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He has one child, [[Baby Finn]], presumably born in November 2017, with his ex-fiancée, [[Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig)|Hayden Barnes]].
He has one child, [[Baby Finn]], presumably born in November 2017, with his ex-fiancée, [[Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig)|Hayden Barnes]].
On March 13, 2018 it was revealed that Detective [[Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard)|Harrison Chase]] is his half-brother.
On March 13, 2018, it was revealed that Detective [[Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard)|Harrison Chase]] is his half-brother.
In July 2019,Hamilton Finn attended Liz and Franco wedding were he is reunited with ex-fiancee Hayden Barnes and Hayden reveals their child is alive and in their child makes his or her debut.

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Hamilton Finn
General Hospital
Portrayed by Michael Easton
Current status Contract
Duration 2016-present
First appearance March 21, 2016
Created by Shelly Altman
Jean Passanante
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Birth name Hamilton Chase[1]
Born January 31, 1972
New York[2]
Age 49
  • Chief of infectious Disease at GH
  • Infectious disease specialist
  • Internist[3]
  • Hematologist[4]
  • Title Doctor
    Residence Metro Court Hotel
    1420 Quartz Lane, Ste 501
    Port Charles, New York

    Dr. Hamilton Finn, M.D. or simply just Finn is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

    He has been portrayed by actor Michael Easton since the character's debut on March 21, 2016.


    On February 2, 2016, executive producer Frank Valentini, posted that he asked Easton back to General Hospital.[10][11][12][13]

    Easton is known for his roles as Caleb Morley (aka Stephen Clay) defunct spinoff Port Charles (2001; 2002-03), John McBain on the now canceled ABC soap opera One Life to Live (2003-12) and General Hospital (2012-13) and Silas Clay on General Hospital from May 13, 2013 until the character's death in August 2015.

    When several former PC characters and actors returned to GH in 2013, writers decided to revisit the vampire storyline from PC as a way to pay tribute.[14] They put their own spin on it, and Easton started playing a dual role of John and an adapted version of Caleb on February 4 to March 13, 2013.[15]

    Easton was originally scheduled to appear on March 18, 2016.[16] Due to the death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan and her funeral airing that day, it was pushed back to March 21, 2016.[17] He is also under contract.[18][19]


    Finn lost his wife because of what Hayden's father, Raymond Berlin did. Due to Raymond's ponzi scheme, the clinic where Finn was researching lost funding and he was unable to continue his research. Finn also harbors a lot of guilt for his wife, Reiko's death.

    Finn reveals to Hayden Barnes that Reiko wanted to return home to her family. However, Finn was set on continuing his research, so Reiko made the decision to stay with Finn. During his research, Finn inadvertently exposed Reiko and himself to the disease that ended up killing her and infecting him. His guilt is part of what drives him to find a cure.

    He has one child, Baby Finn, presumably born in November 2017, with his ex-fiancée, Hayden Barnes.

    On March 13, 2018, it was revealed that Detective Harrison Chase is his half-brother.



    Dr. Hamilton Finn (who likes to be called Finn) is called to GH by Dr. Monica Quartermaine to help her sister-in-law, Tracy Quartermaine. When he arrives at the hospital he is accompanied by his bearded dragon service lizard, Roxy. He is also told multiple times that he looks like the late, Dr. Silas Clay. He also diagnosed Tracy with worms in her brain from when she went to Mexico. On June 20, 2016, he revealed to Hayden Barnes that he's dying.

    He was also a suspect in the the attempted murder of Lucas Jones. Dr. Finn was also a suspect in the deaths of patients at the hospital but was in prison when Dr. Mayes was murdered making it impossible for it to be him.

    On December 22, 2016, he was cured of Blackwood's syndrome as is Hayden who also go the disease after cutting her finger. Afterward their brush with death, they started a relationship. It was also revealed that he is addicted to Zen-Zen.

    In May 2017, Finn and Hayden suspect that someone is tampering with his drug results so they switch it with Hayden's sample as they wanted to see if it still came out positive, which it did. But something else came out positive and Griffin told them that Hayden is pregnant. After finding out, Hayden wasn't sure she wanted to be a mom and Finn told her he would support her in whatever she decided. Eventually, with Finn's support, she decided to keep the baby. Hayden and Finn have also expressed that they love each other.

