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Jason Morgan
Steve Burton as Jason Morgan
General Hospital
Portrayed by Quinn Carlson (1981-82)
Bryan Beck (1982-86)
Steve Burton
(1991-12; 2017-present)
Carmel Fainbaum
(baby Jason; 2012)
Unknown Actor (2014, 2017)
Billy Miller (2014-17)[1]
Paul Chirico (Patient 6; 2017)
Current status Contract
Duration 1981-1986, 1991-2012, 2017-present
First appearance November 11, 1981 (on GH)
Created by Thom Racina
Leah Laiman
Introduced by Gloria Monty (GH, 1982,1991)
Wendy Riche (GH, 2000)
Jill Farren Phelps
(GH, 2001; NS, 2007)
Frank Valentini (GH, 2014, 2017)
Book appearances Robin's Diary
The Secret Life
Spin-off appearances General Hospital: Night Shift
What If...
Birth name Jason Moore
Previous legal name(s) Jason Morgan Quartermaine
Alias(es) Patient 6
Jesse Nichols
Namesake(s) Lila Morgan[2]
Morgan Corinthos
Jacob Martin Spencer (initials)
Jason Morgan Jr.
Nickname(s) Jase
Stone Cold (by Spinelli)
Jasey-poo (by Jerry Jacks)
Ethnicity English-American
Gender Male
Born September 14, 1981
(Revised to 1973[3], then to November 11, 1976[4], then to September 14, 1978[5], then to March 7, 1970[6], back to September 14, 1973)
Our Lady of Mercy Hospital
New York, New York
Age 47
Education Attended PC High
  • Enforcer for the Corinthos mob
  • Vigilante
  • Coffee importer
  • Co-owner (40%) of Corinthos Coffee
  • Co-owner of Pozzulo's
  • Owns 11.5% (controls 18%) of voting stock in ELQ[7]
  • Residence Harborview Towers
    122 Harbor View Drive, PH #2
    Port Charles, New York
    Billy Miller as Jason Morgan

    Jason Morgan is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital and has appeared on its SOAPnet spin-off series, General Hospital: Night Shift. He is the son of the late, Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his late mistress, Susan Moore and the adoptive son of Dr. Monica Quartermaine. He is the identical twin of former Navy SEAL, Chief Drew Cain.

    The role was originated on November 11, 1981, by Quinn Carlson until June 3, 1982. Child actor Bryan Beck stepped into the role on September 8, 1982 to 1986. Actor Carmel Fainbaum played Jason as a baby in 2012.

    The role is portrayed by Emmy award winning actor Steve Burton, on and off, from 1991-2012. Burton returned in late 2017.

    In 2014, the role was recast with three-time Daytime Emmy award winning actor Billy Miller, who made his first appearance on October 1, 2014. However, due to Burton's return in 2017, Miller's version of Jason was retconned as Jason's twin, Andrew Cain.

    He is best known for his relationships with Carly Benson, Robin Scorpio, Elizabeth Webber and Sam McCall.


    On December 19, 1991, Burton stepped into the role on a contractual basis as a SORASed Jason Quartermaine. In November 1999, ABC confirmed that Burton had decided not to renew his contract which expired in December to pursue other opportunities. Burton last appeared on contract on January 27, 2000.

    In June 2000, ABC confirmed that Burton would reprise his role for a six week stint starting on August 25, 2000 last appeared that fall. In December 2000, it was announced that Burton would return to the series once again and began airing on January 29, 2001.

    In January 2001, Burton announced that his return was only temporary due to his commitment to film a pilot for his DreamWorks Television development deal. Whether he returned to the role full-time would depend on whether the series was picked up. The pilot was not picked up, Burton landed a role in a major motion picture leading to his departure on April 29, 2001. Burton returned to the series on contract in 2002 during May Sweeps.

    In late 2008, Burton's contract expired and forcing to make a decision on re-signing with the show. After months of speculation, he announced in a public appearance that he re-signed with the show. Burton stated that he would be willing to take a pay cut because he understands that money is a lot tighter now than it has been in recent years and stated that he is blessed to have a job right now.

    In 2011, rumors began circulating that Burton could depart from the series due to contract negotiations. However, in May 2011 Burton announced via Twitter that he had re-signed with the series again. On August 23, 2012, Jamey Giddens of the website Daytime Confidential reported that contract negotiations were not going well and Burton was close to walking away from the series. On August 28, 2012, Burton confirmed in an interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan that he would exit the series and agreed to stay long enough for the producers to write his character out properly.

    His last appearance was October 30, 2012.

    During his time as Jason, Burton was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor in 1997, won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 1998, was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2000 and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2005.

    Burton moved to The Young and the Restless to play Dylan McAvoy starting in 2013 but departed in 2017.[11]

    On June 28, 2017, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Steve Burton would be returning to GH after 5 years. It is unknown if he will be portraying Jason, as Billy Miller is now Jason, if he will be portraying someone new or if there will be a Tale of Two Jason's.[12][13][14][15]

    On July 12, 2017, a GH source stated on Twitter that "Miller (current Jason) is currently in contract negotiations while Burton is signing a long term deal. No word who will play "Real Jason" yet."[16]

    On August 14, General Hospital’s official Twitter page announced that Burton is back on set.[17][18] On September 8, TV Line announced that Burton's first appearance would be on September 19.[19][20][21] Burton returned on September 19, as Patient 6.

    On December 1, it was revealed that Burton is in fact Jason and Miller is portraying his twin.


    Rumors of Miller's casting on "GH" started to surface in June of 2014, when TV Guide's Michael Logan tweeted about the possibility.[22]

    On September 2, 2014, after months of speculation, executive producer Frank Valentini announced on Twitter that three-time Daytime Emmy award-winning actor Billy Miller, formerly known for his roles on All My Children as Richie Novak (2007-08) and The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott (2008-14), would join the cast as Jason.[23]

    In 2010 and 2013, Miller brought home two Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and one in 2014 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, all for his work on The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott.

    All though Jason had been back on canvas since August 11, 2014, Miller didn't make his first appearance until October 1, 2014.[24]

    On July 12, 2017, a GH source stated on Twitter that "Miller is currently in contract negotiations while Burton (former Jason) is signing a long term deal. No word who will play "Real Jason" yet."[25]

    On July 28, 2017, according to Soaps in Depth, Miller has re-signed with GH. Miller also signs his contract year to year.[26][27][28]

    Due to his contract negotiations, Miller was off screen for about three weeks (Aug 31-Sep 21, 2017) while his character was in a coma (a contract coma).

    On December 1, it was revealed that Miller's character was actually Jason's twin brother, Andrew Cain and Burton was Jason.


    Susan Moore with Jason

    Jason with his mother Susan on the day she died

    Jason was conceived out of his father, Alan's, affair with Susan Moore. When Jason was born, Alan supported him financially, but was fighting for custody over his other son A.J. Jason lived with his mother and step-father Scott Baldwin up until her death. He briefly lived with Susan's aunt, Alice Grant until Alan came to get him. Then he moved into the Quartermaine mansion with Alan and Monica.

    Monica was initially displeased at having her husband's illegitimate offspring in the house, but eventually came to love Jason as her own, and adopted him. Jason and A.J. were raised in the Quartermaine mansion, until they were sent off to a boarding school in Switzerland as children.

    Sonny Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, Damian Spinelli, Robin Scorpio-Drake are his best friends.

    Jason is the father of three children (one of which is deceased):

    • A deceased unnamed and unborn child, conceived with his late ex-wife, Courtney Matthews. Miscarried in August of 2003. Jason and Courtney believed their child was a girl and wanted to name her Emily, after Jason's sister.
    • A son named, Jake, who was born in May of 2007, through a one night stand with his ex-fiancée, Nurse Elizabeth Webber. In 2011, it was believed that Jake had died in a hit-in-run caused by his legal paternal-grandfather, Luke Spencer, but after 4 years, on July 6, 2015, Jake is revealed to be alive and on Cassadine Island with Helena. Jason now shares custody of Jake with Elizabeth, even though he lives with his mother.
    • A son named, Danny, who was born in June of 2012, with his ex-wife, Sam McCall. Jason and Sam have shared custody. Jason is also the primary father figure to his niece, Scout after his brother, Drew's presumed death. He told Carly that he sees and thinks of Scout as his own daughter.


    Jason’s sons Danny and Jake.

    He also considers his nephew, Michael, as his own child and has fully committed himself into protecting him at all costs, ever since he first held him in his arms. He raised Michael for the first full year of his life.


    Jason and Baby Michael

    Jason and Sam were married on September 22, 2011. In October 2012, after his son was presumed dead at birth, Jason and Sam were reunited with Danny but shortly there after Jason was presumed dead, when he was shot in the back and pushed into the pier by Cesar Faison, who was masquerading as Duke Lavery.

    In 2014, Jason returned with amnesia as "Jake Doe" and no one recognized him due to having a new face. It was proven in November of 2015 that "Jake Doe" was Jason Morgan by a facial recognition program and a DNA test.

    After 5 years of disappearance, a man dubbed "Patient 6" returned to town in late 2017 and he looked exactly like Jason used to look. Soon everyone learned that "Patient 6" is the real Jason, and the person thought to be Jason since 2014 was actually his twin, Andrew Cain, who was conditioned by Dr. Andre Maddox into believing he was Jason, under orders from Faison and his son Henrik, later known as Peter August, because Jason was brain damaged and could not be controlled so they had him replaced with his long lost twin.

    After a long year of hating each other, Jason and Drew have started to soften their relationship, they respect each other, though neither of them see each other as brothers or friends. However, when their mutual enemy, Shiloh, wanted access to Drew's memories by attempting to implant them into Jason, Drew was genuinely concerned for his safety, even referring to Jason as his brother.

    Shortly after his return, he and Sam got divorced, however nine months later they reunited as lovers.

    He and his late newfound nephew, Oscar Nero, were close and was completely heartbroken after learning of his death.


    Young Jason with his father

    Originally a bright and ethical teenager whose main ambition in life was to become a doctor, the character would be revamped into a organized crime family enforcer and hitman in the Corinthos Crime Family, after sustaining a massive head injury that resulted in permanent brain damage and substantial memory loss. Prior to the car accident, Jason was depicted as a kind-hearted and affable young man. Since then, however, Jason has been largely depicted as taciturn and largely emotionless, and has largely severed his ties with the Quartermaine family. However, Jason is quite a complex character and has his own set of morals. Even after his accident, Jason displayed several acts of compassion and love, comforting Robin after the death of Stone and helping her to realize that she could live a normal life with HIV.

    Though no longer romantically involved, the two remain good friends to this day. Despite his high-ranking position in the Corinthos mob, Jason is somewhat of a vigilante and has often helped to bring down criminals worse than he and Sonny. He frequently displays loyalty and compassion to his loved ones and friends, and can be roused to phenomenal fury whenever they, especially his longtime lover Sam McCall, are harmed or endangered; for example, he yelled at and manhandled Alexis Davis when her actions caused the stillbirth of Sam's daughter. Additionally, upon discovering that Sam had been terrorizing Elizabeth Webber since she discovered that Jason was Jake's biological father, Jason was outraged and threatened Sam's life if she tried anything again.

