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David Henry "Hank" Archer was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital. He was the son of Henry Archer, the former "stepson" of Sam McCall and the leader of the "Dawn of Day" cult under the alias "Shiloh."

He was portrayed by actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin from December 27, 2018 to September 26, 2019.


Coby Ryan McLaughlin began portraying the role of Hank on December 27, 2018. Not much is known about Hank except that he's someone from Drew Cain's (Billy Miller) mysterious past.

McLaughlin recently had a stint on The Young and the Restless playing the role of Andrew Lynford. His list of acting credits also includes projects such as; Graceland, Kingdom, NCIS, The Crossing, Castle, Parenthood, Two and a Half Men and much more. Be sure to watch 'GH' weekdays on ABC.[2]

On September 17, 2019, McLaughlin revealed in an episode of the You May Have Seen podcast with Brian Lafontaine that he would be exiting GH despite signing a three-year contract in 2018 due to the producers not re-upping him and he understood the reason behind their decision.[3] McLaughlin later gave further confirmation about his exit on his Instagram story on September 19, 2019.[4][5][6] He made his last appearance on September 26, 2019.

On April 9, 2020, McLaughlin appeared as Shiloh in a flashback on when Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) remembered Willow Tait's (Katelyn MacMullen) courtroom outburst in 2019.


David Henry Archer was the son of Henry Archer, a man to whom Sam McCall was married to under the alias Cheryl Richards as one of her marks in the past. He was in Europe when they were married and never met her. It was also later revealed that his father, Henry Archer, eventually died in a car accident. However, on September 25, 2019, it was revealed that Hank killed his own father.

Shiloh's book

He met Drew Cain who knew him as Hank in Afghanistan. Drew was a Navy SEAL and Hank was a military contractor. The two crossed paths often. In 2012, Drew saved Hank's life after pulling him out of his Jeep after it hit an IED. According to Spinelli, he fell off the face of the earth until he reappeared as Shiloh. On February 11, 2019, it's revealed that Drew might be a huge threat to Shiloh if he remembered their time in Afghanistan. On July 22, it was revealed that Drew and Hank were not really friends in Afghanistan as Drew found out that Hank and another Navy SEAL named Charles "Tex" Owen sold stolen fuel to Taliban insurgents and made over a million dollars off the black market which could've landed him in prison for 20 years but unfortunately Hank brought up Kim Nero's name which upsets Drew. Hank tried to bribe Drew into running a sting with him to trick the sellers and splitting the illegal money by saying that Kim's med school is expensive and she has bills to pay and the two of them would be golden. Drew was not swayed by his bribe and treachery. On August 19, it was revealed that Hank ambushed Drew and delivered him to Helena Cassadine who said she has "big plans" for him. He was paid for doing his job and Helena threatened to kill him if anything happened to Drew since she planned to use him and his skills for her own purposes. On March 8, 2021, it was revealed that Henrik Faison AKA Peter August hired Hank to ambush Drew and deliver him to Helena back in July 2012.

Hank moved to Berkeley, California after leaving the military life behind him where he started his reign as a cult leader for "Dawn of Day" and started going by the name "Shiloh".

In Port Charles, Dawn of Day was initially presented as a volunteer group which he funds with the proceeds of his work as a life coach. He also wrote a book called Every Day is a New Dawn, a self-help book. He is later revealed to be a sexual predator. During the initiation of his followers into his "trust", he brands the female followers and then he drugs them before he forces himself onto them.

Son Wiley

His former right hand, Lorraine Miller, was the first member inducted into the trust.

It's also revealed that Hank has a past with school teacher and former member of Dawn of Day, Willow Tait. Willow revealed that her mother Harmony had pimped her out to Hank and she eventually got pregnant with their son Wiley Cooper-Jones, who was born on July 25, 2018. Hank died not knowing his son died of SIDS while Willow now knows their son died and was switched with Jonah Corinthos by Nelle Benson and Brad Cooper.

