Father and daughter, Jax and Josslyn
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin Australia
Years in PC 1996-present
Current region Port Charles, New York (Josslyn, Jasper)
Ethnicity Australian
Irish (Josslyn)
Notable members John Jacks, Jane Jacks, Jerry Jacks, Jasper Jacks, Josslyn Jacks
Connected families Alcazar, Barrett, Corinthos, Eckert, Hardy, Morgan, Quartermaine, Spencer, Webber
Known for Metro Court Hotel
Jacks Lake House
Jax n Josslyn
Jax and Josslyn in his new Lake House
Estate Information
Purchased 2019
Address 124 Shoreline Road
Port Charles, New York
Current residents Jasper Jacks
The Jackses are a fictional family on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.


The Jacks family first arrived in Port Charles in 1996, when former corporate raider, Jasper "Jax" Jacks came to town, to help Lois Cerullo reacquire her company from business tycoon, Edward Quartermaine. Shortly after the family was further expanded on the canvas with the arrival of Jax's parents, John Jacks and Jane Jacks. The Jacks family was originally from Australia, but relocated to Alaska when Jax and his older brother, Jerry were young.

In 1998, Jax's black sheep brother, Jerry, arrives in town. Jax and Jerry were shown to have a rocky relationship, often getting into fights to work out their issues. Nevertheless, they still cared for each other as brothers. Jerry became involved in numerous illegal activities, but hid that life from his mother. In 1999, Jerry left Port Charles.

In 2003, John was killed by Ewen Keenan out of revenge for stealing a pack of cards, the Dead Man's Hand, from Ewen's father. After John's death, Jane relocated to Australia, but would visit Port Charles often to see Jax.

In 2007, Jerry returned to town as a mercenary having had plastic surgery on his face. He then took the alias James Craig. Jerry and a team of masked gunmen took the Metro Court Hotel hostage in an effort steal a briefcase from the vault. At the conclusion of the hostage crisis, Jerry escaped prosecution for this misdeed.

Jerry has made subsequent visits to Port Charles, each visit filled with more mayhem. However, Jerry has always looked out for Jax and protected his brother and niece from whatever scheme he inflicts on the rest of the Port Charles residents.

Jax has one child, a daughter, Josslyn John Jacks, born in 2009 with his then-wife, Carly Jacks. Josslyn was named in honor of Jax's father, John, and Carly's father, John Durant.

In 2011, Jax and Carly began divorce proceedings and were involved in a nasty custody battle over Josslyn, which resulted in Jax losing custody and leaving town. Eventually, Jax and Carly reconciled and worked out a new custody arrangement. Jax now lives in Australia, close to his mother Jane and Josslyn makes frequent trips to visit her father there. Some of her visits are extended trips, lasting months at a time.

In 2017, Jax and Josslyn are heartbroken when Jane passes away.

In 2019, Jax moves back to town, takes ownership of Connie Falconeri's former home and renovated it. During this time, he let an alive Nikolas Cassadine hide there until he was revealed himself.

Jacks family tree


1. John Jacks (died 2003)
   Jane Jacks (died 2017)
   2. Jerry Jacks
   2. Jasper Jacks 
      Elizabeth Webber (1981-present)
      3. Baby Webber-Jacks (2006; miscarriage) (surrogate; donated egg)
      Carly Benson (1973-present)
      3. Baby Girl Jacks (2008; miscarriage)
      3. Josslyn Jacks (2002-present)




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