    He has a great deal of kindness and affection towards Sonny's children: Michael, Kristina and Morgan. He has also shown to care a great deal for Molly Lansing-Davis despite his history of enmity with her father, Ric Lansing. Because of the circumstances of Michael's upbringing, Jason has vowed never to get children involved in the mob again; when Molly approached him and requested that he kill Warren Bauer when he began to harass the Davis family, Jason turned her down for that exact reason and told her that she shouldn't try to get involved with the mob because she was "too good."

    Jason is also surprisingly perceptive and shows an impressive deductive streak; for example, when Kristina was beaten and hospitalized by her boyfriend, Kiefer and told everyone that Ethan Lovett was her attacker, Jason was the first to realize she was lying when nearly everyone else in Port Charles, including Kristina's own parents, were completely fooled.


    When Jason and A.J. returned from boarding school, Jason, who was a successful student and athlete, was treated as the family favorite while A.J. was failing and dealing with alcoholism. Jason had relationships with Karen Wexler, Brenda Barrett, and Keesha Ward, who A.J. also loved. Jason had supported Monica through her health crisis and adored his adoptive sister, Emily Quartermaine. In December 1995, an intoxicated A.J. ran his car into a tree. Jason, who had been attempting to stop A.J. from driving, was in the passenger seat and hit his head on a large boulder after being ejected from the car.

    AJ & Jason Quartermaine

    Jason and AJ Quartermaine

    To spare A.J., his cousin Ned Quartermaine claimed responsibility for the accident. Jason suffered brain injuries that resulted in total memory loss. Upon waking up from his coma, Jason had no recollection of his past and resented all the Quartermaines except his grandmother and Emily. He moved out of the Quartermaine Mansion and changed his last name to Morgan, to honor his grandmother, Lila Morgan Quartermaine. He became Sonny Corinthos' enforcer in his mob business and began to date Robin Scorpio. Due to the fact that Robin was HIV-positive, Jason began to sleep with Carly Roberts but Jason chose to be with Robin instead. Jason and Carly still remained friends. Jason, working for Sonny, discovered that drugs were being imported, which caused his sister, Emily to collapse. Due to the fact that the mob was too much for Robin, the couple split up but Jason held a promise never to be romantically involved with Carly.


    Jason and Carly

    To help Carly, Jason pretended to be the father of her baby so that neither of the two men that she slept with could take her baby away. Robin returned to Port Charles and Jason confessed that the child was A.J.'s according to a paternity test but would still like to be the child's father until Carly can take care of her son.Jason and Robin reunited and made love for the first time. After Robin was almost killed in an explosion, Jason left the mob. Carly was released from the hospital and began to put a strain on Jason and Robin's relationship. Robin told AJ that he was Michael's father in an attempt to free Jason and the baby from Carly. This sent Carly into depression and she left town. Jason and Michael bonded over this time but Jason temporarily lost custody of Michael. AJ and Carly married, and a judge awarded joint custody to Jason, Carly, and AJ. Jason feared his hatred of AJ would hurt Michael and signed away all his rights. He remained a big part of Michael's life and they are very close. Jason began comforting Elizabeth Webber over the death of her boyfriend. Carly misunderstood their relationship and slept with Sonny. Jason was unable to deal with the betrayal of Sonny and Carly, and left town. Sonny and Carly began a real relationship, which Jason eventually accepted.

    Jason was forced to protect Sonny's sister, Courtney Matthews, when she was being stalked by A.J. Quartermaine. Jason and Courtney began a relationship which they had to keep secret, fearing Carly and Sonny's disapproval. Carly was overjoyed once discovering. After Luis Alcazar was murdered, Brenda and Jason became the prime suspects and were forced to wed to refrain from testifying against each other they divorced soon after, and Sonny discovered Courtney and Jason's affair which led to him firing Jason. Sonny eventually gave his approval and Courtney and Jason became engaged. However, on the night of their wedding, their best friend Carly was kidnapped. Courtney was pregnant, but lost the baby when trying to escape from Lorenzo Alcazar. Eventually, she and Jason married in France but due to the mob lifestyle, they divorced.


    Sam and Jason during her pregnancy

    Jason and Sam McCall were arrested for aiding and abetting Sonny. Jason offered her a million dollars to leave town when he discovered that Sonny and Sam had had an affair while he was married to Carly. Sam refused and moved in with Sonny. Sonny and Carly reconciled, but Jason discovered that Sam was pregnant with Sonny's child. Jason prevented her from having an abortion and when she was planning on leaving town, Jason convinced her to stay, with Jason pretending to be the father of Sam's baby in order to protect Sonny and Carly's reconciliation. Sam moved into the penthouse with Jason althought the two have tension over their predicatment they begin a friendship. Jason convinces Sam that they should marry to make everyone believe they are having this baby and although they did make it to the altar, their wedding did not go through.


    Jason and Sam

    When Sam's violent ex-boyfriend attempts to kidnap her, Jason rescues her. When it is believed that she was responsible for burning down her mother's house and killing her, Jason discovers that Sam is protecting her disabled brother Danny who was actually responsible. Jason has Danny sent to a school out of state to protect him. When Sonny and Alexis Davis' daughter Kristina is ill, Sam is asked to provide the stem cells but before she could come to that decision she gives birth to a stillborn baby girl which Jason gets to hold. Jason is there when she awakes and is forced to tell her that her baby died. Jason and Sam return to the penthouse and mourn the death of the child that would have been theirs. Jason and Sam share their first kiss after his sister Emily's wedding. After their second kiss they agree to just be friends only and Sam leaves the penthouse. Eventually Jason asks her to return and live with him. Sam asks Jason to help her raise a little girl she has been given custody of, and although they make an initial attempt at gaining full custody, it falls through and Sam leaves Jason in hurt and anger. When Sonny's daughter Kristina is discovered missing, Jason is shot in the belly attempting to rescue Sam who was accused of the kidnapping. When all three of Sonny's children were eventually kidnapped, Jason and Sam worked together to discover that A.J. Quartermaine and Faith Rosco were the kidnappers. When Michael was believed to be killed Sam helped Jason discover he was still alive and being brainwashed by his father A.J.. Jason and Sam worked together to help Michael get the psychiatric care he needed in the aftermath of his kidnapping, however Jason learned that the doctor treating Michael was the same doctor who treated him after he awoke from his accident years earlier.

    Jason takes an experimental drug which helps him remember Dr. Asher Thomas tried to kill him on A.J.'s orders. After Jason lost his memory again, Jason fell in love with Sam again and they move to Hawaii when Jason decides he wants nothing to do with his old mob life. Jason and Sam are forced to return to Port Charles when the Ruiz family vows revenge on Jason. In late November 2005, after weeks of debilitating pain, Sam convinced Jason to go on an experimental drug that Robin Scorpio founded that would help him regain his memory. The drug worked but this caused a brain aneurysm and they moved back to Hawaii where they planned to spend the last days of Jason's life. Although Jason initially refuses, Robin and Patrick Drake operate on him saving his life, when he comes to the decision that he wants to live in order to stay with Sam.


    Jason and Elizabeth

    Jason and Sam later discover that Sam's mother is Alexis Davis. Although Sam and Jason wanted to have children, she was shot with a bullet meant for Jason, resulting in her inability to become pregnant again. Due to his guilt and under the influence of her new mother, Jason broke up with Sam in the hospital when she woke up from her coma. After months of hurt and rejection, Sam slept with her mother's husband, Ric Lansing, to cause her mother grief but Jason discovered them instead. Jason slept with Elizabeth Spencer, which resulted in a pregnancy. Jason and Sam admit their infidelity to one another and agree to work on their relationship when it is later discovered that Elizabeth is pregnant. Eventually a DNA test is completed and all believe the baby to be Elizabeth and her husband Lucky Spencer's child. After months of breakup, Jason and Sam reunite and attempt to try for their baby. Jason also had to come to terms with Sonny dating his sister, Emily. The relationship drove a wedge between Jason and Sonny, and Jason took over Sonny's business entirely without Sonny's consent. This resulted in a fist fight between the two that a teary-eyed Emily had to break up. Jason's estranged father Alan died in early 2007 during the Metro Court hostage crisis, just as they were beginning to rebuild their relationship. Jason took his death hard, and privately confided to Monica during the memorial service that he had flashes of good childhood memories of Alan and that he regretted all the years he pushed him away.


    Jason and his son, Jake

    Elizabeth gives birth to a son, Jacob Martin Spencer, in May 2007. Jason had recently discovered that the baby was his son, but they agreed to let Lucky believe he was the father in order to protect their child from the mob. Jason lies to Sam about the baby's paternity pulling away from her emotionally, but when she discovers their lies she spirals out of control. When Sam watches and says nothing when she sees Jason and Elizabeth's son, Jake, being kidnapped. Jason and Sam's relationship ends which a 2-year breakup, and Jason recovers his son with the help of Amelia Joffe. One year after their one night stand, Jason and Elizabeth admit their affair into love for real, as her marriage dissolves. Jason reveals Jake's paternity to Lucky at the Black and White Ball. Lucky and Sam agree to keep the secret, and Elizabeth and Jason begin to meet secretly. They become engaged but on the same day of their engagement, Michael is shot, and Jason ends their engagement. A war with the rival Russian mob began to escalate in November 2008. Jason agrees when Lucky proposes sending Elizabeth, the boys, and Sam, to hide in a cabin in the woods. During a shootout with Russians who had followed the women to the cabin, Jake is kidnapped once again. Sam goes with Jason to search for Jake, where she rescues Jake and they return him safely to Elizabeth. Jason and Elizabeth once again vow to never see each other again for the safety of the boys.

    Jason denies Sonny access to the organization when he wants it back. In order to regain his power, Sonny becomes head of the Zacchara organization by marrying Claudia Corinthos. Jason is later offered a blanket of immunity by Agent Rayner if he informs him on Sonny Corinthos and Anthony Zacchara's business but he refuses to give up Sonny. After Spinelli was set up by a geeky undercover agent named Winifred Leeds, he was arrested for his illegal activity. Jason is forced to agree to Rayner's deal to gain Spinelli's freedom. Jason asks Sonny to quit working with the Zaccharas, but Sonny refuses. Spinelli is freed from the FBI's hold when Sam, with the help of Winifred, destroys all the evidence against him. Jason and Sonny reconcile, and Jason is more than happy to give Sonny back the business. In May 2009, his nephew Michael Corinthos wakes up from his year-long coma, but due to brain damage he is now an aggressive 17-year-old. Jason refuses to allow Michael's request to join his father's business and agrees with Carly that Michael should live at the Quartermaine Mansion for his own good. Jason resumes a friendship with Sam, who has partnered with Spinelli in her quest to start a private investigation firm.

    Jasam Reunion 2009

    Sam helping Jason recover from a gunshot wound in 2009.