    In July 2017 Sam was brought into the hospital by "Jason" and he eventually diagnosed her with Toxoplasmosis, a disease she contracted back in February when she gave birth to her daughter Scout Cain. In August 2017 the infection was neutralized and Sam began to get better.

    In September 2017 Finn and Hayden were supposed to get married but Hayden suddenly left town after leaving a note for him and she said she had lost the baby but it was clear that she did not but Finn didn't know it. Anna Devane blackmailed him into helping her take down Cassandra Pierce and they had to pretend to be a couple but they eventually grew closer.

    In January 2018 Finn confronted Cassandra after she had kidnapped Anna and she eventually drugged him by blowing her drug powder in his face. He fought her but he needed medical attention and at the hospital he told Anna he killed her but she told him that he did not. She told him Cassandra was drugged and ended up in a coma. On January 24, 2018 Cesar Faison held Finn at gunpoint in Anna's house and co fronted him but Anna saved him. She knocked him out for his own protection. Later on she woke him up and made sure he was okay. After Faison had been shot by Jason Morgan Finn did his best to keep Faison alive despite everything he's done even though he didn't care if he lived or died. He let Anna know how he felt and she pushed him away "for his own protection." He started a friendship with Alexis Davis during the group meetings they attend to together. On March 13-14, 2018 after punching Julian Jerome for touching Roxy he was arrested by his half-brother Harrison Chase but was later released when Julian dropped the charges. Over the next few months Chase tried to bond with Finn who initially wanted nothing to do with him, however he later confessed that he didn't have a problem with him, he had a problem with their dad Gregory Chase who got married again so soon after Finn's mom died. Despite Finn's initial feelings about Chase, in the coming months he softened towards him and they now have a good brotherly relationship. In May 2018 at the Nurse's Ball Finn confessed to Anna that he still cared about her and Alexis overheard. He then started a relationdhip with Anna but felt bad about breaking Alexis' heart even though she knew he never got over Anna. On June 6, 2018 he ran into his dad Gregory Chase at a coffee shop in Berkeley, California. On August 3, 2018 Finn was kidnapped by the same people who had kidnapped Anna several weeks before. It was revealed that Anna was bait for Finn so that he could bring Cassandra Pierce out of her coma, which he accomplished. Finn and Anna then told her that they woke her up so she could help them figure out who their captors are. They also told her that she contracted a rare infectious disease and then they said that if she helped them then Finn would treat her but if she didn't then they would put her back in a coma. She eventually agreed to help them and pretended to be in a coma while Finn and Anna tricked their captors into drinking spiked "drugs" as part of their plan to escape. Chase and Robert Scorpio found Finn and Anna and they all escaped as Cassandra was kidnapped by a mysterious man wearing a Cassadine man ring. On September 21, 2018 Finn and Chase's dad Gregory came to town and it was revealed that he was sick and he needed Finn to treat him. Despite Finn's reservations, he agreed to treat him. On October 29, 2018 Finn and Anna visited Britt Westbourne in Pentonville and they offered her a deal. She would get out of prison early and score her freedom in exchange for helping them catch her mother Dr. Obrecht who was on the run for kidnapping Peter August and holding him captive for almost two months. She agreed to the deal and Finn made Britt "sick" by giving her a drug of some kind. In November 2018 Finn got a letter from Hayden who asked him if he could meet her in Rome. Finn decided to go to Cuba with Anna instead to help her catch Obrecht. On January 11, 2019 Anna was brought to the hospital after suddenly going blind and Finn worked with Griffin to determine the cause. On January 15, 2019 Anna's sight was restored and it was revealed that she had a virus dormant in her body called HN-242 and it caused vitrious hemmorhaging which caused her to lose her sight but he neutralized the virus and there's no chance of reoccurance in her. Robert returned to Port Charles on January 25, 2019 and gave Finn some intel on why Anna suddenly went blind and their search lead them to Dr. Arthur Cabot in Sweden who was revealed to be a patient due to having the HN-242 virus as well. They learned that Anna was part of his original study of transfering memories from one person to another and that study was done on identical twins. On March 18, 2019 Finn rushed into a hospital room since he got a text saying Anna had been admitted and he saw Anna had gone blind again but then he found out that the blind "Anna" on the bed was actually her twin sister Dr. Alex Marick. Finn went along with Anna who told Alex that if she told her which memories in her head are false ones then he would treat her. Alex initally stalled but then said that the memory of leading Boris Mikhailov into an ambush was the false memory. Finn treated her and restored her sight and she hinted that she may have lied about the false memory. On April 8, 2019 Robert confirmed that she had indeed lied about the memory. Finn was Anna's sounding board as she feared she wasn't Robin's mother but then eventually saw that Anna found proof that she was indeed Robin's mother, not Alex. In April 2019 Finn bought a sapphire engagement ring and was going to propose to Anna but the timing was never good as something always came up. Robert ended up with Finn's ring. In May 2019 Finn demanded Robert to give back the ring but he didn't know Robert had lost it by accident. Finn got a knockoff of the ring he bought from Robert but automatically knew the difference. At the 2019 Nurse's Ball Finn found his ring on Yvonne Godfrey who had Alzheimer's and Finn asked Sonny for help. Finn and Sonny then told Sonny's dad Mike Corbin that he bought a knockoff ring but it was a lie to keep Mike from having a meltdown since he also had Alzheimer's. Finn switched rings with Mike who gave Yvonne the fake ring while Finn got the real one back. As Anna was on stage the ring was thrown out towards her and Finn went up to her, got down on one knee and nervously proposed to her and she said yes. Everyone cheered for Finn and Anna as they got engaged and then the two of them celebrated with their friends and family congratulating them.

