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Julian Jerome
William deVry as Julian Jerome
General Hospital
Portrayed by Jason Culp (1988-90)
William deVry (2013-present)
Current status Contract
Duration 1988-90, 2013-present
First appearance February 24, 1988
Created by Ann Marcus
Norma Monty
Introduced by Gloria Monty (1988)
Frank Valentini (2013)
Alias(es) Derek Wells
Nickname(s) Jules
Charlie (by Kim)
Gender Male
Born 1959[1] (Revised to 1961)[2]
Age 59
Education Dartmouth College
  • Owner of Charlie's Pub
  • Financier of Ava's art gallery
  • Former co-owner of Xtreme Motors
  • Former President and CEO of Derek Wells Media (Crimson and The Press) [3]
  • Residence Charlie's Pub[4]
    320 Charles St.[5]
    Port Charles, New York
    Jason Culp as Julian Jerome

    Julian V. Jerome[8] is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of the late mob boss, Victor Jerome and an unknown woman.

    He was originally portrayed by actor Jason Culp from 1988 to 1990.

    After 23 years of being presumed dead, the character was brought back to the series in 2013.

    Veteran soap actor William deVry debuted in the role of Julian Jerome on July 30, 2013, using the alias Derek Wells.


    The role was originated by Jason Culp on February 24, 1988. Culp made his final appearance on March 16, 1990.[9]

    On July 8, 2013, TV Source Magazine announced exclusively that Wiliam deVry, previously known for his role as Storm Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful and his Emmy-nominated role as Michael Cambias on All My Children, had joined the cast of General Hospital in an undisclosed contract role.

    deVry filmed his first scenes on July 9, reportedly with Maura West, who had recently joined the cast as Ava Jerome.[10]

    deVry later took to Facebook to confirm the news and revealed his first air date to be July 30. deVry also appeared briefly on the General Hospital spin-off, Port Charles.

    deVry said that when he originally auditioned for the role, he wanted to make sure the series was not using the open casting call in an attempt to cast someone else. Fortunately, no decision had been made and they were still testing candidates for the role. Three weeks after his first audition, deVry had a screen test.

    The character and casting was very much a mystery. deVry revealed that he and the others who auditioned for role were only given a vague character breakdown. However, the lack of information provided for the character only piqued his interest. deVry also revealed that he was hesitant to take the role due to his history with All My Children and the sudden change in direction for the character of Michael Cambias with the installation of new producers.

    deVry was offered a screen test immediately after his audition. deVry screen test with Maurice Benard, who portrays Sonny Corinthos. A few days later, deVry booked the role and was offered a four-year contract with the series. deVry filmed his first official scenes with Sullivan, and also confirmed that he had indeed worked with West.

    On August 6, 2017, Soap Opera Digest revealed that deVry has been off contract July and taped his last taped a the end of June before the show took it's three week hiatus. He tells Digest that his contract negotiation relationship with the show and the network remains “amicable”. He's also fairly certain that they will come to some sort of agreement.[11][12][13]

    On August 11, Executive producer Frank Valentini revealed that deVry is staying at GH.[14][15][16][17][18]

    On October 17, it was revealed that deVry is back in the "General Hospital" studio taping scenes.[19]

    deVry returned on November 7, 2017.

    TV Source confirmed the character's name as Derek Wells, the boss of fashion editor Connie Falconeri, portrayed by the departing Kelly Sullivan.[10] Derek comes to town with an "agenda", said deVry. However, deVry claimed that he had not filmed with West.[20] deVry described Derek as a "really strong character."[21]

    Soaps In Depth speculated that deVry's Derek would factor into many more storyline.[22] deVry later confirmed those speculations. Soaps In Depth described Derek as a "media mogul" who would cause trouble for several other characters, including Sullivan's Connie and by extension Benard's Sonny.[23]

    Derek is introduced as the new owner of Connie's fashion magazine, Crimson, and its parent publication, the tabloid recently abandoned by Todd Manning (Roger Howarth). deVry said that anyone who comes in contact with Derek should watch their backs. Soaps In Depth speculated that Derek would factor into Connie's departure from the canvas.[23]

    Michael Fairman speculated that Derek Wells was just a code name and that Derek Wells was somehow connected to the infamous Jerome crime family. Ron Carlivati previewed the month of August and hinted that Derek Wells shared a connection to Ava and the original Jerome family.

    According to Carlivati, deVry's introduction opens the door for a new and bigger story.[24] deVry admitted that the decision to make his character Julian Jerome was very last minute and he was only made aware of the potential decision a few days before taped his first scenes. Upon's deVry's introduction as Julian, it is revealed that he and sister Ava were behind the gambling ring that afforded them the opportunity to infiltrate the Corinthos crime organization.[25]



    Julian Jerome is the youngest son of crime lord Victor Jerome, born in 1959 revised to 1961. Unlike his older brothers, Victor favors Julian and protects him from the mob life. While in graduate school, Julian has a three-year romance with Cheryl Stansbury and they fall in love.

    According to his sister, Olivia, Julian even plans to marry Cheryl. However, Julian is forced to break off the relationship as Victor refuses to involve Cheryl in the family business.[26]

    In 1989 revised to 1987, Julian and Cheryl's son, Lucas Jones was born. On July 18, 2016, after finding out that he murdered Carlos and tried to murder Alexis, Lucas disowned Julian through his son he gained a son in law Brad Cooper and a adoptive grandson Wiley Cooper-Jones unfortunately died of SIDS on July 26,2018.

    In 2013, it is revealed that Julian had a one night stand in 1979 with his ex-wife, attorney, Alexis Davis, which resulted in their daughter, Sam McCall. Through his daughter, Sam, he has three grandchildren:Stillborn Lila and Danny and Scout. On August 5, 2016, after finding out everything Julian had done including murdering Carlos and trying to murder her mother, Sam disowned Julian.

