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Jane Jacks
General Hospital
Portrayed by Barbara Tarbuck
Duration 1996-2010
Created by Claire Labine
Introduced by Wendy Riche
Ethnicity Australian-American
Gender Female
Died April 2, 2017[1]
Cause of death Died of an unknown illness
Occupation Independently wealthy
Title Lady

Lady Jane Jacks is a fictional character on the ABC daytime drama General Hospital.

She was portrayed by actress Barbara Tarbuck on recurring status from 1996 to 2010.

Lady Jane is the mother of Jasper and Jerry Jacks and the grandmother of Josslyn Jacks. She was affectionately called Lady Jane by her family and friends.


When Jane was young, she and her husband John Jacks had a very loving and adventurous marriage. During their marriage, they also came into a large amount of money and decided to move to Alaska when Jax and Jerry were young, so they could raise their boys in a life full of adventure.

Lady Jane now lives in Australia after the death of her husband John in 2003, but for several years she visited Port Charles to see her son, Jax, when he was still living there. Jax now lives in Australia near Jane. Her other son Jerry, works as a mercenary and has made several disappointing decisions that she does not agree with, but nevertheless, the love she has for her sons, knows no boundaries. She knows that Jerry is up to no good, but she doesn't know the extent of his evil deeds.


Lady Jane and her son, Jax.

Lady Jane has always been portrayed as a loving and loyal mother to both Jax and Jerry, never once writing either of them off, even if she didn't agree with their decisions or Jerry's numerous questionable choices. Lady Jane has also been shown to be very astute. After her son Jerry had plastic surgery to change his face, Lady Jane was the only one to recognize him at Jax's wedding and know right off the bat that he was her son.

When Jax married Carly Benson, Lady Jane was very supportive of their union and marriage, as she believed that Carly was the best woman for her youngest son. She was very disappointed when she got the news that Jax and Carly divorced after almost 5 years of marriage. Lady Jane was last seen onscreen in January of 2010, when she attended her granddaughter Josslyn's christening. She was last mentioned in July of 2011, when Jax stated that he would like to take Josslyn to visit his mother.

In early 2017, it was revealed by Jax that Lady Jane was ill. On April 3, 2017, Jax travels to Port Charles to visit his daughter, Josslyn, to let her know that Lady Jane had recently and sadly passed away.

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  1. On April 3, Jax says that Lady Jane died the night before.
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