    Jason depends on Sam's skills to help him with an issue involving Dominic Pirelli, a new mob soldier who was trying to make his way into Sonny's organization. When Michael and Kristina run away because both teenagers each believed themselves to be the driver responsible for Claudia's car accident that resulted in the loss of her unborn baby, Jason and Sam take off to Mexico after them, recapturing some of their former closeness along the way. A resurfaced Jerry Jacks manages to capture Sam, luring Jason into a trap. During the ensuing shootout, Jason is pinned beneath a pile of rubble and Jerry taunts Jason with lies about Claudia's innocence before shooting him twice and leaving him for dead. Sam escapes and returns just in time to rescue Jason and nurse him back to health, and then they make love, and for the first time in 2 years, Jason and Sam finally have their romantic reunion, their brand new romantic era begins. On August 28, 2009, Jason and Sam find Michael and Kristina in Cancun, Mexico, and bring them back to Port Charles a few days later. Jason tells Sonny about his altercation with Jerry and about Jerry's claims of Claudia's innocence in Michael's shooting.

    Despite their denials, Jason and Sam's renewed closeness is apparent to everyone, especially after they are caught kissing by Maxie and Spinelli. Jason is given a lecture from both Carly and Maxie on how he should treat Sam if he wishes to stay with her. Jason listens to Carly's advice and refuses to let Sam back out of going to the carnival with him. The carnival takes a chaotic turn when Jason's grandfather Edward Quartermaine has a drug-induced heart attack and passes out behind the wheel, plunging his car down the carnival midway. Jake is injured at the carnival, and Jason turns to Sam for comfort and reassurance multiple times during this ordeal. While at the hospital, Jason witnesses Nikolas and Liz kissing, and ends up at Sam's apartment where he reveals that he missed their closeness. After some initial reservations on Sam's part they end up making love again at his penthouse. Believing themselves to be alone, they are caught by surprise the next morning when they come downstairs in each other's arms only to find Spinelli and Maxie's wedding party planners in the living room.

    In October 2009, Jason and Sam find evidence that Claudia orchestrated Michael's shooting over a year ago. Jason then goes to Sonny's office to tell him about what he's discovered and asks Sonny what he want's to do about it. Sonny it seems in a state of shock doesn't say much and leaves heading to Claudia's birthday party at the Metro Court Hotel. At the birthday party Sonny publically rips Claudia to shreds about what she did to Michael and attempts to have his bodyguard's get rid of her. In defence, Claudia kidnaps Carly at gunpoint who goes in to labor with her baby. Michael who was supposed to be leaving town, comes across a nearby cabin where Claudia's stealing Carly's newborn daughter, so he grabs an axe and bludgeons her to death. Jason then finds them and after he see's what happened he takes the necessary steps to cover up the murder.

    In November, Jason is tormented by an artist named Franco who is interested in causing Jason's downfall. In January 2010, Franco kidnaps Lulu and Sam and straps them both to bomb, placing them on the opposite side of Port Charles. Jason saves Sam while Dominic saves Lulu. Franco leaves town soon after. Jason and Lulu are named godparents to Carly's daughter, Josslyn Jacks, on January 29, 2010. On that same day, Dominic is revealed to a be an undercover cop named Dante Falconeri, who is also Sonny's son. Although Jason wishes Dante was dead, Sonny asks him not to kill him. When Sonny is arrested for Claudia's murder, Jason moves Michael over to Sonny's island to prevent Michael from confessing.

    When Kristina is abused and hospitalized by her boyfriend Kiefer Bauer, Jason is the first to see through her lies to protect him and convinces Dante and Lucky to investigate further. Eventually, Kiefer's abusive nature, and thus the truth about Kristina's attacks, becomes public knowledge after he beats her a second time; however, Alexis accidentally hits Kiefer with her car and kills him while taking Kristina to the hospital that same night, causing his father, Warren Bauer, to become obsessed with getting revenge on Kristina and Alexis. In response, Jason is approached by Molly, who desperately begs him to "make Mr. Bauer disappear." Jason turns her down, explaining that he doesn't want to get children involved in the mob after what happened to Michael.


    Jason goes to prison

    Sonny is put on trial for his alleged role in Claudia's death, and the prosecutor, Claire Walsh, does everything in her power to ensure that Sonny is convicted, going so far as to make Johnny Zacchara falsely testify that Sonny routinely physically abused Claudia and force Morgan Corinthos onto the stand. However, just as the jury is about to reach a verdict, Dante enters the courtroom and surrenders Michael as Claudia's true killer. Once Dante's allegations are proven, the judge unfairly sentences Michael to five years in Pentonville State Prison as a message to Sonny and Carly, leaving everyone present shocked and upset. On May 20, in order to protect Michael, Jason makes a deal with Claire and is sent to Pentonville as well. Jason was regularly visited by Sam, who at one point posed as his ex-wife, Brenda Barrett, in order to get a conjugal visit. He is also visited by Alexis for advice on how to handle the increasingly rebellious Kristina, who is now in a relationship with Johnny (it is later revealed that Kristina was only pretending to date Johnny to spite Sonny). Dante, Claire, and Jax, guilt-ridden over their roles in Michael's incarceration, eventually convince the judge to release Michael on parole, while Jason remains in Pentonville.

    On June 30, Franco returns to Port Charles with the intent to resume his feud with Jason; in response, Jason makes a deal with Dante and Claire and is released from Pentonville to draw Franco out of hiding. In July, Jason and Dante go to L.A. to find Franco. In late July/early August, they had thought that Franco had died (from his fall off the roof), but it was someone else. Franco revels that he had Carter beat and 'mess' up Michael. Franco also has a nurse named "J. Morgan" take Aiden Cassadine, the newborn son of Elizabeth and Lucky Spencer, because he had the number 66 on his ID bracelet. Franco was obsessed with the number 66 and wanted his mom to have the "perfect" son. Aiden is found and returned to Elizabeth by Lucky. Franco eventually escapes, and Jason is sent back to prison only to be released a few weeks later after Sonny and Claire find a loophole in his plea bargain.

    On September 16, 2010, Jason went to Rome, to serve as a bodyguard to help protect Brenda from the Balkan. This is the first time they have seen each other since she went back to Paris in early 2003. Jason and Brenda return to Port Charles in late September. Brenda moved into the Penthouse with him because it was the best way to protect her from the Balkan. Jason's relationship with Brenda is that of a love/hate or brother/sister relationship. Jason finds her irritating and a pain in the ass, and Brenda finds his unemotional facade aggravating. With Brenda living with Jason, he and Sam barely get to spend anytime together. He briefly asks Sam to move in but she says no saying that it is not right timing. Jason and Sam continue to work on protecting Brenda and finding out the identity of the Balkan. During this storyline Michael finally admits to Jason that he was raped by Carter in prison which hits Jason really hard.


    Jason cuddles with Sam

    In early 2011, Sam finds out that there is a fertility construction surgery and she thinks this might give her the possibility of having a baby. She and Jason discuss the possibility of her having the surgery. They soon agree that their lifestyle's are not the best for raising kids. At one point she even thinks she is pregnant but results prove that she is not. Jason and Sam discovered that Brenda's defense attorney, Theo Hoffman, was the Balkan, and immediately went out to stop him; in the process, Jason was caught in an ambush and barely escaped. After the reception, Brenda was seemingly killed in a car bomb. When the authorities managed to get through the wreckage, everybody was shocked to discover that Sam was in the limo, with no sign of Brenda. Fortunately, due to bomb-proofing, Sam survived the explosion with only a concussion and temporary hearing loss. Though it was believed that the Balkan was the one who planted the bomb, Jason received a call from the newly returned Franco, who hinted that he was the one who planted the bomb.

    In the meantime, Jason interrogates Shawn Butler, a mercenary who had previously worked for Theo, for information. Shawn insists that he does not know where Theo and Brenda are and he wants Theo taken down just as badly as they do, but Jason does not believe him. Shawn says that he has access to records on Theo that may help them, but they are contained in a biometric lock that only he can bypass. After much persuasion, Jason agrees to let Shawn get the information, and also asks him to check the records to see if Theo has any connection with Franco. Later, Jason discovers from Michael that he had gone after an assassin hired by Theo to kill Shawn and apprehended him with Dante's help. Jason is anything but pleased that Michael risked breaking his parole and got "too close to the business," only for Michael to snap and shout that he wants to help and is sick of people not believing in him. Jason explains that he gave up a lot of choices when he went to work for Sonny, revealing that he is Jake Webber's biological father, and tells Michael that he merely doesn't want him to make the same mistake.


    Jason having a dream about Jake

    Eventually, Jason, Sonny, and Dante manage to track down Brenda, finding her near-death after being injected with a neurotoxin. Sonny rushes her to the hospital while Jason and Dante attempt to stop Theo, who escapes. Jason and Dante quickly begin to butt heads over their differing opinions regarding apprehending Theo; Jason is perfectly willing to kill him for hurting Sam, while Dante is determined to arrest Theo despite Jason's insistence that Theo, being a lawyer, would easily find a way out of it. While Brenda is recovering in the hospital, Jason has Spinelli surf the Web to find out if Theo has any connections in Port Charles, discovering that he did indeed have one with a family aligned to the Corinthos organization. Jason immediately departs, vowing that anyone who hurts Sam needs to be dealt with. In the ensuing confrontation, Theo's contact insists that he has no idea where the Balkan is now, and explains to Jason that he put Theo in contact with Johnny Zacchara. The contact declares that it was a mistake to help Theo and doesn't do business with people who attack women. Jason immediately confronts Johnny, who insists that he had no idea that Theo was targeting Brenda and had nothing to do with Sam's kidnapping. However, Johnny does admit that he lent some muscle to Theo and killed the man who was following Sam. Johnny even declares that he could have easily killed Jason too, and for that, Jason owes him a life debt.

    On March 18, 2011, Jason's son, Jake runs out his mother's house, into the street and gets hit by a car. Jake is rushed to the hospital, and Patrick and Robin Drake operate on him to try and save his life, but there was just too much damage, and Jake dies on the operating table as Jason watches from the observation window. Jason later had to break the news to Lucky, who then went and broke the news of Jake's death to Elizabeth. Carly, who was also at the hospital because her daughter Josslyn had just been diagnosed with kidney cancer, found Jason at the hospital rooftop and told him of Josslyn's illness. She felt horrible for Jason's loss, but wanted him to consider donating Jake's kidneys to Josslyn in order to save her daughter's life. Jason approached Elizabeth about helping Carly, but Elizabeth was furious at first and didn't want to hear it. Later after some convincing from Lucky, Liz and Lucky made the decision together to give Jake's kidneys to Josslyn and donate the rest of his organs. Josslyn was taken into surgery and made a full recovery.


    Jason proposes to Sam and she says yes

    Jason continues to grieve over the loss of Jake while also dealing with Luke Spencer, who was revealed as the person who hit Jake with his car and was determined to have Jason kill him. Jason later discovers the extent of Carly and Jax's marital problems, and that Jax is trying to take Josslyn away from Carly. He begins to help Carly keep Josslyn when she gets into a custody battle with Jax and has Spinelli dig up dirt on Jax. During a trial recess, Jason, Sonny, and Carly realize that Jax bribed Grace Yang, the mediator, to falsely paint Carly as unfit. Sonny subsequently goes behind Carly's back and blackmails Grace into framing Jax in a hotel room for her attempted assault after drugging him and planting illegal narcotics in the room. As a result of this incident, the judge gave Carly full custody of Josslyn. The custody battle concluded and Jason re-focused on his life with Sam. He and Sam realized you can't protect a child by giving them away. Sam has a fertility reconstruction procedure, and the results are successful. Sam will be able to have children again. Jason also comes to realize that he never wants to live without Sam, and on July 21, 2011, Jason proposes to Sam, and she accepts.