    He and Olivia Falconeri have a son, Leo Falconeri, through a one night stand, which occurred upon learning Alexis and Ned were spending the night together. Shortly after Leo's birth, Olivia (and Ned) faked his death in order to keep him safe from his father's business. In October 2015, Julian finds out that Leo is in fact alive and due to him being out of the mob, Olivia agrees to let him be a father to their son. On July 18, 2016, after finding out that he murdered Carlos and tried to murder Alexis, Olivia told Julian that he will no longer be a part of Leo's life.

    Julian and Alexis were married on February 19, 2016[27] (shown on February 22-23, 2016). On July 22, 2016, Alexis dropped off divorce papers with Julian because of everything he had done including trying to kill her. They were officially divorced in September of 2016.

    In 2016, Julian went to trial and was charged with solicitation, theft of evidence, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit the murder of Duke Lavery, the first degree murder of Carlos Rivera and the attempted murder of Alexis Davis, but was found not guilty on all charges.

    It was revealed that Julian was forced to do everything mob related that he did by his not so dead sister, Olivia Jerome. On August 25, 2017, Julian was sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison for all of the crimes he committed that had to do with Olivia.

    It was seen that he still wears his wedding ring and is still in love with Alexis.


    Julian comes to town trying to help his father, Victor, take out his rivals alongside Victor's other henchman, Duke Lavery. He helped Duke rescue Anna from the crazy Grant Andrews. They became very good friends, and Julian wanted Duke's help to legitimize his family's organization. Before they could make it happen, Julian took a bullet meant for Duke on March 21, 1988. Although they took some steps to legitimize, the plan mostly failed when Olivia tried to take over. On October 17, 1988, his former lover Cheryl was at his grave, mourning him. Its revealed that Julian is alive and Victor helped him fake his death. He was shot but the doctor went along with the idea he died, and was living in California recuperating. His father's associate Max basically confirmed to Julian that Olivia Jerome was behind the hit that got him shot. She said she put the hit out on Duke not him.

    Soon after, Julian found himself in a power struggle for his father's business with his sister, Olivia and his illegitimate half-brother, Dino. Dino tried to kill Olivia, but ended up leaving her with a severe brain injury that required her to be institutionalized. Dino was arrested, and Victor died after becoming insanely obsessed with Lucy Coe.

    Julian would eventually become the head of the Jerome empire, but was seeking revenge on Duke for turning against his father. He enlisted Olivia to help him finally kill Duke. However, their plan misfired and Duke's wife, Anna Devane miscarried their unborn child. Olivia tried to alert Anna about Julian's plans, but Julian abducted and killed her before she could. Duke sought revenge on the Jeromes, but ended up dead. However, he later turned up alive, though it turned out to be an imposter named Jonathan Paget. Julian and "Duke" engaged in a shootout and the both of them ended up dead. Cheryl Stansbury gave birth to his son, Lucas Jones in 1989. Lucas was adopted by Tony Jones and Bobbie Spencer after Cheryl died in a car accident in 1992.

    Derek Wells is the new owner of the firm (formerly owned by Todd Manning) controlling both the Port Charles Press and Crimson magazine. He arrived in Port Charles on July 30 after threatening to take charge of Crimson and the Port Charles Press from the current head, Connie Falconeri, due to the failing performance of the Press. Upon his arrival in town, he heads to Connie's office and takes it as his own. However, Connie's assistant, Maxie Jones, calls Connie, who comes to the office and tells Derek she does have a story that is going to put the Press back in the black. Connie leaves to get information, and Derek makes a mysterious phone call letting someone know he is in Port Charles. Connie later comes back and says she's not able to publish the story. Derek tells her to vacate her office, but Connie refuses to, saying she will publish the story, but she needs to get proof that it's a substantial story. Derek tells her to go get the proof, then calls the same mysterious person and asks them to come to the office.

    Later, Ava Jerome shows up at the office, and addresses Derek as Julian. "Derek" is revealed as Julian Jerome and Ava is his sister. The two of them are planning to regain control of Port Charles from Sonny Corinthos. Ava reveals that her daughter, Kiki, is engaged to Sonny's son, Morgan, and she's using that to gain a foothold for their plan. It's also revealed that they are behind the gambling ring that put Morgan into massive debt. Sam Morgan goes to the office looking for Connie, but instead finds "Derek." She asks him to publish a story for a bone marrow donor drive because her son, Danny, is sick and in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Derek agrees to run the story. However, after Sam leaves, Connie comes back, and gives him the proof for a major headline.

    After the story runs, Julian faces the wrath of Ava, who is furious that Julian exposed her daughter's true paternity. Julian, though, says that it works to their advantage, and tells Ava to secure her position in ELQ. Julian goes to the bone marrow drive for Danny, and gets tested as a potential donor to show his support and make up for moving the article. Later, he goes to the hospital, and finds out he's a viable match for Danny. A relieved Alexis later tells "Derek" about how she couldn't find Sam's father because she only knew him for one night. When Alexis starts describing the night, Julian has a memory flash, and realizes he is Sam's father. Julian wants to tell Sam the truth, but Ava dissuades him, saying his identity will be exposed.


    Julian finds out he is a match for Danny

    "Derek" comes in to get screened for the bone marrow transplant, and meets Danny for the first time. Despite promising Ava not to tell the truth, Julian is tempted to do so when he's with Sam and Danny, though he refrains and asks Sam to let him be a part of her life. After Julian performs the transplant, he checks up on Danny via Alexis & Sam. Ava is irritated by this, and tells Julian she thinks he's distracted from their plan because of his "newfound family." Julian corrects her, saying he hasn't forgotten their goal to take over Sonny's organization, and reminds Ava who is in charge. When one of their henchmen, Vince, is kidnapped by Sonny's men, he gives up the name "Julian Jerome" as his boss. When he is let go, Ava & Julian find him at the pier, where they kill him for his betrayal. Julian & Ava talk about their plan to bring down Sonny, and Julian later finds Carly Jacks & Felix DuBois on the pier, and tries to cover. Julian meets with his enforcer, Carlos Rivera, who helps Julian destroy one of Sonny's shipment while Ava keeps Sonny distracted by throwing a wedding reception for Kiki & Morgan. He also has Carlos raid Sonny's warehouse.