On July 11, 2019, it was revealed that in his years of leading Dawn of Day, he targeted donors with deep pockets to make charitable donations to his cult and then he would skim cash off the top. He funneled most of it into tax-free havens offshore, and then the rest went to payoffs. According to Harmony, Shiloh had the Beechers Corners police department and some elected officials in his pocket. He liked having friends in high places.

Hank’s sexual assault victims:

  • Carol Lockhart - raped/branded at some point before or during 2014.
  • Sherri Anderson - raped/branded at possibly some point before arriving in Port Charles.
  • Willow Tait - raped/branded on August 4, 2014. Their sexual relations eventually resulted in the conception of a son in 2017.
  • Daisy Kwan - raped/branded at some point before his arrival in Port Charles.
  • Kristina Corinthos-Davis - drugged/attempted rape but escaped with Jason Morgan’s help in 2019.
  • Sam McCall - drugged/branded and two counts of attempted rape but was saved by Jason Morgan both times in 2019.

Shiloh was enemies with everyone in Port Charles after being exposed for the sexual predator that he is.

On September 26, 2019, he was killed by Sam in defense of Jason.

On January 14, 2020, it was revealed that prior to his death that he married Nelle Benson while in Pentonville. Through his marriage to Nelle he gained Jonah as a stepson.


Hank meets Jason Morgan

On December 27, 2018, Hank is first seen when he mistakes Jason Morgan for his twin brother Drew Cain at the Floating Rib while he's playing pool. They strike up a conversation and "Hank" wants to find Drew and thank him for helping him change his life. Jason takes down his information and they shoot a game of pool.

Jason visits Drew later and tells him he's suspicious of Hank, and gives him his information to contact him. Kim tells him he doesn't recall him mentioning a Hank in the past.

On January 2, 2019, Drew decided to meet with Hank, who thanks him for saving his life in Afghanistan. Unfortunately Drew doesn't remember it because of his lost memories. Hank tells him he changed his life.

Hank with Kristina

Meanwhile, Kristina Corinthos-Davis moved out of Sam McCall's apartment and into the Dawn of Day house. When Sam and Jason went to visit her, she introduced them to Shiloh the man who ran the house, who turns out to be Hank. He explained to them he had changed his name from Hank to Shiloh when he changed his life. They here both very suspicious of him and it resulted in a big argument between Kristina and Sam. After they left, he told Kristina he would help her change her life.

Jason and Sam investigated him further, and they found that Dawn of Day was incorporated by a David Henry Archer, the son of Henry Archer, an ex-husband of Sam. She never met his son as he was estranged from his father, when they had married.

Hank with Sam

Sam and Jason run into him at the docks, where he was trying to help a homeless man get off the streets. They confront him, with the fact that she was once married to his father. He didn't make the connection between her Linda Black alias and his father's wife. He said he did bad things in the past, hit rock bottom and had changed.

Hank with Harmony

Harmony comes to Port Charles to try and get back together with Shiloh she even talked about moving to Port Charles and wants back into the "Dawn of day" cult she once was part of and had a relationship with Shiloh.

On March 25, Jason attacked Shiloh for triggering him about Sam and Danny, but Shiloh dropped assault charges against Jason and it's revealed that Shiloh is the father of Willow's son, Wiley Cooper-Jones and she was so scared that she left "Dawn of Day" and kept her whole pregnancy from him.

Hank with Willow

On April 9, Shiloh knows that Willow's real name is Kali Miller and that she changed her name when she left his cult "Dawn Of Day." That very same day, it also revealed that "Harmony" also knows Willow as both women share a last name "Miller" and Shiloh said to "Harmony" - "I found our Kali Miller."

On April 10, Shiloh with Harmony drugged Kristina as she was about to be a official member of the "Dawn Of Day" cult but when Harmony arrived Kristina was gone and Jason made his escape with a drugged Kristina and Harmony text Shiloh, who looks pissed and confused.

