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Harborview Towers (formerly Harbor Tower) is a local upper end apartment complex in the city of Port Charles.


Sonny back at his penthouse (renovated; 2022)

Harborview Towers was mentioned as early as the 1980's. This upper end apartment complex is located in downtown Port Charles. It has a view of the lake, and can clearly be seen in the Port Charles skyline. It includes Sam McCall's penthouse and was the previous residence of several Port Charles residents including Sean Donely, Jason Morgan, Carly Benson, Damian Spinelli and mob boss Sonny Corinthos.

Penthouse #1 and #2 are located on the 15th floor.

Sonny originally came to buy Sean Donely's Penthouse #1 after The Paradise Lounge was closed. He was joined by Stone Cates and Brenda Barrett. Stone (who was dying from AIDS) is cared for by Sonny and Robin Scorpio in Penthouse #1 until his death. Stone's memorial was also held here. After Brenda leaves, Carly and Michael eventually join Sonny at the penthouse. It was the penthouse where Sonny and Carly held their first wedding in 2000. They're later joined by their son Morgan after his birth. In 2005, Sonny and his family left the penthouse for Greystone Manor. When Sonny and Carly divorced for the fourth time in 2022, Sonny returned to the Penthouse which is now #564 and he let Carly and the family keep Greystone Manor.

Penthouse #2, which was directly across the hall from Sonny, was first owned by Katherine Bell purchased in 1996. It was later sold to Jason, who in turn gave the place to his cousin, Justus Ward. Justus later moved out and Jason moved back in before leaving town for a few years. In the years Jason was gone Alexis Davis rented PH #2, but Jason remained the owner. He left the PH for Michael Corinthos in a trust that he asked Sonny to manage. By the time Jason returned to town, Alexis had moved out and Jason regained ownership of the PH.

Jason also shared Penthouse #2 with Courtney Matthews during their relationship.

In 2004, Jason moved Sam into the Penthouse while she was pregnant with Lila, who was unfortunately stillborn. Across the hall from the room that was going to be the nursery for Sam's baby, subsequently became Damian Spinelli's room which was "regrettably pink." He stayed in the room that Brenda lived in while she and Jason were in a marriage of convenience.

Reese Marshall (when dating Sonny) took residence in Sonny's old penthouse #1. While Reese was living there, Carly broke in and vandalized the entire apartment during a mental breakdown. Sam was attacked there by Nico, and Carly helped fight him off.

In 2006, a would-be assassin shot a bullet through the window of Jason's apartment. He leaves the bullet hole in the glass to remind him of the choices he's made. In 2007, Ric Lansing bugged Jason's apartment in order to obtain a guilty plea in the murder or Lorenzo Alcazar.

In a December 2008 episode, it was indicated that the Metro Court was located directly across from the Harborview Towers. The address is 122 Harbor View Drive. It is also ten blocks away from General Hospital.[1]

Currently Sam lives in Penthouse #2 with Danny and Scout. Jason still legally owns it, but has given it to Sam and the kids. Jason and Sam later broke up to keep the kids safe from the mob life, and Jason moved out.

In early 2022, after Carly caught Sonny cheating on her, she started divorce proceedings, and he agreed to move back into his old penthouse so she could have the manor.

Former residents include: Brenda Barrett, Katherine Bell, Kristina Cassadine, Alexis Davis, Maxie Jones, Rafe Kovich, Jr., Courtney Matthews, Hope Morgan, Lulu Spencer, Jason Morgan, Drew Cain, Reese Marshall, Damian Spinelli, Georgie Spinelli, Kristina Corinthos-Davis, Molly Lansing-Davis, and Justus Ward.