    Julian realizes he's Sam's father

    Meanwhile, Ava starts a relationship with Morgan after Kiki leaves him, and Julian advises her to tread carefully. Morgan ends up discovering Julian's true identity, and leaves to tell his father. Julian sends Carlos to kill Morgan, despite Ava's protests. However, Carlos brings Morgan back alive, and Morgan offers to work for Julian to bring down Sonny because of his belief that Sonny prefers his older brother, Michael, to him. Julian tests him by having Morgan plant a bug in Sonny's office. The plan works, and Julian discovers that Sonny knows his true identity because he has the D.A., Lazaro, on his payroll. Julian has Morgan deliver the recording of Lazaro and Sonny to Lazaro's main opponent, Scott Baldwin, who uses the recording to get Lazaro to step down and have himself take over as D.A.


    Julian meets his grandson, Danny

    Ava holds a gallery premiere for Franco, her ex-lover, in order to help him restore his artist's reputation, but the gallery ends in disaster. Sonny shows up, and confronts Morgan about working for the Jeromes, and the fact that "Derek Wells" is really Julian. Morgan claims that Sonny drove him to betray him, and he'd rather work with the Jeromes. Sam is present, and finds out about Julian, and realizes he's her biological father. Julian lets Sam know that Sonny has a henchman outside waiting to kill him. Sam tells Sonny not to because Julian was going to donate his bone marrow to store in case Danny has a relapse. Sonny lets Sam know that Julian is going to use Danny as leverage to keep himself alive, and leaves.

    Sam confronts Julian, who tells Sam indirectly that he won't give his bone marrow to store because Sonny will be free to kill him. Sam is furious with Julian, and calls him selfish for using his own grandson as leverage to stay alive. She leaves, upset, and Julian tries to follow her. He is stopped, though, by Alexis, who confronts him about lying. Julian claims there's a connection between them, and Alexis tries hard to resist, saying she doesn't want to be involved with the mob. Though there was a spark, Alexis said she wouldn't forgive the fact that Julian wouldn't donate his bone marrow to save Danny to protect himself. Sam also wrote him off, saying she wants nothing to do with him, and neither would Lucas. Julian asked who Lucas was, though Sam said it was nobody he needed to be concerned about.


    Julian and Alexis kiss

    Julian found out that Carlos was kidnapped by Sonny and tried to rescue him with Morgan's help. He ended up starting a shootout, and in the chaos, Morgan accidentally shot Max Giambetti, Sonny's bodyguard. Rather than help save Max, Morgan left with Julian, feeling guilty about how he'd hurt Max. He told Julian that he wanted out, not willing to hurt anybody. Julian, however, said that if Morgan didn't spy on Sonny for him, he'd kill Morgan's brother & mother, Michael and Carly, and Morgan would know their deaths were his fault. Morgan agrees to Julian's plan, and pretends to break things off with Julian & Ava in order to get back into Sonny's trust. Julian ran into Bobbie and her brother, Luke, and noticed Bobbie's phone go off with the name "Lucas" on it. He asked Bobbie who Lucas is, but Bobbie deflected him. However, Julian later found out about Bobbie's custody battle for her son, and realized Lucas was his biological son. He tried to get Sam to help him with Lucas, but she refused, and he decided to get on a plane to Seattle to meet Lucas himself. However, Lucas showed up in town to help his mom after his sister, Carly, went missing. Julian tried to get to know him, but Lucas pushed him away.

    Morgan let Julian know that Duke was working with Sonny, and they were going to grab Carlos at the pier, and kill him. Julian showed up, and drew a gun on Duke. However, it turned out to be a setup, and he was ambushed by Sonny, Shawn, and Duke. The three of them beat him up as a message before he got back to Ava and Morgan. He let Morgan know that Sonny was onto him, and either he would end up dead or ostracized from his family. Julian tried to get even with Duke by reporting his association with Sonny to Anna, who was unaware Duke was working for the mob again. However, when he came back, Ava held a gun to him, having found out why Morgan was spying on Sonny for Julian. Ava claimed that Morgan would never leave her, but Julian said that he would need to choose between her or Sonny, and if he took his father's side, Morgan would dump Ava. Sure enough, Morgan stayed with his father and left Ava. Julian tried to get to know Lucas, who continued to shut him out. However, when Lucas decided to let him in a little, Julian had bad reaction to finding out Lucas was gay. Lucas tell him that if he can't accept that he's gay then they have nothing left to talk about. Julian went to Alexis for advice, she told him to either accept Lucas or risk losing his son. Julian went and apologized to Lucas, and said he would accept Lucas the way he is.


    Julian tries to kill Ava

    Ava, meanwhile, was desperate to hold onto Morgan, and begged Morgan to take her back. Morgan told her to help Sonny defeat Julian, and Ava decided to prove her worth by giving Sonny a flash drive of Julian's computer files. Julian was tipped off by Alexis about this, though Ava said that Alexis was lying. While looking through the files, Sonny finds out that Julian is working for someone else who bankrolls his operations, but who Ava doesn't know about. In May, under the orders of his real boss, he tries to kill Ava for her betrayal, but Morgan clobbers Julian over the head with the wine bottle and renders him unconscious. When he wakes up, Ava holds a gun on him, but Shawn arrives and stops her from killing him. Julian tells Shawn that Ava shot Olivia last year. Later, Julian told the police that Ric was his boss under the orders of his real boss. Ric was arrested and later shot and killed at the PCPD. Molly was furious with Alexis for blaming Julian, and Julian was guilt ridden.


