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Grant Smoltz is a fictional character in the ABC daytime drama General Hospital.

He has been portrayed by David Lautman[2] on recurring[3] since February 15, 2022. According to Lautman, he was told Smoltz's name was a joking reference to John Smoltz, a baseball pitcher as Grant Smoltz "pitches" stories.


Grant Smoltz waits for Alexis in the Invader office.

On February 15, 2022, Alexis Davis comes into her Invader office and finds a man there. He says that they have met and he is one of her freelancers. She remembers his name is Smoltz. He says he sent her a bunch of pitches but hasn't heard back. She tells him to check his email. He does and finds out that she didn't take any of his pitches.

Alexis says they aren't reporting on aliens, severed heads, and celebrity sex lives anymore. Smoltz says that is fine since he has a scoop involving Nina Reeves invading the marriage of Sonny Corinthos and Carly Benson. Smoltz says he has it on excellent authority that Sonny flew his mistress to Martinique where he had also slept with Alexis.

Alexis says that Smoltz has his facts wrong and that she would get sued if she ran that story. Smoltz said that he will sell the story somewhere else. Alexis is glad and hopes they will pay him a lot of money. Smoltz quickly walks past Harmony Miller who is coming into the office. Harmony says that he didn't seem happy. Alexis says that changing the perception of The Invader is not as easy as it looks.

On March 17 at General Hospital, Smoltz asks Jordan Ashford about the Cameron Webber and Josslyn Jacks sex tape that has gone viral. She stonewalls and he calls her out on it. He wonders if it is a prank or something more criminal. Jordan says Smoltz can read the press release when she has something to say. T.J. Ashford comes around the corner and asks if his mom is okay. Smoltz claims his source is always reliable and he will go somewhere else to find out the truth.

Smoltz knocked on the floor after Michael punched him - T.J. & Jordan help

Smoltz sees Michael Corinthos with Willow Tait and asks him about the sex tape. Michael isn't aware of it and Smoltz updates Michael on what happened. Smoltz suggests that Josslyn may have uploaded the video so the world would rate her performance as she is quite the athlete. Michael punches Smoltz in the face in front of Jordan and T.J.

Jordan says that was a stupid thing to do and Smoltz says it was assault as T.J. checks on him. Michael says that Smoltz is lucky it wasn't worse and he tries to leave but Jordan says he is arrested. Michael says that whoever did this to his sister will pay as he is led away. Smoltz repeats that line into his recorder and says it is a quote for a headline.

Alexis & Carly show Smoltz the door

On March 21, Smoltz goes back to Alexis' Invader office to tell her about the sex tape. He goes on to say it even played on a project in a classroom, from there we have cyber bullying, technology running amok and then there's the criminal aspect. She says yes I know Smoltz revenge porn is illegal in New York state since 2019. She goes on to admit it is better than the other story he was pitching but wonders why Michael punched him. Smoltz admits that he insinuated that Joss and Cam put up the video themselves. Alexis says this is why she has doubts about Smoltz. He tells her this is a hot button story about a hot button family. Before Alexis can say if she agrees to work with Smoltz, Carly appears at the door and tells her to think twice about that. Smoltz turns around to see who has interrupted their conversation and sees Carly. She continues to say let me guess this is the so called journalist trying to profit off my daughters pain.

Smoltz shows Alexis the black-eye he got from Michael Corinthos

Smoltz says Mrs. Corinthos I had the pleasure of meeting your son earlier or more specifically his fist how is he doing in lockup? Carly replies he's doing great thanks which is more than you're going to be able to say after my attorney files suit and sues you for every dime you've ever made. Before Smoltz can reply back Alexis says alright that's enough of an introduction Smoltz out. Smoltz initially refuses to leave and has locked eyes with Carly. Alexis yells at Smoltz to leave and escorts him out of her office. Smoltz says have a good evening ladies and hurries out of the office.

