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Here are some tasks that need to be done around the wiki.

  • Categorize any uncategorized images.
    • For images of characters, use [[Category:Images of Character's first and last name]]. For Spinelli, simply put [[Category:Images of Spinelli]] and for Jax, put [[Category:Images of Jax Jacks]]
  • Categorize any uncategorized pages. The only page that should be listed is the Main Page (General Hospital Wikia).
  • For all categories in Category:Images that are titled "Images of...", put the DEFAULTSORT tag on them.
    • For example, the category "Images of Michael Corinthos" should have {{DEFAULTSORT:Corinthos, Michael}} somewhere on the page.
  • Add to any pages marked as incomplete, a stub, blank, or needing images.
  • Create any wanted categories by adding a brief description of what it contains.
  • Remove any use of linking to a character's first name (e.g., linking to [[Molly]] instead of [[Molly Lansing-Davis|Molly]]), except in episode recaps.
  • Alphabetize lists, unless there is a specific reason for listing them in a different order (e.g., listing a character's children by age).
    • Likewise, put all of an article's categories in alphabetical order.
  • Remove the usage of ordinal numbers (first, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) in dates.
    • Spell out numbers written as one or two words (e.g., 62 becomes sixty-two, 1,000 becomes one thousand, etc.).