Ian Devlin
General Hospital
Portrayed by Seamus Dever
First appearance January 25, 2008
Last appearance May 6, 2008
Cause/reason Killed
Created by Garin Wolf
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Nickname(s) Evil Ian, Depraved Doctor of Doom (by Spinelli)
Gender Male
Died May 6, 2008
Port Charles, New York
Cause of death Shot in the chest by Jason in defense of Maxie
Occupation Oncologist
Title Doctor

Dr. Ian Devlin was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He was portrayed by actor Seamus Dever.


Dr. Devlin appeared from January to May 2008 as a doctor at General Hospital who was involved in a drug-importing scheme with Claudia Zacchara and Jerry Jacks. He was a former friend of Patrick Drake in medical school.

On April 7, 2008, he was hired by Claudia to kill Sonny Corinthos. However, the attempt on Sonny's life was botched and he ends up shooting a 12-year old Michael Corinthos which puts Michael into a coma. This allowed the show to look for an older actor to play Michael.  The show wanted to SORASed Michael, but didn't find anyone until March 2009 when Garrett appeared as an 16-year old Michael.

On May 6, 2008, he abducted Maxie Jones and brought her at a park. Later, her friends Damian Spinelli and Jason Morgan arrive and order him to let her go. Dr. Devlin was holding her at scalpel point while Jason asks him who hired him as a hit man. Maxie is able to break free and reunites with Spinelli.

As Dr. Devlin moved towards Maxie to finish her off, Jason shoots him in the chest. Dr. Devlin falls to the ground and Jason commands him to name the person who hired him to kill Sonny. He tries to say Claudia, but Dr. Devlin dies from his gunshot wound.

Crimes Committed

  • Operated in a drug importing scheme with Claudia Zacchara and Jerry Jacks [2008]
  • Conspired with Claudia and Jerry to kill Sonny Corinthos [Mar 2008]
  • Shot Michael Corinthos in the head while trying to aim for Sonny [Apr 7, 2008]
  • Abducted Maxie Jones [May 6, 2008]
  • Held Maxie hostage at scalpel point [May 6, 2008]
  • Tried to kill Maxie when she broke free from his arms [May 6, 2008]

Health and Vitals

  • Injected with a sedative by Maxie Jones and rendered unconscious [Apr 28, 2008]
  • Shot and killed by Jason Morgan [May 6, 2008]

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