Julian Jerome
William devry
William deVry as Julian Jerome
General Hospital
Portrayed by William deVry
Current status Contract
First appearance July 30, 2013
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Alias(es) Derek Wells
Nickname(s) Jules (by Ava)
Gender Male
Occupation Publisher of Crimson Magazine and the Port Charles Press

Julian Jerome (aka Derek Wells) is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He debuted on July 30, 2013, portrayed by veteran soap actor, William deVry.


Derek Wells is the owner of the firm controlling both the Port Charles Press and Crimson Magazine. He arrived in Port Charles on July 30 after threatening to take charge of Crimson & the Port Charles Press from the current head, Connie Falconeri, due to the failing performance of the Press.

Upon his arrival in town, he heads to Connie's office and takes it as his own. However, Connie's assistant, Maxie Jones, calls Connie, who comes to the office and tells Derek she does have a story that is going to put the Press back in the black. Connie leaves to get information, and Derek makes a mysterious phone call letting someone know he is in Port Charles. During another phone call with this person, Derek catches the pregnant Maxie spying on him and accuses her of eavesdropping. Maxie insists she didn't hear anything, but Derek threatens her. However, Olivia Falconeri, Connie's cousin and assumed grandmother of Maxie's surrogate baby, shows up and tells Derek to back off.

Connie later comes back and says she's not able to publish the story. Derek tells her to vacate her office, but Connie refuses to, saying she will publish the story, but she needs to get proof that it's a substantial story. Derek tells her to go get the proof, then calls the same mysterious person and asks them to come to the office, because he "got rid of her." Later, Ava Jerome shows up at the office, and addresses Derek as Julian. It turns out he is Julian Jerome and Ava is his sister. Alexis has a hypnotism session with Dr. Collins and it's revealed that Sam's father is named Julian.


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