    Carly comes by when Jason and Sam are planning their wedding, asking for Jason's help to stop Jax from taking Josslyn. On their way to Carly's house, Jason and Carly get into an accident with Elizabeth and Lucky's wife, Siobhan. Jason is rushed to the hospital, and subsequently has to undergo surgery. Jason comes out of the surgery and begins to experience seizures. Patrick discovers a piece of nonorganic material shifting in his frontal lobe. It turns out to be a piece of the dashboard from the original accident in 1995 caused by his brother AJ that flew into his nose. Jason has to have another surgery to remove the inorganic matter and the surgery is a success.


    While Jason is in recovery from the surgery, he and Sam continue to plan their wedding. One disaster comes after another, as all of Maxie's wedding plans turn into disasters. The wedding planning begins to overwhelm Sam, and Jason takes her on a bike ride to calm her nerves. The end up at a Chinese restaurant in the Asian Quarter and learn that the owner is also an ordained minister. On September 22, 2011, Sam and Jason get privately married in a garden on the restaurant's property. Earlier in the day, Edward had given Jason his grandmother Lila's ring to give to Sam, and Monica had given Sam her late husband Alan's ring to give to Jason. Jason and Sam exchanged these rings as they wed in a small and intimate ceremony. They go to the "wedding" the following day and tell their loved ones that they already got married but have a reception at the church's courtyard.

    After the reception Jason and Sam leave for their honeymoon. They spend a few days in Hawaii before, Shawn and Carly interrupt with the news that Franco had returned. Jason has his men do a thorough investigation and they track Franco to Toronto. Believing that they were in the clear, Shawn and Carly returned home and Jason and Sam stayed in Hawaii to finish their honeymoon. On their last night Sam and Jason were both tricked into drinking an open beer not knowing it was drugged by Franco. Jason woke up trapped in a room with a TV showing Franco carrying an unconscious Sam into their bedroom. As he watches, Jason begs to be let out and threatens Franco. When Jason is finally freed he runs to a sleeping Sam. Because of the amnesia-like effect of the drug the only thing Sam can remember is that a man was in bed with her. Jason then tells her what he saw and they are both led to believe that Franco raped her.


    Jason and Sam marry

    They return to Port Charles and Jason begins losing his temper and searching for Franco. He is tormented by visions of what he saw on the TV and the guilt of not being able to protect his wife. He is powerless to take Sam's pain away which intensifies his anger. He has several outbursts including attacking the former mayor. Finding Franco and making him pay become an obsession to Jason. His anger causes everyone to become concerned. Jason finally locates Franco in an undisclosed studio and sets off to confront him. Franco taunts Jason upon his arrival, but Jason ends the confrontation quickly by shooting Franco twice in the chest -- killing him. He later returns home to tell Sam that the Franco ordeal was over and they could move on with their lives, however Sam cuts him off by telling him that she is pregnant. They discus their options and decide to have an early paternity test done to determine the baby's paternity. Jason tells Sam that he will support her no matter the outcome of the test. Meanwhile as he and Sam await the paternity test results, his headaches worsened. After running more tests, Robin told Jason that his outbursts are caused by a cerebral edema as a result of the surgery.

    Jason and Sam later receive the results of the paternity test and Jason learns that he is the father of Sam's baby. He and Sam go away and spend a couple nights at their wedding night cabin. When they return home, they inform friends and family of their happy news. Jason later collapses in the PH and Sam insists that he see a doctor. At the hospital, Patrick runs more tests and has to break the news to Jason that his condition is inoperable. Determine to save him, Robin begins working on a drug protocol to cure Jason. Robin comes up with a medicine to save him, but tragically dies in a lab explosion. Patrick, grief-stricken and angry refuses to give Jason the medicine or even operate on him. But after Sam begs him for his help, he decides to do the surgery because it is what Robin would want. Patrick operates on Jason and administers the medication successfully.


    Jason finds out Sam's pregnant

    After learning about Robin's death, Jason becomes angry with Sam for keeping the truth from him. They argue but Jason eventually forgives her and they reconcile when he learns that she was trying to protect him and acted out of love. After he is recovered from the surgery, he and Sam decide to figure out what the DVD that Franco left behind meant. Sam goes to the Ferncliff mental institution where she meets with Heather Webber who tells Sam that Franco is Jason's fraternal twin brother. Sam runs another DNA test and is devastated when it says Franco is the father. She tells Jason and he has a hard time accepting the news. Jason and Sam decide to separate for a little while to work on their marital issues. When Jason realizes that he can love and accept the baby as his own, he goes to the motel where Sam was staying to tell her, unaware that she had gone into labor and given birth to a baby boy. A torrential rainstorm prevented Sam from getting to the hospital and she was forced to give birth in the motel with the help of John McBain. Jason was jealous of Sam's growing friendship with John so he sent two guys to beat John up and convince him to go back home. This action prevented John from getting Sam and the baby to the hospital. Sam leaves the motel with the baby to look for help and after placing the baby somewhere safe, she passes out.

    Jason finds Sam and the baby and is forced to tell her that her baby is dead. They are unaware however that Todd Manning and Heather switched Sam's son with the late newborn son of Téa Delgado. Sam says that she wanted to name the baby Jason Morgan, Jr. It was later revealed that Heather switched the paternity results and made it appear that Franco was the father of Sam's child when in reality, the baby is truly Jason's biological son, but this truth remains unknown to everyone except Heather and Todd. Jason then tries to comfort Sam over her loss and make things right between them again. But when she finds out that he had John beat up, she refuses to forgive him, and pushes him away. Jason still tries to reconcile with her, coming to the baby's memorial and asking Sam to come home with him. She still refuses. Jason tries to fix his marriage, but when he sees Sam kissing John on July 4th, he decides he and Sam cannot repair their relationship. He runs into Elizabeth after seeing Sam and John, and impulsively kisses her. But he later regrets it, telling Elizabeth he was angry.


    Jason and Sam during her pregnancy

    The next day, Jason takes off his wedding ring. However, when Elizabeth's brother, Steve, finds out, he tells Jason to stay away from Elizabeth, which Sam overhears. When she confronts him about kissing Elizabeth, Jason confronts her about kissing John. They both make it clear to each other that they believe their marriage is over, as Sam tells Jason that Elizabeth is welcome to him. Jason also tells Elizabeth that their marriage was done the night Sam's baby "died." Jason is talking to Carly, who is trying to convince Jason to go back to Sam, when he hears Sam is working for Todd Manning. Jason wonders why, when Sam already has a job, when he realizes she's investigating Todd. He goes to see Sam, and asks her if she's investigating Todd. When Sam asks why he cares, Jason says because she is his wife, and he's worried she could get hurt because Todd is dangerous. Sam tells him she is investigating Todd because he hired Heather Webber under suspicious circumstances. When she tells Jason she's trying to break into Todd's safe, he offers to stand guard while she does that, and Sam accepts. Todd comes back before she can get in, but she & Jason are cordial to each other afterwards, showing kindness to each other for the first time since the "death" of Sam's baby.

    Jason and Sam decide to get a divorce in August of 2012. They share a heartbreaking goodbye and kiss. Their plan to divorce gets put on hold, however, when Alexis and Josslyn are kidnapped and end up in the hospital with a mystery illness. Jason teams up with John to find out what the mystery illness is. When Jason & John go to Wyndemere, the last place Alexis and Josslyn were, they find Dr. Ewen Keenan there. Jason is suspicious and thinks he is involved, but doesn't have anything to prove it. Eventually, it's revealed that the perpetrator is Jerry Jacks, who has poisoned the Port Charles water supply, and injected Josslyn and Alexis with the antidote for the poison. Jerry demands a large sum of money in return for the antidote.


    Danny Morgan

    Jason believes Ewen is working with Jerry, but Spinelli and Elizabeth, who is dating Ewen, do not believe him. However, his suspicions prove to be correct, and Ewen kidnaps Elizabeth. Jason has Spinelli track them down, but when he gets there, Ewen is holding Elizabeth at gunpoint. He shoots Jason in the leg so he can escape, but Elizabeth manages to escape and Jason shoots and kills Ewen. Elizabeth brings Jason to the hospital to treat his leg. While they are there, Sam and John come in after she fainted to make sure she hasn't been infected with the poison. When they both are left alone, Sam shares with Jason a fantasy she had where her son survived and what their life would be like. Unable to bear Sam blaming herself for her son's death, Jason asks Patrick to clarify what happened to Sam's baby for them. Patrick brings the autopsy report, and tells Jason & Sam that the baby had hemophilia and died of respiratory failure. When Jason asks if he could have been saved if he had made it to the hospital, Patrick says the baby couldn't have survived because his lungs weren't developed. Jason & Sam realize that it wasn't their fault the baby didn't make it.

    Jason takes a look at the autopsy, and realizes that something doesn't add up. The baby's blood type is different from both Sam and Franco's. Elizabeth tells Jason it's probably just a hospital error. Jason later brings it up to Spinelli, who tries to find a way to clarify the information. Spinelli finds out Sam donated the baby's tissue to the hospital, and it's still stored there, which means they can run a test to see if the blood type was recorded correctly. Jason goes home on his birthday, and finds Elizabeth there decorating the penthouse for the occasion. Jason is not in the mood to celebrate, and Elizabeth asks if he's still divorcing Sam, which Jason confirms. She ends up kissing him, but Jason stops her, saying they don't have a future, but Elizabeth isn't convinced. Before they can discuss it any further, Spinelli comes back with the results. He tells Jason the baby's blood type wasn't a mistake, and Jason realizes the baby that died wasn't Sam's. When Jason retraces what happened to Sam and her baby the night of the storm, Spinelli realizes Heather was involved in the switch. Jason decides to go to Ferncliff to talk to Heather, but Spinelli gets a phone call from Steve, Heather's son, and informs Jason that Heather escaped from Ferncliff.


    Elizabeth helps Jason after he was shot

    Jason talks to Steve about where Heather could be, and when Steve asks why, Jason tells him he thinks Heather took Sam's baby. Steve doesn't believe it, but when Jason lays out the facts, Steve is shocked at what his mother did. When Jason tells him he's not sure where the other baby came from, Steve reveals that he treated Téa Delgado and her newborn son the night of the storm. He gets Téa's medical file, and the baby is revealed to have the same blood type as Sam, as well as beta-thalassemia, a blood condition that runs in Sam's family. Jason realizes Sam's baby is alive, and living with Téa.

    Jason calls John and shares his suspicions. John reveals that Téa was with Todd the night of the storm, and starts to believe he was involved in the switch, as well. To clarify his suspicions, Jason asks John to get a DNA sample to confirm everything. After John leaves, Jason lets Elizabeth know what he found out. When John comes with the DNA sample, Jason asks Elizabeth to run it against Sam's. When he gets the results back, though, the results are negative, and Jason is disappointed. Spinelli, though, encourages him to keep digging. However, the night of Sonny's wedding, Elizabeth comes over to Jason's house and reveals that she switched the DNA tests. When Jason asks if she has the real results, she hands them over, which reveal that Téa's son is actually Sam's baby. Jason asks why Elizabeth would do that, and Elizabeth says it was because of what Sam did to Jake, but also because she wanted to be with Jason, and was trying to separate him and Sam. She apologizes for what she's done, and Jason is understanding and forgives her.


