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Harrison Chase and Willow Tait are fictional characters, popular former lovers and annulled couple on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.


Chase has been portrayed by Josh Swickard since the character's debut on February 21, 2018.

Willow has been portrayed by Katelyn MacMullen since the character's debut on October 18, 2018.


Chase is the son of Professor Gregory Chase and journalist Jackie Templeton, the half-brother of Dr. Hamilton Finn and the uncle of Violet Finn. He arrived in Port Charles after being hired by the Port Charles Police Department to be Dante Falconeri's next partner after the death of Det. Nathan West.

Willow is the daughter of the late Douglas Miller and his ex-wife, Lorraine "Harmony" Miller. She was introduced as Aiden Spencer and Charlotte Cassadine's school teacher and the biological mother of Lucas and Brad's late baby, Wiley Cooper-Jones. She has since become the foster mother of Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos, with the intention to adopt him. In June 2021, it was confirmed that Willow had indeed adopted Wiley.


Near the end of 2018, Chase begins a relationship with Willow, and the two became lovers in early 2019. Chase defends Willow from Shiloh and his Dawn of Day cult, which haunts her past as Shiloh raped Willow when she was part of the cult and is Wiley Cooper-Jones's biological father.

On May 20, Chase performed "Something Just Like This" (by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay) at The Nurses' Ball and even brought Willow on to the stage to dance with her, triggering Shiloh in the audience.

In June 2019, Willow was summoned to court in a custody battle and Diane Miller advised her to show up on time. Willow was trying to leave the school to get to court but she kept getting stopped because the principal reinstated her as a teacher at PC Elementary School. Chase came and she left with him. When they finally got to court Diane said that they're on recess and that Judge David Walters would be ready to rule when the court reconvenes.

Judge Walters came out and ruled in favor of Shiloh and ordered Willow to turn over any documents on her "son's" whereabouts. Diane tried to get the case thrown out but Willow finally snapped and admitted that she had his child and that he would never find him. That reinforced Judge Walters' decision to have Willow turn over documents on her "son's" whereabouts and she refused so he ordered the bailiff to take her into custody for contempt of court, but Chase said he would handle it. Judge Walters allowed him to and a heartbroken Chase had no choice but to arrest Willow.

Later on, Chase brought Willow into the interrogation room and gave her a cup of chamomile tea and they discussed their next move. Chase initially wanted Willow to cooperate with the judge but after learning from Michael that Shiloh murdered her dad, Douglas Miller, he changed his mind and told Willow not to cooperate.

In November 2019, Willow revealed she might be pregnant to Sasha Gilmore. Sasha insisted that Willow tell Chase the truth about possibly being pregnant with his child. Willow was honest with Chase, and after the initial shock wore off, they promised to support each other no matter what the result. After taking a test, it turns out she wasn't pregnant after all. Willow was a little disappointed, while Chase was a little relieved.

On December 11, Willow was surprised to see her mom show up at her and Chase's apartment. It was revealed that Lorraine had been released from prison on early parole due to overcrowding and after Chase left, Willow and Lorraine had a heart to heart chat.

Lorraine explained that she tried to go back to using her real name but she didn't recognize herself anymore and knew that despite the mistakes she made with Shiloh she also did good work as Harmony so she decided to stick to that name instead. Eventually they got to talking about "Wiley" and while Willow said she was not comfortable with her getting to know him without Brad and Lucas' permission she did show her a picture. Harmony wanted to be the mother Willow deserves.

In late February, the truth is reveled that Nelle and Brad Cooper switched Jonah and Wiley. The child they knew as Wiley was actually Michael and Nelle's son, Jonah and Willow's son Wiley had died the day he was born.

Nelle tried to kidnap Wiley and leave town. Willow was babysitting Wiley when Nelle showed up to take him. Nelle tried to take him and Willow fought her desperately trying to keep her from Wiley. However, the altercation ended when Nelle knocked Willow unconscious. Nelle almost got away with Wiley, but she was apprehended by Chase and Michael, who had just learned the truth about Wiley from Lucas.

After Willow woke up in the hospital, Chase broke the news to her and she was devastated. Chase, Michael and Sasha all supported her as she grieved the loss of her son.

