Olivia, Morgan, Cameron and Steve prepare to leave for the ski trip.

Steve Webber starts a hospital ski trip in December 2010. Olivia Falconeri, Michael Corinthos, Morgan Corinthos, Kristina Corinthos-Davis, Molly Lansing-Davis, Cameron Spencer, Maxie Jones, Matt Hunter, and Kristina's friends Ali and Taylor Wallace all go on the trip.

Everybody is having fun talking, singing, and laughing on the way to the ski lodge. Morgan calls his mom Carly and she asks how everything's going. While Morgan talks to her, the bus starts going out of control and chaos ensues. The bus hits a patch of ice and rolls off a cliff, throwing everyone out of the bus.


Sonny with Kristina after she is injured in the bus crash.

After the phone call ends abruptly, Carly realizes that the kids had crashed and starts to worry. At the site, Steve wakes up and realizes that Cameron is okay. Four others who were also on the bus are knocked out on a small cliff, but once they wake up, they are okay. Steve, as a doctor, checks on the other passengers, so the four others watch Cameron. When Matt and Maxie wake up, Matt's eye is bleeding and Maxie realizes that his arm is broken. Micheal, Molly, Taylor, Kristina, and Ali all wake up in a nearby area. Ali is laid out on a rock while her head bleeds badly.

At the hospital, Carly tells some people what happened and Nikolas tells Liz. She begins to worry about her son Cameron. Soon, Alexis Davis and Sam McCall arrive for any news on the crash. Later, Abby, Michael's girlfriend, shows up, with his dad Sonny arriving a few minutes later. They meet one another for the first time. Back at the site, the bus driver is found dead, and Olivia is found with internal bleeding. It takes a while for Morgan to be found, though, but on January 4, Michael finds him in the snow and his leg is broken. A rescue team comes and takes the injured passengers to the hospital. Kristina suffers hypothermia, but she eventually recovers. Matt and Morgan end up with broken bones, and Olivia needs surgery. Other than the bus driver, the only person to die is Kristina's friend Ali. After everyone is examined by a doctor, they all get to go home. Everyone recovers eventually, but Molly soon begins suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. She then meets Shawn Butler, an ex-Marine who also has PTSD, and he helps her get better.

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