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John Everett
General Hospital
Portrayed by James Mendenhall
Duration 1979-83
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Gender Male
Occupation Attorney
Mayor of Port Charles

John Everett was a fictional character on the soap opera General Hospital.


John Everett served as Mayor of Port Charles from December 1979 until December 1983. An attorney by trade, he appointed Robert Scorpio as Police Commissioner in January of 1983. Interestingly, he endorsed Luke Spencer to succeed him as Mayor, even though fellow attorney Lee Baldwin was also running for the job.

Ironically, after Jake Meyer tried and failed at taking over Mayor Lee Baldwin's corporate law practice in early 1984, it was John Everett who then assumed management of Lee's law office.

Positions held

Predecessor Mayor Successor
Bruce Jennings
John Everett
Luke Spencer

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