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Who Bourne this West? (Jul 2014)

Originally posted July 28, 2014
Detective Nathan West (born James Reeves) recently found out that the mother who raised him, Madeline Reeves (born Magda Westbourne), is not his biological mother. His biological mother is Madeline's sister, Swiss-German mad doctor Liesl Obrecht (born Liesl Westbourne). The question remains, however, who's Nathan's father? Obrecht once had a romance with Russian prince Victor Cassadine, but has always been in love with Danish madman Cesar Faison. She even bore Faison a daughter, Dr. Britt Westbourne. Obrecht and Faison have always been disappointed because their child is a girl and not a boy. So, is Nathan Victor's son then? Is that why she gave him to her sister to raise, because he wasn't Faison's son? Why is Victor returning to Port Charles, and will we find out if he's Nathan's father? And, is Faison really dead? Watch GH and find out!

Patrick-Robin-Sabrina Love Triangle (Dec 2013)

Originally posted December 19, 2013
When Robin Scorpio returned to town in 2005, she was determined to save the life of her friend and former lover, Jason Morgan. After her drug therapy failed to save him, she went looking for a surgeon to operate. Noah Drake lead her to his son Patrick, who managed to save Jason’s life. When Patrick stayed in Port Charles to work at General Hospital, the two argued constantly. Eventually, they started dating and got closer after Patrick had an HIV scare. Even after Patrick tested negative, the couple grew closer, but eventually broke up when Robin wanted to start a family. After the funeral of Georgie Jones, they had a one night stand that led to Robin getting pregnant. She had originally planned to raise the baby alone, but when Patrick found out that it was his baby and fought his way back into Robin's life, eventually proposing over the loud speaker at General Hospital. Their first attempt to marry was interrupted by the birth of their daughter, Emma Scorpio-Drake. They eventually married on December 26, 2008. Their marriage started out rocky with Robin suffering from post-partum depression and Patrick’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Niles arriving in town and attempting to break them up. Patrick and Robin got through their difficulties, but the effects of Lisa’s terror continued when it was realized that Robin’s HIV meds had stopped working due to Lisa tampering with them. Robin originally planned to go into hiding to avoid her family having to watch her die, but she didn't have to when a doctor in Seattle found a drug protocol that worked. The happiness was short-lived however. Robin then "died" in a lab explosion.

Sabrina Santiago came to General Hospital as a student nurse and had an immediate crush on Dr. Patrick Drake. She decided to not act on her crush, however, when Epiphany Johnson told her that his wife had recently died. New doctor Britt Westbourne, however, did not wait and immediately asked Patrick out. Sabrina began babysitting Emma during their dates, and the two bonded. Emma told Sabrina about the Nurses' Ball and how important it was to her mom. Sabrina decided to try to revive the ball, and Patrick agreed. They worked with Felix, Britt, Elizabeth, and Lucy Coe to bring it back. Eventually, Patrick realized that he didn't want to be with a woman that Emma doesn't like and left Britt. At the Nurse’s ball Patrick realized that Sabrina was the woman that he wanted to be with. Their happiness, however, was short-lived because Britt announced that she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby. They got through this, and Patrick was very upset when he found out that the baby was in fact not his. When Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend Carlos Rivera came to town wanting her back, her relationship with Patrick grew, and Patrick proposed to Sabrina. They said their vows at the wedding ceremony, but before they were pronounced man and wife, Emma saw Robin and the wedding came to a halt. Two women, two histories! Will Patrick go back to his first love, or stay with his new love? Watch GH to find out!

