This page contains a list of songs that have been used on General Hospital.


  • Adiago for Strings by Barber (2009; Michael flashbacks to Claudia's death)
  • All Around Me by Flyleaf (August 2008; promo)
  • All Is Lost by Josh Auer
  • All I Need by Jack Wagner (Theme for Frisco and Felicia Jones)
  • All I Want Is You by Adrianne Leon
  • All I Want Is You by Michael Franti & Spearhead (September 2010; Sonny Corinthos and Claire Walsh love scene)
  • All I Want For Christmas is You by Michael Buble (December 2011 Christmas montage)
  • Always Something by Rie Sinclair (Theme for Carly and Sonny Corinthos)
  • All Through The Night Written by: Rie Sinclair; Performed by: Brit Renken
  • Already Over by Rie Sinclair (September 2006 montage)
  • Angel by Sarah McLachlan (November 2004; death of Baby Girl McCall)
  • Answer by Sarah MacLachlan (February 2006 montage: virus epidemic ends)


  • Baby of Mine by Rie Sinclair (March 2011; Jake Spencer goes into surgery after the hit-n-run accident)
  • Bad For You by Holly Palmer
  • Believe Me by Rie Sinclair (June 2006; Carly and Jasper "Jax" Jacks love scene)
  • Best of My Life by Rie Sinclair (August 2004 montage)
  • Best For Last by Rick Krizman
  • Better Man by James Morrison (September 2011; Jason and Sam Morgan love scene/wedding night)
  • Bliss by Adrianne Leon (Theme for Zander Smith and Emily Bowen-Quartermaine)
  • Blue Hour by Adrian Gurvitz (March 2005; Jason and Sam Morgan dance in the rain)
  • Bio Terror by RC Cates (January 2009; Hospital toxin crisis)
  • Breathe 2AM by Anna Nalick (May 2006; Sam McCall is shot)
  • Breathless by Better Than Ezra (February 2008; Johnny Zacchara and Lulu Spencer love scene)
  • Broken by Lifehouse (November 2007; Thanksgiving montage)



  • Distance by Peter McEuilley (January 2005; Jason and Sam Morgan share a dance)
  • Dust by Ben West (September 30 & December 6, 2011 montages)
  • Dance with Life (Brilliant Light) by Bryan Ferry (Theme for Jason Morgan and Robin Scorpio)


  • Everything To Me by JJ Farris (October 2008 montage)
  • Eyes of Grace by Enation (November 2010 montage)




  • Hey Now by Augustana (July 2009; Claudia Zacchara Corinthos hit-n-run accident)
  • Here Me Now Written by: Leslie Summerfield and Marlon McClain
  • Hold on Tight by Rie Sinclair
  • Hold You in My Arms by Ray LaMontagne (September 2011; Jason and Sam Morgan share their first dance as husband and wife)
  • Home Again by Daena Jay (Theme for Sonny and Brenda Corinthos)
  • Hostile Takeover by RC Cates (February 2007; Metrocourt Hostage Crisis)


  • I Believe by Serge Colbert and Mark Portmann (December 2008; Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake wedding reception)
  • I Do Love You Written by: Bob Harty; Performed by: Avion Blackman (April 2007; Jasper Jacks surprises Carly Jacks)
  • If You Only Written by: Rachael Lawrence; Performed by: Deborah Ellen (February 2008)
  • I Got What You Want by Tanya Gunn (March 2011; Nikolas Cassadine and Brook Lynn Ashton love scene)
  • Insatiable Written by: Bob Harty; Performed by: Avion Blackman (November 2010; Jason and Sam Morgan have a romantic dinner)
  • I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crowe (May 2004 montage)
  • It's You by Josh Auer (November 2010 montage)
  • I Would Be True by Adrianne Leon (July 2004; Lila Quartermaine memorial)
  • I Would Do Anything by Adrianne Leon
  • I'll Follow You by Jon McLaughlin (September 2012 montage: Pathogen crisis ends )




  • Last Train Home by Ryan Star (September 2009; Carnival Promo)
  • Let It Go by JJ Farris (July 2009 montage)
  • Let's Stay by Joseph Barkley (February 2010; Jason and Sam Morgan celebrate Valentine's Day)
  • Lie To Me by JJ Farris (November 2008 montage)
  • Like A Song Written by: Bob Harty; Performed by Avion Blackman
  • Like You Do by: Danni Rosner (February 2014; Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake make love for the last time)
  • Long Way To Go by Medici (April 2004 montage)
  • Lost We Are by Mary Simon (October 2011; Lulu Spencer accepts Dante Falconeri's marriage proposal; October 2013; Michael Corinthos and Kiki Jerome love scene)
  • Lost Without U by Robin Thicke (October 2007; Sonny Corinthos and Kate Howard love scene)
  • Lost Without You Written by: Peter McEvilley; Performed by: Patrick DeLuca
  • Love Is a Mystery by Ginny Owens (December 2011; New Years Eve montage)