Smoltz meets Josslyn, Cameron, & Ava at the courthouse

On April 01, Smoltz runs into the Port Charles Courthouse looking for a statement from Joss and Cam about Trina Robinson. Smoltz figures out they know who is really behind the revenge porn video and asks for an exclusive interview. Before Joss and Cam can say if they agree to work with him Ava Cassadine enters and threatens to break his writing hand. Smoltz storms out of the courtroom telling Joss and Cam your loss and your friend Trina's.

On April 07, Smoltz finds Alexis at the Metro Court Restaurant he congratulates her on the success of her cyber exploitation article and reminds her she stole the story from him. Alexis denies stealing his story and that she gave it to another reporter because he would have turned it into tabloid fodder. Smoltz says I can be sensitive and relevant but you never gave me the chance you took the low road to take the high road. Alexis says you don't think I've read the articles that nutcase Peter August put in of yours in the Invader? I don't owe you anything you don't have a high road. Smoltz says he won't sue Alexis for stealing his idea but in exchange he wants a five-part feature in the Invader.

Alexis says you think I'm going to agree to that? Smoltz says I do because if you don't you'll be looking in dusty corners trying to find decent story ideas after my colleagues find out you did me dirty. Alexis says you don't know all the journalists out there. Smoltz says maybe not but I have a huge social media following even if I'm not liked I'm known you willing to take the chance that this will just go away? no. Alexis tries to blow him off but Smoltz doesn't let her get off easy. He says you liked my revenge porn story enough to steal it, you think I'm a one hit wonder? fine I'll just take my next pitch to the competition and encourage my fellow journalists to do the same. Alexis tells Smoltz to tell her when he comes across his next story.

Smoltz meets Michael, Willow, & Harmony at the Metro Court Restaurant

Smoltz continues through the restaurant to meet up with Michael and Willow. As Michael stands up to greet him, Smoltz winces covering his face and says not the face. Michael isn't impressed by the joke, Smoltz explains it saying a little assault and battery humor. Michael says the only thing I want to hit you with is an offer, have a seat. Smoltz asks so your attorney said when she set up this meeting, what've you got? Michael says a mutually agreeable solution to our problem. Smoltz says our problem? you hit me buddy which makes the problem yours. Michael says his lawyer is confident she can prove undue provocation about the alleged attack. Just as the argument between the two get heated Harmony Miller walks over and interrupts. Willow takes Harmony away to give Mr. Smoltz and Michael a few minutes to talk alone.

Michael continues and says the DA could consider the case too weak and throw the charges out altogether. Smoltz says okay let's talk about the civil suit I can file against you alright and the damages I'll get, maybe you can advise me on which Caribbean island is best for the winter months. Michael asks if he can really afford ten maybe twenty years of litigation in civil court because his attorney can drag this out indefinitely and Smoltz will go bankrupt before he see's a dime of his money. Smoltz reluctantly agrees to drop the charges but asks what he will get as thanks. Michael offers Smoltz an exclusive about Nina's past, an on the record account of Nina's conflict with his family, everything from her time in Nixon Falls through the present and a little background into the abduction of Avery Jerome-Corinthos. Smoltz tells Michael now you've got my attention, you want a hit piece on Nina Reeves.

Michael says I want to set the record straight on Nina's erratic behavior the damage she's caused, the laws she's broken and the questionable judgement she's shown. Smoltz is unconvinced and say's he'll need more than a list of grievances. Michael offers Smoltz enough material to write dozens of articles, sources, dates and even the inside scoop on Nina's relationship with his father. Smoltz says if you've got the goods we've got a deal, this'll be the feature of a lifetime and I know exactly who will run it.

On April 15, Smoltz meets Michael and Willow at the Metro Court Restaurant to start writing the article on Nina. Willow confirms Nina's sexual relationship with Sonny and her petition for visitation with Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos. Michael urges Smoltz to publish the article before the visitation hearing in order to gain traction in the court of public opinion. Smoltz assures them he's on it but lets them know he has to reach out to Nina for her side of the story so if there's anything they haven't told him yet now is the time. Michael tells Smoltz they have nothing to hide but Nina does. Smoltz is pleased and reminds them that they signed over the exclusive rights to their story to him, they're not allowed to discuss the story with any other outlet, print, radio, tv they are all off the table unless they want to hire another team of attorneys. Michael agrees pointing out they understand the terms, Smoltz tells them great I will be in touch and then leaves the restaurant.