The Spencer/Cassadine Feud (Jul 2013)

Originally posted July 6, 2013
The Spencer and Cassadine families have been at odds since 1981 when Luke killed Mikkos Cassadine in his ice chamber. After Mikkos' death, his widow Helena puts a curse on Luke and Laura at their wedding. In 1982, Laura is kidnapped by the Cassadines and forced to marry Stavros Cassadine.  Eventually, Laura is released and reunites with Luke, and they have a son Lucky.  In 1993, Luke and Laura return to Port Charles with Lucky. When their daughter Lulu is born in 1994, she is diagnosed with aplastic anemia and Laura reveals that she had a son, Nikolas, with Stavros during the time she was kidnapped. Nikolas comes to Port Charles to save his sister. Nikolas is quick to bond with Lulu, but the relationship between him and Lucky is rockier. In 1999, Cesar Faison, while working for Helena, kidnaps Lucky and fakes his death.  When Lucky returns in 2000, he is under Helena's control and brainwashed to hate his parents.  Eventually, Lucky is able to break free of Helena's control. Since then, Luke and Helena have continued their feud. Will Helena's final attempt to kill Luke be successful? Is Stavros really dead? Watch GH to find out!

The resurrection of the Nurses' Ball (Dec 2012)

Originally posted December 22, 2012

The Nurses' Ball was founded in 1994 by Lucy Coe as a fundraiser for HIV and AIDS awareness and research. It was held at The Port Charles Hotel, and attended by most everyone in Port Charles. The event included acts by various PC citizens, including singing, acting and dancing. Lucy emceed the event, often with Katherine Bell, and Lucy became notorious for usually ending up in her underwear somehow during the show. The Nurses' Ball became more personal for many in 1996 when local teenager Robin Scorpio was diagnosed with HIV. The last Nurses' Ball was held in 2001, said to be because of the lack of funding. Now, nursing student Sabrina Santiago is determined to resurrect the Ball in memory of Robin, who is thought to have died in 2012. Sabrina and fellow nursing student Felix DuBois have tracked down Lucy and convinced her to help with the event. These three, along with Nurse Elizabeth Webber, Robin's husband Dr. Patrick Drake, Dr. Britt Westbourne, Dr. Steve Webber, and with funding from Tracy Quartermaine, are planning to bring the Ball back in 2013. What surprising acts will be seen at the Ball, the people of Port Charles might even be in for a real shocker if Robin shows up alive! And of course, how is Lucy going to end up in her underwear? Watch GH and find out!

Two brothers: One presumed dead, one back from the dead! (Oct 2012)

Originally posted October 19, 2012
Jason Morgan is gone from Port Charles after being shot by Duke Lavery and being presumed dead. After a car accident caused by his older, alcoholic brother A.J. Quartermaine in 1995, Jason Quartermaine suffered permanent brain damage and memory loss, prompting him to change his last name to Morgan to honor his grandmother, Lila Morgan Quartermaine, and disown the family. He started working for mob boss Sonny Corinthos and befriended Carly Benson. He quickly worked his way up the ranks of Sonny's mob until he finally became his enforcer and right-hand man; he even took over the business for awhile. Carly and A.J. had a one-night stand, which resulted in their son Michael, but Carly and Jason let everyone believe that Jason was the father to keep him away from A.J. Jason even raised Michael the first year of his life when Carly couldn't. A.J. eventually found out Michael was his son; but Carly married Sonny, who adopted him. Since then, Michael has always been kept away from A.J. by Carly, Sonny and Jason. Now Jason is gone, but his brother A.J., who seemingly died in 2005, is back! What will A.J. do now that he's back in town? Will he be back to his old ways, or is he truly a new man? And now that Jason, Michael's uncle whom he saw as a father-figure, is gone, will A.J. finally be able to be a father to his now adult son? Watch GH and find out!

Elizabeth's scheme (Sep 2012)

Originally posted September 30, 2012
Last week on GH, Elizabeth returned the DNA test results to Jason, and it said that the baby was not Sam and Franco's. However, Elizabeth confessed this week to switching the DNA test results, and that the baby really is Sam's. And now, even though Jason asked Elizabeth not to say anything to Sam about what's going on, Elizabeth went to Sam to tell her. What exactly is Elizabeth going to tell Sam, and how will Sam react? What is going to be the fallout of Elizabeth's lies and scheme? Watch GH and find out!

