 2017]
  • Attacked by Jason Morgan [Nov 2, 2017]
  • Fell temporarily unconscious and had a large, heavy object fallen on him after the earthquake [Mar 5, 2018]
  • Suffered a panic attack [Mar 14, 2018]
  • Held captive in a holding cell by Jim Harvey and his men (along with Drew) [Mar 14-21, 2018]
  • Punched by Harvey [Apr 6, 2018]
  • Suffocated and knocked unconscious by Harvey [Apr 9-10, 2018]
  • Knocked unconscious with a bottle by Liesl Obrecht [Jul 18, 2018]

  • Framed by Ryan Chamberlain for his murders and his stabbing of Lulu Spencer-Falconeri [Feb 5-Mar 5, 2019; arrested and exonerated]
  • Slapped by Elizabeth again [Feb 20, 2019]
  • Stabbed in the stomach by Ryan [Feb 28, 2019]
  • Held at gunpoint by Shiloh [Aug 8, 2019]
  • Had Drew's memories transferred onto him by Dr. Arthur Cabot under Shiloh's orders [Aug 8-9, 2019; revealed to have worked on Aug 12, 2019]
  • Conditioned into believing that he was Drew [Aug 12-Dec 17, 2019]
  • Assaulted by Jason [Aug 16, 2019; as Drew]
  • Slapped by Liesl [Aug 27, 2019; as Drew]
  • Grabbed by two medical personnel and hauled away against his will under the orders of Elizabeth and Scott Baldwin [Sep 18, 2019; as Drew]
  • Was going to be killed by David Black, a hit man sent by Peter August [Dec 10, 2019]
  • Had his memory reversal process tampered with by Peter [Dec 10, 2019]
  • Had his portrait of Ava Jerome vandalized by Nikolas Cassadine [Aug 14, 2020; revealed on Aug 17, 2020]
  • Collapsed [Oct 28, 2020]
  • Has an inoperable brain tumor which he could have died from [revealed Oct 29, 2020-Mar 9, 2021]
  • Knocked unconscious in an explosion at The Floating Rib (along with wife Elizabeth and stepson Cameron) [Nov 20-23, 2020; caused by Julian Jerome under Cyrus Renault's orders to kill Jason]
  • Suffered a head injury due to the explosion [Nov 23, 2020; hospitalized]
  • Successfully had surgery to drain blood and keep his brain from swelling; part of his tumor was removed [Nov 25, 2020]
  • Still had some of Drew's memories in his head [revealed Dec 2, 2020-Mar 9, 2021]
  • Collapsed; having severe migraines while hearing Peter’s voice in his head [Jan 5, 2021]
  • Tackled to the ground by Dante Falconeri in defense of Peter [Jan 27, 2021]
  • Had another severe migraine while hearing Peter’s voice in his head again [Jan 28, 2021]
  • Nearly stabbed with a loaded syringe by Alexis Davis [Jan 28, 2021; she accidentally stabbed Dante instead]
  • Losing his hair due to medical treatments [Feb 19, 2021]
  • Attacked by Peter in self-defense after he held him captive at his art gallery and he escaped his restraints [Mar 8, 2021]
  • Kneed in the stomach by Peter after losing a fight to him for Peter's gun and had it pointed at him [Mar 8-9, 2021]
  • Died after being shot in the chest by Peter in another struggle for the gun [Mar 9, 2021]

  • Family tree


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    2. ... Maxie reads these two names off Franco's passports.
    5. Heather and Scott conceived Franco in November 1981 when Luke and Laura married. As of November 8, 2013, Franco's birthday is said to be September 14.
    6. As of November 8, 2013, it is believed that Franco was born the same day as Jason. Franco himself, however, said on air that he isn't actually sure whether that's his real birthday.
    7. On November 6, 2017, Jason saw Andrew's birth date on his fake death certificate listed as November 11, 1976 and said that that was his birth date.
    8. Shown on Drew's Do Not Resuscitate papers on June 5, 2018
    9. Franco, as "Drew", saw his driver license which showed March 7, 1970 and Jason and Drew share the same birthday as him.
    10. Shown on Franco's birth certificate.
    11. Revealed on the episode that aired on November 8, 2013.
    12. Stated on August 13, 2014.
    14. On August 5, 2015, Jordan says Franco Baldwin is his legal name.

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