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Interpol Agent Derek Bates shows his badge to Lucky Spencer (2010)

Interpol, also known as the International Criminal Police Organization, is an international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime control.


In 2000, an Interpol agent makes an appearance.

In September 2010, Interpol Agent Derek Bates recruits P.C.P.D. Detective Lucky Spencer to go undercover as the late Ronan O'Reilly. Lucky has a resemblance to Ronan who was connected to the Balkan, a man long wanted by the agency. Lucky feels like he doesn’t have a choice so he agrees. Bates later tells Lucky that Interpol isn’t happy with Lucky’s performance and he is being cut loose as he is of no use to them anymore. In December, Bates asks for Lucky’s help again and he reluctantly agrees.

In December 2012, P.C.P.D. Detective Dante Falconeri contacts L.P.D. Detective John McBain to tell him the location of W.S.B. Agent Anna Devane's hotel. McBain and Anna's ex Agent Robert Scorpio head there, exposing "Duke Lavery" as the villainous Cesar Faison. McBain goes with Interpol, who take Faison into custody.

On December 17, 2015, Robert and Anna cornered Jerry Jacks, and Robert called for Interpol to take Jerry to Steinmauer.

In 2016, Daphne was being hunted by Interpol.

On Feb 4, 2022, the evil son of Cesar Faison, Peter August was being hunted by the P.C.P.D., the W.S.B. and Interpol and deemed “armed and dangerous”.