Duke returns! (Aug 2012)

Originally posted August 27, 2012
Duke Lavery was revealed to be alive on Monday, August 27, and has moved the presumed-dead Robin Scorpio-Drake from the Swiss facility she was being held in! Duke has been presumed dead since he was shot and "died" in Anna's arms in 1990. In 1986, Duke arrived in Port Charles as a member of his father's mob. He married Anna Devane in 1987 and got out of the mob; but when Anna was kidnapped, he joined the rival Jerome mob family in order to find her. Anna was found, and Duke faked his death in 1989 in a warehouse explosion to protect Anna and her daughter Robin from the mob. Later that year, Duke resurfaced. Only, he had a new face, no Scottish accent, and was going by the name "Jonathan Paget." Duke was again "killed" in 1990 in a shootout with Julian Jerome. So, how is it that Duke has resurfaced again, this time with his original face? Did he fake his death for a second time and again have plastic surgery, or was "Jonathan Paget" not actually Duke? Why did he move Robin from her location; was he actually the mastermind behind the faking of her death, giving orders to Jerry Jacks, who in turn gave orders to Ewen Keenan? Is Jerry still answering to Duke in his water-poisoning plot? And why would Duke hurt Anna and Robin? Watch General Hospital and find out!

Jerry's plot against Port Charles (Aug 2012)

Originally posted August 23, 2012
Jerry Jacks has returned to Port Charles after being revealed as the one who had Ewen Keenan kidnap and fake the death of Robin Scorpio-Drake. Now, he's working with Ewen and Joe Scully, Jr. to poison all of Port Charles through the water supply, except for his niece Josslyn and the woman he loves Alexis Davis, whom he has inoculated against the poison. Jerry, however, usually answers to someone else. For whom is Jerry working, or is he masterminding this plot himself? Why did he fake Robin's death? Why is he poisoning the city, and what does whatever illness he has that's causing him to cough up blood have to do with it? Who will die, and who will save Port Charles? Watch General Hospital and find out!

Robin is alive! (Aug 2012)

Originally posted August 2, 2012
Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake's loved ones believe she died in a lab explosion at General Hospital, but she is actually being held hostage in a mental facility in Switzerland. It's already been revealed that fellow doctor Ewen Keenan was the one who somehow kidnapped her after the explosion, but he's working on someone else's orders. For whom is Dr. Keenan working; is it Jerry Jacks, or is it someone else, possibly Helena Cassadine? And, will Robin's mother Anna Devane, the police commissioner, be able to find her? Watch GH to find out!

New arrivals (May 2012)

Originally posted May 30, 2012
Sam Morgan and Téa Delgado have both given birth to baby boys. Sam named her baby Jason after her husband; and Téa named her son Victor after her "late" husband. Téa's son died, and while Sam was passed out, the two babies were switched thanks to Heather Webber. How long will this charade last before the truth comes out? Watch GH to find out!

Jasam or McSam? (May 2012)

Originally posted May 7, 2012
One of GH's most popular current supercouples, Jasam (Jason and Sam), have recently had a fight due to Sam's new friend John McBain and Sam lying about her baby's father, which is Jason's evil twin brother, Franco. Soon after Sam left, she is kidnapped by Ronnie Dimestico, who also kidnapped Lulu Spencer. Lulu is then saved by her husband, Dante, while Sam is saved by John (aka McBain), which angers Jason a lot. Wanna know what happens next? Watch GH to find out.

Cole and Hope's murder (Apr 2012)

Originally posted April 9, 2012
Sonny Corinthos has been proven not guilty of shooting out Anthony Zacchara's tires by Alexis Davis, causing the car crash that killed Starr's boyfriend Cole and their daughter Hope. The trial ended this week. But was Sonny really not guilty? If Sonny is innocent, who shot out Anthony's tires? Was it Connie Falconeri, the alter of Sonny's girlfriend Kate; or was it Anthony's grandson Johnny Zacchara; or someone else? Also, how will Starr deal with Sonny being proven not guilty? Will Michael choose Sonny's side, or Starr's? Watch GH to find out.