    Julian kills Mickey Diamond

    On July 24, Julian helped Ava escape from Sonny when she was at the hospital with the help of Mickey Diamond. Before escaping, Mickey threatened to kill Ava for her betrayal, but Julian says she has information on Sonny. Mickey puts his gun down and the three escape the hospital roof via helicopter. When they got to the penthouse, Mickey pulls a gun on Ava again and demands to know the information on Sonny. Julian disarms Mickey and holds him at gunpoint. He later says that he is going to leave the business because of heroin being sold on the streets. Before leaving, Mickey threatens Julian's family. As a result of the skirmish at the penthouse, Mickey had a bomb planted in the mailbox at Alexis's house. Julian realized this and tried to earn Sam and Alexis, but the house exploded right before his eyes. Julian was destroyed to believe that his family was dead, but was relieved to find out they weren't at the house. Julian later stormed into Mickey's apartment and coldly shot him in the head, right in front of Jordan. Jordan agreed to take the blame for shooting Mickey in self-defense. Mickey was later pronounced brain dead at the hospital and was taken off life support on August 7. The next day, he calls his boss who is sad that Mickey has been "murdered by Jordan". Julian demands him to back off his family, but he wants to know the information on Sonny, then they will have truce. Julian calls him a bad word and then hangs up on him. Later, he supports Ava in her plot to kill Michael who the boss wanted dead in order to take over ELQ.

    Eventually, Julian's lies caught up with him and Alexis ended their relationship. Julian was later arrested and decided to tell Alexis the whole truth. Alexis got Julian released and they headed to miscaviage where they and a brief encounter with Alexis' long time enemy, Helena Cassadine, and they rescued Luke (unknown to Alexis and Julian, it was the Fake Luke). When Julian returned to the penthouse, he encountered a fake Luke, who threatened to shoot him. Anna and the PCDP arrived just in time to unmasked the fake Luke as Cesar Faison. Julian was arrested alongside Faison for the part he played in Luke's incarceration. After he was released, Carlos informs him that Johnny Zacchara wanted to take over his and Sonny's territories in order to create the Port Charles Mob Alliance. Julian states that he and his boss would not want that to happen. Carlos also shows Julian that Ric is alive and is being locked up in a trunk. Carlos says he'll kill him when Johnny tells him too. Later at Jerome Gallery, Julian encounters Luke who pulls a gun on him. Julian says that Faison is the guy to kill for locking him up at Miscavage, but Luke laughs and puts down his gun. He reveals to Julian as the man he's still working for and that the real Luke is locked up elsewhere. Suddenly, Carlos informs Julian and "Fluke" that Jordan betrayed them and helped Shawn save Ric. "Fluke" then orders Julian to take Jordan out.

    Julian later arrives at Jordan's secret hideout and holds Jordan at gunpoint. She assaults him and holds her gun on him, but Julian reveals to her that he unloaded her gun. Julian points his gun at her again and says he'll kill her for destroying his leverage and helping Shawn save Ric from Carlos. Jordan thinks that Johnny sent him to kill her since Faison was incarcerated, but Julian says he's on his own (actually "Fluke" ordered him to take Jordan out). Jordan says to Julian that killing her would trigger a mob war between Julian and her loyalties (Shawn and Duke). This makes him put the gun down and leave Jordan's place. He then informs his boss that he didn't kill Jordan and that there was a complication, killing her will trigger a mob war between them and Jordan's loyalties (Shawn and Duke). Duke became the head of the Corinthos mob family after Sonny was sent to Pentonville Penitentiary for murdering A.J.

    On New Year's Eve, Julian arrives at the Metro Court to bring in 2015 where he sees Ric with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Webber. Ric wants to take revenge on Julian for framing him, but Elizabeth escorts him away. He then sees Alexis with Ned Ashton who insults him for being alone. Julian then wants to start another fist fight outside the hotel prompting Ned to threaten him. Julian shoves Ned just as Olivia Falconeri escorts Julian away from Ned and Alexis. Julian later dances with Olivia and kisses her just after midnight.


    JuLivia after they conceive Leo

    After midnight, Julian and Olivia have sex in order to make Ned and Alexis jealous. On January 6, Carlos confronts Julian at the penthouse and suddenley pulls a gun om him. Carlos tells him that "Fluke" has instructed him to murder him. The next day, Carlos orders Julian to falsely confess to Anthony Zacchara's murder or else he had to kill him. Julian is forced to do so and is remanded at Pentonville. He meets Sonny there and Julian informs him that "Fluke" is still impersonating Luke who is being held captive elsewhere. On January 9, Johnny's thugs tell Julian that Johnny wanted them to kill him and Sonny leaves them to finish him. As one of the thugs approaches Julian, Sonny kills him from behind. Julian kills another thug in a fight while the others are dragged out of the cell by security. Sonny and Julian are now allies. Julian and Sonny suspect that "Fluke" is Luke's presumed dead look-alike cousin, Bill Eckert. Later, the two recive a call from "Fluke" who says he'll hurt Lucas and Michael. This prompts the two to make a plan to break out of Pentonville as Franco overhears them.


    Julian and his son, Leo

    On January 29, Julian, Sonny, Franco, and Ava break out of Pentonville and start to head to the Haunted Star where "Fluke" set up a bomb to blow up Luke's loved ones, Lucas, and Michael. However, Johnny and Carlos injure them in a car accident. When they wake up, Julian and Sonny engage Johnny and Carlos into a shootout while Ava and Franco escape through the back. Johnny shoots Julian in the leg and prepares to gun down Sonny. Julian shoots Johnny in the shoulder forcing him to run away with Carlos. Unfortunately, Ava was shot by Carlos and she fell off the bridge. Sonny leaves to the Haunted Star as Julian tries to find his sister. Later, Julian is taken to the hospital and the search for Ava is called off. At the hospital, Julian is treated for his gunshot wound. "Fluke" arrives and tries to kill him, but Alexis' arrival forces him to leave.