    Jason finds out that the baby that died can't be Sam's

    Jason calls John over and shows him the real results. John goes to tell Téa the truth, and Jason leaves to tell Sam. When he goes there, he finds out Elizabeth came over and admitted to Sam she was trying to split them up. Before Jason can say anything more, Kristina comes in with her husband, Trey Mitchell, and tells Jason & Sam she was almost killed by Joe Scully, Jr., Trey's father and Sonny's nemesis. Dante comes over to get their statements, and after the three of them leave, Jason gets a call from John that the baby has been kidnapped by Heather. Jason again goes to Steve and reveals that Sam's baby was switched with Téa's, and Heather has kidnapped Sam's son. He asks Steve to keep an eye out for his mother. Steve asks if Sam knows, and Jason reveals he didn't tell her because she would worry. Steve tells Jason she has a right to know, and asks Jason if Sam would really want to be protected like this. Jason realizes he's right, and goes over to Sam's house and reveals her baby is alive. When Sam is about to leave, Jason reveals that Heather has kidnapped the baby while she was posing as a nanny. Meanwhile, John comes over to give them an update on the investigation. While he's there, Spinelli calls Jason and tells him Steve came in to the hospital after being attacked by Heather.

    Jason and Sam go to the hospital, and find out from Steve that Heather is looking for a second chance at motherhood and has taken the baby to raise as her own. Sam is worried, and Jason promises her they'll get her son back. When Sam comments on how she doesn't remember what her son looks like, Jason goes to Dante and gets copies of pictures that the PCPD has of the baby. He shows them to Sam, and she's overjoyed her son is strong and healthy, and Téa has taken care of him well. Jason promises her she'll hold her son again. Dante leaves when John and Commissioner Anna Devane get a lead on Heather. While they're waiting, Jason and Sam hear a noise. They find Olivia hurt in the stairwell, and she tells them Heather pushed her, and is in the hospital with the baby. When Jason asks where she is, Olivia says she went to the roof, and Jason & Sam run to the roof, cornering Heather and the baby.


    Jason tells Sam that her son is alive

    Both Jason and Sam plead with Heather to give them the baby. Heather says Jason will never love the baby because he's Franco's son, but Jason says that it's his son, and he wants him back. Sam then asks for the baby, and in exchange, she'll help Heather repair her relationship with her son. However, when Anna calls out to Heather, and tells her the police have surrounded the building, Heather realizes she's trapped. She goes to the ledge, and says if she can't have the baby, no one can. She topples off the ledge, and Jason runs towards her, trying to get the baby. Heather hits the ground below, but Jason manages to grab the baby out of her arms, and saves his life. Afterwards, he gives the baby to Sam, happy that Sam is finally able to hold her son again.

    Jason and Sam go back into the hospital with John to get the baby checked out. Before they can, though, Téa runs in with Todd and tries to take "her son" back. John has Jason & Sam taken away so he can explain to Téa the truth. Jason & Sam have her son checked out, but he is determined to be in perfect health. Afterwards, Sam tells Jason how she's not sure what to do next, but Jason tells her she'll figure it out as she gets to know her son. Téa later comes by the room, and tells them she knows the baby isn't hers. She asks to say goodbye, and though Jason is hesitant, Sam lets her hold the baby. When Téa gives the baby back, Sam thanks Téa for taking good care of him. Téa leaves, and Sam tells Jason that in her fantasy, they named her son Daniel Edward, which is what she names her son.


    Jason and his son, Danny.

    Jason later tells Sonny that he's hoping Sam and Danny will come home with him, because he wants to be a father to her son and take care of both of them. Sonny tells him to fight for his family. Later, Jason brings Monica by to introduce him to Daniel. When Monica asks Jason & Sam what the baby's last name is (McCall or Morgan), both of them become awkward and admit they haven't figured it out. Just then, Alexis, Molly, and Kristina come in, and start fawning over Daniel. Meanwhile, Jason steps out with Monica, who tells Jason that he and Sam should repair their marriage now that she has her son back. Jason tells her that it's up to Sam if they get back together. Jason comes in and hears Alexis telling Sam that they have set up all the baby equipment at her house, and it will be ready when Sam and Danny come home.

    After they leave, Jason asks Sam to bring Danny home with him. He tells her that he's sorry for all the pain he has caused her, and he wants to prove it to her by loving both her and her son as a family. When Sam reminds him of how he expressed doubt about loving the baby, he says that went away and he loves Danny more than he ever thought possible and he wants to be his father. Sam leaves to get Danny's bottle, and Carly comes by, having just heard the news. She's thrilled for Jason, and hopes he's getting back together with Sam. Jason tells her that's up to Sam. When Sam comes back, Carly encourages her to get back with Jason. After she leaves, Jason tells Sam that she makes the final decision. Sam decides they've waited long enough, and tells Jason she and Danny are coming home with him, and the two of them reunite.


    Jason right before he is kicked into harbor

    After Sam, Jason and Danny go home, they take a family picture, and then Jason leaves when Bernie frantically summons him to Pier 52. When Jason arrives at the pier, he sees Joe Scully, Jr. hovering over Bernie, whom he has just shot. Jason pulls his gun on Joe and commands him to surrender. Joe then moves to shoot Jason, but Jason fatally shoots Joe first. Jason then rushes over to Bernie, who says he needs to tell him "about the money;" but before Bernie can finish, Cesar Faison, disguised as Duke Lavery, appears from behind and shoots Jason. Faison then kicks Jason's bleeding and dying body into the harbor. Sonny and some divers go into the harbor, but are unable to recover Jason's body, and he is presumed dead. Jason's disappearance hits the town hard, especially Sam, who refuses to believe Jason is dead, despite everyone else saying there's no chance of him coming back. A week after Jason disappears, Sam finally finds out Jason is Danny's biological father. She sees Jason walking through the door, only to be disappointed later when she realizes he was never there and she imagined him. When Faison is captured and arrested by John, he confesses to also shooting Jason and throwing him into the harbor. John comes back and tells Sam about this and Sam finally begins to accept that Jason is gone.

    In 2014, a man with an unknown identity arrives in Port Charles and is later believed to be Jason Morgan with a new face. He eventually marries Sam and has a daughter, Scout, with her.


    Jason reunites with Sonny after 5 years

    On September 19, 2017, a man known as "Patient 6" is seen in Russia with Jason's original face. Patient 6 makes his way back to Port Charles, just as "Jason" wakes up. Patient 6 claims to be Jason, and is eventually believed to be the real Jason by many, including his best friends, Sonny and Carly, and his wife Sam whom he saved from one of the gunmen who had ambushed the Metro Court that night. He also learns that Jason's thought to be deceased son Jake is alive. Franco, who was also thought to be killed and proven to not be Jason's twin brother, reveals that Jason did have a twin brother named Andrew, but they do not know where he is. It's revealed that Andre Maddox used Jason and Andrew as part of a memory-mapping experiment, putting Jason's memories into Andrew, making them both believe they're Jason. Andre reveals that Patient 6 is Jason, and the "other Jason" is his twin brother, Drew Cain. Jason decides to find Faison, in hopes of figuring out why he and Drew were abducted and switched.

    Meanwhile, Jason and Sam get closer over time and thanks to Carly, they are left stranded on the Haunted Star on New Year's Eve and ultimately kiss at midnight. In Mid-January 2018, he and Sam file for divorce, as she decides to stay with Drew. On January 22, Jason was fighting for Sam in order to stop the wedding, but it was too late when she married Drew. On January 26, Jason found Faison holding Carly hostage at the Metro Court and shot him in the chest to save her life. Faison died five days later from cardiac arrest and so Jason had avenged himself. Faison's son, Nathan West, whom Faison had shot moments before he attacked Carly, also died that night. In March 2018, during an earthquake that started shaking, Jason and Sam hide safely. Then, in the aftermath of the quake, Jason and Sam developed feelings for each other. By March 23, she told her husband, Drew that she had feelings and love for Jason, her ex-husband, that had her break up with Drew, who moved out of her penthouse soon afterwards. On March 27, Jason and Drew fought on the pier and were both arrested for assault and battery, leaving Sam devastated.


    Jason meets Hank

    In May, Jason found out that the man who was responsible for his disappearance was Faison's son, Peter August, whom Jason wanted to kill for taking away five years of his life. Jason saved Anna from Peter and tried to kill him, but Anna stopped him since Peter was her son as well and therefore Jason allowed him to get arrested. However, it was later revealed that Faison forced Peter to hold Jason captive and thus he was eventually released. In July, after Carly was wrongly sent to Ferncliff by Nelle, Jason worked with Franco to get her out, and she was eventually was freed despite both of them temporarily spending time in jail. In early-mid October 2018, finally after their divorce nearly 9 months ago, Jason & Sam finally lovers again this time for real, by kissing in romance.


    Jason and Sam meet "Shiloh" who turns out to be Hank

    On January 22, 2019, Jason fell into the catacombs after saving Josslyn and Oscar, but he broke out and swam his way through cold water before reuniting with Sam. The two later made love that night for the first time in years. However, after Kristina joined a cult led by Hank Archer (aka Shiloh), who served in the military with Drew, Jason and Sam teamed up to flush out the cult. Sam decided to get closer to Shiloh to do so even though Jason did not like the idea. On February 22, when Shiloh took Sam to the Tower and wanted to spend the night with her, Jason attempted to confront him, but he became blind and fell down the stairs. He was cured at the hospital and there, Carly told him that she was pregnant.

    On March 4, Jason discovered Carly to be missing in the GH parking lot after she was supposed to confront Kevin Collins about the patient who was next door to her at Ferncliff. Jason then found out from everyone in GH that Ferncliff patient was Kevin's twin, Ryan Chamberlain, who had locked the real Kevin up for months in the facility, impersonated him, terrorized the town as a serial killer, and has now kidnapped Carly. After finding out from Kim that 'Kevin' and Ava went to Niagara Falls to get married, Jason teamed up with Laura and went to Niagara Falls. After failing to find Ryan and Ava at their motel, Jason saw them walking on a bridge leading to Canada and then shot Ryan in the back of the shoulder before telling Ava to move out of the way. Laura arrives moments later and tries to tell Ava that her fiancee is not Kevin but Ryan and that the real Kevin is back at GH. Jason fires a warning shot and threatens to finish Ryan, who tells him that he will never know what happened to Carly if he kills him now. Meanwhile, Ava continues to believe that 'Kevin' is having another nervous breakdown and is told by Ryan to not believe Laura since she wants them to be separated. As police approach their location, Ryan grabs Ava, profoundly declares his love for her, and throws her and himself off the bridge. Jason is able to catch Ava while Ryan falls into the river below to his presumed death. Laura eventually tells Ava the whole truth, leaving her emotionally destroyed, and Jason rescues Carly.