    Crimes Committed

    • Trespassing; stepped foot into the hospital to work on Sabrina Santiago's son Teddy while suspended [Jun 27, 2016; arrested]
    • Obtained illegal drugs from Sonny in exchange for granting him illegal access to Julian's hospital room [Jul 2016]
    • Injected Anna Devane with Zen-Zen without her knowledge [Mar 9, 2017]
    • Ordered Hayden Barnes to tape him to a chair until he detoxed from Zen-Zen [Mar 23, 2017]
    • Manhandled Hayden while she was taping him to the chair under his orders [Mar 24, 2017]
    • Attacked Jared Preston, Jr. [Aug 16, 2017]
    • Attacked Cassandra Pierce in self-defense [Jan 2, 2018]
    • Fought Cesar Faison for a gun in self-defense [Jan 24, 2018]
    • Punched Julian Jerome [Mar 13, 2018; arrested]
    • Drugged his and Anna's kidnappers while escaping them (along with Anna) [Aug 24, 2018]
    • Injected Ryan Chamberlain with an unknown drug and caused him to have a seizure [June 3-4, 2019; revealed June 12, 2019; Ryan was left in a coma on June 6, 2019]
    • Conspired with Curtis Ashford, Kevin Collins, Franco Baldwin, Elizabeth Webber, and Valerie Spencer to steal Ryan's kidney and donate it to Jordan Ashford [revealed June 12, 2019]

    Health and Vitals

    • Assaulted by Julian Jerome (pinned to a wall) [May 31, 2016]
    • Was dying from Blackwood's syndrome [revealed Jun 20, 2016; name revealed Dec 19, 2016; cured Dec 22, 2016]
    • Refused medical attention after being found unconscious and suffering lots of pain due to his Blackwood's syndrome [Jul 1, 2016]
    • Addicted to Zen-Zen [revealed Jan 23, 2017]
    • Assaulted by Dr. Griffin Munro (pinned to a wall) [Mar 10, 2017]
    • Ignored Jordan Ashford's intercom calls to evacuate the hospital due to a bomb having been placed on the premises and was locked in the locker room [Mar 10-13, 2017]
    • Suffered from withdrawal due to not taking Zen-Zen and had chills and sweated profusely as a result [Mar 23, 2017; ordered Hayden to tape him to a chair in an attempt to help him detox]
    • Drugged by Cassandra Pierce [Jan 2, 2018; revealed to have overdosed on Jan 3, 2018]
    • Held at gunpoint and handcuffed by Cesar Faison [Jan 24-25, 2018]
    • Knocked out by Anna Devane under Faison's orders [Jan 25, 2018]
    • Kidnapped by men wanting to get Cassandra out of her coma (along with Anna) [Aug 3-24, 2018]

    Family Tree

    Finn Chase


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