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*{{W|Frank Velentini|Frank Valentini on Wikipedia}}
*{{W|Frank Valentini|Frank Valentini on Wikipedia}}
{{General Hospital}}
{{General Hospital}}

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Frank Valentini
Frank valentini
Frank Valentini
Born November 14, 1962 [1]
Age 57
General Hospital
Position Executive Producer
Duration 2012-Present
What If...
Position Director
Duration 2010

Frank Valentini is the current executive producer for the ABC soap opera General Hospital. His first episode as EP aired February 1, 2012. Previously, Valentini was the executive producer of the now-cancelled ABC soap opera One Life to Live from 2002 until the show's end on January 13, 2012. Valentini is also a director and composer. In 2010, he directed What If..., a 10-part series of short webisodes that aired on and

Executive producer historyEdit

Predecessor General Hospital Successor
Jill Farren Phelps
Frank Valentini

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