On April 22, it revealed by Willow that Shiloh was a well known pimp in the "Dawn Of Day" cult as a leader, but also Harmony had her daughter Kali "Willow" forced to into being pimped out by Shiloh.

On April 24, Shiloh had Sam come over for a "Session" and they go up into the attic where Shiloh kissed Sam and tried to have sex with her, but she pushes away and both were recording each other secretly. Sam left crying as this revealed all of what Shiloh did to her to Jason.

Hank threatens Willow

After Sam pledged to join the DoD trust on May 8, Jason knocked him out during Sam's tattooing session and tried to recover Kristina's pledge, but Shiloh already moved it as Sam tended to his head and explained that a parent angry with him had assaulted him.

Sam then took Shiloh to the Nurse's Ball, where he was denounced by Kristina (who was persuaded out of the cult after learning about what happened to Willow) and got triggered when Chase brought Willow up to the stage to dance during his performance. Shiloh then overheard Willow talking to Nina about having their child, so he lashed out at Willow and became really aggressive to the point he assaulted her and thus Michael had to take him down to the ground. An upset Shiloh then left with Sam, drugged her, and wanted to 'show her a new dawn' before escaping Jason and Sonny.

Shiloh was able to take the drugged Sam to another location and began to sexually assault her despite her refusals, but before Shiloh can have sex with her, Jason grabbed him and tossed him down the stairs, saving Sam, who was taken to GH alongside Shiloh. At GH, Shiloh was confronted by Sonny, who said that terrible things would happen to him if he did not hand over Kristina's pledge.

On June 5, Chase came into Shiloh's hospital room and arrested him on charges of sexual assault and lesser included offenses and while Shiloh claimed that what he did was harrassment, Chase looked satisfied. However, as Shiloh was released from the hospital and was about to be taken to jail, Harmony came and falsely confessed to drugging the women in the trust. Therefore, Shiloh was released as Harmony was arrested.

After Shiloh finds out that he had a baby with Willow, he serves her to appear in family court. After everyone said he didn't have a chance at winning against Willow and Diane, the judge ruled in favor of Shiloh and he ruled to have Willow relinquish all documents about her baby. Willow says no and she is arrested by Chase. After the trial, A police from Beechers Corners officer calls Shiloh saying he arrested Jason and Shiloh orders him to kill Jason, but this fails as Jason escapes with Michael's help. When Shiloh starts to taunt Sam, Lucas attacks him and tells him to stay away from his family and his baby.

Later, Kim calls Shiloh to her apartment and she asks him to teach her how to convince Drew to have a baby with her. Shiloh asks Kim if she is seeing Drew and she tells him that she's seeing Julian. She begins to tell him that Julian has been so busy with his son's custody battle and she tells him about the baby and he begins to piece together that his baby is with Brad and Lucas.

On July 10, Shiloh tried to introduced himself to Sasha at the Metro Court, but Michael threw him out of the chair and threatened to kill him. Later, Shiloh received Oscar's voting rights at ELQ upon the request of Oscar's Will and Last Testament. Drew then pushed Shiloh to the ground as a result while the Quartermaines objected the request as they claim that Oscar had later wanted to give his voting rights to a charity in Kilimanjaro. Shiloh later left to GH to pick up Wiley's paternity results.

On July 12, Shiloh picked up Wiley's paternity results and was attacked by Lucas on his way out of the hospital because Shiloh taunted Lucas about how he will be a better father to Wiley than him, Then, Shiloh is arrested for murdered of Douglas Miller and taken to custody by police commissioner Mac Scorpio who addresses Shiloh by his full real name. Sam arrives to help her brother Lucas out as the paternity results were dropped by Shiloh as he is arrested. Sam picks the envelope up and gives it to Lucas, who ripped it up and trashed it. Shiloh then arrives at the PCPD for processing and simply tells those around him that he will win again. On July 19, Shiloh made bail.