RIP Robin (Mar 2012)

Originally posted March 2, 2012
Doctor Robin Scorpio-Drake died on Febuary 21, 2012 shortly after her mother Anna returned to Port Charles. Now Port Charles has to deal with of Robin. Will Patrick go over the edge? Will Emma Drake be able to live without her mother? Will Robin's Parents, Robert and Anna be able to coop with there daughter's death or will one of them self-harm themselves? Will Mac and Maxie be able to deal with Robin, there close family member, death? Will Jason, Sonny, Liz, Lulu, Luke, Jason, Epiphany, Edward, and even her overseas bestfriend Brenda be able to coop with the death of a great person. And what will happen at the funeral? Watch GH to find out.

More returns to General Hospital (Feb 2012)

Originally posted February 27, 2012
Anna and Robert returned to Port Charles, and their daughter Robin tragically died; Ethan's mother Holly returned to save him from Helena; Patrick and Matt's father Noah returned to console Patrick after his wife's death; and Steven's mother Heather returned to solve the mystery surrounding her cousin Susan, Franco, and Jason. More favorites, including Maxie's mother Felicia and Starr's father Todd, are set to return as well. What will happen with these favorites when they return? Will Felicia return when she hears about Robin, or to bring Maxie to her senses? And how is Todd going to escape the charges of his twin brother Victor's murder; is it going to be revealed that he's actually alive? Watch GH this spring to find out.

Who killed Lisa Niles? (Nov 2011)

Originally posted November 20, 2011
Doctor-turned-psychopath Lisa Niles has been murdered and the police assume that the boat's First Mate Briggs did it, then committed suicide. However, Anthony had promised Maxie he'd take care of the investigation for her. Did First Mate Briggs actually kill Lisa, or did one of the other suspects? Could it have been Dr. Steven Webber, Olivia Falconeri, Dr. Matt Hunter, Dr. Patrick Drake, Maxie Jones, Johnny Zacchara, Anthony Zacchara, or the now dead Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake? Or, was it someone else entirely?

Dante Falconeri (Oct 2011)

Originally posted October 2, 2011
Dante proposed to his girlfriend Lulu and was crushed when he didn't get an answer. Now, he's been shot and his life is hanging in the balance. Will he pull through to hear Lulu's answer? Click here to view Dante's profile.

Lulu Spencer (Oct 2011)

Originally posted October 2, 2011
Lulu was shocked when her boyfriend Dante proposed to her and wasn't sure how to answer. When she finally decided to say "yes" and planned the perfect evening to tell him, he was shot. Now she's not sure if he will live or die, and she hasn't even given him her answer yet. Will Dante live? Click here to view Lulu's profile.

Jason Morgan (Aug 2011)

Originally posted August 9, 2011
Jason was doing what he always does--helping Carly--when he got into a terrible car accident. Now he is fighting for his life. Will he live to walk down the aisle with his fiance Sam, and will he even remember her? Click here to view Jason's profile.

Sam McCall (Aug 2011)

Originally posted August 9, 2011
Sam and Jason have finally decided to get married, after all these years together, but now Jason has been in a terrible car accident and his life is on the line. How will Sam cope with having to wait and see whether Jason lives--and whether he will wake up the same man she loves? Click here to view Sam's profile.

Nikolas Cassadine (Jun 2011)

Originally posted June 27, 2011
Now that Elizabeth has told him that he is not Aiden's father, to what lengths will Nikolas go to keep the boy he believes to be his son? Click here to view Nikolas' profile.

Lucky Spencer (Jun 2011)

Originally posted June 27, 2011
How is Lucky going to cope with everything going on in his life? His dad has resigned as his father, he set the fire that put his wife in the hospital, and now he has learned that the boy he thought to be his nephew is actually his son. Click here to view Lucky's profile.

Dante Falconeri (Feb 2010)

Originally posted February 23, 2010
Now that his identity is revealed, will Dante ever find out who really killed Claudia, or will he let Sonny take the fall for a crime he did not commit? Click here to view Dante's profile.

Lucky Spencer (Oct 2009)

Originally posted October 25, 2009
Jonathan Jackson has reprised his role as Lucky Spencer, the son of Luke and Laura. Jackson's return came as an even bigger shock when fans learned that Greg Vaughan who had portrayed Lucky for the past 6 years had been let go. Don't expect the Jackson's return to be all fun and games. Right now, his character's love life is going up in flames, seeing as his soul-mate is sleeping with his brother.