    On March 25, Jason attacked Shiloh after being triggered about what Shiloh had said about Sam and Danny, so he was arrested for assault, but Shiloh dropped charges against him. On April 10, after Jason and Sam find out that Kristina is going to join The Trust at DOD, they both agree that they need to get her out of the cult. They make a plan to get Shiloh away from the house so Jason can get Kristina out. Sam pretends to be drunk and calls Shiloh so he can help her and Jason gets to the house to find Kristina laying down in the attic of the DOD house. It is obvious that she was drugged and was in the middle of the ceremony. Jason picks her up and the cup that she drank from, and he gets her out of the house. Kristina wakes up in one of Sonny's safe houses and is furious that Jason brought her there and ruined her ceremony. No one is letting Kristina leave the house. Jason goes to GH and asks Elizabeth to test the cup he took for drugs. Elizabeth gives the cup to Brad, who is also just getting into DOD as well. Shiloh sees Brad with the cup and he explains how important it is to Dawn of Day. Brad brings it back to Jason and he tells him that there was no trace of anything toxic on it. Jason tells Sonny this and he says he wants it tested from someone who can be trusted because it was obvious that she was drugged.

    After Kristina gets away from DOD, Sam and Jason still need to get her pledge from Shiloh. Sam tells Jason that she needs to get into the trust, and get closer to Shiloh. Jason goes along with this plan. Sam tells Shiloh that she wants to join the trust and he tells her that she needs to make a pledge and she makes it about something that Jason did which he really didn't do. Shiloh accepts the pledge and then he says she is ready to join the trust. He offers her the drugs that the other girls had given Kristina, but she refuses and he is okay with it. As he is tattooing Sam, Jason comes in and knocks Shiloh out. Sam tells him that he needs to go find Kristina's pledge before he wakes up. Jason goes to the records room in the house and when he finds Kristina's folder, there is just blank pages because Shlioh knows that Jason would come looking for the pledge. Jason later gets Spinelli's help to bug the attic on the house so that they can get proof of what Shiloh is planning on doing to Sam. Shiloh wants Sam to join the trust on the night of The Nurses Ball. Jason and Sonny listen to Shiloh and Sam. Sam takes the drugs this time and is under the influence of them as Shiloh finishes the tattoo. Jason and Sonny bust into the house and they fight off 2 guards that Shiloh had posted at the door. Jason goes up to the attic to find no one there. He knows where Shiloh took her and its the lighthouse where Jason went blind a few months ago. Jason makes it there just as Shiloh begins to sexually assault Sam. Jason pulls him off of her and he throws him down the stairs. Jason and Sam are at GH as well as Shiloh. Jason tries to tell Sam what happened because she is still groggy from the drugs. Sam wakes up scared and she doesn't know what is real, and Jason is there to comfort her.

    On June 24, Jason and Michael went to Beecher's Corners to talk to a Carol Lockhart to find evidence that Shiloh had killed Willow Tait's dad Douglas Miller. Since Jason was not welcome in Beecher's Corners Michael went in to talk to Carol who explained her side of the story. Eventually Michael lead Carol to Jason who was parked outside of the city limits and after they took Carol's ankle monitor off they got ready to leave but an officer named Billy Pryce immediately assumed that Jason was kidnapping Carol so Billy arrested him. When Jason was in his cell Billy denied him his phone call and eventually he got a call from Shiloh who ordered him to kill Jason. Before he could another officer brought Michael in who was pretending to be drunk so he could get thrown in jail and help Jason. Michael gave Jason a paperclip and he used it to pick the lock on the cell and it worked. As the officers came back Jason attacked them and he covered for Michael by making it so that he was an innocent bystander and Jason locked both cops into the cell. Sam eventually came to their rescue and they drove off at a normal speed.

    Due to becoming a fugitive, Jason had to stay in a safehouse and Sam stayed with him all night.

    On July 5, Jason posed as Harmony's lawyer so he could visit her in prison when he told her about Shiloh being responsible for Douglas Miller's death. She denied it at first but then accepted the fact that it was true and that Shiloh is a monster so she turned on him and told him everything she knew about the day he died.

    On July 11, Harmony was brought to the PCPD to give her official statement about the day Douglas Miller died and how she pressured Willow into canceling the meeting with him so that she could be induced into the trust. She started going by her real name "Lorraine Miller" again and pleaded for the cops to stop Shiloh. Jason was eventually cleared of the charges against him.

    On July 19, Jason and Drew shared a meal at the Floating Rib after working on Oscar's treehouse and they discussed why Shiloh went out of his way to reconnect with Drew. Jason couldn't believe that Drew was friends with him at one point and Drew didn't believe it either. They discussed the possibility that there may be something in Drew's memories that Shiloh doesn't want anyone to know and when Shiloh showed up, Drew confronted him.

    On July 30, Jason was spending time with Danny and Sam and when Danny had kicked his soccer ball to a fence Shiloh showed up and was talking to Danny. Jason and Sam found them and Jason told Danny to go to Sam before threatening Shiloh with another beating if he didn't stay away from his family. Jason and Sam eventually went to Drew's office to talk to him about Shiloh and they learned that the flash drive with his memories was missing and they learned that Shiloh had someone steal it. Sam eventually went to Shiloh's motel room and found it but was kidnapped by Shiloh who called Jason and told him that if he didn't do what he asked then Sam will die.

    On August 5, Jason went to Shiloh's motel room, handed over his gun, and attacked him a lot but Shiloh said that Sam dies if he kills him. Shiloh wants Jason to have Drew's memories transferred onto him since he had the real flashdrive while Sam took a fake one. When Shiloh asked Jason if he wanted to be the recipient of the transfer or let Sam die, Jason brutally knocked him out with a golden hand and left to save Sam from a freezer at the old DoD house, accidentally leaving his gun behind for Shiloh to take. When he got Sam out, Jason performed mouth-to-mouth CPR to resuscitate her and took her to GH.

    Unfortunately, Shiloh used Jason's gun to kidnap Cameron Webber and tried to have Dr. Cabot transfer Drew's memories onto him, but Franco took Cam's place just before Curtis and the real Drew rescued them. Shiloh and Cabot were both arrested. Meanwhile, Franco now believes he the Drew prior to 2012 and at the Floating Rib, he tells Jason all about his past and how he knew all the Quartermaines before threatening him because Jason called him by his real name. Franco then punches Det. Chase and gets arrested.

    On September 5, Jason and Sam found out that the flight Drew took to Afghanistan to return Shiloh's illegal money had disappeared. Four days later, the flight was revealed to have crashed with no survivors.

    On September 18, Shiloh called Jason from Pentonville and dropped a huge hint about a connection to Peter August when he claimed that Peter gave the green-light to do an exclusive article on him. In light of a Shiloh-Peter connection, Jason called Spinelli and put him on Peter's trail. On September 19, Shiloh's trial began and Jason supported Sam. When Shiloh took the stand, he eventually used Sam's past against her which upset Sam and Jason. Robert told Jason that Shiloh must be brought to justice legally, not by his own brand of justice. Jason later told Sam that if the legal system fails, he will personally "take care" of him. Chase was furious to learn that Shiloh escaped from custody.

    On September 23, Jason found an unconscious Bobbie on the side of the road. He took her to the hospital where she woke up and told him that Shiloh was disguised as a police officer and he stole her car, plus was horrified when Shiloh had kidnapped "Wiley" and begged Jason to find him. Jason tried to get a hold of Sam but he couldn't so he had Spinelli trace his phone to the last known cell tower and ended up going to Pier 55, where he found Dev holding Wiley. Dev told Jason that Sam was on the Haunted Star.

    Jason found Shiloh trying to rape Sam on the ground and shot him to save her, but had a bulletproof vest unbeknownst to them. After leaving the deck, Sam left and Shiloh (without vest) attacked Jason, eventually knocking him down to the ground in the ensuring fight. As Shiloh got ready to bludgeon Jason to death, Sam grabbed a flare gun and shot Shiloh in the back with it, causing him to fall overboard and die. Jason then takes Sam to the hospital to get her treated for an arm wound which Shiloh gave her. Later, a dead body is brought to GH and Willow identifies the body to be Shiloh's.

    On September 30, Sam was arrested for Shiloh's murder thanks to a D.O.D. nurse named Sherri Anderson claimed that Sam intended to kill him in premeditated manner, which was pure hearsay. However, Sam was released on bail and Spinelli was working to prove that the recording used to frame Sam was doctored, but he couldn't prove it although he also couldn't prove that it was authentic. On October 9, the charges against Sam were dropped.

    On October 14, Jason and Sam learned that the WSB couldn't find a body from the plane crash and that Drew was going to be declared "dead in absentia." Sam was devastated and acknowledged that Drew was good to her and Jason comforted her over Drew's presumed death. Meanwhile, Jordan called Sam back to the PCPD where she was once again arrested for Shiloh's murder by FBI agent Edward Caldwell thanks to Bryce Henderson framing her by naming her as the person who hired him to help Shiloh escape. Meanwhile, Jason met with Andre Maddox who named Bryce as his attacker.

    On October 17, Jason visited Bryce in Pentonville and offered him a way out; Bryce names the person who hired him and in return he will get a deal from the feds. Bryce indirectly confirmed Jason's suspicions that Peter August was behind it. Jason was optimistic, but his plan went out the window when Bryce was murdered by Ryan Chamberlain.

    On November 6, Jason learned from Sam that her cellmate was Cassandra Pierce and she was asking Sam about her connection to the Cassadines. Eventually, Jason visited Valentin Cassadine and asked about Cassandra but he didn't give him much. Afterward, Jason rescued his daughter Charlotte from Cassandra's henchman and he helped Anna fight off the goons as she fought with Cassandra. Eventually, Cassandra managed to escape on a boat only for it to blow up which presumably killed her.

    On November 18, Jason and Spinelli were there for Sam at her bench trial and after hearing both sides, the judge declared Sam not guilty of first degree murder but guilty of involuntary manslaughter since she didn't believe Jason was in imminent danger and that he could have overpowered Shiloh even though he was near death. The judge took into account that Sam was a model prisoner and had good behavior so she sentenced her to two years in Pentonville with a recommendation for early parole.

    After the trial, Jason vented to Carly and said he should have killed Shiloh from the beginning when he had a chance. Carly calmed him down and then they got to talking about Danny and Scout. Jason said he knows that Scout is Drew's but loves her as if she was his own.

    On December 27 (Christmas Eve on the show), Sam was finally released on parole and Jason brought her home which made Danny, Scout and Alexis happy.

    On New Year's Eve, Sam and Jason grew suspicious when someone invited her, Willow, Harmony, and Michael to Shiloh's memorial. Eventually, Sam had her first parole meeting and was upset when her parole officer said she had to stay away from Jason or else she'll be sent back to prison.

    On January 8, 2020, Jason and Sam went to Robert and asked for his help in getting a new parole officer. Although he initially refused, he eventually agreed to help when they promised to get proof that Peter August is behind Drew's presumed death, the two counts of attempted murder on Andre Maddox, and for Sam being framed for manslaughter despite killing Shiloh in defense of Jason.

