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The Geneva W.S.B. Facility is a medical facility in Geneva, Switzerland run by the World Security Bureau.

This facility helps agents suffering with post traumatic stress disorder or similar illnesses through talk therapy and behavior modification.[1].

Dante Falconeri and Franco Baldwin were both patients there in 2020.


After shooting Peter August at an Ithaca WSB Facility, it is revealed on August 3, 2020 that Dante has been moved to another W.S.B. facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dante talked to his doctor (Dr. Kirk) who was hoping he would trust the system. Dante was afraid of hurting his loved ones so he was not willing to undergo treatment for his P.T.S.D., plus he said there's a ticking time bomb in his head and that he has seen what it's like when it goes off. Dr. Kirk told Dante that he can get better if he trusts the system, and he warned him that the W.S.B. might deem him a lost cause and assign him to his care forever. Dante claimed he was fine with that.

On August 28, Dante grabs Dr. Kirk when he wakes Dante up from a nightmare. Kirk says he can update Dante’s medication to help with the nightmares. Dante declines the offer. Kirk says he is getting pressure from his superiors to bring Dante home. Dante asks why and Kirk says the W.S.B. director wants Dante for a priority assignment about someone close to him. Dante wants to know if it is about a friend or family.

W.S.B. Facility visitor badge

Dante thinks Kirk is talking about his father, Sonny. He is not going to betray anyone he care about. Kirk says Dante can sit and rot here or work on his P.T.S.D. and get back to his life. Dante says he has spent enough time locked up and is ready for treatment. Kirk says Dante has a decision to make. He will get medication for nightmares that won’t put him in a fog and will check in with him tomorrow. Dante asks how long it will take. He has been gone for a year and he isn’t sure who is waiting back home for him.

On August 21, Robert Scorpio tells Olivia Quartermaine that a connection of his at the Bureau said she can get Olivia in to see Dante at the facility in Geneva.

On September 3, Olivia and Robert board a plane headed to Geneva.

On September 8, Olivia and Robert arrive at the facility, where they are greeted by the agent in charge, Bryan Wagner. Dante's psychiatrist, Dr. Kirk meets them and tells them Dante refuses to see her. She tearfully begs Dante through the door to his room to let her see him, telling him she loves him. With Robert's help, she pulls herself together, then she says she will accompany him to Holly Sutton's memorial like she promised.

Dante's mission - Peter August: Friend or Foe? (2020)

On September 28, 2020, Dante accepts a mission to go back home to Port Charles and secretly investigate D.V.X. operative Peter August, find out whether he is truly rehabilitated or still doing nefarious deeds. It is revealed that Liesl Obrecht is behind this mission, as she is working within the W.S.B..

In December, Scott and Franco Baldwin came to the facility for help from the W.S.B. with Franco's tumor recurrence as well as him hearing Peter's voice in his head. There, they discovered Liesl exonerated and back in the US. Kirk wants to use this chance as part of their plan to take down Peter. He ends up nearly assaulting Liesl, who fights back. They are interrupted by Scott, who lands his own punch at Kirk, who falls on the knife he was wielding, and dies.



  1. Anna describes the W.S.B. medical facilities that Dante should go to, that she had been to herself