Chief Drew (Steve Burton) chokes Hank

On July 22, it was revealed that during his time with Drew (Steve Burton) in Afghanistan that Hank and another Navy SEAL named Charles "Tex" Owen had committed treason together by selling stolen fuel to insurgents and made over a million dollars on the black market. Drew found out about it from Tex before he died so after the ambush Drew confronted Hank about his treason and was going to turn him in which is why in the present day Drew is a major threat to him. In the past Hank also tried to bribe Drew into running a sting with him to trick the sellers, eliminate them and split the illegal money and even mentioned that if he does then he and Kim would be golden. Drew choked Hank and vowed that he will soon comprehend the true meaning of justice.

On July 29, Shiloh interrupted Wiley's birthday party and gave Brad his medical records before being thrown out by Michael. While outside, Shiloh called someone to do something for him and after running into Jason and Danny, he receives Drew's memory flashdrive which he had someone steal from Drew's office. On July 31, Drew tells Shiloh that he is learning more about what really happened in Afghanistan and then Shiloh asks Dr. Arthur Cabot to transfer Drew's memories to Jason.

On August 2, after Dr. Cabot told him that he should be cautious when targeting Jason and that he should keep the flashdrive for safekeeping, Shiloh encountered Sam and Willow outside. Sam left after promising Shiloh that he would go to prison. Chase then came and revealed that Shiloh can't be anywhere near Willow, Brad, Lucas, or Wiley unless he wants his bail to get revoked. Shiloh went to his motel room and found Sam trying to leave after she found the flashdrive, so he kidnaps her and calls Jason, telling him hat he needs him to do something for him in order for Sam to live.

On August 5, Shiloh tells Jason to come to his motel room to discuss his plans and later transfers the tied up Sam to inside a freezer outside the old DoD house. Once Jason arrives at the motel room, Shiloh makes him hand his gun over to him, but is immediately attacked and pinned to a table. Jason vows to kill him if he did not reveal Sam's location, but Shiloh makes Jason let go and tells him that he has to be willing to have Drew's memories transferred onto him since Sam actually took the fake flashdrive. The real one was always with Shiloh. Jason grabs Shiloh by the throat and pins him against the wall after Shiloh failed to fight back. Shiloh reminds Jason that if he dies, so will Sam.

On August 6, Shiloh presented Jason with a choice to either accept the memory transfer or let Sam die. Jason simply used a golden hand to knock Shiloh out and ran to the old DoD house where he rescued Sam from the freezer. After waking up, Shiloh took Jason's gun and ran outside, coming across Cameron Webber. Cameron asked if he was OK and then recognized him before Shiloh kidnapped him at gunpoint.

Shiloh drove Cam's car to 721 DeWitt Drive (where he parked illegally) and tied Cam up there before Cabot arrived. Cabot is shook to see that Shiloh wants to make Cam the recipient of receiving Drew's memories and tries to back out after telling him that this could have devastating consequences for the much younger Cam, including death. Shiloh does not care and makes Cabot agree after telling him that he will also go to prison for life if this does not work. When they head back inside, Cam kicks Shiloh in the stomach and Cabot stops Shiloh from attacking him in return, having him restrain his legs instead. Shiloh then has Cabot start the procedure and argues with him for being too slow.

Suddenly, Franco walks in on them and pushes them aside to get Cam out, but Shiloh pulls a gun on him and insists on Cabot to finish experimenting on Cam. Franco tells Shiloh to let Cam go and take him instead. Cabot agrees because the procedure would be more successful on an adult brain rather than a teen one. Shiloh reluctantly allows Franco to take Cam's place and duct tapes Cam to the wall, assaulting him when he wouldn't be quiet as Cabot begins the procedure on Franco.

Drew and his friend Curtis Ashford busted down the door and Drew attacked Shiloh before he freed Cameron. Curtis picked Shiloh up and held him in a chokehold as Drew held Cabot at gunpoint and threatened to kill him if he didn't stop the procedure. Cabot explained that the procedure cannot be stopped or reversed but there was a chance it may not work. Curtis and Drew tied Shiloh's hands behind his back and did the same with Cabot's before Detective Chase and Cameron's mom Elizabeth Webber showed up. Shiloh was arrested first by Chase and was taken to the hospital for a checkup.