Featured characters

Spencer Cassadine (Jul 2014)

Originally posted July 28, 2014
Prince Spencer Stefan Niklosovich Cassadine is the son of Nikolas Cassadine and the late Courtney Matthews, who was the half-sister of Sonny Corinthos. Spencer was the product of an extra-marital affair while his mother was (invalidly) married to Jasper Jacks and his father was married to Emily Quartermaine. During her pregnancy, Courtney was infected with encephalitis during an outbreak in Port Charles, and had to deliver the baby extremely prematurely in February of 2006. Shortly before giving birth, Nikolas and Courtney became engaged while she was lying in the hospital, but Courtney died shortly after giving birth to John Michael Jacks. It was unknown to everyone except Courtney's husband Jax that Nikolas was the baby's father and not Jax, but the truth eventually came out and Nikolas renamed him Spencer to honor his brother and sister Lucky and Lulu Spencer. In the care of Nikolas, a prince of Russian nobility, Spencer is quickly swept away by the help and spends much of his early childhood away at boarding schools and on vacations all over Europe. He is raised rich and noble. When Spencer returns to Port Charles with his father in 2013, he has a snobby sense of entitlement, flaunts his riches and nobility, and conducts schemes to get what he wants. He falls in love with the idea of his dad's new girlfriend Britt Westbourne becoming his new mother. Nikolas and Britt, however, break up and Spencer is devastated. He is now going to great lengths and working with Britt to try and get the two back together. He has schemed and sabotaged, purposefully put the two in situations together, and he has now run away. Will his strategic games work to get the two back together? Watch GH and find out!

Lucas Jones (Dec 2013)

Originally posted December 19, 2013
Lucas Jones is the adopted son of Bobbie Spencer and the late Tony Jones, and the biological son of Julian Jerome and the late Cheryl Stansbury. Bobbie adopted him at birth, not knowing he had been kidnapped from his birth mother, who thought he had died at birth. When the truth came out, Bobbie lost custody of Lucas to Cheryl, who left town with him. Cheryl died in a car wreck when Lucas was only a couple years old, and Cheryl's sister Tiffany and her husband Sean Donely took custody of him until Cheryl's will revealed that she had actually named Bobbie and Tony as Lucas' guardians. Lucas has had his fair share of troubles in life. He was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes as a child, he was kept from Tony for a period of time after Tony was arrested for kidnapping Michael Corinthos, he was caught in a burning building and saved by Jerry Jacks, he almost died when Helena Cassadine brainwashed his adoptive cousin Lucky Spencer into poisoning him, he came out as gay and was subjected to beatings because of it, and his adoptive father Tony died from encephalitis. Lucas has been living in Seattle for the last several years; but now his biological father, Julian, is back from the dead and starting a mob war in Port Charles. Julian, who has just found out he has a daughter, Sam Morgan, does not know he has a son. Lucas, however, will be returning to Port Charles very soon. How will Lucas take the news that his biological father is alive? How will Julian take the news that he has a son, and how will he react to finding out his son is gay? Will Lucas factor in to the mob war at all? Will the two be able to bond, and how will Lucas get along with his new-found sister Sam? Watch GH and find out!

Scott Baldwin (Mar 2013)