Grant Smoltz meets Nina in The Invader office.

Smoltz bursts into the Invader office exclaiming "Hiya chief!" to which Alexis responds do not call me that, don't you ever knock? Smoltz apologizes for bursting in but tells her he has the feature of his dreams. He then notices Nina sitting right there in the office and tells Alexis that Nina is one of the major players in his feature. Smoltz asks Alexis if she's trying to poach his leads again. Alexis asks is this the feature you want me to green-light? Nina is confused and asks what feature? Smolt explains he just did an exclusive interview with Michael and Willow upstairs in the restaurant about how Nina is dragging them to court after she spent the last year traumatizing their family. He pulls out his phone and starts recording then asks Nina if she has any comment.

Nina swats the phone out of her face and asks if Michael bribed him to do a smear piece about her. Smoltz says nothing of the kind this is a really interesting human interest story don't you want your side of it on the record because Michael and Willow gave a very detailed account, these will be the first public statements anybody will have made before the hearing is held if I were you I would want to even the playing field so to speak. Nina tells Smoltz she has something for him and draws him in close, before yelling go to hell into his phone and then nearly slapping it out of his hands. Nina mocks Alexis telling her great job cleaning up this sloppy tabloid and then leaves the office in a fuss.

Smoltz jokes you get told go to hell enough it really becomes meaningless. Alexis doesn't appreciate the joke and asks him to explain himself. Smoltz says what? I told you I'd bring you a great feature and here it is, decent upstanding young couple are being forced to defend their right to deny visitation with their child, I'm writing a legit story about the issues behind this legal battle, I think it'll be a great read and will get me some real clout, same for The Invader. Alexis disagrees and tells him she has no intention of printing his piece. Smoltz tells her he thinks she'll change her mind once she reads it and reminds her that's the least she can do after she screwed him over with the revenge porn story.

Smoltz pitches Alexis a feature about Nina

Alexis tries to convince him that she didn't steal his story. She admits that she took his lead, but that the story they published was entirely different than the tabloid fodder he would have written. Smoltz tells her if she isn't interested in balancing the scales then at least try and see what he's trying to do here. He envisions this article as like something you'd find in The Atlantic or New York Magazine, a five-part feature brining heavy traffic to The Invader's website. He continues on saying this isn't just about a family court matter, it's about the gaps that exist in our legal system, Nina Reeves kidnapped Sonny Corinthos, she traumatized the whole family including Wiley and now she gets to traumatize them all over again by petitioning for grandparent visitation. And visitation might be granted because technically what she did wasn't a crime. Smoltz explains his series of articles is going to put a human face on a legal system that doesn't overlap with justice and reminds Alexis this is the type of story she's been encouraging ever since she was placed in charge. He tells her if she didn't know the parties involved she would be jumping at the chance to publish this story.

Alexis reluctantly agrees saying you're right. Smoltz makes a joke asking her to repeat her response. She says do not make me say it again because it was painful enough the first time, it is an interesting pitch and if it weren't for the persons involved I would write it. Smoltz jumps up telling her before she has any ideas of writing it herself Michael and Willow gave him the exclusive. Alexis agrees to let him write it but stipulates only if he uses an even hand, plays the human element in a non exploitative way and allows Nina to tell her side of the story then she will sign a deal for exclusive rights to it. Smoltz agrees, but Alexis quickly interjects saying if she finds out he has been underhanded or messy in any way, she reserves the right to kill the story and will kill it. Alexis asks if he understands this, to which Smoltz responds I do, trust me you're not going to be disappointed.

