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Grant Putnam
General Hospital
Portrayed by Brian Patrick Clarke
Duration 1983-84, 1988
First appearance November 8, 1983
Last appearance 1988
Cause/reason Sent back to the Sanitarium
Created by Anne Howard Bailey
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Gender Male
Occupation Former spy
Residence A Sanitarium in England

Grant Putnam is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital.

He was portrayed by actor Brian Patrick Clarke in 1983, 1984 and 1988. Clarke also played Grant Andrews from 1983-1986.


Putnam's earlier crimes included allowing his younger brother Ian to die in a skiing accident when they were both teenagers and murdering his doctor while escaping from a sanitarium. When he arrived in Port Charles, he framed Grant Andrews for murder and sabotaged his marriage to Celia Quartermaine. Robert Scorpio helped to send him back to the sanitarium.

A few years later, he was released again and wanted revenge on Robert. He attempted to kidnap Robert's daughter Robin Scorpio, and in the process murdered Filomena Soltini and kidnapped Anna Devane instead. He was eventually caught again and returned to the sanitarium.

Crimes Committed

  • Allowed his younger brother Ian to die in a skiing accident
  • Murdered his doctor while escaping the sanitarium
  • Framed Grant Andrews for murder
  • Sabotaged his marriage to Celia Quartermaine
  • Attempted to kidnap Robin Scorpio [Jan 15, 1988]
  • Pushed Filomena Soltini who hit her head and later died of her injuries [Jan 15, 1988; died on Jan 19, 1988]
  • Kidnapped Anna Devane [Jan 15, 1988]

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