Joe Scully, Jr.
Joe jr 1
General Hospital
Portrayed by Richard Steinmetz
First appearance July 2, 2012
Last appearance October 23, 2012
Cause/reason Died
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Namesake(s) Joseph Mitchell "Joe" Scully, Sr.
Joseph Mitchell "Trey" Scully III
Nickname(s) Joe Jr.
Ethnicity Italian-American
Gender Male
Born 1969[1]
Brooklyn, New York
Died October 23, 2012
Quartermaine Mansion
66 Harbor View Road
Port Charles, New York
Age 43 (at death)
Cause of death Shot in the chest by Jason in self-defense
  • Antiques dealer
  • Head of the Scully mob family
  • Member of the Lavery mob family
  • Joseph Mitchell "Joe" Scully, Jr. was a fictional character on the soap opera General Hospital. He was the son of the late, mob boss, Joe Scully, and the father of the late, Trey Mitchell, through raping the now late, Connie Falconeri (aka Kate Howard).

    He was portrayed by actor Richard Steinmetz from July 2, 2012 until October 23, 2012.


    His on-screen appearance was short in 2012. He was the mystery financier of the production of his son's Trey Mitchell reality show of Mob Princess. The show's main character was supposed to be Kristina Corinthos detailing her life as a mob daughter of Sonny Corinthos. He is seen on-screen in Atlantic City in his Antiques shop where Sonny Corinthos sends for him. He is later arrested.

    He is mysteriously released with the help of Jerry Jacks. He is later seen in Port Charles. Jerry orders him to help in his water contamination scheme. He is given an antitoxin from Jerry. He gives it to his new romance Tracy Quartermaine.

    Scully was instructed by Cesar Faison under the disguise of Duke Lavery to persuade his son Trey to marry Kristina. Trey married Kristina in Las Vegas during the water contamination scare. Scully then kidnapped Kristina and was almost going to kill her. Trey stopped him and the father and son engaged into a struggle for the gun. The gun goes off and Joe is shot in the shoulder.

    Scully jase

    Joe almost shoots Jason, but instead he gets fatally shot by him for doing so

    Joe Scully, Jr. later arrives on the docks at Pier 52, sent by Faison to kill Bernie Abrahms. Joe shoots Bernie, but Jason arrives and tells him to surrender. Joe tries to shoot him, but Jason fatally shoots him in the chest. After both Bernie and Jason are shot by Faison who is disguised as Duke, Faison tries to shoot Scully, but the shot misses and Scully gets away.

    Joe then arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion were he tells Tracy to call his son for him, Trey arrives and Joe tells him that he loves him and also tells him that Sonny shot him, when in truth it was really Jason that did it. Joe Scully, Jr. then dies from his gunshot wound.

    Crimes Committed

    Health and Vitals

    • Kidnapped and tied up in one of Sonny Corinthos's warehouses by Jason Morgan under the orders of Sonny Corinthos [Jul 2012]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint by Sonny [Jul 2012]
    • Experienced a fever after being exposed to the toxin placed in the town's water supply by Jerry Jacks [Sep 2012]
    • Accidentally shot in the shoulder when he and his son, Trey fought over a gun [Oct 2012]
    • Shot in the chest by Jason Morgan [Oct 2012]
    • Almost got shot by Cesar Faison (impersonating Duke Lavery) [Oct 2012]
    • Died at the Quartermaine Mansion after being shot in the chest by Jason Morgan [Oct 2012]

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    1. Joe Jr. is about the same age as Sonny.
    2. Conceived via rape.

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