    Julian and his children: Sam, Lucas and Leo

    In February 2015, Alexis came back to Julian and they are reunited only to discover that Olivia was pregnant. Through out the pregnancy, Julian believes that the baby is Ned's, but at the time of delivery he finds out that the baby is his. Before he gets to meet his son, he is told that the baby died (Olivia and Ned faked his death). Olivia and Ned lied and said that Ned was the father but on May 7, Julian found out that he is the father. After finding out that Julian had Carlos kill Duke, Alexis broke up with him again. After finding out that his son was "dead", Julian and Alexis got back together, and he is making, yet another, attempt to leave the mob for her (which currently seems to be successful). In October 2015, he finds out that his son is alive. After a heated confrontation with Olivia, they agree to share custody of Leo. Later on, Julian and Alexis are seen at their new house with Leo. He invited Sam and Lucas over to meet their new baby brother. Then, Olivia comes by to pick him up and they bond over their son.


    Family photo in ugly Christmas sweaters

    In April 2016, Julian rejoins the mob to protect Ava, who has been receiving anonymous threats. Soon after, Carlos is arrested and brought to the GCPD. Alexis actress to defend Carlos, so he won't expose Julian's role in Duke's murder. A witness, who saw Carlos shoot Duke, comes forward. He is later found with a needle in his arm, and appeared to have died from a drug overdose. In May, Carlos escapes during a prison transfer and phones Julian. He asks for some money, and swears Julian will never hear from him again. Julian takes Helena Cassadine's dagger that have been bequeathed to Alexis, and meets Carlos on the pier. Julian stabs Carlos with the dagger, and throws his body in the water. Carlos later dies in the hospital. When the cops show up at Julian and Alexis' house, Alexis assumes that Carlos was shot but Jordan tells her that he was stabbed and that "It must have been one hell of a blade."[28] After the cops leave Alexis realizes Julian used the dagger to kill Carlos.

    Julian and Alexis argue over his motivation for killing Carlos. Sonny comes by, and tells Julian he knows he killed Carlos. He tries to intimidate Julian by hitting him with a fire poker, but Alexis throws herself between Sonny and Julian, and Sonny leaves. Alexis and Julian's relationship remains strained, but Alexis comforts Julian when Lucas mysteriously ends up in a coma. Lucas awakes from his coma and marries Brad on June 13. After the wedding, the cops search the house and find Helena's dagger.

    In July, Alexis attempted to trick Julian into confessing to his crimes. Julian caught on and struggled with Alexis. He held the dagger against her throat and tried to kill her at the pier, but Sonny showed up with a gun. Alexis ran away and Julian engaged Sonny into a fight for the gun. After Julian overpowered Sonny and prepared to shoot him, Alexis stabbed Julian in the back with the dagger, and he was hospitalized.

    On July 18, Lucas denounced Julian as his father. Olivia also came by and told Julian that he will never see his son again. On July 19, Julian had one of his men inject him with a substance to send him into tachycardia, and prolong his stay in the hospital. On July 26, Julian's luck finally ran out when a visit from Nina shattered the vial containing the substance he needed. Nina blackmailed Julian into giving her full autonomy over Crimson and Julian was soon cleared for release. Luckily for Julian, he never ended up going to prison.

    On November 23, Julian was accidentally hit by a car, driven by Alexis while she was drunk. Julian was severely injured, but made a full recovery at GH and eventually forgave Alexis.


    Grandchildren Danny and Scout

    On January 17, 2017, Julian's sister, Olivia Jerome, was revealed to be alive and the true head of the Jerome mob family. She forced Julian into nearly murdering Alexis and ordered the hit which killed Morgan (instead of Julian) in October 2016. Olivia kept threatening Julian to do what she told him to do and even handcuffed him to a wall at gunpoint in February, locked him in a trunk in March, and later tried to have Rudge smother him at GH. Olivia also kidnapped a pregnant Sam, caused her to give birth to Scout early, once made Leo suck, and tried to use Griffin Munro to resurrect Duke while failing to bomb GH.


    Julian is alive

    On March 9, Olivia tied Ava up in her apartment and made Julian rescue her as Olivia got time to kidnap Alexis. Julian found Olivia holding a handcuffed Alexis hostage on the bridge and tried to get him to kill her, but Julian shot off her cuffs and allowed her escape while fighting Olivia for a gun. Olivia shot Julian and caused him to fall off a bridge. On March 16, Alexis confirmed to Sam that the police called off the search for Julian in the river and declared him presumed dead. Olivia was finally defeated by Carly and sent to D'Archam Asylum thanks to Valentin. On April 14, it was revealed that Julian is still alive.


    Julian with a critically injured Ava

    In June, Julian cared for Ava after she accidentally burned herself in an attempt to kill Sonny and Carly. On August 25, Julian was sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison for all of the crimes he committed that had to do with Olivia, but was eventually released.


    Julian and his granddaughter, Scout


    Julian and Kim Nero

    In 2018, Julian entered into a relationship with Dr. Kim Nero. He is also the owner of Charlie's pub. At the end of July, Julian met Brad and Lucas' adopted son, but the infant died shortly after from SIDS and Brad switched the dead baby with Michael and Nelle's newborn son. Brad told Julian that he switched with the baby of a homeless person instead and they both decide to keep the secret.

    In November, Julian's niece, Kiki, was murdered and Julian was among those who were devastated. Griffin was the prime suspect and Julian tried to beat him up, but was stopped when Anna pinned him to a table. Julian also helped 'Kevin Collins' stop a broken Ava from shooting Griffin at the PCPD. However, Griffin did not kill Kiki because Ryan Chamberlain did while he was impersonating his twin, Kevin, and eloping with Ava at the same time.

    After Ryan's defeat in March 2019, Julian focused on being there for Kim when her son, Oscar, was dying from terminal cancer. Oscar died in May and Kim was left distraught, wanting to have another baby with both Julian and Oscar's father, Drew Cain. The two men rejected her proposal and Julian once stopped Kim from raping Drew after Franco and Elizabeth Baldwin's wedding reception.

