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The Hospital Rooftop is located on the top floor of General Hospital.


In 2000, it was revealed Starvos Cassadine was being kept cryogenically frozen in a secret lab beneath General Hospital. The laboratory was originally only accessible from an out-of-service elevator on the roof.

In 2009, Trevor Lansing is killed after falling off the roof during a struggle with Sam McCall.

In 2012, the psychotic Heather Webber took baby Danny Morgan up to the roof and fell off. His father, Jason Morgan caught Danny before he went with Heather.

In 2016, Morgan Corinthos threatened to jump off the roof while in a manic episode. His psychiatrist Dr. Andre Maddox tried to help, then his father, Sonny Corinthos went up on the ledge with Morgan and convinced him to come down.

In 2019, psychotic serial killer Ryan Chamberlain took Dr. Griffin Munro to the roof and almost killed him.

In 2020, Carly Corinthos locked Nelle Benson-Jerome on the roof so Nelle's son and Carly's grandson, Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos could get much needed surgery.

In 2021, the fugitive Peter August was waiting for a pilot on the roof. Dr. Hamilton Finn found Peter and fought with him. Peter threw Finn's brother Harrison Chase's antidote off the roof and Finn pushed Peter down the stairwell. Nurse Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin helped Finn hide Peter's body by going down into the Cassadines abandoned underground lab. She later hallucinated seeing Peter on the roof.