Lucas was examining Shiloh who was cuffed to the bed and Shiloh was taunting Lucas about Wiley. Lucas just ignored him and told him he didn't have a concussion before Shiloh was escorted out of the bed into jail, but he saw Willow who told him he would never be Wiley's father. Drew talked to him about what was so important on the flash drive but Shiloh was being his smug, arrogant self before Cameron went to attack him and threatened to make him pay, but Drew restrained him to keep him out of trouble and to calm him down as the cop took Shiloh to jail.

Hank ambushes Chief Drew (Steve Burton) under Helena Cassadine's orders

On August 19, it was revealed that Hank had ambushed and kidnapped Drew (Steve Burton) under Helena Cassadine's orders. Hank knocked Drew out and Helena had threatened to kill him if Drew didn't survive since she wanted to use his skills for her own purposes.

On August 21, after Shiloh had been sent to Pentonville he called Peter August and asked him to come visit him for a chat. When Peter got there, Shiloh revealed that he knows that Peter was there in Afghanistan when Helena kidnapped Drew and he aided and abetted her. He eventually blackmailed Peter by threatening to reveal his part in the Jason Morgan Conspiracy unless he (Peter) can get Shiloh out of prison. Peter suddenly left and then as Pentonville went on lockdown he was handcuffed to the visitor booth and another inmate named Nelle Benson was handcuffed in the visitor booth next to him. They introduced themselves and Nelle knew that he was trying to steal Willow's baby since Lorraine told her about him. Shiloh insisted that it's not stealing if it belongs to you and that when Willow gave the baby up for adoption that it was illegal. Nelle asked how Shiloh was going to beat the charges he was facing and Shiloh said that he has faith in human nature and it hasn't failed him yet. He also revealed that a kid named Oscar Nero left him ELQ shares in return for him helping Oscar and Nelle was surprised, saying that the Quartermaines owe her too and that they would continue their conversation.

Peter came back to visit Shiloh and agreed to help him get out of jail, later having someone crash Drew's flight to return Shiloh's illegally earned money to Afghanistan and then having someone nearly stab and kill Dr. Andre Maddox, whom Drew recruited to reverse Franco's procedure prior to his presumed death.

On September 6, Nelle offered to help Shiloh be reunited with "Wiley" and to obtain his ELQ shares Oscar left him.

On September 19, Shiloh's trial began. Shiloh was representing himself on the stand and he said that he is the leader of "Dawn of Day" but claimed that he is not a cult leader and that they only do good work in their community and that they gave therapeutic help to the Davis family and Sam came in with ulterior motives while conspiring with Jason. The prosecutor, D.A. Robert Scorpio objects to this but the judge sustained it. Shiloh revealed that Sam married his dad (Henry Archer) under an alias and swiped their family's inheritance before the A.D.A. questioned him about the trust and the women pledged into it. The judge then ended questioning for the day and ordered that Shiloh be returned to Pentonville, but the van never made it back to the prison and Shiloh made his escape. He later dressed up as a police officer and pulled Bobbie Spencer over.

Shiloh saw "Wiley" in the back of the car and then stole the car with the baby inside, leaving Bobbie stranded on the side of the road to faint. Shiloh takes "Wiley" to the Haunted Star, where he knocks out Dev Cerci who just called Sam about his arrival. Instead of running with "Wiley", Shiloh waits for Sam to come and starts holding her hostage as well, taunting her about having "Wiley" now. On September 24, Sam convinced Shiloh to let Dev and Wiley go and although he initially refused, he agreed to let them go because he had too many hostages.