Since Wiley and Willow already had a bond, Michael asked Willow if she would continue to remain in Wiley's life as a mother figure. Willow, still grieving her son, wasn't sure if she could do it. But she later accepted because she had come to love Wiley as her own and was still bonded to him. Chase was unsure about Willow staying in Wiley's life because he saw how hard it was on her. But ultimately, he supported her decision.

Nelle continued her schemes and informed Michael that she would be suing for full custody of Wiley. Michael's lawyer, Diane Miller informed him that he had a strong case for custody, but his case would be even stronger, if he could provide a permanent wholesome mother figure for Wiley.

Michael's first instinct was to marry his girlfriend Sasha, but Diane informed him that marrying Sasha would be counterproductive given her questionable past. Pretending to be Nina Reeves' daughter and later being arrested for fraud made Sasha a nonviable option. Wanting desperately to help Michael, Sasha proposed that Michael should marry Willow. Initially everyone thought it was a crazy idea, but eventually Michael came around to the idea of a marriage of convenience.

Willow and Chase were adamantly against the idea. Chase eventually came around to the idea because he knew they needed to do whatever was necessary to protect Wiley from Nelle. Willow was in love with Chase and still wanted to honor her relationship. She maintained that she would serve as a character witness in the trial, but she couldn't marry Michael because she was in love with Chase.

Sasha and Chase came up with a scheme to make Michael and Willow think they had been cheated on. They knew the best chance to protect Wiley was to make sure that Michael and Willow got married. So, they staged a "romantic" scene and had Willow walk in on it. Michael and Willow were both devastated to "discover" that Sasha and Chase had been carrying on an affair and their respective relationships ended. Sasha and Chase were wrecked by what they had done, but knew they had to follow through to protect Wiley.

On May 11, Willow agrees to enter into a marriage of convenience with Michael to help him win custody of Wiley and they were married the next day. Sasha and Chase drowned their sorrows on the pier, but despite their heartbreak they knew they were doing what was best for Wiley.

On November 18, 2020, Willow and Michael learn the truth, that Chase and Sasha faked an affair so the two wouldn't feel guilty about ending their relationships and marrying for the sake of winning custody of Wiley. Both started to repair their friendships with their previous lovers due to this information.

On January 25, 2021, Michael and Willow officially annulled their marriage.

As of Valentine's Day 2021, Chase and Willow have started dating again, but are taking things slow, to rebuild their relationship.

On March 22, 2021, Michael confirmed to Brook Lynn that both he and Sasha were back together, as well as Chase and Willow.

On April 12, Willow admitted that she's in love with Michael after Michael admitted that he's in love with her so the two end up sleeping together. She decided that she had to break up with Chase so she went to his apartment to end things with him but Chase collapsed due to having a high fever. Michael and Willow decided to hold off on telling Chase the truth until after he got better since he was already battling a mysterious illness. Willow continued to lead Chase on, but feels guilty about it.

On June 11, 2021, while in the hospital on his deathbed, Chase proposed to Willow who accepted.

On June 18, 2021, Chase and Willow got married, with his family, Michael, and Sasha in attendance. Immediately after, Finn and Gregory learned Gregory is Chase's father and their new cure will work - just as Chase flat-lined.

On June 21, the cure worked and Chase is going to survive.

On August 24, Michael and Willow admitted their affair to Chase, who admitted that he knew, having learned of it a few days prior. Chase also revealed at this time that he can walk a little, and left the Quartermaine Mansion, with Willow running after him. Back at his old apartment, she begged his forgiveness and thanked him for being there for her - telling him she'll always love him for his sacrifice for Wiley, and how he was her rock during her trials with Shiloh and losing her baby. He insists on no more apologies and begging forgiveness, and she gives him his ring back.

On November 19, 2021, Chase corrects Bobbie regarding his relationship with Willow, calling her his "ex-wife."

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  1. per 3/22/21, BLQ stated that Michael confirmed both original couples are back together.
  2. Per 6/11/21, on his deathbed in the hospital, Chase proposed and Willow accepted.
  3. Chase calls Willow his ex-wife on 11/19/21