  • Mad World Written by: Roland Orzabal; Performed by: Adam Lambert (2009; Franco's theme song)
  • Make You Feel My Love by Adele (May 2010; Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer-Falconeri love scene)
  • Mark's Song by Eastmountainsouth (November 2007; Emily Bowen-Quartermaine memorial)
  • Mr. Craig Plays A Game by RC Cates (February 2007; Metrocourt Hostage Crisis)
  • Mozart Requiem by Lacrismosa (February 2005 montage)
  • My Story by Rie Sinclair



  • Oh Christmas Tree (Christmas scenes in 2008 and 2009)
  • Off The Radar by Rie Sinclair (September 2008 montage)
  • One Goodbye Written by: Bob Harty; Performed by: Jayson Belt
  • One Thing on My Mind Performed by: Chauncey Jacks & Eve (October 2008; Ric Lansing and Claudia Zacchara love scene)
  • Only One I Love by Adrianne Leon (April 2000; performed by Brook Lynn Ashton)
  • Our Secret Written by: Bob Harty; Performed by: Jennifer Harty (June 2009; Carly and Jasper "Jax" Jacks love scene)
  • Ours To Keep Performed by: Kina Grannis (Theme for Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber)
  • Over My Head by Rie Sinclair (Theme for Cooper Barrett and Maxie Jones)



  • Redeem Me by Adrianne Leon (January 2004 montage)
  • Right Here and Now by JJ Farris (August 2007)
  • Rise by Herb Albert (October 1979; Luke Spencer rapes Laura Baldwin )
  • Roads by Portishead (March 2003 montage)
  • Room For Me Performed by: Josh Auer (March 2009; Ethan Lovett meets Robin Scorpio)


  • Secrets by OneRepublic
  • She Inspires Me Performed by: Dorian Cheah & Michele Vice-Maslin
  • She Was So Very Extraordinary by RC Cates
  • She's With The Angels by RC Cates
  • Silent Ambush Written by: Bob Harty and Rie Sinclair; Performed by: Dawn Johnson (December 2008; Jason and Sam Morgan rescue Jake Spencer)
  • Smile by Ryan Webster (February 2010 Damian Spinelli and Maxie Jones celebrate Valentine's Day together)
  • Snow by Josh Auer (December 2009 Christmas montage)
  • Something About You Written by: Dan Beyer & Rie Sinclair; Performed by: Ryan Hanif (Theme for Logan Hayes and Lulu Spencer)
  • So Are You To Me by EastMountainSouth (March 2007; Alan Quartermaine's death Montage)
  • So Right by Rie Sinclair (Theme for Luke Spencer and Tracy Quartermaine)
  • Stay With Me Tonight by Todd Wright (March 2011; Michael Corinthos and Abby Haver love scene)
  • Step of Faith by Jake Coco (August 2006 montage)
  • Still Life by Shannon Moore (October 2006; Jason and Sam Morgan reunite)
  • Storm by Lifehouse (September 2009; carnival chaos)
  • Stranger in My Skin by Christine Dente
  • Sweetest Kiss by Ian Hoge (December 2009; Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake one year wedding anniversary love scene)



  • Underneath The Night by Rie Sinclair (November 2007; Nikolas Cassadine mourns for Emily)
  • Underwater by Vertical Horizons (May 2007; Jason watching his baby boy being born as Elizabeth fights for her life)


  • Walking Away Performed by: Deborah Ellen (February 2009; Maxie and BJ Jones stand alone episode)
  • War Performed by: Joan Osbourne (March 2005; Michael Corinthos memorial)
  • We Keep Trying by Rie Sinclair and Bob Harty (March 2009; Claudia and Sonny Corinthos love scene)
  • We Lost Our Way by Daena Jay, feat Stuart Dooley (December 2013; Damian Spinelli and Maxie Jones goodbye montage)
  • We Will Shine by Jayson Belt (November 2010; Jason Morgan makes a toast to Sam McCall during a romantic dinner)
  • Whatever It Takes by Chris Cox (October 2006; Jason and Sam Morgan reunite)
  • What We've Got Written by: Bob Harty and Jayson Belt
  • What's Victoria's Secret by Rick Springfield (August 2008; Eli Love performs at his concert)
  • When Angels Cry Performed by: Janis Ian (December 1995; Stone Cates memorial)
  • When I'm Gone Performed by: Brian Vander Ark (December 2007; Georgie Jones memorial)
  • When It's All In Pieces by Rachel Diggs (May 2012 montage)
  • Where You Are by Rie Sinclair (Theme for Lucky and Elizabeth Spencer)
  • Will You Be Mine Written by: JJ Farris; Performed by: Wes Quave (December 2008; New Years Eve montage)
  • Wonderful Surprise by Shawn Hlookoff (December 2008)
  • World Wide Open by Love and Theft (September 2009 promo)
  • Would You Like It by Adrianne Leon


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