    In August, Julian and Kim decided to move to Manhattan in order for Kim to live a happier life away from the place Oscar died in. Julian even bought a restaurant there and sold Charlie's to Leo's mom Olivia Quartermaine. On September 9, after finally making peace with Sonny, Julian eventually figured out that 'Wiley' was actually Michael and Nelle's son, causing him to get mad at Brad. However, Brad insisted that they keep the secret for Lucas' sake and he reluctantly does. Brad then tells Julian that Liesl Obrecht (who delivered Nelle's baby) also knows the truth and asks him to kill her, but Julian eventually decides not to on September 12 after drugging her at Charlie's.

    On November 28, Julian sabotaged Brad's car in hopes of killing him in an accident. However, in the resulting crash on December 4, Brad only suffered a concussion while Lucas was left comatose for two months and Kendra Bauer was killed as she tried to kill Alexis.

    On May 18, 2020, around three months after Wiley's true identity was revealed and Brad was arrested, Nelle blackmailed Julian into marrying her with the information that he caused Lucas and Brad's accident and kept Wiley's true identity a secret.

    Crimes Committed

    • Has been involved in "unscrupulous" mob-related activities
    • Faked his death with the help of his father, Victor Jerome [1988]
    • Kidnapped and "killed" his sister, Olivia Jerome [Mar 12, 1990; Olivia was revealed to be alive in 2017]
    • Shot and killed Jonathan Paget (impersonating Duke Lavery) in a gun battle [Mar 19, 1990]
    • Manhandled Maxie Jones while she was pregnant [Jul 31, 2013]
    • Operated an online gambling ring and knowingly lured Morgan Corinthos into a gambling debt [Aug 2013]
    • Murdered Vince, a henchman within his organization [Sep 2013]
    • Ordered Carlos Rivera to destroy a shipment that belonged to Sonny Corinthos [Sept 2013]
    • Ordered his henchmen to ransack the Corinthos coffee warehouse [Oct 2013]
    • Ordered Carlos Rivera to kill Morgan Corinthos [Oct 2013]
    • Held Sonny Corinthos at gunpoint [Dec 19, 2013]
    • Tried to shoot Sonny during a shootout at the warehouse [Dec 23, 2013]
    • Tried to order Morgan to shoot his father, Sonny [Dec 23, 2013]
    • Threatened Morgan's family when he tried to quit working for the Jeromes [Jan 6, 2014]
    • Held Anna Devane and Det. Nathan West at gunpoint, thinking they were intruders [Mar 5, 2014]
    • Arrested for the shooting of A.J. Quartermaine, but was later acquitted when A.J. himself cleared him [Mar 11, 2014]
    • Held his sister, Ava Jerome at gunpoint and almost killed her under the orders of Luke Spencer [May 2-5, 2014]
    • Held Shawn Butler at gunpoint [May 19, 2014]
    • Arrested following the drug bust at Pier 52 [May 21, 2014]
    • Assaulted a police officer [May 27, 2014]
    • Busted into Lucas' hospital room (he wasn't on the "approved visitors" list, so he wasn't allowed in there) [May 27, 2014]
    • Framed Ric Lansing under the orders of Luke Spencer [May 29, 2014]
    • Assaulted Mickey Diamond and disarmed him in defense of Ava [Jul 25, 2014]
    • Held Mickey Diamond at gunpoint [Jul 25, 2014]
    • Shot and killed Mickey Diamond [shot him in the head on Jul 29, 2014; Mickey later died after being taken off life support on Aug 7, 2014]
    • Held Kobe, one of Luke's henchmen, at gunpoint and threatened to kill him [Sep 24, 2014]
    • Got into a full-scale fist fight with Ned Ashton [Oct 22, 2014]
    • Held Jordan Ashford at gunpoint and almost killed her under Luke's orders [Dec 26-29, 2014]
    • Shoved Ned Ashton [Dec 30, 2014]

    • Falsely confessed to Anthony Zacchara's murder, even though he did not do it because his hit man, Carlos Rivera told him to (Carlos would kill him if he didn't do it) [Jan 7, 2015]
    • Got into a fight with and killed a fellow inmate sent by Johnny Zacchara, under Luke's orders, to kill him and also sent another inmate to the infirmary [Jan 9, 2015]
    • Acquired a contraband cell phone [Jan 19, 2015]
    • Knocked out Johnny's thugs [Jan 19, 2015]
    • Threatened to kill fellow inmate, Gino [Jan 19, 2015]
    • Assaulted a prison guard [Jan 28, 2015]
    • Impersonated a prison guard [Jan 29, 2015]
    • Assaulted a second prison guard [Jan 29, 2015]
    • Escaped from Pentonville along with Sonny, Franco, and Ava [Jan 29, 2015]
    • Engaged in a gun battle with Carlos and Johnny [Feb 2, 2015]
    • Shot Johnny in the shoulder in defense of Sonny [Feb 3, 2015]
    • Strangled Carlos (he held him by the neck so he couldn't breath) [Mar 3, 2015]
    • Engaged in a gun battle with Duke and his men [Mar 11, 2015]
    • Ordered Carlos to kill Duke Lavery several times [Mar 13-May 2, 2015; charged with conspiracy to commit murder but was found not guilty on Sep 20, 2016]
    • Indirectly responsible for Duke Lavery's death [May 2, 2015]
    • Arranged for Carlos to skip town via boat to help him avoid returning to prison [May 15, 2015]
    • Withheld the information that Denise DeMuccio was actually Ava Jerome [Aug 20-24, 2015]
    • Invasion of privacy; went through the drawers of acting D.A Ric Lansing over the USB containing the audio file of Ava Jerome bragging about killing Connie Falconeri (failed; Jordan entered the room before he could get it) [Aug 27, 2015]
    • Held Morgan Corinthos at gunpoint in self-defense [Sep 22, 2015]
    • Threatened to forcibly take Leo out of Olivia's arms [Oct 21-22, 2015]
    • Tax fraud; intended to tank Crimson for a tax write off [Nov 2015-Apr 2016]