    Crimes Committed

    • Has been involved in "unscrupulous" mob-related activities
    • Grand theft auto with Jagger Cates and Karen Wexler to payoff a blackmail scheme [1992]
    • Stole from his grandfather Edward Quartermaine's rare coin collection [1992]
    • Stole his parents' checkbook and forged a check to payoff a blackmail scheme [1992]
    • Arrested for train surfing [1996]
    • Threatened to kill his father, Alan Quartermaine [1996]
    • Threatened to kill Jasper Jacks [1997]
    • Threatened to kill Dr. Pierce Dorman many times [1997]
    • Beat up Zander Smith and fought with him [Jun 2002]
    • Fought with Zander for a gun [Aug 5, 2002; Elizabeth was accidentally grazed in the shoulder with a bullet]
    • Tried for the murder of Luis Alcazar [Nov 2002-Feb 2003; really innocent charges dropped]
    • Obstruction of justice; knew Courtney Matthews hit Elizabeth Webber with her car; conspired with Sonny and Carly to keep it a secret and aid in the cover-up [Sep 2003]
    • Interfered with the capture of Sonny Corinthos [Dec 2003; arrested]
    • Kidnapped his nephew Michael and Morgan Corinthos along with Courtney Matthews when a social worker tried to take them away [Dec 2003]
    • Kidnapped Lorenzo Alcazar and held him captive [Jan 6-19, 2004]
    • Had Faith Rosco committed to a mental facility under false pretenses [Jan 2004]
    • Offered Sam McCall $1 million to leave town [Jan 2004]
    • Killed Andy Capelli in self-defense [Feb 2004]
    • Perjury; signed a statement claiming that Andy Capelli killed Zander Smith to protect Elizabeth Webber [Mar 2004]
    • Attempted murder; tried to throw Faith Rosco off the balcony of her hotel room [Mar 2004]
    • Attempted murder; tried to murder Lorenzo Alcazar, but was knocked out by Courtney [Apr 2004]
    • Tampered with Sam's baby's paternity test [May 2004]
    • Almost strangled Sonny Corinthos to death [May 2004]
    • Shot Niko Dane in the shoulder in defense of Sam [Jun 23, 2004]
    • Shot and killed Niko Dane in defense of Sam [Jul 1, 2004]
    • Attempted to kill Faith upon her return to Port Charles [Summer 2004]
    • Broke into John Durant’s apartment [Summer 2004]
    • Bugged John Durant’s apartment [Nov 2004]

    • Aided and abetted Sam McCall; helped her elude police custody to clear her name in the kidnapping of Kristina Davis [Feb 2005]
    • Breaking and entering twice [Feb 2005]
    • Shot Faith Rosco and killed two of her men during a shootout [Feb 2005]
    • Murdered the entire Sandoval family [Mar 2005]
    • Fought with his brother A.J. for a gun [Apr 2005]
    • Assaulted Sam (pinned her to a wall) [Spring 2005]
    • Shot and killed Asher Thomas in defense of Alan and Monica Quartermaine [Aug 2005]
    • Shot and killed Andrew Olsen in defense of Sam [Aug 2005]
    • Attempted to murder Manny Ruiz (arrested but never convicted) [Aug 2005]
    • Assaulted one of Manny's men in defense of Ric Lansing and caused Manny and another one of his men to get shot [Sep 15, 2005]
    • Shot and killed Javier Ruiz [Oct 2005]
    • Shot and killed Miguel Escobar [Mar 31, 2006]
    • Shot Manny in the shoulder (in defense of Elizabeth) and caused him to fall in an explosion [Apr 2006; he survived]
    • Controlled the Corinthos holdings during Sonny’s breakdown [Spring-Summer 2006]
    • Threatened to kill Sonny Corinthos, believing he was responsible for Sam getting shot [May 2006]
    • Staged a bust for Lucky to help his career [Jun 2006]
    • Shot a suspect, allowing Lucky to take credit [Jun 2006]
    • Killed Manny Ruiz during a struggle on the hospital rooftop [Jul 4, 2006]
    • Adultery; slept with Elizabeth Webber while she was married to Lucky Spencer [Aug 14, 2006]
    • Beat up Ric Lansing [Oct 2006]
    • Aided and abetted Sam; helped her evade capture after escaping from jail [Nov 2006]
    • Impersonated a doctor [Nov 2006]
    • Took Epiphany Johnson hostage at gunpoint (it was staged) [Nov 2006]
    • Fought with Jerry Jacks (aka James Craig) during Metro Court hostage crisis [Feb 2007]
    • Attempted to kill Jerry Jacks (aka James Craig) after the Metro Court hostage crisis [Feb 2007]
    • Shootout with Lorenzo’s men in The Cellar [Apr 2007]
    • Shootout with Jerry Jacks [May 2007]
    • Murdered Lorenzo Alcazar under the orders of Skye Quartermaine [May 2007]
    • Jumped bail to rescue his kidnapped son, Jake [Jul 2007]
    • Falsely confessed to shooting Spinelli in the foot; given four months of community service at GH as janitor [Jul-Oct 2007; GH:NS]
    • Threatened to kill Sam after he learned that she hired two armed goons to terrorize Elizabeth, Cameron and Jake in the park [Aug 2007]
    • Beat up Nikolas Cassadine and tied him to a chair for his own good [Nov 2007]
    • Pinned Trevor Lansing to a table and attempted to shoot him [Dec 12, 2007]

    • Punched and rendered Nikolas unconscious for his own good [Jan 2008]
    • Fought with Diego Alcazar (aka the Text Message Killer) in an attempt to rescue Sam and Elizabeth [Mar 2008]
    • Assaulted Ric Lansing [Spring 2008]
    • Shot and killed Ian Devlin in defense of Maxie Jones [May 2008]
    • Burned down the Zacchara mansion [Jun 2008]
    • Obstruction of justice; knew Lulu Spencer had murdered Logan Hayes and aided in the cover-up of his death [Jul-Sep 2008]
    • Impersonated Lulu's brother so he could take her out of Shadybrook [Aug 22, 2008]
    • Beat up two of Karpov's guards after they injured Spinelli [Sep 2008]
    • Shot and killed three of Karpov's associates [Nov 2008]
    • Fought with Jerry Jacks [Nov 11, 2008]
    • Assaulted Ric again by pinning him to a wall [Feb 2009]
    • Held Anthony Zacchara at gunpoint and pistol whipped him [Mar 2, 2009]
    • Accidentally grabbed Maxie's wrist while she was trying to wake him up (he was unconscious) [Apr 2009]
    • Shot Det. Dante Falconeri during an ambush in the woods [Jun 23, 2009]
    • Breaking and entering; broke into a house (with Sam) [Oct 19, 2009]
    • Obstruction of justice; covered up the murder of Claudia Zacchara [Nov 4, 2009]
    • Shot Joey Limbo during a shootouut [Nov 20, 2009; Joey was killed by Franco soon afterwards]
    • Threatened to kill Lt. Ronnie Dimestico if he didn't provide information on Franco [Jan 2010]
    • Plead guilty to a class D felony (racketeering) in order to get sent to prison to protect Michael [May 13-Aug 16, 2010; released after Sonny and Claire found a loophole in his plea bargain; felony revealed on Aug 5, 2020]
    • Killed Carter - the man who attacked Michael - in self-defense [Jun 11, 2010]
    • Assaulted Det. Dante Falconeri and threatened to kill him [Jul 22, 2010]
    • Held Det. Dante Falconeri at gunpoint and threatened to kill him [Jul 26, 2010]
    • Shot Johnny Zacchara in the stomach [Dec 2010]
    • Held Shawn Butler at gunpoint and threatened to kill him [Feb 21-23, 2011]
    • Held Luke Spencer at gunpoint after finding out he hit Jake while driving drunk [Mar 29, 2011]
    • Assaulted former Mayor twice [Dec 7 and 9, 2011]
    • Shot and 'killed' Franco and burned down his residence [Jan 13, 2012; arrested on May 25, 2012 and released on May 29, 2012; Franco was revealed to be alive on May 29, 2013]
    • Ordered two men to beat up John McBain [Jun 2012]
    • Shot Joe Scully, Jr.'s associates [Jul 2, 2012]
    • Kidnapped and tied up Joe Scully, Jr. in one of Sonny's warehouses (on Sonny's orders) [Jul 2, 2012]
    • Held Jerry Jacks at gunpoint and then beat him up [Aug 28, 2012]
    • Shot and killed Ewen Keenan in defense of Elizabeth [Sep 2012]
    • Shot and killed Joe Scully, Jr. in self-defense [Oct 19-22, 2012]

    • Manhandled Ava Jerome [Sep 19, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Attacked the doctors in Russia during an escape attempt [Sep 25, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Tied Huxley Lynch to a chair [revealed Oct 6-9, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Held Sonny Corinthos at gunpoint [Oct 24, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Shot Klein’s gunman Delvin who tried to shoot him [Oct 27, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Attacked Franco [Nov 2, 2017; arrested; released on bail on Nov 8, 2017; charges dropped by Franco on Nov 30, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Shot and killed Cesar Faison in defense of Carly [Jan 26, 2018; Faison died from cardiac arrest on Jan 31, 2018]
    • Assault and battery; got in a fight with Drew Cain [Mar 27, 2018; arrested]
    • Posed as a U.S. Marshall in Switzerland to get Spinelli out of jail [Apr 17, 2018]
    • Assaulted Peter August in defense of Anna Devane [May 22, 2018]
    • Held Peter at gunpoint and almost killed him [May 22, 2018]
    • Broke Carly out of Ferncliff with the help of Franco [Jul 30, 2018; arrested and released]
    • Forced Mary Pat Ingles and her associate into a room at gunpoint [Jul 30, 2018; arrested and released]
    • Held two doctors at gunpoint and tied them to the ground in defense of Carly [Jul 30, 2018; arrested and released]
    • Fugitive; hunted by the PCPD [Jul 30-Aug 7, 2018; arrested and released]
    • Shot serial killer Ryan Chamberlain in the back of the shoulder while he was trying to flee to Canada and threatened to kill him [Mar 8, 2019]
    • Threatened Shiloh to stay away from Danny [Mar 25, 2019]
    • Smashed Shiloh against a brick wall and choked him [Mar 25-26, 2019; arrested and released]
    • Knocked out Shiloh [May 8, 2019]
    • Knocked out a Dawn of Day cult member [May 23, 2019]
    • Attacked Shiloh and tossed him down a flight of stairs in defense of Sam [May 24, 2019]
    • Essentially threatened to kill Shiloh after witnessing him manhandle Sam [Jun 11, 2019]
    • Knocked out Officer Billy Pryce in self-defense [Jun 27, 2019]
    • Locked Billy and Rick Evans in a jail cell and escaped from custody (along with Michael) [Jun 27, 2019]
    • Fugitive; hunted by the Beechers Corners police and PCPD [Jun 27-Jul 11, 2019; Jason surrendered himself and was cleared]
    • Threatened Shiloh with another beating to stay away from his family [Jul 30, 2019]
    • Attacked Shiloh, pinned him to a table, and choked him against a wall when he did not reveal Sam's location [Aug 5, 2019]
    • Brutally attacked Shiloh with a golden hand and knocked him out [Aug 6, 2019]
    • Assaulted "Drew Cain" in defense of himself and Chase [Aug 16, 2019]
    • Shot Shiloh in defense of Sam [Sep 25, 2019; uninjured due to bulletproof vest]
    • Fought with Shiloh in self-defense [Sep 25-26, 2019]
    • Got into a fight with two of Cassandra Pierce's henchmen at two separate times while rescuing Charlotte Cassadine from Cassandra [Nov 12, 2019]

