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Jordan Ashford
Briana Nicole Henry as Jordan Ashford
General Hospital
Portrayed by Vinessa Antoine (2014-18)
Briana Henry
Current status Contract
Duration 2014-present
First appearance March 14, 2014
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Nickname(s) Ash (by Curtis)
Ethnicity African-American
Gender Female
Born December 9, 1975
Age 44
Occupation Commissioner of the PCPD
Title Commissioner
Residence Ashford Loft
485 Paulsen Street
Port Charles, New York
Vinessa Antoine as Jordan Ashford

Comr. Jordan Ashford is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

The role was most notably portrayed by actress Vinessa Antoine from March 14, 2014 to September 7, 2018. It was announced, on August 10, 2018, that actress Briana Henry would be Antoine's replacement and she made her first appearance on September 13, 2018.


On March 14, 2014, the role of Jordan Ashford was originated by actress Vinessa Antoine. After 4 years with the show, Antoine announced her departure on July 16, 2018. Antoine chose to leave the series after she was cast in the lead role of the upcoming Canadian drama Diggstown.

Regarding Antoine's departure, an ABC rep told Soap Opera Digest, "Vinessa Antoine exercised her pilot out and is choosing to leave the show. While we are incredibly sad to see an actress of her caliber go, we feel that the character of Jordan Ashford is too important to lose and will be recasting the role."[2][3][4]

On August 10, 2018, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that the role of Jordan had been recast with actress Briana Nicole Henry.[5]

Antoine last aired on September 7, 2018.[6] Henry made her debut on September 13, 2018.[7]



Jordan with son TJ and husband Curtis

Jordan is the mother of T.J. Ashford, and the widow of the late, Thomas Ashford Sr. She gave her son the option of living with Shawn Butler or military school, because she could no longer handle him.

Shawn reveals that the true reason she sent TJ to live with him was because she was arrested for running drugs in Maryland and spent two years in prison.

However, both Shawn and TJ are unaware that her arrest and association with drug dealers are all apart of her undercover operation with the DEA.

She has since been fired from the DEA and has been offered a job at the PCPD.

In 2014, it is revealed that Shawn and Jordan had an affair before TJ was born and that when Tommy found a letter about the DNA test proving that Tommy, not Shawn, was TJ's father, confirming Shawn and Jordan's affair, he became so enraged that he attacked Shawn. Tommy pulled a gun but before he could kill Shawn, Shawn killed him first.

On May 22, 2015, Jordan confirmed that Shawn, not Tommy, is in fact TJ's father.

After years of animosity, she has come to respect Franco for his many sacrifices he has made in capturing notorious serial killer Ryan Chamberlain.



Jordan begins her undercover work

Much to the surprise of TJ and Shawn, Jordan arrives in Port Charles in mid-March to reconnect with her son. She lets Shawn and TJ know that she has decided to stay in town. She is soon hired by Ava Jerome to be the manager of her art gallery. However, this is just as a cover, as she later approaches Julian Jerome with interest in getting involved in the more illegal side of his business. She tells him of her successful past dealing drugs and her reputation and Julian agrees to bring her into his organization to deal with that side of the business. Shawn strongly objects to her association with the Jeromes and confronts Jordan about her involvement with them.


Jordan and TJ

Jordan threatens to tell TJ the truth about what really happened to his father in order to get Shawn off her back. Nevertheless, Shawn continues to show his discomfort at Jordan's being involved with the Jeromes and in response to this, Jordan points out Shawn's involvement with the Corinthos mob family. In early May, despite her volatile relationship with Shawn, she attends the Nurses' Ball with him. After the Nurses' Ball, TJ tells his mother that he got accepted to Port Charles University. Jordan was so proud of her son that she gifted him with a brand new car. On May 21, Jordan goes to the Haunted Star casino to oversee the arrival of a shipment of drugs. The import meeting was busted by Commissioner Anna Devane and Det. Dante Falconeri. Jordan and many of Julian's men were arrested and taken down to the station.


Jordan reveals her cover to Anna

On the docks, Jordan reveals to Anna that she is not truly a drug dealer, but is an undercover agent working for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to infiltrate the Jerome mob family and keep them from bringing drugs into the city. She has also been tasked with finding out who Julian works for and bringing them down. Anna calls and confirms with Jordan's superior, Bob Massicotte, before believing her story. Anna helps Jordan come up with another plan to salvage her operation. While in lockup, TJ visits Jordan and confronts her on her arrest. He yells at her for her illegal "career choice" and for lying to him before giving her the keys back to the new car she bought him, leaving her in tears. Later, Anna gets Jordan released from custody on a technicality by claiming that Dante fumbled while reading her the Miranda Rights. Anna tells Dante that Jordan is working undercover for the DEA and he reluctantly agrees to Anna's plan to get Jordan released, so she can resume her operation and keep her cover intact.