Hank killed by Sam

Shiloh ordered Sam to get the Haunted Star started and he said he would be driving to Canada since he was convinced she'd drive him into the arms of law enforcement officials. Jason eventually showed up after Shiloh started getting violent with Sam and attempted to force himself on her, so he shot him and left with Sam, but Shiloh was uninjured due to a bulletproof vest he just took off and attacked Jason after Sam left. Shiloh gained the upper hand in the ensuring fight by knocking Jason to the ground, but before he could bludgeon him to death, Sam grabbed a flare gun and shot him in the back in defense of Jason. Shiloh then fell overboard into the water and died. Law enforcement brought Shiloh's dead body to GH and Willow identified the body to be that of Shiloh's.

On December 30, a mysterious person sent invitations through texting about attending Shiloh's memorial. Sam, Willow, Harmony, and even Michael got invitations and it appeared that someone does not want Shiloh to be forgotten.

On January 14, 2020, it was revealed that prior to Shiloh's death, he married Nelle Benson in Pentonville. Nelle was the one who set up his memorial and invited Sam McCall, Willow Tait, Harmony Miller and Michael Corinthos.

On April 9, Shiloh appeared in a flashback when Det. Harrison Chase remembered Willow's courtroom outburst in 2019 when it came to fighting for custody of Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos.

On March 8, 2021, it was revealed that Peter August was the one who paid Hank to ambush Drew Cain and deliver him to Helena Cassadine back in July 2012.

On September 15, Sam and Det. Dante Falconeri went to to Spring Ridge, a minimum security prison where Harmony now works as a health aide. Harmony was initially upset since she thought that Sam and Dante were there to accuse her for a crime, but Sam said that they needed her help. Back in August, Sam got a call from her ex-husband, Drew Cain, who was presumed dead in 2019. They were wondering if Harmony had any idea about any of Shiloh's associates and dealings when it came to Drew. Harmony was initially upset because she was trying to make amends for her past mistakes with Shiloh and Cyrus Renault and felt like her past was being thrown in her face, but after Alexis Davis talked to Harmony, Harmony revealed that Shiloh worked with someone named Dallas Kirby during his days as an independent military contractor. She revealed that Shiloh's associates were dangerous and warned them to be careful.

On October 4, Dante and Sam traveled to Monte Carlo where they met Dallas at a Hotel and Casino called Le Lucien. After a bit of talking, Dante and Dallas went up to her hotel room. Eventually Sam came in and Dante confessed the truth to Dallas about who he and Sam really are. Dante and Sam wanted to know about the circumstances behind the plane crash over the Gulf of Aden in 2019. Dallas revealed that Hank paid her $2 Million to have her team scatter identical plane parts into the Gulf of Aden and file a fake flight plan in order to fake a plane crash while she doesn’t know what happened to the real plane. Dallas also revealed that Hank was a go-between for a third party and she didn’t ask any questions, so Dante and Sam learned that Drew really was alive.

Crimes Committed

  • Killed his own dad, Henry Archer, by cutting his brake lines which led to a car accident [pre-2012; involvement revealed on Sep 25, 2019]
  • Involved in crimes with Dallas Kirby during his days as an independent military contractor [pre-2012; revealed on Sep 15, 2021]
  • Treason; made money off the Taliban black market and sold fuel to the Taliban insurgents with Tex [Jul 2012; revealed on Jul 22, 2019]
  • Attempted to bribe Chief Andrew Cain into running a sting with him to trick and eliminate the insurgents and split the illegal money in half [Jul 2012; revealed on Jul 22, 2019]
  • Ambushed Drew and delivered him to Helena Cassadine under Helena and Peter August's orders [Jul 2012; Drew was presumed dead/missing until Dec 1, 2017; revealed on Aug 19, 2019; Peter was revealed to be in cahoots with Helena on Aug 21, 2019; Peter's full involvement revealed on Mar 8, 2021]
  • Knocked out Drew [Jul 2012; revealed on Aug 19, 2019]
  • Serial rapist during his run as "Dawn Of Day" cult leader with Lorraine "Harmony" Miller [2014-19; revealed on Apr 9, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Killed Douglas Miller and made Carol Lockhart take the fall for his death [2017; revealed on Jun 28, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Stalked Sam McCall for years [pre-2018-Dec 2018; revealed on July 11, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Used his connection to Drew to approach his twin, Jason Morgan as his way in to later wreak havoc in Port Charles [Dec 27, 2018; as Hank]