    • Shot and killed one of Cyrus Renault's men in defense of himself and Maggie McMorris [Jan 30, 2020]
    • Shot another one of Cyrus' men in self-defense after a shootout [Feb 4, 2020]
    • Tied up Walker and Jenkins, two of Cyrus' men, at gunpoint [Feb 19, 2020]
    • Blew up Cyrus' warehouse under Sonny's orders [Feb 19, 2020]
    • Shot and killed one of Cyrus' men in defense of Cameron Webber [Feb 28, 2020]
    • Engaged in a gun battle with Walker and Cyrus' men [Feb 28, 2020]
    • Shot and killed one of Cyrus' men who shot Marcus Taggert [Feb 28, 2020]
    • Withholding the information that Taggert is alive [Aug 24, 2020-present]

    Installed a hidden spy camera in Corbin's body shop with Spinelli's help [Sep 3, 2020]

    Health and Vitals

    • Suffered permanent brain damage following a drunk driving car accident caused by his brother, A.J. [Dec 1995]
    • Almost killed by Asher Thomas under the orders of A.J. while in a coma [1996; revealed 2005]
    • Shot in the abdomen by the Tin Man [Jul 1997]
    • Shot in the side by Moreno's men when their mob meeting went wrong [Dec 1999]
    • Attacked with a knife by Lucky Spencer, who was brainwashed by Helena Cassadine [2001]
    • Suffered a laceration to his forehead [Revealed Sep 5, 2002]
    • Injured in a car accident with Courtney Matthews while headed to tell Sonny about them [Feb 2003]
    • Stabbed with a syringe full of sedatives by Carly Corinthos [Jan 15, 2004]
    • Almost got shot by Andy Capelli during a struggle for the gun [Feb 2004]
    • Falsely accused of shooting Brian Beck [Feb 2004]
    • Knocked out by Courtney Matthews [Apr 2004]
    • Punched by Sonny Corinthos [May 26, 2004]
    • Attacked by Sam's ex-boyfriend, Niko Dane [Jun 21, 2004]
    • Assaulted by his brother, A.J. [2005]
    • Stalked by Manny Ruiz [2005-06]
    • Held at gunpoint by Sonny Corinthos [Feb 2005]
    • Shot in the side by FBI agent Reese Marshall [Feb 2005]
    • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by his brother, A.J. [Apr 2005]
    • Injured his arm after falling from a balcony at the Quartermaine Mansion [Apr 2005]
    • Crashed his motorcycle [Aug 2005]
    • Almost poisoned to death by Asher Thomas [Aug 2005]
    • Kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint by Allegra Montenegro [Aug 2005]
    • Terrorized and held hostage at gunpoint (along with Sam) by Manny Ruiz [Oct 2005]
    • Shot in the leg by Manny Ruiz [Oct 2005]
    • Began suffering severe headaches after taking an experimental drug [Fall 2005]
    • Injured in a train wreck [Nov 2005]
    • His heart stopped [Nov 2005]
    • Began suffering extreme seizures as a side effect of the drug and required surgery [Dec 2005]
    • Shot in the shoulder by Manny Ruiz while attempting to rescue Sam McCall [Jul 4, 2006]
    • Shot in the knee by police [Nov 2006]
    • Hit over the head with a tequila bottle and rendered temporarily unconscious by Lulu Spencer [Nov 2006]
    • Suffered bruises to the face from a fight with Jerry Jacks (aka James Craig) [Feb 2007]
    • Trapped in an elevator with Elizabeth Webber following the Metro Court explosion [Feb 2007]
    • Suffered burns to his hands while trying to save a women in a burning ambulance [Jul 2007; GH:NS]
    • Held at gunpoint by Anthony Zacchara at the Black and White Ball (along with Elizabeth) [Nov 2007]

    • Severed tendons in both of his hands from shards of glass being embedded in them[29], while rescuing Elizabeth (and Sam) from Diego Alcazar (aka the Text Message Killer) and required three reconstructive surgeries[30] [Mar 2008; suffered from severe blood loss due to his hand injury]
    • Knocked unconscious[31] (suffered a concussion as a result) [Mar 2008]
    • Suffered a bout of Asian flu [Jun 2008]
    • Almost smothered to death with a pillow in his sleep by Claudia Zacchara (it looked like she was about to but when he woke up she just told him she was giving him an extra pillow) [Jun 2008]
    • Held at gunpoint by Jerry Jacks [Nov 11, 2008]
    • Trapped in a cave with Sam [Dec 2008]
    • Blackmailed by Special Agent Tom Rayner into gathering information on Anthony Zacchara and Sonny Corinthos or else Spinelli would go to federal prison [Jan 13-Mar 24, 2009]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint [Feb 4, 2009]
    • Accidentally shot in the shoulder by Sam McCall during the hospital bio-toxin crisis [Feb 4, 2009]
    • Knocked out by Sonny [Feb 5, 2009]
    • Injured in a car bomb explosion [Apr 23-24, 2009]
    • Hit by Michael [Jun 2009]
    • Developed an infection after Jerry Jacks shot him in the clavicle and trapped him underneath the rubble of an abandoned church, leaving him for dead; he suffered from hallucinations as a result the infection [Aug 2009]
    • Arrested for soliciting sex (he and Sam were paying for a room but a cop thought Jason was paying Sam for sex) [Oct 16, 2009; innocent]
    • Stalked by Franco [Nov-Dec 2009]
    • Assaulted by Johnny Zacchara [Jan 2010]
    • Almost killed by Carter [Jul 22, 2010]
    • Used as bait to draw Franco out of hiding [Summer 2010]
    • Slapped by Elizabeth [Mar 22, 2011]
    • Suffered a head injury after a car accident [Aug 2011]
    • Underwent a brain biopsy [Aug 2011]
    • Has a seizure [Aug 2011]
    • Underwent brain surgery to remove a piece of dashboard from his 1995 car accident with A.J. [Aug 2011]
    • Passed out in his hospital room [Aug 2011]
    • Drugged and trapped in a room by Franco and was forced to watch what he believed was Franco raping his then wife, Sam [Nov 2011; Sam learned that she hadn't been raped in May 2013]
    • Rendered unconscious after running into Michael while on his motorcycle [Dec 2011]
    • Passed out in the hospital corridor [Jan 2012]
    • Passed out [Feb 2012]
    • Underwent surgery to relieve the swelling on his brain [Feb 2012]
    • Experienced a fever after ingesting the toxin Jerry Jacks had placed in the Port Charles water supply [Sep 2012]
    • Shot in the leg by Ewen Keenan while rescuing Elizabeth Webber [Sep 2012]
    • Almost got shot by Joe Scully, Jr [Oct 2012]
    • Presumed dead after being shot in the back by Cesar Faison (disguised as Duke Lavery) and dumped into the harbor [Oct 19-22, 2012; Jason was revealed to be alive on Feb 3-4, 2014]
    • Held captive at a clinic in Russia by Dr. Klein under the orders of Peter August [Oct 2012-Oct 2017; as Patient 6]

    • Is a perfect bone marrow match for his son, Danny [revealed Aug 5, 2016][32][33][34]
    • Given a sedative [Sep 25, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Attacked by Huxley Lynch and nearly hit with a pipe [Oct 4, 2017; revealed Oct 6, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Held at gunpoint by Sonny Corinthos [Oct 24, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Delvin attempted to shoot him [Oct 27, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Jumped into the water to save Sam [Oct 30, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Threatened by his brother, Drew Cain [Nov 2, 2017; as Patient 6]
    • Bruised his face during the fight with Drew [Mar 27, 2018]
    • Held at gunpoint by Anna Devane [May 22, 2018]
    • Ran into Charlie's pub to save Kristina and was caught in an explosion [Sep 10, 2018]
    • Assumed hypothermia and bruised ribs after falling into the catacombs [Jan 22, 2019; escaped and made it into cold waters of Pier 55 on Jan 23, 2019; rescued by Sam on Jan 24, 2019]
    • Infected by a latent virus and rendered temporarily blind [Feb 22-25, 2019]
    • Slapped by Sam [Feb 26, 2019]
    • Nearly had a knife pulled on him by Dante Falconeri [Mar 28, 2019]
    • Falsely accused of abducting Carol Lockhart [Jun 26, 2019; arrested]
    • Was going to be killed by Officer Billy Pryce under the orders of Shiloh [Jun 27, 2019]
    • Nearly blackmailed by Shiloh into having Drew's memories transferred onto him or else Sam would die [Aug 5-6, 2019]
    • Assaulted by Shiloh and then had his gun stolen by him [Aug 5-6, 2019]
    • Threatened by "Drew Cain" [Aug 16, 2019]
    • Attacked and nearly bludgeoned to death by Shiloh after losing a fight to him [Sep 25-26, 2019]
    • Got into a fight with two of Cassandra Pierce's henchmen at two separate times while rescuing Charlotte Cassadine from Cassandra [Nov 12, 2019]

    • Shot at multiple times by one of Cyrus Renault's men [Jan 30, 2020]
    • Shot at multiple times by another one of Cyrus' men [Feb 4, 2020]
    • Engaged in a gun battle with Walker and Cyrus' men [Feb 28, 2020]
    • Rendered unconscious after a motorcycle crash caused by Cyrus [Aug 6-11, 2020; Cyrus' involvement revealed on Aug 7, 2020; had exploratory brain surgery on Aug 10, 2020]
    • Left the hospital prematurely [Aug 24, 2020]

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    1. Billy Miller was originally hired as a Jason Morgan recast in 2014, but was later retconned as Jason's twin Andrew Cain due to Steve Burton's return in 2017.
    2. He took her maiden name after his accident in 1995.
    3. Jason celebrated his 22nd birthday onscreen in 1995.
    4. On November 6, 2017, "Jason" saw Andrew's birth date on his fake death certificate listed as November 11, 1976 and said that that was his birth date.
    5. Shown on Drew's Do Not Resuscitate papers on June 5, 2018 ...
    6. Franco, as "Drew", saw his driver license which showed March 7, 1970 and Jason and Drew share the same birthday as him.
    7. He control's (along with Sam) his son, Danny's 6.5%.
    8. Courtney was still married to A.J., whom she thought was dead. ... "Skye: Ok, I'm trying to understand this here now. You and Jason were never legally married, right, so you're divorced now, so what does it matter? Unless, of course, you're still so hung up on Jason that you need your marriage to be valid retrospect?."
    9. Only because he was drugged.
    10. Although her biological father was Sonny Corinthos, Jason was her intended legal father.
    33. ... Sam: Jason's been tested. He is a perfect match. He is a perfect donor for Danny. Danny is gonna be just fine. You, on the other hand, you are expendable.
    34. Since this was Drew and Jason and Drew were born identical twins, he would be a match too.

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