Ginny Blake
Judith Chapman as Ginny Blake
General Hospital
Portrayed by Judith Chapman
Duration 1984-86
First appearance January 31, 1984
Last appearance November 26, 1986
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Birth name Virginia Blake
Previous legal name(s) Ginny Blake-Webber
Gender Female
Occupation Actress

Virginia "Ginny" Blake was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

She was portrayed by Judith Chapman.


The role of Ginny Blake was originated by Judith Chapman. She appeared on GH from January 31, 1984 until November 26, 1986.


Virginia Blake came to Port Charles in 1984 as part of D.L. Brock's plan to ruin Rick Webber. She surfaced at the Webbers, claiming to be Rick and Lesley Webber's adopted son, Mike's biological mother. Soon afer a scandal erupted at General Hospital when D.L. Brock exposed Dr. Rick Webber as a "crook" who had taken a bribe from Ginny. Police Chief Burt Ramsey showed up at the Webbers with grim news: Lesley's car had skidded off the road in an ice storm. She was gone.

Robert got Ginny to confess her part in the set-up. Hurt by the tragic turn of events, Rick warned Ginny to stay away from Mike. Mike still had no idea that this woman he had grown to care for was his real mother. However, that was about to change when Amy Vining blurted out the truth to a bitter Mike, who resented Ginny for interfering in his life and refused to see her. In time, the rift between Rick and Ginny was smoothed over and they grew close again. Rick and Ginny's newly discoved happiness would be put to the test when Derek Barrington came to town. Derek was Mike's biological father!

In the winter of 1985, Bobbie Brock realized that her husband was unbalanced. One night, a derranged Brock came home with a gun! Brock argued with Bobbie and knocked her out and she fell behind a sofa. Terri, Brock's grown daughter ran to get help. Ginny arrived on the scene intending to threaten Brock with a fake gun. However, Brock was not amused by Ginny's threats and pulled out a real gun! Brock and Ginny struggled, and the gun went off! D.L. Brock was now dead! Bobbie was charged with his murder. Robert Scorpio tracked down the real killer, Ginny, and badgered the truth out of her. Ginny turned to Derek Barrington (Mike's real father) for solace, who ended up her bedmate. As Ginny's trial approached, Bobbie's attorney, Jake Meyer, worried that she would crucify Ginny on the witness stand. Instead, Bobbie shocked everyone and exonerated Ginny! She was cleared - and soon found out she was pregnant. Ginny realized shed didn't know if Derek or Rick was the father. A paternity test was run and proved that Ginny's new baby was a Webber, not a Barrington. Ginny and Rick moved to Omaha, along with Mike and their new son, Rick Junior.

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