Sasha Corbin grabs Smoltz by the arm and tells him to leave

On April 26, Smoltz make a house visit to Nina Reeves to get her side of the story as she has been ignoring his calls. She says yeah there's a reason for that, how'd you get past the doorman? Smoltz tells her he has a gift for improv as he takes a long looks around her apartment. Nina isn't impressed and slams the door in his face, but he catches it with his foot. Smoltz tells her this is her last chance to comment on Michael Corinthos and Willow Tate's assertions that she is unstable and would be an undesirable influence on her grandson Wiley and if I were you I'd want to get my two cents on the record. Nina says, well fortunately I'm not you I'm calling security, as she walks towards her phone Smoltz follows her right in. He says I'm bending over backward trying to get your side of the argument on record. Nina is shocked he entered without permission and yells what are you doing in my apartment? Smoltz levels with her saying we both know your case is a long shot to start, your daughter the late Nelle Benson was a murder and now your capitalizing on her death to give you access to Wiley Corinthos. Nina replies I'm almost speechless at how you're grossly distorting the situation. But Smoltz isn't having it and mocks her, when suddenly Sasha Corbin walks in grabs Smoltz by the arm and tells him to get the hell out. Nina is pleased and smiles at Smoltz knowingly.

On April 28, paparazzo Felty calls Smoltz and says he will need to hit up the ATM after he hears what Felty has.

On April 29, Smoltz sees Brando and Michael, he asks Brando for a comment on the developing story about his wife running down a pedestrian. Brando asks Michael if he knows this creep. Smoltz tells him that he happens to be doing Michael a favor. Michael confirms that Mr. Smoltz is a reporter and that him and Willow are cooperating with him a feature. Smoltz chimes in that he's always on the lookout for the next great story and then pushes Brando again for information about his wife's hit and run, but Brando has no comment. Smoltz says suit yourself it's better if I get a quote directly from Sasha Gilmore herself, or what did my source call her? Oh yeah the face of collision. Brando tries to attack Smoltz saying you stay away from my wife, but Michael holds him back. Smoltz replies I have rights under the first amendment buddy. Brando tells Smoltz I fought for the US Military to protect your rights, so I'm well aware of what they are. He gets right in Smoltz's face and explains how the first amendment only protects you from government censorship. He continues, if he so much as catches Smoltz breathing the same air as his wife, he will personally insure that he is incapable of writing any story ever again. Brando says that the journalism world will not miss him, not that they would be able to find him if they did, understood? Smoltz nods in agreement and takes off.

On May 6, Scotty tells Nina at the Nail Salon, her case will be decided in Court not on the pages of the Invader. Nina however is worried, stating the byline of the 5 part series belongs to this guy Grant Smoltz, who’s half pitbul half reporter and is painting her as a vengeful, home-wrecking vixen, out to get Carly. Scott says there’s nothing he can do about Smoltz’s slander because everything that was said was public record.

On May 10, Ava mentioned Grant Smoltz reached out to her for comment. She admitted it was about how Avery Corinthos (Ava and Grace Scarola) came into the world. Ava reassured Nina that she hadn’t helped Smoltz with his story and quizzed her about her romance with Sonny next.

On May 13, Michael asks Willow what she thinks about Smolt'z feature, she says he did his job and more. Michael acknowledges Willow's reservations about collaborating with the reporter but notes it's better to use Smoltz to our advantage with tomorrow's hearing rather than have him press assault charges against him. Willow says and to remind the world what Nina is capable of. Later Carly tells Willow she hopes the judge reads the invader because the feature on Nina's petition makes a strong case. Later Nina comments Smoltz painted her as dangerous and deranged, with facts courtesy of Michael & Willow.

Health and Vitals

  • Punched by Michael Corinthos after provoking him; had a black eye as a result [Mar 18, 2022; Michael was arrested]
  • Threatened to be sued for every dime he ever made by Carly Corinthos [Mar 21, 2022]
  • Threatened to break his writing hand and face by Ava Cassadine [Apr 01, 2022]
  • Threatened to have security called on him by Nina Reeves [Apr 26,2022]
  • Threatened to be killed by Brando Corbin [Apr 29, 2022]


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