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Jamal Woods is a fictional character in the ABC daytime drama Port Charles.

He was played by Kiko Ellsworth from April 2000 to October 2003.


Alison meets Jamal Woods while volunteering at General Hospital, which her grandmother Amanda ordered her to do. She helps Jamal with hide his pregnant girlfriend Val from a thug named Cedric. Cedric catches Alison snooping around, and then Jamal finds Alison near Cedric's dead body. Jamal takes Alison to see Dr. Kevin Collins, but she has no recollection of Cedric's death.

In order to protect Alison, Jamal says that he was the one who killed Cedric, in self-defense. Alison, however, eventually remembers that she killed Cedric. Alison's grandmother Amanda makes a deal with Jamal to keep him away from Alison. Amanda tells Alison that if she continues to see Jamal that she will be disinherited. Alison, however, chooses to be with Jamal, despite being disinherited by her grandmother. Alison then moves in with Jamal.

Jamal is a former motocross racer, and he and Alison open a bike shop, and Alison decides to open a cafe alongside the shop. Alison reconnects with her grandmother Amanda, and then receives $25,000. Alison uses the money to open the cafe. The money, however isn't from Amanda, but from Zach.

Jamal is now indebted to Zach, so Zach forces Jamal to get back into racing. Alison throws away Jamal's keys to his bike, so Jamal can't race. Jack then races instead, and seemingly dies. Jack's girlfriend, Livvie Locke, blames Jack's death on Alison.

Alison and Jamal's relationship becomes strained when Jamal's ex Valerie returns and says that he is the father of her daughter Hope. Then, an angel named Rafe Kovich arrives, and Alison falls for him. Valerie has a psychotic break after Hope is given up for adoption and kidnaps Alison at gunpoint. Jamal tries to get the gun from Valerie, but Valerie ends up getting shot and dying. Jamal then blames his relationship with Alison for Valerie's death, and Alison finds comfort with Rafe.

Alison falls for Rafe, but he is sent back to heaven. She starts pushing everyone away and isolating herself. Alison's third-great-grandmother steps out from a portrait and comforts her. Livvie, the back-from-the-dead Jack and Jamal investigate Rebecca and find out that she was accused of being a witch and murderer, and was hanged. Alison, however, insists that Rebecca is innocent. Alison asks Rebecca about the allegations, and Rebecca tells her that all she did was make magic candles that made people feel better. Rebecca then used the candles to play tricks on them. Rebecca tells Alison that she was convicted of murdering a minister, but had actually helped him fake his death. Jack and Jamal put on a play about Rebecca's story and the minister's murder.

Crimes Committed

  • Hid from the police

Health and Vitals

  • Shot