Anna goes to Jordan for information

After Ric Lansing is arrested for supposedly being Julian's boss, Anna tries to convince Jordan to stop her undercover work, believing that she has already gotten her man. Excited by the prospect of finally being able to tell TJ the truth, Jordan eventually agrees that her assignment is finished. She prepares to close out the case and tell TJ the truth that she is not a drug dealer. However, just as she is about to call TJ, Julian finds her in the park and reveals that he has another job for her. Julian admits to Jordan that Ric is not his real boss, he only framed Ric to protect his family and the identity of the true boss. He also reveals to Jordan that he is still in the business, despite the highly publicized reports of his retirement. Jordan is hesitant to pick up another assignment from Julian, but once she realizes she really has no choice, she agrees. When Julian leaves the park, Jordan calls Anna to meet her again. She tells Anna that Julian admitted that Ric was framed and the real boss is still out there. Therefore, Jordan was forced to continue her undercover work, until they find the real boss and bring him down.


Jordan and Shawn kiss

Julian's boss is revealed to be Fluke, though this still remains unknown to Jordan. When Fluke goes out of town, he sends his enforcer, Mickey Diamond to keep an eye on the Jerome organization in his absence. In the meantime, Jordan's flirtation with Shawn intensifies and the two share a close moment and almost kiss in the park. One day, Mickey catches Jordan talking to Anna in the park, but she quickly covers by telling Mickey that Anna was just badgering her. Jordan decides to go on a date with Mickey to get more information out of him on his boss. Their date at the MetroCourt is interrupted by Shawn, who is clearly unhappy and jealous at seeing the two of them together. Mickey sets up another date for them back at his hotel room. Jordan arrives at the room early to search it for any clues. Shawn finds her in the room and questions her on what she is planning to do with Mickey. The two start to argue, which ends in a kiss.


Jordan holds Mickey at gunpoint, moments before Julian ran into the room and blew out Mickey's brains

Jordan managed to get Shawn out of the room just as Mickey arrived. Jordan and Mickey started to kiss, but before it went any further, Mickey found the tape recorder she planted over the bed. Mickey says he was suspicious of Jordan all along and he listens to the tape recorder. Jordan's cover is blown and Mickey discovers that she's a DEA agent. He tries to kill her but they fight over the gun. Jordan gets the upper hand and holds Mickey at gun point. She tries to make a deal with him to get the name of his boss, but he refuses. Before Jordan can try another tactic, Julian busts through the door and shoots Mickey in the head for setting off an explosion at his girlfriend, Alexis Davis' family home.


Jordan and Ava

Mickey is critically injured but tries to blow Jordan's cover to Julian. Before he has the chance, Jordan convinces Julian to leave and tells him that she'll cover for him. Mickey is taken to the hospital where he is later declared brain dead. Back at the hotel suite, Jordan fills Anna in on the night's events, when Mickey's phone starts to ring again. Jordan tells Anna that the boss called earlier in the night and was probably calling again. Jordan answers the phone and talks briefly with Fluke before he hung up on her. Afterward, Jordan tells Anna that she recognized the voice and it sounded like Luke Spencer. Jordan begins sleeping with Shawn, but they decide to keep their relationship a secret for TJ's sake and because they both "work" for rival mob organizations.

Jordan gets closer to Ava in an attempt to find out the name of her boss. One day while Ava and Jordan are talking, Ava starts to experience severe stomach pains and Jordan takes her to the hospital. Jordan and Shawn's affiliations with rival organizations starts to cause problems in their relationship when Jordan walks in on Shawn trying to kidnap Ava for Sonny. Jordan and Shawn held guns on each other in a stand-off, which ultimately ended with Jordan helping Ava escape. Afterward Jordan and Shawn argued about the ordeal.


Jordan and Curtis kiss

It was also revealed that Curtis and Jordan have a thing for each other and they kiss. Jordan and Andre also broke up. Jordan and Curtis eventually start dating and she offers him a job at the PCPD, which he turns down to continue working as a PI (and with Drew).

After getting married, Jordan and Curtis are on their way to the honeymoon suite on the haunted star. After opening the door they find Kiki Jerome because Ryan Chamberlain had just murdered her and moved her body to the room.


On February 6, 2019, Jordan arrests Franco Baldwin for attempted murder of Lulu Spencer-Falconeri. After going through more evidence she realizes that Franco did not commit any of the murders that Ryan framed him for. She tells him that he needs to plead guilty for the murders to lure out the real killer. He agrees and pleads guilty at the arraignment. After Franco is sent to Ferncliff for evaluation, she gives him a burner phone he can keep in contact with her. After she leaves Ferncliff, she is seen in the GH parking lot getting hit by Drew's car after he suddenly goes blind. She is seen at the the hospital in critical condition with bodily injuries as well as damage to her kidneys. Her BP goes up and she has to have one of her kidneys removed and she is in need of a transplant. She begins dialysis treatment until she can get a transplant. TJ gets concerned when he speculates that shes not telling the whole truth about her treatment. He finds her medical records at GH and her chart shows that the treatment is becoming less affective. He goes to confront her and he asks if she is going to tell Curtis. She tells him that she doesnt need Curtis to be worries about her. Curtis later comes to tell her that he is leaving to Canada to investigate the Ryan Chamberlain situation.

