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Dr. Griffin Munro and Ava Jerome are fictional characters and former lovers on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


In late 2017, Griffin gets involved with Ava Jerome and eventually ends his relationship with the church (as a priest) to pursuit a relationship with her.

In 2018, when Ava threatens to have Sonny's Alzheimer father Mike Corbin arrested for unintentionally kidnapping Avery, Griffin begins to see see her in a different perspective and on May 7, he moves out of her apartment and moves into the Metro Court. Despite seeing him as the worst kind of hypocrite, Carly reluctantly allows him to stay at the hotel because she doesn't want him to go back to Ava.

On May 23, 2018, after the Nurses Ball, he and Kiki Jerome end up drunk and then soon end up having sex. The next morning, they agreed to keep their night a secret so they wouldn't hurt Ava.

On August 13, 2018, Griffin confessed during court while under oath, (during Kiki's harassment case), that he had slept with Kiki. In the aftermath of this revelation, Griffin moves into Kiki's building, and they start a relationship - all while her mother plots revenge (including manipulating the Church to impose a punishment on him).

In September, Griffin has to move into the studio at Kiki's apartment after Ava got him fired from GH. When the heat breaks, he and Kiki find themselves hot, sweaty, and scantily clad in her apartment. They grow closer, share stories about films and their annoyance over Ava, and their attraction grows deeper.

On October 4, Kiki runs into Griffin at the gym. She admits that she wanted to sleep with him the night of the Ball, and that she still wants to be with him. He wants the same, and they kiss, beginning a new relationship. They agree they want something more than revenge against Ava or uncontrollable lust - but rather something they could make last. They agree to a first real date at the upcoming Port Charles Film Festival at the Metro Court.

On October 16, after attending the festival, they go back to Kiki's apartment where they watch a musical, then make love.

On November 9, after studying and making love, Kiki witnesses Sasha hit on a dumbfounded Griffin; leaving the couple disturbed.

Sasha is later seen at The Metro Court and she confronts Ava and tells her off. She then orders soup up to her room. Ava sees the soup and puts the sleeping pills she just got from "Kevin" to drug Sasha. Ava goes up to her room and goes it to find Sasha passed out. She takes off her clothes and puts her in the bed. She takes her phone and texts Griffin telling him that her and Kiki are working things out and to come to the hotel.

Griffin shows up and Ava hits him over the head with a vase. He gets knocked out and she takes off his clothes and puts him in the bed with Sasha to make it look they slept together. Ava leaves and she calls Franco telling him that she saw Sasha and Griffin go into a hotel together.

She tells Franco he needs to say something to her because Kiki wont believe her. Franco tells Kiki and she goes to the hotel and sees them together. She gets mad and leaves. Griffin is able to see that Sasha was drugged and he goes and tells Kiki. She and Griffin quickly realize Ava set it up in revenge.

On November 26, while getting ready for Curtis and Jordan's wedding, they discuss Ava's extreme revenge strategy, then make love on Kiki's couch. Monica calls Griffin, telling him the GH board has made a decision about his suspension, asking him to come to the hospital and sign the paperwork. They kiss, he leaves, and Ryan Chamberlain shows up shortly after, and murders Kiki.

On November 27, 2018, after Kiki is murdered, Griffin is blamed for her death and was placed under arrest for her murder. Ava tried to shoot Griffin dead at the station on December 3, but she was stopped by "Kevin" and Julian, who had wanted to beat a confession out of Griffin earlier that week.

Griffin was released on December 6 after the PCPD suspected that the same person killed both Kiki and Mary Pat Ingles, who was killed on Halloween similar to how Kiki was. The person who killed both women then killed film producer Peyton Mills on New Year's Eve and attacked Lulu in late January 2019 before framing Franco for the crimes.

That person was serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, who had been presumed dead for 23 years and for months, was impersonating Kevin, whom he had locked up in Ferncliff. Ryan was presumed dead on March 8 after tossing himself off a bridge to evade capture.

On March 22, 2019, after beating up Kevin, he tries to kill him for knowing that Ryan was alive, but is stopped by Ava. After getting his bruised hands treated by Lucas, Griffin decides to leave town and grieve Kiki on his own by quitting his job at General Hospital.

On December 9, Griffin returned and reunited with Ava at her gallery before leaving town again.