Originally posted March 2, 2013
Scott "Scotty" Baldwin (born Bentley) first came to Port Charles, New York in 1965 with his mother Meg and half-sister Brooke after their father Lloyd Bentley died. The following year, Meg married Lee Baldwin, and he adopted Scotty; Meg died in 1971. Scotty became a lawyer like his father Lee, and fell in love with Laura Webber, whom he married in 1979. The marriage ended in divorce, however, when Laura left him for Luke Spencer in 1981. After a brief marriage of convenience to Jason Morgan's biological mother Susan Moore, and brief relationships with Luke's sister Bobbie Spencer and Lucy Coe, Scotty married Dominique Stanton in 1992. Dominique and Scotty desperately wanted a child, but the dying Dominique couldn't carry one, so Lucy agreed to carry the baby for them, and delivered baby Serena in 1993. Scotty later dated Eve Lambert, but then got back together with Lucy, and the two married in 1999. Lucy legally adopted Serena, and they adopted a second daughter, Christina, together. That marriage fizzled, however, and Scotty started dating Laura again after her marriage to Luke also fizzled in 2001. Laura, however, then was confined to a mental institution when she became catatonic after believing she killed her father Rick Webber. Scotty, however, was the one who had actually killed Rick in an attempt to stop him from harming Laura. In 2008, Laura woke up and Scotty wanted to rekindle their relationship. When Laura left town to go to Paris for treatment, Scotty followed her. Now, both Laura and Scotty are back in Port Charles after rekindling their relationship after all these years and are engaged to get remarried. Luke, however, doesn't want Laura to marry Scotty, thinking he's bad news for her. Will Laura marry Scotty, or will Luke be able to stop them? Is Scotty genuine in his love for Laura, or is he using her? Watch GH and find out!

Trey Mitchell (Dec 2012)

Originally posted December 22, 2012
Joseph Mitchell Scully III (also known as Trey Mitchell) is the son of Joe Scully, Jr. and Connie Falconeri, as a result of Joe raping Connie as a teenager. When Connie found out she was pregnant at seventeen, she ran away from home, had her baby and abandoned him. She then changed her name to Kate Howard and started a new life, blocking out the memory of her rape, and of her son. Joe, however, found the baby and raised him on his own. Trey came to Port Charles in 2012 not knowing about his history or the kind of man his father truly was. Joe manipulated Trey into helping him continue his vendetta against Sonny Corinthos, Connie's fiance who also grew up with Joe. Trey married Sonny's daughter Kristina on his father's instructions so that they would be able to get to Sonny's money. Trey soon found out the whole truth about his history and his parents, his and Kristina's marriage was annulled and Joe ended up getting shot to death. Now, Trey has tried to get to know his mother, but she wants nothing to do with him; and Trey has decided to go to Los Angeles to start a new life and has invited Kristina to go along. Will Kristina go to LA with Trey? Will Trey be able to make peace with his mother before he leaves, or will he even go to LA? Watch GH and find out!

Sam McCall (Nov 2012)

Originally posted November 5, 2012
Sam McCall came to town in 2003 and got pregnant in 2004 by Sonny Corinthos, so Jason Morgan said he was the father to protect Sonny's marriage to Carly Benson. Sam and Jason fell in love, and Sam's daughter Lila was stillborn. They married in 2011; but on their honeymoon, Sam was raped by the crazed Franco, Jason's long-lost twin. Sam was pregnant again; and a DNA test showed Franco was the father, which tore them apart. Sam leaned on John McBain during her pregnancy, and became more than just friends with him. She was devastated again when told her son died shortly after birth. Months later, she found out that her son was alive, having been switched at birth. He had been kidnapped, however, by the crazed Heather Webber. Jason and Sam saved the baby, whom she named Danny, and the couple reunited. The night they took Danny home, Jason was shot and presumed dead. Sam then found out that Heather had switched the DNA test and that Jason was actually Danny's father. Sam's now convinced that Jason's alive, and is determined to find him, even though most everyone disagrees and thinks she's in denial. Is Jason alive; and if so, will Sam be able to find him? If not, will Sam be able to move on without her husband? Will Sam and John get even closer now that Jason is gone? Watch GH and find out!

Carly Jacks (Sep 2012)

Originally posted September 30, 2012
Carly Jacks is a character on General Hospital. Carly has been through it all: coming to town to ruin her long-lost mother's life, shooting her stepfather in court, having two miscarriages, getting kidnapped by her brother-in-law, her son getting shot and being left in a coma, giving birth to her daughter while kidnapped by her ex-husband's wife, her son being raped in jail, and helping another ex-husband fake his death. She has often been drawn to bad boys, she even ended her five-year marriage to be with her lover, only to have him secretly go behind her back and marry another woman! Her friend wants to help and protect her, but is keeping secrets from her. Carly never has a dull moment in her life! Check out more Carly on GH!