Jordan finally finds a match with Kevin Collins but he is not able to give it to her because he is pre diabetic. Ryan is later brought to GH after Ava stabs him and they find out that he is a match for Jordan. Stella is able to convince him to donate his kidney to her.

Crimes Committed

  • Adultery; had and affair with Shawn Butler while married to Thomas Ashford [1995; TJ was born in 1996; revealed 2014]
  • Manufactured evidence with the help of Marcus Taggert, Bob Massicotte and Mark Simon, and then framed Cyrus Renault for crimes which he was guilty of committing [pre-2010; revealed on Feb 6, 2020, details revealed on Feb 21, 2020]
  • Dealing drugs (while working undercover) [revealed Apr 16, 2014; served two year in prison]
  • Did illegal work for Julian Jerome [Feb-Dec 2014]
  • Drug trafficking (while working undercover) [May 21, 2014; arrested and released]
  • Admitted that she bribed the maid into giving her the key card to Mickey Diamond's hotel suite [Jul 25, 2014]
  • Broke into Mickey Diamond's hotel suite [Jul 25, 2014]
  • Slapped Shawn Butler [Jul 25, 2014]
  • Kicked Mickey Diamond in the groin and then hit him in the head in self-defense [Jul 29, 2014]
  • Held Mickey Diamond at gunpoint in self-defense [Jul 29, 2014]
  • Covered up the fatal shooting of Mickey by agreeing to lie and say she blew his brains out when Julian did it [Jul 2014]
  • Covered up Ava's car accident, where she hit Drew Cain, by saying she was the driver [Sep 24, 2014]
  • Attacked Shawn's guard, swiped his gun and rendered him unconscious [Oct 30, 2014]
  • Held Carlos Rivera at gunpoint in order to prevent him from killing Ric Lansing [Dec 23, 2014]
  • Assaulted Julian in self-defense [Dec 29, 2014]
  • Election Tampering; disposed of a ballot box that held uncounted votes from the mayoral election under the orders of Duke Lavery (along with Shawn) [revealed Jan 13, 2015]
  • Dug up Bill Eckert's grave (while working undercover) [Jan 23, 2015]
  • Shot and killed Duke's hitman, Bruce, in self-defense [May 2, 2015; shown on May 8, 2015]
  • Slapped Andre Maddox [May 2, 2016]
  • Threatened to kill Cyrus Renault after he had her son, T.J. kidnapped [Mar 12, 2020]
  • Held Lorraine "Harmony" Miller at gunpoint [Mar 18, 2020]
  • Lying about her involvement in the manufactured evidence she created with Taggert, Bob, and Mark to bring down Cyrus [Mar 30, 2020-present]
  • Threatened to kill Cyrus if he doesn't release her son T.J. [Apr 6, 2020]

Health and Vitals

  • Sexually harassed during her first year at the DEA [pre-2014; revealed on Jul 24, 2018]
  • Held at gunpoint by Mickey Diamond [Jul 29, 2014]
  • Thrown to the floor and strangled by Mickey [Jul 29, 2014]
  • Attacked and tied up by Heather Webber [Oct 30, 2014]
  • Held at hostage at gunpoint by Heather [Oct 30, 2014]
  • Locked in a room with Shawn Butler at first, then with Carly Jacks, and Heather Webber by Franco [Oct 30-Nov 12, 2014]
  • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Julian Jerome [Dec 26-29, 2014]
  • Unknowingly held at gunpoint by a sniper sent by Duke Lavery [Apr 22-24, 2015]
  • Sprained her ankle [Apr 24, 2015]
  • Shot at by Duke's sniper, Bruce [Apr 24, 2015]
  • Almost got shot and killed by Bruce [May 2, 2015; shown on May 8, 2015]
  • Knocked unconscious by Olivia Jerome's henchman, Rudge [Mar 8, 2017]
  • Assaulted by Nelle Benson [Aug 3, 2018]
  • Hit by a car driven by Drew Cain [Feb 22, 2019]
  • Suffered from kidney damage as a result of being hit by Drew [Feb 22-Jun 7, 2019; revealed Feb 25, 2019]
  • Fainted due to her kidney damage [Apr 30, 2019]
  • Received a kidney donation from Ryan Chamberlain and cured of kidney damage [Jun 7, 2019]
  • Blackmailed by Lorraine "Harmony" Miller into working for Cyrus Renault under Cyrus' orders or else bad things would happen to her (Jordan's) son, T.J. [Mar 13-Apr 7, 2020]

Positions held

Predecessor Chief of Police or Police Commissioner Successor
Kyle Sloane
Jordan Ashford

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