Janice Lomax
Janice Lomax 2
Shari Belafonte as Janice Lomax
General Hospital
Portrayed by Saidah Arrika Ekulona
Shari Belafonte (2016-17)
Duration 2012-17
First appearance May 23, 2012
Last appearance December 20, 2017
Cause/reason Resigned as Mayor
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Nickname(s) Jan
Ethnicity African American
Gender Female
Occupation Former Mayor of Port Charles
Saidah Arrika Ekulona as Janice Lomax

Janice Lomax is a fictional character on the soap opera General Hospital.


She was portrayed by actress Saidah Arrika Ekulona since May 23, 2012. She made brief guest appearances in May 2012, August 2012, March 2013, January 2015, May/June 2015, and most recently in August 2015.

In December 2015, it was revealed that actress Shari Belafonte is going to replace Saidah Arrika Ekulona as Mayor Janice Lomax.[1] She made her first appearance on January 19, 2016.[2]


Mayor Janice Lomax first appears in May 2012, in order to terminate Mac Scorpio from his position as police commissioner, citing the unsolved deaths of Cole Thornhart and his daughter Hope, as well as the actions of corrupt detective Ronnie Dimestico, as her main reasons why. Lomax also expressed concern following the conviction and imprisonment of Mac's daughter Maxie Jones in connection with the murder of Lisa Niles, and the potential negative publicity it could bring the police department, and by extension, the mayor's office. Lomax subsequently pursues Anna Devane to succeed Mac, a job which she ultimately accepts despite some early reluctance.

Lomax resurfaces in August 2012 to appoint John McBain, while Commissioner Devane was away in Europe, in charge of the police investigation into a terrorist act committed by Jerry Jacks, whereby he contaminated the water supply with a dangerous pathogen.

In March 2013, Lomax appears again to figure out what to do with the escape situation aftermath of Lucy Coe, John McBain, and Rafe Kovich, Jr. escaping with the help of Molly Lansing-Davis to save Sam Morgan and Danny Morgan from the deraigned Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay. Anna Devane tries to resign from the police commissioner position, but Mayor Lomax can not let this happen.  She says that would impact her image too much and tries to figure out what to do with the fugitives.  She says that if they release them, they would be encouraging vigilante, but if they press charges it would cause problems too.  She goes to the media in the PCPD main room and says that they the three fugitives were acting in accordance with Police Commissioner Anna Devane and are going to be released.

She was said to officiate the wedding between Laura Webber and Scott Baldwin, but she was too booked and Lesley Webber steps in.

In January 2015, Lomax tampers with the mayoral election votes with the help of Kyle Sloane and Nikolas Cassadine to win the election against Felicia Scorpio. Immediately after "winning" the election, Lomax fires Anna Devane and replaces her with Sloane. In May, Lomax tells Nikolas that she plans to run for governor against Govenor Richard Gatling. She then fires Sloane as commissioner and replaces him with Jordan Ashford. In August, Lomax forces Scott Baldwin to step down as District Attorney because his son, Franco, was charged for murdering Silas Clay. She replaced him with Ric Lansing as Acting District Attorney.

On January 19, Mayor Lomax has lunch with Paul Hornsby and they talk about how to take down Sonny Corinthos. Later on, she and Olivia Quartermaine go over plans for a luncheon that the mayor is holding at the Metro Court. During that conversation with Olivia, she gets disgusted that Olivia wants to breastfeed her son in the Metro Court restaurant. She tells Olivia that "If she breastfeeds her son in the restaurant she will have her arrested for public indecency". After Olivia gets aggressive, the mayor has her security guy escort Olivia out. It is later revealed that the Mayor had Olivia arrested for assault but the charges are later dropped

On January 29, She goes to Dante's apartment to try and get him to get Olivia to drop the lawsuit against her. Later on, she tells Olivia that city functions will no longer be held at the Metro Court hotel.

In December 2017, Mayor Lomax's conspiracy in tampering with electoral votes was exposed to the public and she soon stepped down from her position as Mayor.

Crimes Committed

Health and Vitals

  • Assaulted by Olivia Falconeri over a breastfeeding dispute [Jan 19, 2016; revealed Jan 20, 2016]
  • Struggled with Olivia Falconeri for her (Olivia's) phone [Mar 18, 2016]

Positions held

Predecessor Mayor Successor
Garrett Floyd
Janice Lomax
Ned Quartermaine


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