John McBain (Aug 2012)

Originally posted August 23, 2012
John McBain is a character on General Hospital that was originated on the now-cancelled soap opera One Life to Live. He is a former FBI agent and now a police detective for the Llanview Police Department, although he is currently staying in Port Charles. While in Port Charles, he met and grew close to Sam Morgan, the estranged wife of mob enforcer Jason Morgan. Sam and John shared a kiss on the Fourth of July, and the local tabloid publisher, Todd Manning, got a hold of a picture of the kiss. Todd blames John for breaking up his relationship with the woman he loves, Blair Cramer, so Todd sent the picture to John's girlfriend (who's also Todd's niece) Natalie Buchanan back in Llanview. Natalie has now broken up with John, has a restraining order against him, and is keeping their son Liam from him. Now that John and Natalie are broken up, and Sam and Jason have decided to divorce, John and Sam have admitted that they have feelings for each other. What will happen between these two, and will John ever get to see his son again? Watch General Hospital and find out!

Kate Howard (Jun 2012)

Originally posted June 14, 2012
Katherine Hardwicke "Kate" Howard (aka Constanza Louise "Connie" Falconeri) is a character on General Hospital. She is the editor-in-chief of Crimson fashion magazine and co-owner of the Metro Court Hotel. She grew up in Bensonhurst, New York with her cousin Olivia Falconeri and their friends Lois Cerullo and Sonny Corinthos. Sonny and Olivia dated as teenagers; and after they broke up, Kate (or Connie as she was known then) started dating Sonny, and they fell in love. In 1990, Connie was brutally raped by Joe Scully, Jr., the son of Sonny's mob boss. Connie and Sonny planned to run away together to get away from the city; but shortly before their planned meeting to do so, she found out she was pregnant as a result of the rape. Feeling she couldn't tell Sonny the truth about the rape and being pregnant, she stood him up and the two didn't meet again until 2007 in Port Charles, after she had changed her name to Kate. Kate was recently diagnosed with a split personality, and her alter "Connie" has been trying to break her and Sonny up. Will Kate's psychiatrist Dr. Keenan be able to help her, and what happened to the baby Kate was pregnant with? Could it be Kristina's new friend Trey, who is also Joe JR's son? Tune in to GH to see what happens.

Todd Manning (May 2012)

Originally posted May 30, 2012
Thomas Todd Manning is a character on General Hospital that was originated on One Life to Live. He is the heir of the late Victor Lord, the patriarch of a prominent Llanview, Pennsylvania family; and owner and publisher of The Sun tabloid. He is the ex-husband of Blair Cramer and Téa Delgado; and the father of Starr Manning, Danielle Manning, and Jack Manning. Todd was abused as a child by his adoptive father, his mother Irene Manning's cousin Peter. Both of Todd's biological parents were also violent abusers; and Todd himself has a history of being violent and engaging in illegal activities, namely being a convicted rapist. He recently killed both his own mother and his twin brother, Victor Lord, Jr. Now Todd is in Port Charles to help his daughter Starr, whose daughter Hope and boyfriend Cole have recently been killed, and he has made instant enemies with mob boss Sonny Corinthos. He's trying to win Starr's affection back after killing her uncle; and to steer clear of Téa, who's having Victor Jr.'s baby and hates Todd with a passion. Tune in to GH to see what happens.

Felicia Jones (Apr 2012)

Originally posted April 28, 2012
Felicia Cummings is a character on General Hospital. Felicia is a Private Investigator. She is the ex-wife of Frisco Jones and Mac Scorpio. Felicia is the mother of Maxie Jones and Georgie Jones (deceased). Felicia's past storylines involve marrying Frisco, BJ's death and Maxie's heart problems, marrying Mac, leaving Port Charles to go to Texas, and her daughter Georgie getting murdered. Recently, Felicia has returned to Port Charles to comfort Maxie, after saying she killed Lisa Niles and Robin Drake, even though she didn't. Maxie may even go to prison. Now, can Felicia stop Maxie from lying about killing Lisa and Robin before she goes to jail?!? Tune in to GH to see what happens next.

