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Jasper Jacks and Nina Reeves are fictional characters and former lovers on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


On May 17, 2019, Nina is hosting The 2019 Nurses' Ball and she meets Jasper Jacks and she is lost for words. Jax later surprises Nina in her office and he tells her that he bought Crimson from Drew and he is her new boss. They begin to talk about the budget of the company and how they can make changes for the better.

Nina proposes that if the September issue of the magazine does really well, then she controls how the money is spent. Nina realizes that she needs to do really well with this issue, which means putting all her energy into it and also putting off her wedding to Valentin. After she breaks the news to him, he is concerned and not happy about it.

Nina begins work on the issue with Maxie and they need to figure out who is going to be on the cover. Maxie suggests Ava Jerome and Nina is obviously not okay with it. Maxie and Sasha are able to convince her and she goes to talk to Ava. Ava is skeptical about the offer, because shes worried that its going to make her look bad. Ava considers the offer and she says nothing is official until she reads her contract. After Jax finds out about this, he isn't happy about it because Ava killed Connie Falconeri and basically killed Morgan Corinthos.

Nina runs into Jax and Valentin talking due to Valentin wanting to buy Jax out of Crimson.

On January 3, 2020 (New Year's Eve on the show), Jax tried to talk Nina out of getting revenge and suggested she cut her losses which left her torn on what to do. Later on, Nikolas crashed Valentin and Nina's wedding and revealed himself to everyone before confronting Valentin.

Nikolas revealed that not only is Valentin not the rightful heir, he is also Helena's son, not Mikkos' which means he is not a Cassadine. Nina also confronted Valentin by saying she knows he was behind the fake daughter scam when he hired Sasha Gilmore to pretend to be her daughter. Jax later took Nina to the coffee shop and comforted her over everything that happened, even by revealing that he booked her a suite at the Metro Court.

On February 14, 2020, Jax and Nina made love for the first time.

In January 2021, Jax and Nina told each other they loved each other for the first time.

On February 1, Nina learned that Nelle was her daughter, and that Jax had known for months.

On February 5, Nina laid into Jax for his lies, his lack of trust in her, and his constant need for validation from Carly. He pleaded with her, but she broke up with him and kicked him out of her office.

On September 8 (September 17th on the show), Jax - thinking that Sonny might be alive - surprises Nina in Nixon Falls. He sees an amnesiac Sonny who thinks he's "Mike". Nina and "Mike" claim to love each other, and Jax admits that the nails are firmly in the coffin of their relationship. After Sonny leaves, Jax and Nina have it out, with Nina trying to rationalize keeping Sonny from his home and family, and Jax trying to get Nina to understand the lives she is ruining and possible catastrophe she's set in motion.