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Dr. Hamilton Finn and Nurse Elizabeth Webber are fictional characters and ex-lovers on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.


The role of Hamilton Finn has been portrayed by Michael Easton since March 21, 2016. Easton is known for his roles as Caleb Morley (aka Stephen Clay) defunct spinoff Port Charles (2001; 2002-03), John McBain on the now canceled ABC soap opera One Life to Live (2003-12) and General Hospital (2012-13) and Silas Clay on General Hospital from May 13, 2013 until the character's death in August 2015.

Actress Rebecca Herbst originally auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber. Although she did not get the part, General Hospital created the role of Sarah's sister, Elizabeth for Herbst to play, and she debuted on August 1, 1997.[1]

In 1999, the role earned Herbst the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress, as well as an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in 1999 and a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2007.


Finn is the son of Gregory Chase and Jean Finn Chase and the half-brother of Port Charles Police Detective, Harrison Chase.

Elizabeth is the daughter of Drs. Jeff and Carolyn Webber. She is also the granddaughter of one of the shows original characters, the late, Dr. Steve Hardy and a member of the Hardy/Webber family.


FinnLizzie Touch 2021

Touch (2021)



FinnLizzie CampingAlmostKiss 2021

Almost kiss while camping (2021)

FinnLizzie Kiss 2021

A kiss (2021)

FinnLizzie KissMe 2022

Finn...kiss me (2022)

FinnLizzy TableKiss 2022

Romance on the table (2022)

FinnLizzy Deserve 2023

Deserving (2023)

FinnLizzy YourFavorite 2023

Her favorite (2023)

Fiz July 4 Kiss 2023

Kiss on July 4th (2023)

Fiz Want More 2023

Want more? (2023)

Fiz Shower Makeout 2023

Emboldened - making out in the shower (2023)

Fiz Syrup Tapping 2023

Romance in Vermont (2023)

Fiz Kiss by the Fire 2023

Kissing by the fire (2023)

Fiz A Sight Worth Waking 2023

Morning after...(2023)

Fiz Comfort & Kiss 2024

Last kiss (2024)

Finn and Elizabeth met in 2016 as colleagues at General Hospital. The two had a cordial and professional working relationship that turned into a friendship when Finn became involved with Elizabeth's sister Hayden Barnes.

After the birth of Finn and Hayden's daughter, Violet, Finn and Elizabeth began to see and depend on each other as family. Elizabeth supported Finn and Violet after Hayden was forced out of town by Nikolas Cassadine. Likewise, Finn was there for Elizabeth after her husband, Franco Baldwin was killed by Peter August.

Finn and Elizabeth grew closest in 2021 after Finn's brother Harrison Chase was poisoned by Peter in retaliation against Anna Devane. Elizabeth supported and assisted Finn as he sought a cure for the toxin that was killing Chase.

On June 3, 2021, at his wits end, Finn confronts Peter on the roof of General Hospital as he was trying to escape. He demands the antidote that Peter had been rationing out to Anna. Peter throws the vial over the side of the roof and claimed it was the consequence for Anna's actions. Finn chases Peter and their fight ends with Finn pushing Peter down the stairs in a rage.

Elizabeth finds them in the stairwell and after checking Peter's pulse, they realize that he is dead. Finn, remorseful and angry that he just killed the only person he through capable if saving Chase, is ready to turn himself into the police. Elizabeth, knowing that Finn is Chase's best chance, talks him down and convinces him not to turn himself in. Instead, she proposes that they get rid of Peter's body and keep his death a secret.

Finn is reluctant but eventually agrees and they use the rooftop elevator to move Peter's body down to the sub-basement of General Hospital where they stash it in a large freezer.

Afterward, Finn gets back to work on finding a cure and locks himself in his lab for days, sometimes with Elizabeth as they worked on finding the cure. After a major setback, Finn is depressed and ready to turn himself into the police again, but Elizabeth comforts him, reassuring him that he is still Chase's best chance. During these encounters, the attraction between them grows. Finn continues his work and just as he is about to give up, he has an odd encounter with Cyrus Renault.

It's from this encounter that Finn is clued into the fact that the paternity test on him and Chase was tampered with and he is likely Chase's brother and not his father. Armed with this new information, he works on formulating the cure.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth runs interference with Anna who is on the rooftop trying to figure out how Peter "escaped."

On the Fourth of July after Chase's surprise party at Charlie's Pub, Finn and Elizabeth watched the fireworks together at The Waterfront. During their time together, Finn admitted to Elizabeth how much she means to him.

When Elizabeth gets wrapped up in helping Nikolas keep a pregnant Esme captive in Wyndemere, she is forced to lie to Finn. This causes a rift in their relationship and the two go on a long break.

In the summer of 2023, they start to reconnect and try to decide dating again. Their relationship goes at a steady pace as they get to know one another again. In late October, after finally deciding to go all in, Finn invites Elizabeth to a romantic weekend getaway in Vermont, which she excitedly accepts. They stay in a secluded cabin where they tap trees for maple syrup and make dinner together. On October 30, they take their relationship to the next level and make love for the first time.

The next day, Finn wakes up to Elizabeth painting. He compliments her talents and suggests she pick back up with her painting when they get home. Then, they go out and pick apples for Aiden to use in his pies. Before the weekend is over, they fall back into bed together a few more times and reaffirm their love. Finn admits that he has loved Elizabeth for a very long time.

They have possibly broke up offscreen, as on April 22, 2024 at Chase's bachelor party, the brothers discuss having a "special" lady in their lives - Chase's being his fiancé, and Finn's being his daughter Violet. This is proven to just be a faux pas by the writers when on May 15, 2024, Finn and Elizabeth are seen very much together and at his apartment, helping Chase get ready for his wedding to Brook Lynn.

Finn and Liz spend their time at the wedding laughing, holding hands and dancing. He accidentally takes a drink of alcohol with Carmine Cerullo when they are celebrating Violet's talent. Finn looks shaken up by his actions. At the end of the night, he thanks Liz for everything. The next day, Finn discovers that his father sadly passed away in his sleep. He has a hard time handling his father's unexpected passing and takes another drink.

Chase calls Liz to let her know that Finn needs her and she rushes over. When she arrives, it's clear to her that Finn had been drinking. She tells him that she will take Violet home for the night so he can go to an AA meeting. They argue over Liz taking Violet and Finn gets angry, ultimately telling Liz to leave. She does and calls Chase to let him know that his brother needs him and not her.

The following day, Finn is regretful of how he treated Liz. He finds her at the hospital and apologizes, promising to never drink again, but it is clear a rift has already started to form in their relationship and Finn is headed for a major struggle with his sobriety.

On June 10, 2024, Elizabeth caught Finn drunkenly making out with a woman he picked up at the Brown Dog Bar and ended their relationship right there.

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