Anna Devane (Apr 2012)

Originally posted April 9, 2012
Anna Devane is a character on General Hospital. Anna is a spy for DVX. She is the ex-wife of Robert Scorpio, Duke Lavery, and David Hayward. Anna is the mother of Robin Scorpio-Drake. Anna's past storylines involve being in the police, finding her daughter, being presumed dead while really being kidnapped, and being on fellow ABC Daytime Drama All My Children in the early 2000's. Recently, Anna has returned to Port Charles to visit her daughter and her family, including Patrick, Robin's husband, and Emma, Robin's daughter. While visiting, Robin dies in a fire. Now Anna has to deal with Robin's death and is staying in Port Charles for awhile. Tune in to GH to see what happens next.

Sonny Corinthos (Feb 2010)

Originally posted February 23, 2010
Sonny, being one of Port Charles's notable residents, is the most controversial character on General Hospital yet. Click here to learn more about Sonny.

Josslyn Jacks (Nov 2009)

Originally posted November 9, 2009
Born during her mother was kidnapped, the long awaited child of Carly and Jax may lead to their divorce seeing as Jax kept quiet about his involvement in Carly's son shooting as a way of protecting Carly during her pregnancy. Click here to lear more about Josslyn >.

Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Nov 2009)

Originally posted November 7, 2009
Kristina Corinthos-Davis is the beloved daughter of Sonny Corinthos and Alexis Davis. After drastically aging from 6 to 16 within only half a year, she begins to hang around older crowds, drinking, smoking marijuana, and even dating an abusive boyfriend who blackmailed her in to bed. Click here to learn more about Kirstina >.

Comatose Corinthos (Michael Corinthos) (Oct 2009)

Originally posted October 30, 2009
Michael Corinthos had the less-than-perfact life as the product of his mother's one-night-fling. He was soon moved from home to home and during his fast early years, he called three men his father. But the one who has always been a father figure towards him adopted him even after his mother Carly divorced him. Enter the life of Michael Corinthos. He has been kidnapped, brain-washed, and left for dead but nothing would compare to his shooting that put him in to a coma for nearly a year, which was ordered by his step-mother. This shooting really took his life as he entered his coma as a 12-year old and within a year, woke up as a 17-year old.

The End of Claudia (Claudia Zacchara) (Oct 2009)

Originally posted October 25, 2009
Claudia Corinthos came to town in January 2008 and made many enemies throughout her mob dealings in Port Charles. After screwing up a hit that was supposed to kill Sonny Corinthos, the bullet landed in his son Michael's head, landing him in a coma. After marrying Sonny and after Michael's return, she soon began to manipulate Sonny's kids, leading Michael's uncle Jason to find evidence against her. Although Sonny and CLaudia suffered a miscarriage, Sonny was unable to forgive Claudia and he publicly let her know that, at her birthday party. In a desperate move, she kidnapped Sonny's pregnant ex-wife Carly Jacks and kept her hostage until her plans back-fired and Carly took the wheel and crashed the car, killing the 3rd Ms. Corinthos. With Claudia only having a few days left on-screen, only TPTB knows what will happen with Claudia's corpse.

Carly Jacks (Oct 2009)

Originally posted October 25, 2009
Carly Corinthos Jacks arrived in town in 1996 to ruin her birth mother's life for abandoning her as a child. If you mess with Carly, be prepared to pay the consequences. Having once held her own as the wife of a mob boss, she now lives by her own rules. And while she makes life miserable for those who've betrayed her, those closest to her have her undying loyalty.

The long lost Corinthos (Dante Falconeri) (Oct 2009)

Originally posted October 25, 2009
Dante Falconeri arrived in town operating under the alias, Dominic Pirelli. The young detective has his sights set on taking down Port Charles mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. What he doesn't know is that Sonny is his father and his mother Olivia Falconeri is trying with everything to keep him a secret. Dante has also taken a liking to Lulu Spencer, the daughter of supercouple, Luke and Laura. Though she constantly reminds him that he had no chance with her, Dante is very consistent when it comes to trying to impress.

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