    • Ordered the murder of Hale Garrett [revealed May 2, 2016]
    • Theft; stole Helena's/Alexis' dagger from Alexis' house [May 2016]
    • Stabbed Carlos three times with a dagger and kicked him into the pier [May 11, 2016; Carlos later died of blood loss in the hospital on May 13; charged with first degree murder but was found not guilty on Sep 20, 2016]
    • Assaulted Dr. Hamilton Finn (pinned him to a wall) [May 31, 2016]
    • Manhandled Alexis [Jun 8, 2016]
    • Destroyed evidence of Carlos Rivera's murder [Jun 9, 2016]
    • Let Alexis take the fall for Carlos' murder [revealed Jun 17, 2016]
    • Tampered with police evidence; stole the dagger used to kill Carlos in order to keep him and Alexis safe from the police [Jul 6, 2016; charged with theft of evidence but was found not guilty on Sep 20, 2016]
    • Manhandled Alexis again [Jul 7, 2016]
    • Tackled Alexis to the ground and kidnapped her at dagger point [Jul 7, 2016]
    • Held the dagger at Alexis' throat and threatened to kill her with the same weapon used to kill her mother under the orders of Olivia Jerome [Jul 7-8, 2016; charged with attempted murder but found not guilty on Sep 20, 2016; Olivia's involvement revealed on Jan 17, 2017]
    • Assaulted Sonny and almost shot him during a fight for the gun [Jul 8, 2016]
    • Took medication that disturbed his vitals so his trial would be delayed long enough in order to give him enough time to escape custody [Jul 19-26, 2016]
    • Violated Alexis Davis' restraining order by appearing at her house [Oct 6, 2016]
    • Blackmailing Alexis (not reporting the fact that she was the one who hit him, in exchange for her helping him recover from the accident) [Dec 6, 2016-present]
    • Blackmailed Gene Branford, owner of Branford's Roadhouse, with money in exchange for keeping quiet on Alexis being at the bar [Jan 12, 2017]
    • Drugged Drew Cain [Jan 24, 2017; revealed Jan 25, 2017]
    • Contempt of court; got out of his seat and yelled at Winston Rudge as he was testifying against him, and had to be restrained by the bailiff and Scott Baldwin [Aug 23, 2017]
    • Breaking and entering; broke into the Quartermaine Mansion and assaulted Ned Quartermaine, a candidate for mayor of Port Charles [Feb 20, 2018; Ned was at the door and opening it; so it's not BnE since clearly Julian knocked first]
    • Breaking and entering and tampering with police evidence; broke into the Quartermaine Mansion and placed Nelle Benson's baby blanket in a drawer in the nursery under Ava's orders so she would not get caught for its disappearance [Aug 6, 2018; Michael and Sam recovered it]
    • Threatened to beat up Dr. Griffin Munro [Nov 30, 2018; stopped by Anna]
    • Assaulted Kevin Collins and then punched him in the face [May 14, 2019; arrested and released]
    • Tampered with Wiley's adoption records (along with Sam) [Jun 5, 2019]
    • Withheld the information that Jonah Corinthos is alive and being raised as Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones' deceased adoptive son [Sep 9, 2019-Feb 19, 2020]
    • Drugged Liesl Obrecht and contemplated on killing her under Brad's orders [Sep 12, 2019]
    • Sabotaged Liesl's car [Sep 16, 2019]
    • Choked Brad [Oct 11, 2019]
    • Framed Brad for infidelity and blackmailed him [Nov 1, 2019]
    • Pinned Brad to a wall and threatened to kill him [Nov 4, 2019]
    • Sabotaged Brad's car [Nov 28, 2019]
    • Caused Lucas and Brad to crash into Kendra Bauer's car, resulting in Kendra's death [Dec 2-3, 2019]
    • Caused Lucas to be rendered comatose as a result of the accident [Dec 4, 2019-Feb 5, 2020]
    • Drugged Brad [Feb 4, 2020]
    • Assaulted Linc Brown and threatened to toss him into freezing water if he didn't release Brook Lynn from her contract [Mar 3, 2020]
    • Assaulted Neil Byrne and pinned him to a wall [Mar 31-Apr 1, 2020]
    • Broke into the Quartermaine estate and kidnapped Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos under the orders of Nelle Benson-Jerome [Aug 20-21, 2020]
    • Chloroformed Monica Quartermaine in the process of kidnapping Wiley [Aug 20, 2020]
    • Held Nelle at gunpoint and almost killed her [Aug 21-24, 2020]
    • Shot Marcus Taggert in the shoulder during a struggle [Aug 24, 2020]
    • Broke into Martin Gray's office and tried to steal a document incriminating him in knowing about the baby switch [Sep 9, 2020]

    Health and Vitals

    • Shot by a hit man hired by his sister, Olivia Jerome [1988]
    • Presumed dead after battling Jonathan Paget (impersonating Duke Lavery) [Mar 19, 1990]
    • Donated bone marrow to save the life of his grandson, Danny, who was suffering from leukemia [Sep 4, 2013]
    • Slapped by Alexis Davis [Nov 13, 2013]
    • Beat up by Sonny Corinthos, Shawn Butler and Duke Lavery [Jan 24, 2014]
    • Held at gunpoint and threatened by his own sister, Ava Jerome [Jan 28, 2014]
    • Roughed up and threatened by Shawn [Feb 27, 2014]
    • Clobbered over the head with a wine bottle and rendered unconscious by Morgan Corinthos (in defense of Ava) [May 5, 2014]
    • Held at gunpoint and threatened by his sister, Ava again [May 6, 2014]
    • Rendered unconscious and suffered minor burns in an explosion at Alexis' house [Jul 29, 2014]
    • Held at gunpoint and threatened to have his knee caps shot out by Sonny [Aug 1, 2014]
    • Held at gunpoint by Cesar Faison (impersonating Luke Spencer) [Dec 1-2, 2014]
    • Unknowingly held at gunpoint by Luke [Dec 23, 2014]
    • Assaulted by Jordan Ashford [Dec 29, 2014]
    • Threatened by Ned Ashton [Dec 30, 2014]

