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Alan, Emily, and Rick Return (2013)

Sonny and the Three Carlys (2014)

The Spencer Siblings reunited (1963/2015)

Cast with India Arie during the Nutcracker Gala (2015)

The Quartermaine "traditional" Thanksgiving (2017)

Halloween party (2019)

Monica reads Christmas stories (2018)

Nelexis have date night at "Drag Bingo" (2019)

A "Finn" Christmas Carol (2019)

Votes for Women (1920/2020)

"Trivia Night" at Charlie's Pub (2021)

"Love Stinks" (2022)

There are a variety of holidays and other special events that are celebrated on General Hospital.

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day 2021, Ava Jerome was sent a cockroach by a stalker later revealed to be Spencer Cassadine.

On Valentine's Day 2022, Port Charles ran on an unofficial theme of "love stinks", due to all the loses in the last year.

Fourth of July

Citizens enjoy watching the fireworks in Rice Park.


During a Halloween party in 2015 on the Haunted Star, Dillon Quartermaine's intern Andy Plummer accidentally aired footage of Dante Falconeri and Valerie Spencer admitting to an affair.


The Quartermaines have been ordering pizza since 1994 after disasters prevent them from eating turkey.

See: Quartermaine Thanksgiving Disasters


Christmas miracles occasionally happen at this time. Alan Quartermaine read the Christmas Story for child patients at General Hospital until his death in 2007.

  • In December 2019, a GH version of A Christmas Carol with Hamilton Finn as Ebenezer Scrooge was shown.

New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve 2015, Leo Falconeri was conceived just after midnight at the Metro Court Hotel. Julian Jerome and Olivia Falconeri kissed at midnight because they were alone and ended up in bed together.


  • On April 17, 2002, Audrey Hardy's 10,000th day working at GH is celebrated to mark the 10,000th episode of the show. Many flashbacks were featured and GH's first patient Angie Costello returned.
  • For the 50th anniversary in April 2013, the ghosts of Emily Quartermaine, Alan, and Rick Webber appeared.
  • For the 51st anniversary in April 2014, Sonny Corinthos talked to three actresses who played Carly Benson (three versions of Carly) in the GH chapel.
  • For the 52nd anniversary in April 2015, Luke Spencer flashed back to his childhood on April 1, 1963 when he accidentally killed his parents.
  • On June 17, 2022, the 15,000th episode will air, focusing on Laura Collins and will feature the majority of GH's current characters.


In July 2021 during Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos' third birthday, Harrison Chase finds out his wife Willow Tait is cheating on him with Michael Corinthos.

Special Events


  • "All About Ava" (01/17/2018): Ava has a nightmare as she is about to have her face repaired.
  • "Vote" (11/02/2020): Josslyn Jacks and Trina Robinson go back 100 years and learn about Port Charles' voting history.
  • "What If" (11/12/2018): Sonny imagines what his life would be like if he didn’t live a life of crime.