  • Had Daisy Kwan manipulate Kristina's mind and reveal her abuse story about Kiefer Bauer [Jan 17, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Tried to bribe Alexis Davis about information on her daughters Sam and Kristina Corinthos-Davis [Jan 22, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Threatened Willow Tait into moving back into the "Dawn of Day" house and rejoin the cult [Mar 22, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Had Harmony and DOD drug Kristina during her induction into the group's trust [Apr 10, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Had a fake a DOD session and tried to have sex with Sam [Apr 24, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Manhandled Willow (he grabbed her by the arm) [May 2, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Assaulted and threatened Willow [May 22, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Drugged Sam [May 23, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Abducted Sam and took her to the tower [May 23-24, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Sexually assaulted Sam and was about to rape her until Jason Morgan attacked him in her defense [May 24, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Attempted to blackmail Margaux Dawson into making sure he never faced charges [May 29-Jun 6, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Manhandled Harmony (he grabbed her wrist) [Jun 5, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Arrested on charges of sexual assault and lesser included offenses [Jun 5, 2019; as Shiloh; released on Jun 10, 2019]
  • Manhandled Sam (he grabbed her wrist) [Jun 11, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Ordered Officer Billy Pryce to kill Jason [Jun 27, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Arrested for the murder of Douglas Miller and other charges like extortion and sexual coercion [Jul 12, 2019; as Shiloh; released on bail on Jul 19, 2019; bail was revoked on Aug 9, 2019]
  • Stole money from someone who paid for their drink in order to buy another round [Jul 22, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Stole money off the ground [Jul 29, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Had someone steal Drew Cain's memory flashdrive [Jul 30, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Kidnapped Sam and held her hostage in a freezer outside the old DoD house [Aug 2-6, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Attempted to blackmail Jason into having Drew's memories transferred onto him or else Sam would die [Aug 5-6, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Assaulted Jason when he went to choke him and then stole his gun [Aug 5-6, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Kidnapped Cameron Webber at gunpoint and held him captive (along with Arthur Cabot) [Aug 6-9, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Parked Cameron's car illegally at 721 DeWitt Street [Aug 6, 2019; revealed on Aug 8, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Fugitive; hunted by the P.C.P.D. and the authorities across the state [revealed Aug 7-9, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Assaulted Cabot when he tried to back out of the plan [Aug 7, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Tried to attack Cameron after being kicked in the stomach by him in self-defense [Aug 7, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Tried to have Cabot transfer Drew's memories onto Cameron [Aug 7-8, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Held Franco Baldwin at gunpoint [Aug 8, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Had Cabot transfer Drew's memories onto Franco [Aug 8-9, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested; Franco thought he was Drew from Aug 12-Dec 17, 2019]
  • Duct taped Cameron to a wall and assaulted him when he wouldn't be quiet [Aug 8-9, 2019; as Shiloh; arrested]
  • Set Kendra Bauer on Alexis Davis' trail [Aug 19, 2019; revealed on Aug 26, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Blackmailed Peter August into helping him get out of prison [Aug 21-Sep 20, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Hired Dallas Kirby to fake Drew's plane crash for Peter [Aug 23, 2019; Drew was declared dead in absentia on Oct 9, 2019; Drew was revealed to be alive on Aug 16, 2021; Dallas and Hank's involvement revealed on Oct 5, 2021]
  • Indirectly responsible for Peter nearly having Dr. Andre Maddox killed [Sep 3, 2019; attempted murder by stabbing revealed on Sep 4, 2019; Peter's involvement revealed on Sep 10, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Perjury; lied on the stand about what Dawn of Day was and attempted to cast doubt on every witnesses testimony [Sep 20, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Escaped from police custody with the help of Bryce Henderson, who was sent by Peter to kill him [Sep 20, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Knocked out Bryce in self-defense [Sep 20, 2019; off-screen; as Shiloh]