    • Held at gunpoint and threatened by his hit man, Carlos Rivera [Jan 6-7, 2015]
    • Threatened by Johnny Zacchara's thugs [Jan 9, 2015]
    • Attacked by Sonny [Jan 19, 2015]
    • Rendered unconscious in a car accident caused by Johnny Zacchara and Carlos Rivera under Luke Spencer's orders [Jan 30, 2015]
    • Had multiple shots fired at him by Carlos and Johnny [Feb 2, 2015]
    • Shot in the leg by Johnny [Feb 2, 2015]
    • Almost smothered to death with a pillow by Luke [Feb 5, 2015]
    • Engaged in a gun battle with Duke and his men [Mar 11, 2015]
    • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Duke Lavery [Mar 11, 2015]
    • Almost kidnapped by Shawn Butler and two of Sonny's goons [Apr 3, 2015]
    • Assaulted by Shawn Butler [May 6, 2015]
    • Slapped and threatened by Anna Devane [May 11, 2015]
    • Threatened by Sonny with death unless he gives up the person who fatally shot Duke in the stomach (which was Carlos) [May 14, 2015]
    • Attacked and threatened by Morgan Corinthos [Sep 11, 2015]
    • Suffered a bloody lip after Det. Dante Falconeri punched him [Sep 11, 2015]
    • Held at gunpoint (along with Alexis) by Morgan [Sep 18-22, 2015; Morgan let Alexis go on Sep 21]
    • Fell and hit his head while fighting Morgan for a gun [Sep 22, 2015]
    • Had a gun held on his neck and almost killed by Morgan [Sep 22, 2015]
    • Kicked in the stomach by Michael Quartermaine [Sep 22, 2015]

    • Held hostage at gunpoint in a chapel-full of people by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016; shown from Feb 23-24, 2016]
    • Attacked by Nina Reeves when she found out that he was sabotaging Crimson [Apr 4, 2016]
    • Taken to Sonny's office against his will by Max Giambetti on Sonny orders [Apr 18, 2016]
    • Hit in the leg with a fire poker by Sonny and was knocked to the ground [May 17, 2016]
    • Saw hallucinations of Carlos Rivera [Jun 24-27, 2016]
    • Assaulted by Alexis [Jun 29, 2016]
    • Kneed in the groin by Alexis [Jul 7, 2016]
    • Held at gunpoint by Sonny in defense of Alexis [Jul 8, 2016]
    • Stabbed in the back with a dagger by Alexis in defense of herself and Sonny; underwent surgery to remove the knife [Jul 8, 2016]
    • Once again saw hallucinations of Carlos [Jul 20, 2016]
    • Suffered setbacks on his vitals due to medication that he took to delay the trial and escape custody [Jul 20, 2016]
    • Threatened by his daughter, Sam, if he went anywhere near Alexis [Aug 5, 2016]
    • Slapped by Sam [Sep 19, 2016]
    • Attacked by Morgan (slammed against a table) [Sep 22, 2016]
    • Slapped by Carly [Oct 26, 2016]
    • Was hit by a car driven by Alexis [Nov 23, 2016]
    • Suffered facial bruising and cuts as a result of the accident [Nov 23, 2016]
    • Underwent an exploratory laparotomy to repair some internal bleeding [revealed Nov 29, 2016]
    • Suffered three broken ribs from the accident [revealed Nov 29, 2016]
    • Suffered a broken foot in the accident [revealed Nov 29, 2016]
    • Suffered a medial collateral ligament tear in his knee from the accident [revealed Nov 29, 2016]
    • Handcuffed to a wall and threatened by his sister, Olivia Jerome [Feb 2017]
    • Locked and tied in the trunk of a car by Olivia [Mar 2017]
    • Almost killed by a man named Rudge who tried to smother him with a pillow under Olivia's orders [Mar 8, 2017]
    • Shot and pushed off a bridge by Olivia [Mar 13, 2017; was revealed to be presumed dead on Mar 16, 2017; revealed to be alive on Apr 14]
    • Was beat up in a fight and hurt his arm [revealed Nov 7, 2017]
    • Slammed against a wall [Nov 7, 2017]
    • Punched by Hamilton Finn [Mar 13, 2018]
    • Pinned to a table by Anna Devane [Nov 30, 2018]
    • Slapped by Bobbie Spencer [Jun 24, 2019]
    • Slapped by Kim Nero [Oct 29, 2019]
    • Being blackmailed by Brook Lynn Quartermaine in such a way that if he doesn't get Linc Brown to release her from the singing contact she has with him, she'll inform Lucas and Sonny of his (Julian's) involvement in the Wylie-Jonah baby switch [Feb 25, 2020-present]
    • Assaulted by Neil Byrne [Apr 1, 2020]
    • Assaulted by Neil again [May 4, 2020]
    • Blackmailed into marriage by Nelle Benson (holding the secret that he is responsible for Brad and Lucas’ accident and that Julian helped Brad keep the secret of Wiley's identity) [May 15-Aug 28, 2020]
    • Slapped by Sam again [May 21, 2020]
    • Forced by Nelle to kidnap Wiley from the Quartermaine estate [Aug 20-21, 2020]
    • Assaulted by Marcus Taggert in defense of Nelle [Aug 24, 2020]
    • Threatened by Sonny if Wiley wasn't found following his (Wiley's) abduction by Nelle [Aug 24, 2020]

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