Jerome Gallery
Ava and Julian at the Jerome gallery
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Art gallery
Source(s) General Hospital
Notable people Ava Jerome (owner)
Address Port Charles, New York

The Jerome gallery is an art gallery owned by Ava Jerome. Ava's brother Julian Jerome is her financial backer. It opened in November 2013, when Ava moved her art dealing business to Port Charles. The gallery also serves as a front and base for the Jerome mob family's illegal dealings. It was built on the former site of Luke's Blues Club.


The Jerome gallery had its grand opening on November 6, 2013. Ava opened her gallery with a show featuring the work of artist Franco. In reality all of Franco's pieces were painted by Heather Webber. The grand opening of the gallery was full of revelations. First, Heather revealed to everyone that she is Franco's biological mother and Scott Baldwin is his biological father. Next, Sonny Corinthos outed Ava's brother, "Derek Wells" as Julian Jerome.

The gallery operates as a base for Ava and Julian's illegal dealings and they are often seen conducting personal and work-related business in the gallery. In March 2014, Jordan Ashford arrives in town and becomes the manager of the gallery. In April 2014, the exhibits in the gallery were changed to feature the paintings of artist, Andrew Elliott.

In May 2014, the gallery was the setting of a showdown between Ava and Julian. Julian tried to kill his sister on orders from his boss, who is masquerading as Luke Spencer. Ava got the upper-hand on Julian and almost killed him until Shawn Butler arrived and reminded Ava that Sonny wanted Julian to stay alive for Danny Morgan's sake. After the confrontation, Shawn, on orders from Sonny, took Ava out of town for her protection.

In late May, Julian invited his girlfriend, Alexis Davis and children, Sam Morgan and Lucas Jones to the gallery for a family dinner, where he would also share a special announcement. At the dinner, Julian announces to his family that he is leaving the mob. They all celebrate, but their celebration is cut short, when Lucas is shot on orders from the faux Luke.


  • Franco's parents are revealed at the gallery (2013)
  • Julian's identity is revealed (2013)
  • Ava sets up a new exhibit (2014)
  • Jordan is hired as gallery manager (2014)
  • Julian and Fluke use the gallery as a base of operations (2014)
  • Julian threatens Ava (2014)
  • Julian and Alexis at the gallery (2014)
  • Jerome family dinner at the gallery (2014)
  • Lucas is shot at the gallery (2014)
  • Sonny threatens Julian at the gallery (2014)
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