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Jane Elliot
Tracy Quartermaine
Born January 17, 1947
New York City, New York
Age 73
Spouse Luis Rojas
Children Isiah Doss-Elliot, Adrian Elliot, and Annie Rose Elliot
General Hospital
Character Tracy Quartermaine
Duration 1978-80, 1989-93, 1996, 2003, 2003-17, 2019-20

Jane Elliot is an actress known for playing Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital and The City.


Born in New York City, Elliot's first soap role was Linda Skerba in the short-lived A Flame in the Wind in 1965. She would later be known as Tracy Quartermaine, daughter of Edward Quartermaine and Lila Quartermaine (portrayed by David Lewis and Anna Lee, respectively) on General Hospital. Elliot debuted in 1978 and became a fan favorite. She left in 1980 and won a Daytime Emmy in 1981 for Best Supporting Actress. She moved to primetime and landed the role of Judy Trent on the CBS primetime series Knots Landing, a role she played from 1980-81.

Elliot's next role was on the CBS daytime soap opera, Guiding Light as Carrie Todd. Elliot was good friends with then head writer Douglas Marland, who promised her an excellent storyline when she joined in 1981. The role of Carrie was a complex one as she was secretly dealing with dissociative identity disorder. Marland had barely delved into her psychosis when Elliot's contract was abruptly terminated. However, Elliot thinks of Carrie as her favorite role in Daytime. In 1987, at the request of producer Gail Kobe, Elliot read and was offered the role of Stephanie Forester on The Bold and the Beautiful, but lost the role to Susan Flannery who was cast at the request of creator Bill Bell.

Elliot's career has also extended beyond television appearances to include dramatic roles for film and Broadway, television production credits, and numerous commercial voiceovers. Notable film appearances, for example, include Change of Habit, Some Kind of Wonderful, and Baby Boom. She produced the daytime series Loving during its final eleven months (1994–95), and has provided voiceover talent for Dove soap commercials.

Elliot, who by her own admission maintains a very private life, was married to Luis Rojas, a cameraman she met on General Hospital, for eight years. They share two sons, Isiah, Adrian, together. Elliot also has a daughter named Annie Rose.


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