  • Fugitive; hunted by the P.C.P.D., various S.W.A.T. teams and the F.B.I. [Sep 20-26, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Impersonated a police officer to steal Bobbie Spencer's car [Sep 20-23, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Kidnapped "Wiley Cooper-Jones" and held him hostage at gunpoint on the Haunted Star [Sep 23-24, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Left Bobbie to faint on the side of the road after stealing her car and "Wiley" [Sep 23, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Knocked out Dev Cerci and held him hostage at gunpoint on the Haunted Star [Sep 23-24, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Held Sam hostage at gunpoint on the Haunted Star [Sep 23-25, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Threw Sam down into a pile of broken glass and tried to rape her [Sep 25, 2019; as Shiloh]
  • Attacked Jason and tried to bludgeon him to death with a gaffing stick after gaining the upper hand in their fight [Sep 25-26, 2019; as Shiloh]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Trapped in a jeep which hit an IED [Jul 2012; revealed on Jan 2, 2019; saved by Drew Cain]
    • Choked by Drew [Jul 2012; revealed on Jul 22, 2019]
    • Threatened by Helena Cassadine if he did not follow her orders [Jul 2012; revealed on Aug 19, 2019]
    • Threatened by Jason Morgan to stay away from his son Danny [Mar 25, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Smashed against a brick wall and choked by Jason [Mar 25-26, 2019; as Shiloh; suffered bleeding to the back of his head as a result]
    • Threatened by Det. Harrison Chase while defending his girlfriend, Willow Tait [Mar 26, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Knocked out by Jason [May 8, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Threatened by Kristina Corinthos-Davis [May 22, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Thrown to the ground by Michael Corinthos in defense of Willow and suffered from hyperventilation as a result [May 22, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Attacked and tossed down a long flight of stairs by Jason in defense of Sam [May 24, 2019; as Shiloh; was taken to the hospital]
    • Threatened by Sonny Corinthos if he did not hand over Kristina's pledge [May 24, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Threatened by Sam McCall while in a hospital bed [May 28, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Threatened by Margaux Dawson [Jun 6, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Threatened by Jason who witnessed him grab Sam's wrist [Jun 11, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Threatened by Alexis Davis in the courtroom [Jun 23, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Threatened by Willow in the courtroom [Jun 25, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Assaulted and threatened by Lucas Jones [Jun 27, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Thrown off a chair and threatened by Michael [Jul 10, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Pushed to the ground by Drew [Jul 11, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Pinned to a wall and choked by Lucas [Jul 12, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Pinned against a bar and threatened by Drew [Jul 22, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Assaulted and thrown in an elevator by Michael [Jul 29, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Threatened by Jason with another beating if he didn't stay away from Jason's family [Jul 30, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Attacked, pinned to a table, and choked against a wall by Jason when he did not reveal Sam's location [Aug 5, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Brutally attacked with a golden hand and knocked out by Jason [Aug 6, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Kicked in the stomach by Cameron Webber in self-defense [Aug 7, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Assaulted by Franco Baldwin in defense of Cameron [Aug 8, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Attacked by Drew in defense of Cameron and Franco [Aug 9, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Held in a chokehold by Curtis Ashford so he would not escape custody [Aug 9, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Almost got attacked by Cameron [Aug 9, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Was supposed to be killed by Bryce Henderson under Peter August's orders after Bryce helped him escape from prison [Sep 20, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Had a drink thrown in his face and attacked by Sam in self-defense [Sep 25, 2019; as Shiloh]
    • Shot by Jason in defense of Sam [Sep 25, 2019; as Shiloh; uninjured due to bulletproof vest]
    • Died after being shot in the back with a flare gun by Sam in defense of Jason and falling overboard on the Haunted Star [Sep 26, 2019; as Shiloh]

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